Catching a Mid-Air Fish


  1. FSgt Cross

    FSgt Cross개월 전

    "Tastes like fish" "Weird that"

  2. Radley Lessley

    Radley Lessley개월 전

    I did an essay on these fish

  3. GamerBot

    GamerBot개월 전

    RIP fish

  4. Noah Edwards

    Noah Edwards개월 전

    3:38 surprise motherf*cker.

  5. Xylon Pesquera

    Xylon Pesquera2 개월 전

    You would literally just have to drive a net behind a boat.

  6. Luna Bitch

    Luna Bitch2 개월 전

    Gav is left handed!!! Important news!!

  7. John Freeman

    John Freeman2 개월 전

    Can we please start a petition to give the Asian Carp the nickname Yumfish? edit: @4:50 music selection #1

  8. Genghis Jr.

    Genghis Jr.2 개월 전

    2:39 yummykaze? 🤔

  9. lakesideinc

    lakesideinc3 개월 전

    every town along the rivers that have these fish in them should have a feed a friends day,,, each town can have a different week through out the year,,, they can be caught and filleted and served to the poor and homeless ,,helping cure 2 things at once

  10. EveryDayTrucker

    EveryDayTrucker3 개월 전

    Come on guys, where is your professionalism??? WHAT? NO shots of you all eating in slow mo??? SERIOUSLY???

  11. Luvy Pants

    Luvy Pants4 개월 전

    Fish aren’t good for you. An ecologist should know better but nope.

  12. Voldy356

    Voldy3564 개월 전

    I read that as "catching an air mid-fish"...

  13. AnotherTargaryen

    AnotherTargaryen4 개월 전

    I know they’re real, but the fish look like bad CGI

  14. Shotgun raptor

    Shotgun raptor4 개월 전

    I wanna smack one of the fish with a bat

  15. Carter

    Carter4 개월 전

    fly fishing

  16. Himali Rodrigo

    Himali Rodrigo4 개월 전

    Murderers ...

  17. Andrew Rogerson

    Andrew Rogerson5 개월 전

    1:30 "they think there's something trying to eat them" Yeah, can you blame them? Have you seen the teeth on that boat?

  18. Ammar Ahmad

    Ammar Ahmad5 개월 전

    1:16 lol Blokeal Jason.

  19. Allen A

    Allen A6 개월 전


  20. star boy

    star boy6 개월 전

    Dan you are great Conquer

  21. Nikolai Brandenhoff

    Nikolai Brandenhoff6 개월 전

    dont mess with nature

  22. 임승민

    임승민6 개월 전


  23. shoaib ramjaun

    shoaib ramjaun7 개월 전

    seriuously champions league themed

  24. TheEvilMrJeb

    TheEvilMrJeb7 개월 전

    *clears throat* FIIIIIIIIIISH!

  25. Richard Hall

    Richard Hall7 개월 전

    The only thing keeping a lot of anglers from eating the carp is the name alone. The fish themselves are perfectly fine to eat obviously. But there's that huge misconception of carp being to bony and muddy to enjoy. But they're not. The bad thing is that silver carp aren't even carp technically. They're their own thing.

  26. Azat Mingalimov

    Azat Mingalimov7 개월 전

    What can we do as humans to start fixing this problem?!? Haven't you done enough?!? Your stupidity as humans is what created that situation in the first place!!!

  27. Alex Landherr

    Alex Landherr7 개월 전

    At 2:44, like that cow in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

  28. Michigan Aquatic's

    Michigan Aquatic's7 개월 전

    Is that how all the people eat there?

  29. Achim Ditscher

    Achim Ditscher7 개월 전

    A wild DAN appeared. ASIANCARP used SPLASH ATTACK! It was very effective!

  30. TacticalS

    TacticalS8 개월 전

    Every other week I get a shotgun and a katana and go out and straight up chop them in half. It is amazing

  31. Justin Drentlaw

    Justin Drentlaw8 개월 전

    Dan getting pelted by fish in the face will never get old. I laughed so hard every time.

  32. Photosounder

    Photosounder8 개월 전

    3:48 he would have dodged it if he didn't move

  33. Unauthorized Spooker

    Unauthorized Spooker8 개월 전

    This was FISHY but I oFISHially declare it soFISHticated.

  34. Vince Veloce

    Vince Veloce8 개월 전

    Slow Mo Guys you have to ease up on the production its ruining the whole feel of the show it's becoming to polished too sophisticated IE too fake not something many will find appealing. So back up guys you're ruining your once great channel. From what I know the notion that they taste good is total BS.

  35. Stjan Scrabeck

    Stjan Scrabeck8 개월 전

    PETA would like to know your location.

  36. Andrew Burns

    Andrew Burns8 개월 전

    Change their name from carp to skeet.

  37. KingaHockey Pro

    KingaHockey Pro8 개월 전

    Is it just me or did the boat driver sound like Trevor from Gta?

  38. Votawgrapher Imaging

    Votawgrapher Imaging8 개월 전

    So close to Peoria where I live!

  39. IMBwildrd

    IMBwildrd8 개월 전

    you ate him? You ATE him?!?!?! You freakin' ATE HIM?!?!!?!?! was he good?

  40. CID parmjeet singh

    CID parmjeet singh8 개월 전


  41. SCP Containment breach

    SCP Containment breach8 개월 전


  42. BIOPRO 101

    BIOPRO 1018 개월 전

    I guess they never miss huh?

  43. crook robbin

    crook robbin8 개월 전

    They smell horrible and are too slimy wouldnt eat one even if ya paid me.

  44. Djfglobal

    Djfglobal8 개월 전

    I just may have to try that sport, not today though . Negative 5 out.

  45. George Van Nice

    George Van Nice8 개월 전


  46. Rene 341

    Rene 3418 개월 전

    Ein Fall für Tierschützer!!!

  47. әкім ел

    әкім ел8 개월 전

    After the national institute for health and clinical excellence of a good thing for me today sifvg week were not sure how long I'll have a look at midnight trying desperately fighting look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning and clinical trials are the list

  48. andrew nelson

    andrew nelson8 개월 전

    What they had a nice table dinner setup that didn’t get smashed into?

  49. CrazyCorn

    CrazyCorn8 개월 전

    I want to try dis

  50. Petter Bee

    Petter Bee8 개월 전

    울나라 잉어는 안 저러는데;;

  51. iodineclip

    iodineclip8 개월 전

    from what ive heard, they arent so delicious, and too much bones.

  52. No Money

    No Money8 개월 전

    British accent disgust me.

  53. IAmDippy 0

    IAmDippy 08 개월 전

    Imagine if he headbutt the fish...

  54. Dark Ace

    Dark Ace8 개월 전

    really cool video men, really cool video

  55. OwenBLOXs

    OwenBLOXs8 개월 전

    Gavin always says in every video "This is one of my best things we ever did"

  56. Ali 9909

    Ali 99098 개월 전

    Now if Dude Perfect doesn't make a trick shot video on this ima be depressed

  57. iamseekingtheway

    iamseekingtheway8 개월 전

    WA WA-OOH!

  58. The anthem of Creation itself

    The anthem of Creation itself8 개월 전

    Dan has a rare skill.... he can take heavy items to the head without becoming less intelligent. From footballs to fish he can take it all. Adopt a dan today at 07534 698337

  59. Wyatt Wapple

    Wyatt Wapple8 개월 전

    Magikarp uses iron tail it was super effective

  60. Kevin T

    Kevin T8 개월 전

    rename them "tasty fish" and hold a monthly "fishing derby" with prizes.