Can YOU Build A Skateboard In 30 Minutes? | You Build It, You Keep It


  1. REACT

    REACT개월 전

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  2. Kalyn Jones

    Kalyn Jones20 일 전


  3. Hilla B

    Hilla B26 일 전

    I love this video!! Please make a part 2!!❤️🤭😱

  4. BeatleFan_2005 /Calliou&FuntimeGamer74YesJeff171No

    BeatleFan_2005 /Calliou&FuntimeGamer74YesJeff171No28 일 전

    You Build It, You Keep It SUCKS

  5. William Centeno

    William Centeno29 일 전

    REACT there gonna mall grab the board and be posers

  6. MissPop Coin

    MissPop Coin29 일 전

    This was definitely fun to watch. Hopefully they'll be a new episode soon. Because IKEA has plenty of stuff to put together.

  7. SeffyBoy

    SeffyBoy15 일 전

    Extra screws and extra nuts B R U H

  8. LST Clan

    LST Clan15 일 전

    that penny board would have been together in 2 minuets flat

  9. Matthew Gonzalez

    Matthew Gonzalez16 일 전

    The penny board was the easiest build and if he built a skateboard he would have done it. The only issue he would have been to inverse the trucks to get those easy smooth turns.

  10. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly16 일 전

    Matthew Gonzalez exactly 😂😂😂

  11. Ray Montez

    Ray Montez16 일 전

    Seems really easy 😂

  12. Abi Swan

    Abi Swan16 일 전

    Do another episode!!!

  13. HarleyAndCoco

    HarleyAndCoco16 일 전

    1:46 I HavE To MakE A PeaNutButteR And BELLY Sandwhich

  14. ソラタケミカズチ

    ソラタケミカズチ16 일 전

    "dad are you proud" "No, thats why i left"

  15. Mr. Reese

    Mr. Reese16 일 전

    Sheila was on a roll...until she wasn't :X. Still, was great to see a woman build stuff.

  16. Angel Madrigal

    Angel Madrigal16 일 전



    REDRUM-TO- DIE16 일 전

    Lol i can build a pboard in like2 min

  18. David Gomez

    David Gomez16 일 전


  19. stellerz lemonfield

    stellerz lemonfield16 일 전

    pennyboards are easier to build??

  20. Martin Mgk

    Martin Mgk16 일 전

    The penny board is literally the easiest build 😂

  21. Dominic Lopez

    Dominic Lopez16 일 전

    You guys need bob the handyman he’s a g at this crap

  22. Acervo de Libros

    Acervo de Libros16 일 전

    I was rooting for Sheila so bad in the last one

  23. ClaytonCliff

    ClaytonCliff16 일 전

    That Alberto kid is not a handy man what so ever. It’s embarrassing how useless he is during this whole video

  24. }:

    }:16 일 전

    Not all men need to be handy man KAREN

  25. Suhas Vadlamudi

    Suhas Vadlamudi16 일 전

    Stop insulting him. Not all males are meant to be handy work men. He most probably is better at something that you are bad at.

  26. Angel Lopez

    Angel Lopez16 일 전

    13:50 for skateboard build 😂

  27. Tamp

    Tamp17 일 전

    Sheila, wanna be my wifu??

  28. T3R3Z1 PYROP3

    T3R3Z1 PYROP316 일 전

    Tamp it’s waifu

  29. Tamp

    Tamp16 일 전

    @I do Weird stuff look at your name, i think you got it mixed up

  30. I do Weird stuff

    I do Weird stuff17 일 전


  31. Erica G

    Erica G17 일 전

    I really enjoyed that, what a great idea!

  32. Matt’s crazy gaming 2

    Matt’s crazy gaming 217 일 전

    MORE I LIKE THIS Challenge

  33. Moonlight _Yoon

    Moonlight _Yoon17 일 전

    Bruh that penny board would be so easy to put together.

  34. Allyseria

    Allyseria17 일 전

    Can you make another video with this concept? :D It was fun to watch

  35. DumbestNoob Evr

    DumbestNoob Evr18 일 전


  36. cash and jack gaming

    cash and jack gaming18 일 전

    He goes I really like this board it’s really cool it’s a penny board bruh it’s not a real skateboard

  37. P ė å č h ÿ B ė ë

    P ė å č h ÿ B ė ë17 일 전

    So trueeeeee!

  38. gabby wolfe

    gabby wolfe18 일 전

    cash and jack gaming ikr I was like bro u gonna look really done on that. Also he said he’s built a “skateboard” before but just never a penny board. Bruuuuuuh, u would know how to put together a penny board. They have the same parts. Plus, he was like, “what are all these screws for?” 😝 this guy

  39. ReMaker ReMaker

    ReMaker ReMaker18 일 전

    5:01 why you lieing😢

  40. Herven Morante

    Herven Morante17 일 전

    Lmao u cant even spell lying

  41. Nugg Nugg_77

    Nugg Nugg_7717 일 전

    ReMaker ReMaker he really is stupid, can’t even put a penny board together

  42. Mario Gaspar

    Mario Gaspar18 일 전

    As a skater I usually can build a board in 10 mins

  43. Press F

    Press F17 일 전

    Im not a skater but I always assemble and build tech deck skateboards so I think I have an idea of what to do lol

  44. Anthony Ballesteros

    Anthony Ballesteros17 일 전

    Yea easy after u do it your first time

  45. cash and jack gaming

    cash and jack gaming18 일 전

    Dude I still skate but just to get how I like my grip and stuff it still takes me like 20 min and I f I’m doing stuff with my grip tape it takes like 30

  46. Pugmaster 74

    Pugmaster 7418 일 전

    i dont skate that much but i have put some together and that looked so easy.

  47. Walter Skidmore

    Walter Skidmore18 일 전

    Can we get another episode of this!?

  48. Lywin Cream

    Lywin Cream19 일 전

    I can build that board within 15 minutes

  49. Bita Salehi

    Bita Salehi17 일 전

    Nobody cares

  50. Rilee Jones

    Rilee Jones18 일 전

    Lywin Cream well aren’t you so cool

  51. SirLanceAThot

    SirLanceAThot19 일 전

    Stoners build it, they keep it.

  52. Bryce Miller

    Bryce Miller19 일 전

    This was a fun episode

  53. I am Ava but they call me Fat Vinzinski

    I am Ava but they call me Fat Vinzinski19 일 전

    That’s the skateboard I have a lol on the cover

  54. P ė å č h ÿ B ė ë

    P ė å č h ÿ B ė ë19 일 전

    If I was doing the ikea buildings then I would go for big building then the litte pieces for it’s easier

  55. Ronit N

    Ronit N18 일 전

    P ė å č h ÿ B ė ë yea fax

  56. Hannah Le

    Hannah Le19 일 전

    you should do another one of these

  57. KingGeorgeVI

    KingGeorgeVI19 일 전

    Once again, further evidence that Sheila is a QUEEN! 👏👏🙌🙌

  58. Shaikha Alhajri

    Shaikha Alhajri19 일 전

    Sheila is Tinker bell 🧚🏻‍♀️ Good job everyone!

  59. TheDaantje1234

    TheDaantje123419 일 전

    This is such a fun challenge! Love to see more of these. I'm such a screw up with building stuff that it is fun seeing others give it their best tries like this as well :D

  60. Myriam Quesnel

    Myriam Quesnel19 일 전

    This needs to be a series

  61. S. R.

    S. R.19 일 전

    Sheila is a beast!

  62. Lugh4Life

    Lugh4Life20 일 전

    I thought it said thirty seconds lol

  63. Andy Silva

    Andy Silva20 일 전

    Haha I would so want to do this challenge. I was like wait how far would they have to go with the Raspberry Pi like download all the software or just assemble it bc the first would be way easier than they thought.

  64. Anna Blyth

    Anna Blyth20 일 전

    I'm really impressed with Sheila's building skills I've never seen someone build furniture that quickly

  65. Mai Saeed

    Mai Saeed20 일 전

    If Eric was in this challenge he would 100% pick the sandwich 😂😂

  66. Punky Brewster

    Punky Brewster20 일 전

    Whoa, what was up with Brittany's voice for a sec there? 😂

  67. Michael Roberts

    Michael Roberts20 일 전

    .. the penny board should've only taken 10min... I never put a penny board together although I'm confident that he is mentally handicapped. He didn't even separate the parts into two.. 8 bolts 4 for each truck....

  68. ShinjukuN0ir

    ShinjukuN0ir21 일 전

    Oof, watching him struggle with the penny board hurt. Especially when he was trying to get the baseplate on..he got close though!

  69. Brooklyn Smith

    Brooklyn Smith21 일 전

    I frickin love Sheila!! 💗

  70. Kyaira Johnson

    Kyaira Johnson21 일 전

    11:41 me to my teacher


    TIN CANWAN21 일 전

    3:48 Ö

  72. Daniel Saad

    Daniel Saad21 일 전

  73. Yasmine Leung

    Yasmine Leung21 일 전

    Where did all those switch gaming vids go 😭 I want them backkkk😭😭😭

  74. Tyler Atlee

    Tyler Atlee21 일 전

    Instructions are so impoient

  75. Cassandra Prado

    Cassandra Prado22 일 전

    Oh that’s not a skateboard that’s a penny board there’s a different of a skateboard and a penny board but if I say it all it will be baring

  76. MedievalShadows

    MedievalShadows21 일 전

    Fr lul

  77. Ne W

    Ne W22 일 전

    The girls are doing better than the boy

  78. ZicodaExodus

    ZicodaExodus21 일 전

    @nicolas bogarin I mean, it just depends on the person. I know more boys that are better at building stuff than girls, i know more girls who are better at art than boys. It isn't a stereotype if it's just how the majority of people are.

  79. nicolas bogarin

    nicolas bogarin21 일 전

    It’s almost as if girls and boys were equal and boys being better at building stuff was just an stereotype, who would’ve thought so?

  80. ZicodaExodus

    ZicodaExodus21 일 전

    Why does it matter?

  81. Seyma Yilmaz

    Seyma Yilmaz22 일 전

    My anxiety kept building up with Albertoo, my goshhh

  82. Casa de Personagens

    Casa de Personagens22 일 전

    That was so good! Do more of these

  83. uber yangster

    uber yangster22 일 전

    get a gurl like sheila who can look good n build lol plus Im, not a handyman XD

  84. alex oregzaga

    alex oregzaga22 일 전


  85. none of ur bussiness

    none of ur bussiness22 일 전

    3:48 that was a close one or else people would have seen some stuff

  86. Dima R

    Dima R18 일 전

    @none of ur bussiness no i understood what she said

  87. LeLizz Deux

    LeLizz Deux20 일 전

    @none of ur bussiness oops at least I tried

  88. none of ur bussiness

    none of ur bussiness20 일 전

    @LeLizz Deux loser nobody understood anything u just said

  89. LeLizz Deux

    LeLizz Deux20 일 전

    There's fabric that covers. The flappy flap is a flap but there's some like almost spandex material (lack of a better word) that covers in the case that the flappy flaps go up.

  90. MobileLoud

    MobileLoud22 일 전

    Can you build a computer in 3 hours? You build it, you keep it ft superfan(s)

  91. Loulani 123

    Loulani 12322 일 전

    Shayla~ *sees furniture* I *NEED* that! Lol ~have a nice day~