Cardi B Carpool Karaoke


  1. Julia-Anastasia

    Julia-Anastasia16 분 전

    James probably memorises the lyrics the night before the same way i try to memorize stuff for my exams the night before except he actually memorises something

  2. Tarrick Nicholson

    Tarrick Nicholson16 분 전

    So funny cardi b 2019 up girl

  3. Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    Subscribe To Me For No Reason16 분 전

    No one gives enough credit to James for learning all the lyrics 😂

  4. Leonor Babo

    Leonor Babo16 분 전

    love the imagine dragons billboard peeking

  5. MyCwalkStyle

    MyCwalkStyle16 분 전

    9:33 ajajajja

  6. femylafi

    femylafi16 분 전

    She sounds like a fucking recording... no difference between her actual voice and a recorded song.. a lot of celebs cannot do that... at all.

  7. Giovanni De La Rosa

    Giovanni De La Rosa16 분 전

    Should’ve volunteered for the senior center that day:/

  8. Tykevon Ware

    Tykevon Ware16 분 전

    He got the Preston playz hoodie on

  9. Turn It Up

    Turn It Up17 분 전

    2:05 Closest we'll get to a Cardi B Money music video

  10. yellowpinko

    yellowpinko17 분 전

    James Corden's is soooo not funny.😑

  11. Keisha Baula

    Keisha Baula17 분 전


  12. Libbythe Savage

    Libbythe Savage17 분 전

    Love the eye makeup

  13. SonnyJim

    SonnyJim17 분 전

    Her fingernails make me feel uncomfortable

  14. femylafi

    femylafi17 분 전

    That mustard outfit looks nice on Cardi.

  15. Shirizzle _ S

    Shirizzle _ S17 분 전

    I want to have a job like that😂

  16. Yselia Manzanares

    Yselia Manzanares17 분 전

    Love Cardi B

  17. Anna K

    Anna K18 분 전

    I will be watching every morning to add axtra big smile to my day! Jesus-coffee & Cardi

  18. Emma Matz

    Emma Matz18 분 전

    Bro if i had dem boobies id touch them all the time too cardi

  19. Libbythe Savage

    Libbythe Savage18 분 전

    She acts so dumb

  20. Christina Burnley

    Christina Burnley18 분 전

    This was so sweet & entertaining! I love me some James and Cardi B! 💖💖💖

  21. Alexander Rattner

    Alexander Rattner18 분 전

    Cardi bitch

  22. Danesa D

    Danesa D19 분 전


  23. C Acevedo

    C Acevedo19 분 전

    Tienes que hacer uno con Bad Bunny.

  24. Cynthia Hunter

    Cynthia Hunter19 분 전

    "Let me take off my shoes" *pulls up platforms*

  25. Melissa Rios

    Melissa Rios19 분 전

    If I saw cardi b sing in my face and I was in the car next to her I would faint or be like omg omg that’s cardi b

  26. Valencia Dunham

    Valencia Dunham19 분 전

    Cardi B Seem Like Such A Fun Person To Be Around

  27. Izzy Clare

    Izzy Clare19 분 전

    She is really neat! Also, she likes the word "bitch" a lot.

  28. Mona

    Mona19 분 전

    I need a carpool karaoke with RUSS 🙌🏼

  29. Yousra Doukmani

    Yousra Doukmani19 분 전

    Are not car

  30. forthecomment lasttime

    forthecomment lasttime19 분 전

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  31. Tahomi Figueroa

    Tahomi Figueroa19 분 전

    how are the latino 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Ŵë Dëm Sïstêrzzz

    Ŵë Dëm Sïstêrzzz20 분 전

    I luh haaaaa ❤️🥰 Edit:Just came out and got 10million views.👅😊❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  33. StephTheCoolKid

    StephTheCoolKid20 분 전

    She is so freaking cute and the best woman rapper no competition for real !!! God dmn Offset how can u cheat on a Queen like that Hope she is the bigger person and forgive his dumbass

  34. Anderson López

    Anderson López20 분 전

    Es que AMO a esta mujer... #teamcardi

  35. Sara Jimenez

    Sara Jimenez20 분 전

    card I was in her feelings when “be careful “ come on 😂😂

  36. Kwartoverhalf fan

    Kwartoverhalf fan20 분 전

    Bardi used her hands a lot to show her damn beauty nails 😂😂❤️

  37. The Lit Cheetos

    The Lit Cheetos20 분 전

    It’s Sounds Like She Can’t Breathe

  38. iitzxangel

    iitzxangel20 분 전

    I love cardi b ❤️❤️

  39. Adam Bernardino

    Adam Bernardino20 분 전

    Talent died in 1996. Happy holiday. Stop copying nicki manaj every move. Nicki the goat

  40. lorenzo compean

    lorenzo compean20 분 전

    “Get my single.. tell your mom” 😂 😂

  41. Isra Mustfa

    Isra Mustfa20 분 전

    5:29 the legendary Lough 😂😂😂

  42. Robin Ardister

    Robin Ardister21 분 전

    My favorite carpool EVER #CARDI

  43. Mrs. Aaliyah

    Mrs. Aaliyah21 분 전

    Advice from Mama Cardi: “Stay in school!”

  44. Lara Streets

    Lara Streets21 분 전

    I’m still waiting for Little Mix to do one. Anyon else??

  45. I'm Oasis

    I'm Oasis21 분 전


  46. Kymbra Johnson

    Kymbra Johnson21 분 전

    His enthusiasm makes me happy 😊 I like how she got crowd participation too. 👏🏾

  47. New & Improved All Day

    New & Improved All Day21 분 전

    I fucking love #CardiB

  48. Steelie

    Steelie21 분 전

    She still has on her ring

  49. Felicia Von Essen

    Felicia Von Essen21 분 전

    Post Malone soon???

  50. Sotrendy 86

    Sotrendy 8621 분 전

    them old folks had me weak 😂 hands down one of the best Carpool you’ve done so far

  51. Alex Sorrenti

    Alex Sorrenti21 분 전

    i fucking love her. italy

  52. LunaPlaysXox Gacha worldXox

    LunaPlaysXox Gacha worldXox21 분 전

    Who is the Queen? Like; *Cardi B* 💜 Comment: *Niki Manaj* ??????

  53. The Money Maker Sports

    The Money Maker Sports22 분 전

    I Don't Like Her! I Am Not Impressed!#NoTalent#NoClass

  54. Samantha Cerasoli

    Samantha Cerasoli22 분 전

    She's almost as bad at driving as I am! Hahaha

  55. Nureen Afrina

    Nureen Afrina22 분 전

    I want more

  56. GetYourGameOn

    GetYourGameOn22 분 전

    Couldnt go a minute without somthing in 👄

  57. Marvellous Nyongoro

    Marvellous Nyongoro22 분 전

    Biggest selling female artist in the world?.....uuh Beyonce?..lmao....hahah love you Cardi💜

  58. Jiffi Jewels

    Jiffi Jewels22 분 전

    Why is this me yelling out the window 😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Nini Johnson

    Nini Johnson22 분 전

    I made a reaction to this video 😂🙌🏽

  60. Aliza .f

    Aliza .f23 분 전

    Been waiting for this for too longgg x 😂😂💗

  61. marcos gurrola

    marcos gurrola23 분 전 please help and share

  62. karuna tamang

    karuna tamang23 분 전

    nicki would never

  63. hailey M

    hailey M23 분 전

    That yellow suit tho damn

  64. asdfg1236395

    asdfg123639523 분 전

    Anybody love how Gunter was like “You single ?” 😂😂😂

  65. Anđela Mladenović

    Anđela Mladenović23 분 전


  66. Em Vlogs

    Em Vlogs23 분 전

    Anđela Mladenović there’s only 3 seats 🤣

  67. Sherry Hndrxx

    Sherry Hndrxx24 분 전

    Money moves 💸

  68. Bass Beats

    Bass Beats24 분 전

    *_ManInCar_* 😂😂

  69. Carolyn Miller

    Carolyn Miller24 분 전

    You think? You reckon I’m weak 💀

  70. Ivar Pedersen

    Ivar Pedersen24 분 전

    Weeel that was a growing video 😶


    HIGH FIVE24 분 전

    Ya heerr. She been taking some lessons from gates...

  72. Felicity Johnston

    Felicity Johnston24 분 전


  73. Ashlynn Wilkinson

    Ashlynn Wilkinson24 분 전

    CHARLIE PUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Mia the dumb Potatoe

    Mia the dumb Potatoe24 분 전

    Been here before 1 million :)

  75. Lovelyislovely

    Lovelyislovely24 분 전

    How she knock over everything in that car, Cardi B driving has got to be the funniest thing I've seen 2018 my anxiety is up from watching that.

  76. Ana Ramos

    Ana Ramos25 분 전

    Sould have brought her sister hennessy

  77. Joana Tomás Alves

    Joana Tomás Alves25 분 전

    This was so funny omggg 😂

  78. cyrusd johnson

    cyrusd johnson25 분 전

    You'll remember Offset? Haha me either

  79. NCS Music Nation

    NCS Music Nation25 분 전

    Cardi B was born to be an entrepreneur.

  80. SadieDraws

    SadieDraws26 분 전

    Go and watch my new videos I’m a small channel... very small. Also I LOVE THIS CARPOOL KARAOKE CARDI B IS AWESME XD

  81. Tameika Jefferson

    Tameika Jefferson26 분 전

    Someone give James a black card😃love him

  82. Nurul Najwa

    Nurul Najwa26 분 전

    aww I love her 💕💕💕

  83. Leewise

    Leewise26 분 전

    And the world will have forgotten who she is this time next year

  84. bubbles

    bubbles26 분 전

    She’s so funny!! This was a great carpool karaoke!

  85. dennis grady

    dennis grady26 분 전


  86. Cara Knott

    Cara Knott26 분 전

    Normally I really don’t like Cardi B, but you can’t help but start liking her in this video😂

  87. Lynn Fred

    Lynn Fred19 분 전

    this is exactly what my bro said after watching this

  88. Kylie Diva

    Kylie Diva26 분 전

    Anyone else who noticed her face colour is different from her hands?Just saying no hate.

  89. Eddie Gebhard

    Eddie Gebhard27 분 전

    I don't get why people like her

  90. Charisse GANDA BALUYUT

    Charisse GANDA BALUYUT27 분 전


  91. Random Person

    Random Person27 분 전

    “I was stripping through the United States.” -Cardi B

  92. sally ocean

    sally ocean28 분 전

    James had to learn all the lyrics from the night before or he knew cardi would kick his ass

  93. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat28 분 전

    Her tryna drive had me dead ngl😹

  94. Jenna Ragsdale

    Jenna Ragsdale28 분 전

    Also I want to know, do they script these? Or is it just the beginning and the songs that are scripted and whatever happens once he picks them up happens?

  95. Holly Harris

    Holly Harris28 분 전

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  96. 5'000 subscribers with no videos ????

    5'000 subscribers with no videos ????28 분 전

    Idk why but she seems really angry and serious

  97. Dana M

    Dana M28 분 전

    Oh quuurrrrhhhh😂😂💀👏

  98. Rosemary Metallic

    Rosemary Metallic28 분 전

    Offset has left the chat

  99. bubber

    bubber29 분 전

    Ma man James is loyal dosnt look at her tits not even 1 time

  100. Amber Brown

    Amber Brown29 분 전

    I LOVE CARDI! OMG! ❤️💕

  101. Christinia Freedom Williams

    Christinia Freedom Williams29 분 전

    Best one yet!

  102. L Distributor

    L Distributor29 분 전

    Bruh imagine looking into the car as a normal person and seeing cardi using a water bottle as a mic while dancing to bodak yellow