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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]


  1. Top 5 Musers '

    Top 5 Musers '5 시간 전


  2. Dogs R Us

    Dogs R Us5 시간 전

    Cardi B forever . Bye bye Minaj

  3. saumya srivastava

    saumya srivastava7 시간 전

    Cardi B is amazing 🔥

  4. Glôwing miaa Tv

    Glôwing miaa Tv11 시간 전

    Will cardi wig almost feel off so🤣

  5. Adeena Naved

    Adeena Naved12 시간 전

    2:16 is that Camilla cabello?

  6. Luileadny Navas

    Luileadny Navas12 시간 전

    Best performance of the night!

  7. Shishter

    Shishter13 시간 전


  8. FirePhoenix 227

    FirePhoenix 22713 시간 전

    I love her dress

  9. oye Rayhen its

    oye Rayhen its13 시간 전

    Me encan

  10. M E R A Channel

    M E R A Channel14 시간 전

    02:48 is he wrong?

  11. Honey Lemon

    Honey Lemon16 시간 전

    Cardi B over here performing her heart out

  12. Honey Lemon

    Honey Lemon16 시간 전

    Reminds me of Cuba 🇨🇺

  13. SeñoraAngeles

    SeñoraAngeles16 시간 전

    Viva La Raza!!!! Her best live performance.

  14. A La Ru Ru Nini A La Ru Ru Ya

    A La Ru Ru Nini A La Ru Ru Ya17 시간 전

    *Y la Miki Minach casi no canta ni rapea en vivo cuando hacé performances de los award shows*

  15. Jesus Montoya

    Jesus Montoya17 시간 전

    Camila Cabello and Cardi b should make a song together.

  16. مقتطفات متنوعة

    مقتطفات متنوعة17 시간 전

    Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Remix)비디오-DhLtaV3bYQA.html

  17. Lucky Ones

    Lucky Ones17 시간 전

    Melhor live de todos os tempos

  18. Rosemary V

    Rosemary V19 시간 전

    Whenever they show the migos when she performs it’s the funniest thing ever

  19. MishMish

    MishMish19 시간 전

    She killlled it

  20. precious1979ful

    precious1979ful20 시간 전

    The stupid idiot with is mouth wide open o my god

  21. #teamdalas Larray is my papa

    #teamdalas Larray is my papa20 시간 전

    2:25 GOD

  22. Melody Allison

    Melody Allison21 시간 전

    3:27 when BTS exposes their abs

  23. Angel Leon

    Angel Leon21 시간 전

    guau 100% autotune bad bunny y j balvin

  24. jeff spice

    jeff spice21 시간 전

    She's a great performer. She know how to captivate an audience.. she also raps good❤️❤️..

  25. Rosa Jacinta

    Rosa Jacinta22 시간 전

    Yall really cant let her live wit out comparing her to nicki... nicki will always be the queen of rap but yall childish for continually comparing them

  26. Ami K

    Ami K23 시간 전

    Her hair! OMG i love her hair. Dayum!

  27. A E M T

    A E M T일 전

    This is a performance i can give credit to, she did it live.

  28. Songbird Ky

    Songbird Ky일 전

    Latino Gang 😜🤟🏿

  29. Ariana Franco

    Ariana Franco일 전

    De verdad no le entendí ni mierda a bad Bunny ese man no tiene talento

  30. Christine Heibert

    Christine Heibert일 전

    Offset was like "I want to marry her"

  31. Sierra Lamb

    Sierra Lamb일 전

    I wish Ik Spanish

  32. tutoriais &

    tutoriais &일 전

    Uma das apresentações mais lindas que já vi visualmente.

  33. nyxi.

    nyxi.일 전

    3:27 me

  34. Danielle Gawek

    Danielle Gawek일 전

    Fucking love cardi to many haters on her shit tho

  35. Danielle Gawek

    Danielle Gawek일 전

    So fire 💯

  36. Love Rubyxxx

    Love Rubyxxx일 전

    Omg he came in a trolly xD

  37. Toys fun

    Toys fun일 전

    Cardi b is the queen of rap and 2 grammies

  38. Musical Sadeem

    Musical Sadeem일 전

    Who tf paid for all that

  39. Gorgeous Nay

    Gorgeous Nay일 전

    Everything on point

  40. Ramón Lpz

    Ramón Lpz일 전

    Canta horrible el bad bunny y j balvin jajajajajaja... ¡No sé que hago aquí! 😕

  41. Barbie Jen

    Barbie Jen일 전


  42. Ranyia Ruffin

    Ranyia Ruffin일 전

    2:07 😂😂

  43. Gianni M

    Gianni M일 전

    You can call Cardi a bad rapper and whatever but she’s a good performer. She knows how to put on a show.

  44. Daniel Padilla

    Daniel Padilla일 전

    Offset tho

  45. Lightskin but still a dark nigga

    Lightskin but still a dark nigga일 전

    mannnn this girl can create a performance!!!

  46. 1999kaboom

    1999kaboom일 전

    this totally should’ve opened up the Grammys this year...

  47. Alejandra Munoz Morales

    Alejandra Munoz Morales일 전

    I'm sorry but did nobody else think of Issa Twainz at 1:06?

  48. Jaden Shorrock

    Jaden Shorrock일 전

    3:30 😂 really amazed

  49. ymarrero23

    ymarrero23일 전

    I really admire her for what she has done imma give her that she does inspire me.

  50. Shalanda Levine

    Shalanda Levine일 전

    I just stalled ninja

  51. Alexandra Marie

    Alexandra Marie일 전

    Dope Performance

  52. Polynesian Glamour

    Polynesian Glamour일 전

    Idk how many times I’ve watched this 🤷🏻‍♀️

  53. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher일 전

    Pause at 3:27 you won’t regret it 😂

  54. Princesse Alxs

    Princesse Alxs일 전

    my bae have interest to support me as his 1:28

  55. Katarina Ovt

    Katarina Ovt일 전

    like por J. Balvin

  56. Dani Erosa

    Dani Erosa일 전

    This is such a bullshit

  57. Joe Andres

    Joe Andres2 일 전

    What’s up with the eye on bad bunny’s forehead😂 like if you noticed

  58. Malone Vibes

    Malone Vibes2 일 전

    She sounds exactly the same omg i love her hair

  59. Ashwini Kadam

    Ashwini Kadam2 일 전

    Cardi b u r the from india...i m ur big fan....

  60. Levan Kecbaja

    Levan Kecbaja2 일 전

    Bad Bunny babee

  61. Kusum Bhattarai

    Kusum Bhattarai2 일 전

    Nicki Minaj has left the chat

  62. Mima Ofo

    Mima Ofo2 일 전

    I wish this was her Grammy performance but the Grammy performance was BADASS too!!!

  63. paz MR

    paz MR2 일 전

    Tuvo que cambiar partes de la letra o es mi idea?

  64. CEE CEE

    CEE CEE2 일 전

    Amazing Cardi b u or great

  65. Nabobi Adity

    Nabobi Adity2 일 전

    Her performance is the best in every single award show, even if it's Grammy 😍

  66. Carla Estrada

    Carla Estrada2 일 전

    Every time i see this video it gives me chills.. viva los Latinos😉🤘

  67. Richard Melnyk

    Richard Melnyk2 일 전

    CARDI B your so hot

  68. Kevin Rodriguez

    Kevin Rodriguez2 일 전

    I bet quavo was mad when that an was touching her ass like that

  69. Santiago Vazquez

    Santiago Vazquez2 일 전

    Chambea chambea pero no jala

  70. Jassy Jass Dog

    Jassy Jass Dog2 일 전

    3:27 that one guy was shooketh 😂😂

  71. Naomi Izibodu

    Naomi Izibodu2 일 전

    i dont undestand what is that eye Sign on that dude face

  72. Kaelanni Walters

    Kaelanni Walters2 일 전

    Home boy didn't know she had all that in her 😂

  73. Woodjine Noncent

    Woodjine Noncent2 일 전

    Omg I don’t have words only WOWWWWWW and I like the entrance with the chopping carts it’s so okrrrrruuuuu

  74. EB Mk

    EB Mk2 일 전


  75. karlo rua

    karlo rua2 일 전

    Pa pa pa paparazzi i like lady gaga

  76. Harmony Tyson

    Harmony Tyson2 일 전

    selena gomez face thoooooo

  77. Paulii

    Paulii2 일 전

    los gringos no entienden nada JAJAJJAJAJA

  78. Constellation ASMR

    Constellation ASMR2 일 전

    In language arts I had to make this song into an educational language arts rap. I succeeded.

  79. Stela B

    Stela B2 일 전

    After the Grammys anyone?

  80. Abraham Ramirez

    Abraham Ramirez5 시간 전

    I find it cool that she uses instruments as an introduction to her performances. Like the trumpets, the pianist, etc

  81. valeria franco aponte

    valeria franco aponte2 일 전

    Latinos gang! ❤

  82. floresaza253

    floresaza2533 일 전

    Flexin on bitches, huh? Lol

  83. Mar Mel

    Mar Mel3 일 전

    Español ;'v

  84. Adithya Gowda

    Adithya Gowda3 일 전

    I like her confidence.... Face!!!! ✌

  85. S͉Δ̭Μ̫Σ̙Σ̘Γ̚2̣0̸0̸8̬

    S͉Δ̭Μ̫Σ̙Σ̘Γ̚2̣0̸0̸8̬3 일 전

    3:27 lol

  86. Like La Leyenda -Topic

    Like La Leyenda -Topic3 일 전

    j balvin the best

  87. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter3 일 전


  88. martina picci

    martina picci3 일 전

    I watched her perform live at the Grammys for the first time and I was legit so shocked cuz she sounded so clean and smooth I almost doubted if she's performing live!! I dont know much about the rap game, but no doubt she's an amazing performer!!

  89. Megumi chan

    Megumi chan3 일 전

    OewwwWOW, realll i truly drop my draw like this man, the performance is so stunning

  90. Theo Vertriest

    Theo Vertriest3 일 전

    Copied Nicki Minaj

  91. Rohan Eats food

    Rohan Eats food3 일 전

    Her best performance because she isn’t lip syncing

  92. Prince Yocker

    Prince Yocker3 일 전

    it’s always amazing when artists remix their songs for lives. it’s also obvious that Cardi barely used a backing track (pretty much only for layered lyrics cuz she can’t rap and make sounds at the same time)

  93. Bryan Ramirez

    Bryan Ramirez3 일 전

    Here after the Grammys to just watch how amazing she is at performing🔥

  94. Vee M

    Vee M3 일 전

    We just gonna ignore that her wig most deff slid off lowkey 🤷🏾‍♀️ 3:25 I'm sure that's explaining the face of the man in 3:28

  95. Vee M

    Vee M3 일 전

    +Edgardo Zepeda you sound pressed bitchhh

  96. Edgardo Zepeda

    Edgardo Zepeda3 일 전

    She ain't wearing no wig, yo blind bit@! That's her natural afro and she looks gorgeous!

  97. Stephanie Ann

    Stephanie Ann3 일 전

    2:05 when she rides by on the bike 😂✌🏼

  98. Elvin Corona

    Elvin Corona3 일 전

    Algun latino por aki😎😎😎😎😎😎

  99. Mexsand

    Mexsand18 시간 전

    Aquí *

  100. natali fortuna

    natali fortuna3 일 전

    3:28 is my face while watching this whole performance

  101. kelly galena

    kelly galena3 일 전

    omg i love you cardi b and can you tell bad bunny i love his music and i know what they say because i speak spinsh because im mexican

  102. Sanna Benba

    Sanna Benba3 일 전


  103. Ashley Editzzvevo

    Ashley Editzzvevo3 일 전

    3:27 my reaction when I first saw this

  104. Rose Playzwolf

    Rose Playzwolf3 일 전

    3:29 haha I’m dead😂🤦🏻‍♀️