Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium


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    So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

  2. Steve Sebzda

    Steve Sebzda16 시간 전

    "Enunciate" so 'Pronunciate', too ? "Mispronunciation" then ?

  3. Steve Sebzda

    Steve Sebzda16 시간 전

    Did I just misspell "mispronounciation" ?? Too funny lol. [edit: I just followed spellcheck/autocorrect. Lol

  4. Steve Sebzda

    Steve Sebzda16 시간 전

    RealityIsTheNow , well said. That's really cool of you. I was about to ask this Poster, "How is it spelled on the scientific Periodic Table ?", but you said all this perfectly. Aluminum it is. That Belgium foil wrap he showed also spelled it "folle" for "foil" so you're right, they ars just sticking with their own language, so his point is moot. I don't think it is mispronounced world-wide as far as you say it is. I would venture a guess all of South America pronounces it correctly as aluminum too. (joke: don't forget Hawaii in the Pacific which is close to Japan and all, who say it correctly too , even though that's the U.S ). Lol. I cannot imagine two scientists (one American, one British) being in a science Laboratory, and both not saying "Aluminum" correctly to each other. How the frigg did that misproununciation catch on ?? Lol

  5. joey dubbs76

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    PressTube That's pretty cool brother but next time leave the stem from the casting on, then you can use that to hold it in the lathe as you polish it & then just part it off & you'll have a full/ complete 'foil ball' without the hole on the bottom from drilling it in the milling machine.

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    Amazing 😉👌👍

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    Eyyyy Albert hijn huismerk is beste merk

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    Other than Afrikaans what languages do you speak? Can you speak American?

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    Pritty much created a cannon ball

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    So he likes to polish his balls....

  13. Steve Sebzda

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    +PressTube, that foil wrap you showed is just that country spelling it the way it is mispronounced. All of the UK know it is spelled "Aluminum" but they know they are adding a syllable nicely. The English discoverer of aluminum named it "Aluminum" in a scientific journal. [ edit: it was called "Tin Foil" when tin was used in it. How Al u min ium got started, I'll never know. I believe any scientist would definitely say it "aluminum" like on the "Periodic Table of Elements".

  14. Steve Sebzda

    Steve Sebzda15 시간 전

    I forgot, nice video. Also, Aluminum foil has a coating on one side. You melted it down to it's elemental self. You worked with the Element "Aluminum" then, NOT 'alu MIN e um'.

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    8:40 No wonder they make bonsais and use synthetic garden there..

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    13 min video and 13 different commercials.

  17. Doodle Art

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    Foil papper getting lots of aluminum

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    what was that white milky liquid you put on the rag and wiped all over your ball?

  19. pen mightygun

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    i can tell you have handled balls before

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    Why is it Japanese?

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    enjoy the video a bit of vlaamse there

  22. Leonel Nardelli

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    Los tres rollos de papel aluminio no pesan ni 30 gramos y hacen una bola de 3kg de aluminio? Si la materia no se crea ni se destruye... de donde sacan los restantes 2,970 kg de aluminio? Alguien puede explicarme eso?

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    Did you know the aluminum is highly toxic when gets into your system! Don't inhale and don't touch it with bare hands when polishing.

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    Nice wow

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    Will uplease make a video of casting of your own logo of press tube pls pls pla pls plz plz plz

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    Guao yes

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    I like the idea of using foil, means less slag. Probably could've found some pure aluminum scrap though for free.

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    Haha Nice Albert Hein (Ik kom uit België )

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    You could've gotten it a little shinier.

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    that awful feel when you have a nice sphere and drill a big ass hole in it

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    I don't get it whats so spectacular about this

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    You are from Belgium, Right?

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    Why dose it look like you’re grilling?

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    Roses are red, violets are purple,..........awwww, shit!

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    Goh ik wist niet dat je nederlands was!

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    Its not Japanese cuz no Censorship

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    what happened to the drilled hole

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    Hallo 😀

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    Just use a sphere cutter on your lathe.

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    who see my comment like it

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    Ok. You created an aluminum ball. Great. What did you do with the ball after showing the video to all youtube audience?

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    bien ahi papa alto kpo

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    Do you still these?

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    Starving Africans could have eaten that ball smh

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    I am Japanese It’s very cool!

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    got fed up of watching adverts

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    What about the hole?

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    se parece a la luna

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    U better clean that patio up before the boss gets back....really cool video!

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    This actually isn't clickbait, this bringes me such happiness.

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    Strong poisen do not inhale!!!

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    Grinding, turning, polishing these are the most important stuffs in metallurgical science, while you're up to test metallic components in a spectrometer. Awesome work dude!

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    Looks like a dick

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    My eyeballs just slithered out of their sockets, down my cheeks and onto the keyboard because of how relaxing and satisfying this video is..

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    Every language says Aluminium their own way, it's only Yankee Doodles who teach us that we are all wrong

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    And you waterlogged your lawn....

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    Só eu do Brasil aqui?

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    It seems like mercury when melted

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    Why is he pulling it off piece by piece, just pull that tube out and let it roll across the floor the way it does to most of us when it ticks us off.

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    Que inútil que sos. Te mataste haciendo bolitas de papel aluminio . En ves de sólo sacar el cartón

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    3 balls 3 aluminium foil = Aluminium Dick

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    Extra dik tho

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    You should have used gloves. Aluminium poisoning is very dangerous.

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    wait,... what? Al Loo Mini UM ? LOL USA we say Aluminum Foil and it's for people trying to hide from Aliens and mind control... would it not be easier to just climb a flag pole and take the ball off the top and just polish that?

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    Thumbs up for pronouncing aluminium correctly.



    Essa ficou perfeita!

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    Non avrei mai detto che il foglio di alluminio producesse tante sgrume :O

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    There is a quite number of sinkholes on the surface. Maybe you want to consider to remove the styrofoam ball by acteone (a common practice). In that case the walls of your form would not be disturbed by the styrofoam burning (local high pressure, acting onto the inner side of the form).

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    Awesome job and very interesting..

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    not clickbait i'm impresed :-0

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    I swear if this channel turns into King of Random 2.0 I'm leaving.

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    I love my aluminium folie extra dik.

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    What are you gonna use the ball for?

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    İnsan işsiz olunca nelere kadir

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    Lot's of pitting not completely smooth and a giant hole in the bottom I don't see how you can compare it

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    So this defeat the point of the challenge.. it’s about patience

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    Add salt to taste

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    What is degasing?

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    In Australia we follow the English and also call it aluminium. I think America is one of the only countries that call it aluminum. Interestingly America and one small middle eastern country still use the old weights and measures ( imperial - pounds, foot, inches etc....) where as the rest of the world uses the metric system ( cm, mm, meters etc....).

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    Amazing! But: 1. I wouldn't like a ball with a hole in it. 2. How can you be sure any sand entered in the ball cast when pouring inside the melted aluminum?

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    i dont understand how the degassing thing works , can someone pls explain it to me .

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    It's so beautiful :',( why????????????????/

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    I can’t believe it he actually did clickbait


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