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Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)


  1. Notification Squad

    Notification Squad시간 전

    She such a wonderful influence on the younger generation

  2. Büşra Uygul

    Büşra Uygul시간 전

    Türk 🇹🇷

  3. African Al

    African Al시간 전

    that thumbnail..uh uh uh! ya feel me!! love me some Cardi

  4. Monique Williams

    Monique Williams시간 전

    She sound like her infected dick having baby daddy

  5. Rich DawG

    Rich DawG시간 전

    My wife sorry offset

  6. Manuel Villagomez

    Manuel Villagomez시간 전

    I love nicki Minaj ass and Cardi B pussy

  7. Darian Wade

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  8. Avery Linder

    Avery Linder시간 전

    Wakanda Forever?!?

  9. Matthew Cameron

    Matthew Cameron시간 전

    It piano beat and different tones are cool, but it’s basic and not as good as other songs.

  10. Ht7nvfy Vgujbcfhj

    Ht7nvfy Vgujbcfhj시간 전

    This shit is wack af yo

  11. Brittney Powell

    Brittney Powell시간 전

    😭😂😩 “wakanda forever”

  12. G Mahiuddin

    G Mahiuddin시간 전

    I just see nudes and clickbated

  13. Tha Missiz

    Tha Missiz시간 전

    i love this artwork

  14. Coltrane Hayes

    Coltrane Hayes시간 전


  15. Kudakwashe Chindamora

    Kudakwashe Chindamora시간 전

    This ain't it.... Nyc try though

  16. Diego VsSantos

    Diego VsSantos시간 전


  17. Atharva Pote

    Atharva Pote시간 전

    "I need cheese for my egg" she felt that

  18. Nick Cyrus

    Nick Cyrus시간 전

    Why is this trending #1 in russia ? Сука блядь

  19. DNZ 1014

    DNZ 1014시간 전

    She don't write her own shit huh

  20. RedOnTheHead -

    RedOnTheHead -시간 전

    Wakanda forever! Loving these pop culture references 😂😂

  21. Foozy

    Foozy시간 전

    Why is this in my recommendation.

  22. Kevin Gonzalez

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  23. BigDawgg 666

    BigDawgg 666시간 전

    Photographer is lucky asf

  24. j f

    j f시간 전

    Video? I don’t think so

  25. Toni Medrano

    Toni Medrano시간 전

    Oh u go gurl

  26. Motor Beat

    Motor Beat시간 전


  27. real zoe

    real zoe시간 전

    It seems like she's 💩

  28. ROCKY

    ROCKY시간 전

    Fake tits, fake ass, loose pussy, fucked up face, annoying voice, doesn't write her own lyrics... We've got a winner.

  29. Beast Gang

    Beast Gang시간 전

    This what you call, trying 2 hard. 😑😑😑

  30. Tamara Hill

    Tamara Hill시간 전

    Dominican is the same thing as black so I don’t know why y’all keep saying she Latina 😂😂

  31. Position PImusic

    Position PImusic시간 전

    God damn

  32. That's So Marcellus

    That's So Marcellus시간 전

    Cardi is the only one who can wield the infinity gauntlet.

  33. Rachael Quirino

    Rachael Quirino시간 전

    How she make this from jail?

  34. Straight people Movement

    Straight people Movement시간 전

    This what you call rapping now. We’re DMX and NAS when u need real rap music

  35. Thank you Bast God

    Thank you Bast God시간 전

    I'm just here to hear Cardi say "Wakanda forever" ✊

  36. Romaysa Talbi

    Romaysa Talbi시간 전

    Mis Latinos?!?!?❤💋👑🔥🔥

  37. just did 10 years

    just did 10 years시간 전

    Wtf? 2 million in an hour?

  38. RayShawn Williams

    RayShawn Williams시간 전

    No no no malm

  39. Big Jay

    Big Jay시간 전

    Dont compare the two(Nicki n Cardi B) they both good

  40. Shanica Lamb

    Shanica Lamb시간 전

    The beat is basic but the lyrics the Cardi B is speaking is got fire. But Nicki and Cardi B her two different rappers format. Nicki did her part in the industry of being the Queen NY of rap. Now Card I B is bring her own favor the billboard. But both putting out great sound of music right now. Cardi B bring the thug life sexy feel. And now Nicki bring the old school and new school favor. So Nicki and Cradi B don't need to fight show us more power that women her equal in this world. That money is not who u are.

  41. Roshan Bhattarai

    Roshan Bhattarai시간 전

    Wakanda forever?? 😂😂

  42. SmooverThanYou

    SmooverThanYou시간 전

    Wow music gets more incredible each year, day by day. Since Monday it’s going thru the roof!

  43. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime시간 전

    4th migo

  44. Daphne Russell

    Daphne Russell시간 전

    How is this trending on 2.7 million views?

  45. Angelica Vera

    Angelica Vera시간 전

    Did she really make the English version of money

  46. Daisy May

    Daisy May시간 전

    She sounds kinda like she’s actually singing at some parts instead of rapping. Just my opinion.

  47. Natally cordova

    Natally cordova시간 전

    Let’s be real, cardi can rap but she can’t sing ...



    The best thing about this song is that it ends .

  49. Kevin Serrano

    Kevin Serrano시간 전

    Cardi B feat Lady Gaga 👌👌 please , 2 extravagants queens 👑👑

  50. jose herrera

    jose herrera시간 전

    muy dura cardi b

  51. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali시간 전

    Wtf is this stupid song

  52. John Carter

    John Carter시간 전

    Its good lol

  53. Camilo Meneses

    Camilo Meneses시간 전


  54. Elias Then

    Elias Then시간 전

    Cardib la mejor de este tiempo

  55. Arianne Edwards

    Arianne Edwards시간 전

    This is the first song by Cardi that I've had to listen over and over to catch it. I'm starting to like it now lol. 💰

  56. Mac_ofDòmhnall

    Mac_ofDòmhnall시간 전


  57. Rought Dert

    Rought Dert시간 전

    the cheap whore cardi b.

  58. Rey Del campo

    Rey Del campo시간 전


  59. Kimone Pitterson

    Kimone Pitterson시간 전

    The only thing I like is the cover.

  60. Shaniece Ashley

    Shaniece Ashley시간 전

    I’m feeling this 💪🏾

  61. Bacardi Cephus

    Bacardi Cephus시간 전

    Trending 1

  62. username 736382901736463

    username 736382901736463시간 전

    Twerking while I type this 🔥

  63. Genius Minaj

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  64. Brittany Johnson

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  65. real zoe

    real zoe시간 전

    Trash tf is that

  66. Yasmin

    Yasmin시간 전

    Yaaaas queeeen💙💙

  67. Adil Choudhury

    Adil Choudhury시간 전

    Bitch u is pop,

  68. A Person Called JT

    A Person Called JT시간 전

    Did I hear some Nicki disses???

  69. username 736382901736463

    username 736382901736463시간 전

    C'mon BARDI!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Andrea Palma

    Andrea Palma시간 전

    *I got a baby*

  71. Alitta Walker -Taylor

    Alitta Walker -Taylor시간 전

    Ohhh shit 🤫🤫🤫🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. username 736382901736463

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  73. Jeremy Hayes

    Jeremy Hayes시간 전

    Wakanda Forever✊🏿

  74. P-BOT H20

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  75. Doge Meme

    Doge Meme시간 전

    Doge live for ever

  76. The Plain and Simple Podcast

    The Plain and Simple Podcast시간 전

    God damn this beat hot

  77. Ada Saja

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  78. Rayner Marchelo

    Rayner Marchelo시간 전

    Put this beat 1.25x thank me later

  79. Verne's Final Moments

    Verne's Final Moments시간 전


  80. 99KuTpie

    99KuTpie시간 전

    The beat is cold, she just didn't ride it right

  81. Mathew Ellison

    Mathew Ellison시간 전

    Majority of ppl had to listen this multiple time to feel it... That alone makes the beat fire but cardi is trash.

  82. Gio Garcia

    Gio Garcia시간 전

    These barbz really be on here in disguise as fans talkin about "nOt HeR bEst" or "iTs BaSic"

  83. jane baker

    jane baker시간 전

    Please check out my KOreporter channel!! Just starting out

  84. red love

    red love시간 전

    I'm not reading any comments. Not here to read people's opinion (Good or bad) only stating my opinion. Cardib im so proud of you and love this new song and the beat is dope. Watch out 2019 here comes #cardib# only getting stronger. 💪💋👍😘

  85. Johny Boiy

    Johny Boiy시간 전

    This pretty weak

  86. damriv81

    damriv81시간 전

    Fucking nasty little troll faced sloppy thot

  87. fofana hassan

    fofana hassan시간 전

    Trash like for real. She stole someone's flow and still couldn't kill it

  88. Adil Choudhury

    Adil Choudhury시간 전

    Thought she was playing an Act, Didnt know she Really ratchet

  89. maty mbye

    maty mbye시간 전


  90. Doc

    Doc시간 전

    the beat was low key trash

  91. Jenny Jean

    Jenny Jean시간 전

    Danmmm I love dis song😍😍✋👌I fuck wit dis jawn

  92. Gabster K

    Gabster K시간 전


  93. Jeremy Padilla

    Jeremy Padilla시간 전

    Not my cup of tea couldve been better i hate "i got bands in the coupe" part lol kinda annoying but love the single cover 😍 slaying ofc

  94. XxSniperCadexX Snipe

    XxSniperCadexX Snipe시간 전

    When your ghost writer pulls a no show🤦🏾‍♀️

  95. Twinkle TV

    Twinkle TV시간 전

    "Wakanda Forever"

  96. Shadowgoat

    Shadowgoat시간 전

    Watched the video muted 😂


    OFF WHITE시간 전

    Money, little sex😇 bardi cardi BEEEE. BITCH 👅👅👅

  98. JainnelysLifeInAvakin !

    JainnelysLifeInAvakin !시간 전


  99. Dan.G

    Dan.G시간 전

    Me gusta mas como suena en Latino.