Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium


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    So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

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    PressTube Awesome

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    Fer lol xben jij nederlands?

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    A nula eres al único que le a quedado

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    How heavy was it?

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    Ik dacht altijd dat je Duits was vanwege het accent haha

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    nie do sie

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    tu parle français d base

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    you are TÜRK

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    It's spelled nearly the same in Germany :D !

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    wenigstens kein Clickbait:D. GG Bro, GG.

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    eeh nen belg met bijnaa 2 mil abonnees good job

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    FR ?

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    Foil ball made with extra Dik.

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    fuck you dude like seriously just FUCK you dude

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    Vu en France 🇫🇷

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    Oh my god! I'm Turkish I'm turkey

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    Ich sehe du kommst aus deutschland ;D

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    I am from Poland and I LOVE YOUR FILM :-)

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    SICK !

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    Türkleri görelim 🇹🇷

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    Ağazım açık kaldı 😮😮😮

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    Abi nasıl yaptın

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    Who reproduce it? Lol

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    Estos asiáticos llevan todo a un nivel extremo

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    Apparently, you don't know what is the purpose behind the japanese foil ball and why are they doing it.

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    Je kan niet zo goed Engels

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    *benim yazı baska bi*

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    Cadê os br?

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    Nice efekt

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    Adamantium ball

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    So much effort

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    haha how did i know when you spoke you were belgian, me to sooooo yeah

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    You have done this Challenge on a new Level

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    Wow we got a little face reveal :D

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    Turkkleeer basın burayıı!

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    السعودي لايك

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    what was the weight of the ball?

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    Wow 😮 that’s so satasfing

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    Türkçe alt yazı olmasına bayıldım 👍

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    issiz herif

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    Where do i buy martian soil?

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    Albert hein IS the beeeeeest

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    o wow thats even more interesting than a simple aluminium foil ball

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    Nice backyard!

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    Wow! Fantasticbady:)

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    wow i really like scientific works

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    Now that's what I call polishing your knob! I just can't believe someone didn't _beat_ me to it...

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    The founder named it aluminum and was from the U.S. the British scientific community wanted to name it aluminium because that was how they had been naming the metals before it. So when they rejected the name aluminum and went around saying it was named aluminium every country besides the U.S. took the British name. I call it aluminum because the scientist that discovered it named it that and fought with the scientific community until he passed away trying to correct the name.... Dam brits won that one....

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    I give me ball pls

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    The smelting part was soooo satisfying 😍😍

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    Shot put ball

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    Minecraft 101

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    Metric system is the best!

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    Who else didnt know what was going on until the end?

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    “Literalmente quede boquiabierta😲 😮😵

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    It looks like a *MIRROR*

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    Fcking pub

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    Que desperdicio de tiempo

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    (The people who discovered it named it Aluminum, just pointing it out)

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    Wow, it's so hot, water evaporates on contact!

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    can you make me an aluminium ball please

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    Can you use gallium next time?

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    Your cheating it supposed to be smack by a hammer not boil

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    Can it FUCKING *ROLL*

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    What the point ؟؟؟؟؟

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    Perfect! WOW!!!

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    What was that mush was that impurities in the mettle

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    just put it in the microwave

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    So it's just a ball. It's not really a "Japanese Foil Ball" as the name implies that you created it the same way as it was originally supposed to be created. Sorry guess I got triggered.....but this is clickbait!

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    Kids don't use a microwave or oven to try and melt foil... Cause it WILL EXPLODE!!!😂 seriously⚠️

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    no stress 0.0

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    Emeğe Saygı Like Attım Bazıları izlenme için yalan top koyuyorlar ama sen gerçek yapmışın helal olsun

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    I live in Kenya and we say aluminium.don't worry

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    So satisfating

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    I'm Polish and I approve this video.

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    Belgium? Polska

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