Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium


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    So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

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    PressTube the amazing

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    Prestube is cool

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    Te quedo genial😍😍❤

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    Press tube whare are you from?

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    looks like an ornament

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    Se imaginan que un niñi mete la mano en el aluminio fundido pensando que es slime? Lel

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    Klopt ! Waar heb je de video gevonden ?

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    Like als je dit kan lezen

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    Alberthein 😂

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    Berapa itu biaya nya

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    Great job reusing aluminum foil and some stupid bitch in the nearby scrapyard calls aluminum foil trash (fuck you bitch!)

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    Fine thanks

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    "Extra dik" LMAO

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    Whenever you get pulled up in future by Americans claiming you are saying aluminium wrong, you can reply with "so am i saying uranum wrong too" ..

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    Ja moin servus

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    So you just made a massive ball bearing

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    You changed the ball when you took 2 hours

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    You’ve done it, it’s perfect!!!

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    Good ball f aluminum but. It’s not reflective

  28. Starcrafter Augustine

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    It’s aluminum not aliminium

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    Like si ablasespañol no entiendoel ingles

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    i love sex

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    It is very shiny


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    I like you vidio

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    Fuck i didn't like this

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    I want it

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    20 meter extra dik lol

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    Japanese foil ball is Good

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    Ball biuruful

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    Anyone else pick up that the foil has extra dik on it ? 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️

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    Sa se voie t français

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    Öl sand

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    Heavy or light?

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    Asians :|

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    ya que estabas con el torno hubieses hecho bien la espera, no te pido una esfera perfecta pero eso que hiciste parece una cabeza de bebe deforme, y hubieses estudado metodos de lijado i/o pulimento antes de hacer el video, me gusto el video a pesar de esos grandes detalles

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    Rip grass and wow ur workshop is very big dude

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    U r awsm👏👏

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    Woon je in Nederland want alberthijen is nederlands

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    nice job

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    OMG Verry Good

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    8:48 like a moon

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    Kto z Polski łapka w górę

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    Eeey Belgium :)

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    Я одна русская?

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    Cheat get a Styrofoam shape ball And get a foil And Wrap it Nicely

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    Is it weird that I want to eat the molten metal?

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    5:36 one of the pices that he took out explodes!!!

  70. John Vnick

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    1:15 hey guys sitt back and relax :me pausing the video to get comfy, resuming the video :video 1:16 BRRRRRRR!!!

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    Golden ball

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    Besides the hole, it isn't a perfect sphere. You can tell when he is sanding/polishing it. Maybe if he ran it on a lathe first.

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    Jestem Polakiem !!!

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    İnşallah 🙏

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    Aluminum is how I say it, if I tried to say it the way you did I would have issues, 1: people would say i sound stupid, and correct me 2: i still screw it up and bit say it right 3: make an ass out of myself...... guess I'll stick with the hick way to say it lol

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    .coo bro

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    I really want to touch the molten aluminuim

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    Jackabox Tv pls make a video of it we all will see

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    How is it That heavy???

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    외국거가 쩐다길래 봤는데... 딱히 쩔진않고 ㅋㅋ 개쩌네

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    FYI, Sir Humphrey made a mess of things when he named this product invention 1st calling it alumium in 1807, then aluminum, finally settling upon aluminium in 1812. Classically trained Brits liked -IUM because it rhymes with many other elements sodium, radium, potassium, you get the point [ Historically documented fact]. Alumium was fine with them. Meanwhile back at the ranch in America Noah Webster 1928 put out a dictionary that had only the -NUM form of the word. Whenever anyone sought to use the word and looked it up they found only "aluminum", as popular writings would include this often enough for it to have already become common.

  89. dhy5342

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    Why crumple up the foil before melting? Just stick the roll in the hole in the top of the kiln and let it melt in.

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    I was surprised at how incredibly relaxing this was to watch.

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    Cannon ammunition

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    i mean 22

  93. Jhazier Gonzalez

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    can I have it I live in 12 overlook Randolph Massachusetts United States

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    It was a different way to make it 😂 but it came out better than anything I can do

  96. Michael Hensley

    Michael Hensley13 일 전

    Why not use a couple of cans and recycle...practically find them everywhere. Would not cost a penny.

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    Coll neis

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    Must be sooo much heavier than the normal way ...

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    I’d rather kill my hands by rolling the foil 😂

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    Finally in video that’s not click bait😂😂😂😂😋

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    Lemme smash

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    I just came to watch this vid cuz it’s satisfying yet this tin foil ball looks amazing

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    why don't you show your face

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    Would like to see a 'silverenium'

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    So beautiful 😍🤩

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    Now you have an aluminium cannonball. LOL you all ready hit your target. good job.

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    No fair😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

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    It seems a very expensive way to get the end result: foil+energy+time plus also risk of burning yourself.

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    This is so satisfying😍