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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]


  1. Ivan Cardenas

    Ivan Cardenas4 시간 전

    Cardi B Salva el show

  2. Adeliesha Cadle

    Adeliesha Cadle8 시간 전

    3:26 ................. that man is priceless

  3. Veronica Cooper

    Veronica Cooper11 시간 전

    I love Offset and Quavo supporting her

  4. T Nation

    T Nation13 시간 전

    @3:28 😂😂😂😂

  5. Mick Taehyung

    Mick Taehyung일 전

    Me encanta está canción!! Sos hermosa Cardi b...

  6. Questa è benzina.

    Questa è benzina.일 전

    1:25 orgasm

  7. Takingmylifeback 82

    Takingmylifeback 822 일 전

    Im still so proid of cardi she did her thang here im like a proud momma

  8. huss353

    huss3532 일 전

    1:42 Cisco what u doing here ??? Lol

  9. huss353

    huss3532 일 전

    3:27 haterz be like


    FREESTYLIFE #222 일 전

    damn, they sing so bad... whats going on

  11. Richard Dong

    Richard Dong3 일 전

    Nicki minaj is better jst syin 😘

  12. Anh Nam

    Anh Nam3 일 전


  13. arzel mario

    arzel mario4 일 전

    Me encanta la música de cardi b 😁😂😎

  14. Alejandra Cano

    Alejandra Cano4 일 전

    i like your song cardi

  15. Phenomenal Rides

    Phenomenal Rides4 일 전

    0:18 you don't expect me to believe he's the guy actually singing that lmao. That piece is a sample from the original song made in 1967, good performance but that part was just too comical 😂

  16. theboy Anderson

    theboy Anderson4 일 전


  17. Sammy Sweet

    Sammy Sweet4 일 전

    Lip syncing anybody??? 🙄🙄

  18. marianna1able

    marianna1able5 일 전

    cardi b represented the dominican republic! awesome performance cardi!

  19. Roston Kight

    Roston Kight5 일 전

    Cant believe this was posted on my birthday or when i was born :o

  20. luis david baezz

    luis david baezz5 일 전

    J balvin siempre cuando está en ecenarios americanos dice al final #latinos o #latinosbroo

  21. Nini Ricks

    Nini Ricks6 일 전

    Gurl, you slay. Guess what, I'm gonna be a rapper when I grow up. I'm starting early to be advanced. Just wanted you lighten your mood!

  22. Nini Ricks

    Nini Ricks6 일 전

    Go Cardi, I love youuu

  23. Olivia Ewert

    Olivia Ewert6 일 전

    She slayed!

  24. Wesley Miguel

    Wesley Miguel6 일 전

    Tem nem folego kkk se perdeu pra caraii..

  25. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez6 일 전

    A donde están esos Latinos?????😍😍😍😗😗

  26. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez6 일 전

    A donde están esos Latinos?????😍😍😍😗😗

  27. Think Wink

    Think Wink6 일 전

    3:27 his face haha 😂

  28. Lucas Gonzales

    Lucas Gonzales6 일 전

    You call this shit as RAP??Omg stfu...!

  29. Antonello Műller

    Antonello Műller6 일 전

    big ...all !!!

  30. Salma Amar

    Salma Amar6 일 전

    Se nota como cardi b respiraba por la nariz mientras bad bunny cantaba

  31. Camila Machado

    Camila Machado7 일 전

    Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  32. Osvaldo Juárez vargas

    Osvaldo Juárez vargas7 일 전

    Ridículo bad bunny creyéndose iluminati naco que con él🤔🙄por eso cae mal naco

  33. another dimension

    another dimension8 일 전

    como puede ser famoso bad bunny? illuminaty o wanna be

  34. Andrea Heath

    Andrea Heath8 일 전

    ??? this award show had me trying to hard to enjoy the performances

  35. sahil yadav

    sahil yadav8 일 전

    Sahil yadav 😀😀😀😁😁😃😃 Rajpur Manipur patan--1

  36. Isaac Jay Hanz

    Isaac Jay Hanz8 일 전


  37. Aj&lidis lidi's videos

    Aj&lidis lidi's videos8 일 전


  38. Patrick Hamilton

    Patrick Hamilton8 일 전

    3:26 omg b waldorf wyd here??

  39. CCGotcha

    CCGotcha9 일 전

    For all those inflight speakers wondering what he’s saying none of us Spanish speakers understand Either. But for real tho

  40. h YES

    h YES9 일 전

    I love the reactions.

  41. rose anne

    rose anne9 일 전

    Bettter than Partick Děrgel

  42. Lucia Hernandez

    Lucia Hernandez9 일 전

    Cardi B is amazing totally loving her music and performance

  43. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전


  44. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전

    U don't diserve Grammy bitch😂

  45. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전

    She's not funny she's awkward

  46. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전

    NYC fuckk this bitch

  47. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전

    Nothings good copycat😂😂

  48. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전


  49. Sicret of Val

    Sicret of Val10 일 전

    Cardi looks salad😰😂

  50. Harmony

    Harmony10 일 전

    3:27 what shook looks like😂

  51. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos Martinez10 일 전

    Cardi b you are the best

  52. ii Mxrie_xo

    ii Mxrie_xo10 일 전

    *The camera quality tho!*

  53. Lucas Dourado

    Lucas Dourado10 일 전

    Parece um retardado esse que ficou de boca aberta , amei o show e amo infinitamente a Card B

  54. W O L F G O D D E S S

    W O L F G O D D E S S11 일 전

    3:44 honestly looks like a whole circus 😂

  55. Josephine Castellanos

    Josephine Castellanos11 일 전

    I tell you cardi B and JLo make me proud Latina power let me tell you so proud of my girl

  56. Natasha Dismuke

    Natasha Dismuke11 일 전

    This is one of my favorite live performances ever

  57. Jimena Aricari Murayari

    Jimena Aricari Murayari11 일 전

    Pensé que era niki minaj es igualito todo

  58. James Pharris

    James Pharris11 일 전

    What a great day this was!

  59. S Steward

    S Steward11 일 전

    3:08 Wtf. 😂😂😂 she was so cute.

  60. June Gonzalez

    June Gonzalez11 일 전

    Epic. _x

  61. Lay Lay

    Lay Lay11 일 전

    This was littt 🔥

  62. Starchildfrom 90s

    Starchildfrom 90s11 일 전

    Im black but i respect the latino/ spanish culture i think it’s beautiful and doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Im happy that cardi came out and made even more people pay attention and pay homage to the culture i know she is not the only one from yall culture but she made me want to see more from yall.

  63. Zhami Gonzalez

    Zhami Gonzalez7 일 전

    Starchildfrom 90s Thank you so much my love, we think your culture is beautiful too. 💕💕

  64. Nathalia Holanda

    Nathalia Holanda12 일 전


  65. Pedro Almeida

    Pedro Almeida12 일 전

    Esse segundo homem cantando, que horror!!!!

  66. orionh3000

    orionh300012 일 전

    love u cardi b!!!

  67. Ian

    Ian12 일 전

    Está que....

  68. Vitória Oliveira

    Vitória Oliveira13 일 전

    o olho do capeta sempre acompanhando vcs

  69. Breena Walsh

    Breena Walsh13 일 전


  70. Sharon Porter

    Sharon Porter13 일 전

    I know offset was mad lol😂

  71. Louisiana Eu

    Louisiana Eu13 일 전

    Cardi Leading the men , felt proud women!!!

  72. Sevaroviku P

    Sevaroviku P13 일 전

    yaaasss Queen 😈😈❤️

  73. Deréon Jamecia

    Deréon Jamecia13 일 전


  74. Shauna Stewart

    Shauna Stewart14 일 전

    3:38 he is shook oml 😂

  75. RaFa

    RaFa14 일 전

    i cant wait for the grammys omg...!!

  76. k pop best

    k pop best14 일 전

    HHA bad bitch

  77. Naty Ferreira

    Naty Ferreira14 일 전

    Podem falar tudo ,menos que ela tem defeitos 😍

  78. flor

    flor14 일 전

    Nobody: J Balvin: “LATINO GANG”

  79. Bagas Pamuji

    Bagas Pamuji15 일 전


  80. guwno label

    guwno label15 일 전

    Ale guwno

  81. Shaunteemicquon Manuel

    Shaunteemicquon Manuel15 일 전

    I love Cardi B. She makes me laugh (the bike.😂😂) I wish I knew in real life. Great performace, she killed it.

  82. Christina Yang

    Christina Yang16 일 전

    Mexico dresses is pretty famous

  83. SadAna -_-

    SadAna -_-16 일 전


  84. Jose Luis Ramirez

    Jose Luis Ramirez17 일 전


  85. Jose Luis Ramirez

    Jose Luis Ramirez17 일 전


  86. Fluffy Plays

    Fluffy Plays17 일 전

    I SAW CAMILA CAMELO I think that's how you spell it anyways,IN 2:14

  87. Preesae Waseem

    Preesae Waseem15 일 전

    +Fluffy Plays NP :)

  88. Fluffy Plays

    Fluffy Plays15 일 전

    +Preesae Waseem lol I spelled it wrong thanks for the corre and

  89. Preesae Waseem

    Preesae Waseem15 일 전

    Camila Cabello*

  90. Macbasil

    Macbasil18 일 전

    No Autotune Confirmed! She doesn’t use it!

  91. Lisa butter

    Lisa butter19 일 전

    I love IT🤗💞💞💞💞💞

  92. Jean Rivera

    Jean Rivera19 일 전

    Wtf Bad Bunny sounds the same

  93. Jocelyn Blanco

    Jocelyn Blanco19 일 전

    1:25 hype from migos!!! AWEEE

  94. modotte kite kudasai

    modotte kite kudasai19 일 전

    3:29 I fuckin love him so much you don’t know.

  95. Sosa gang

    Sosa gang20 일 전

    2:06 I never noticed cardi riding that bike past the camera 💀😩😂😂😂

  96. King Chance 2nd Channel

    King Chance 2nd Channel20 일 전

    This is a sad day for america

  97. Harley Jo

    Harley Jo16 일 전


  98. 00inwiththenew00

    00inwiththenew0020 일 전

    the dancing was pretty weak... i expected more considering her "background".

  99. Salvatore Vulcano

    Salvatore Vulcano19 일 전


  100. Cardi B is the rap Queen

    Cardi B is the rap Queen20 일 전

    Cardi is the best haters 😜😝😝😝

  101. Melike Cyrus

    Melike Cyrus20 일 전

    paloya b hahahah

  102. Bryson Noe

    Bryson Noe20 일 전

    Offset Cardi b camila cabello bad bunny all my fav singers/rappers are there

  103. Bryson Noe

    Bryson Noe19 일 전


  104. Salvatore Vulcano

    Salvatore Vulcano19 일 전

    u got a horrible taste lmao

  105. K_5a

    K_5a21 일 전

    3:26 when u see your crush kiss other guy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  106. undefeated, fearful, gift of god

    undefeated, fearful, gift of god21 일 전

    I was cringing and cracking up the entire time

  107. D Nightpipe

    D Nightpipe21 일 전

    i like how the migos where dancing in the crouwd and camila cabeo was to lol

  108. Cardi B is the rap Queen

    Cardi B is the rap Queen22 일 전

    3:27 I'm dead his face 😂😂💀💀