Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?


  1. Rie McClenny

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    Thanks for watching! Tag me on instagram if you make this 😀 Also, subscribe to my new channel! I'll be posting videos here soon!

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    Fun fuck....

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    +Alive right she's a cutie

  4. Blox Vlogs

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    Your so cute

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    Rie McClenny still no videos ;-;

  6. Trash Dump

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    Rie: my favorite tool is knife Everyone: ummmmmmm does anyone else think that kinda well weird

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    She is so funny oh I love watching her

  8. Shai K

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    That actually looks good

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    Not to be racist but can I have some carroo

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    Please make this an episode with Riu n guest judges, loved it.💜💚💙

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    If you unlike videos that have Rie in it, we need to talk

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    Gordon Ramsey is *S H 0 0 K*

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    I Thought Ramen was fancy.....Its dam expensive

  14. Azreen Husin Nurul

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    in malaysia we call it mee kung fu..

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    6:02 rie was so creepy

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    Is it weird ? She becomes even more adorable each video of her i watch. Stay fancy Rie! Haha

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    Rie is the best! I love every video she's in ^-^

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    "It's not a competition but I feel like I *won* "

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    So good

  20. Lina Khairiyah

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    Looks good. But not a fancy dish in asia. U can easily get this dish for $4-$5 in sg. :) Anyway, still a good job though.

  21. Foxpoiint_YT

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    Rie should go on master chef

  22. Rohanie Cabezas

    Rohanie Cabezas일 전

    Don't feel bad for not buying peeled shrimp. Most of it is done with slave trade, so buying shelled shrimp is more ethical (and flavorful).

  23. gphillimo

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    Eww fried ramen?

  24. Steve Eaton

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    Rie, you are adorable and a joy to watch. Thank you for your fun videos.

  25. Meowy Stars

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    Instant ramen is already fancy!

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    rie used to work at a knife store 😂😂

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    Make it FANCY 😋☝️

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    anime babe edit: her laugh is so cute

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    i fu mie

  30. QQ lun

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    Look like "watanho" to me if add egg to the soup

  31. Xxx_FRED _xxX

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    Shiitake mushrooms

  32. jemsncrystals

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    *Who cooks their instant noodles in a deep fryer?*

  33. Johnny Do

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    You just made 'Mi Xao Don'! Amazing.

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    i love this girl!

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    No body is talking about how the noodles are crunchy?

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    When you work in kitchens you bring your own knives, and the rule of thumb is you don’t touch another chefs knives!

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    bruh that ramen looked hard

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    they should put that dance in fortnite

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    *iDiOtS jUsT aDd FiJi WaTer AnD bOiL iT*

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    "Rahmen Nudhle"

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    Why these videos are extremely stupid

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    Camera man : you brought your own knife? Her: you don’t? I love her 😍

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    she is asian.. of course!!!

  46. Jem A

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    Step one - Find all of the fancy ingredients needed of ramen. Step two- Prep and cook all fancy ingredients step three- Throw shitty premade ramen package in the trash Enjoy your fancy ramen

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    If Rie goes around you can be sure a success comes around !

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    What noodle??!??! Stop lying!!!!!! I love her tho, but that is not good.

  50. Saadah Baharudin

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    Fancy ramen challenge Rie: fry the ramen, adds veg and nutritious stuff Me: adds egg

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    College dorms taking notes

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    Funny challenge!❤️

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    Rie is the best. And Alix

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    Rie is so adorable I can’t 🥺

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    You are so sweet 😇😇 Loved your work and you ❤❤😍😍



    wow i trie it...

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    Rie is amazing, WE NEED MORE RIE

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    can she be my mom?

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    I love you Rie

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    Rie is the definition of a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.

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    We're the noodles cooked all they way🤔🤔

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    Fancy ramen for me is cooking it on the stove instead of the microwave

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    She looks like a premade sim

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    I love how honest she is.

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    She speaks with the worst accent I have ever heard... And I'm not even a native English speaker. I had to mute the video..

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    Looks yummy

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    Of course she can!

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    Rie is so cute..

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    Chill she doesn't boil her ramen?!

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    why do I comment weird comments

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    How I make my noodles: first of I make hot water then add it to a bowl and put the taste :DDDDD

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    I love you Rie!

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    No nutrition? It is full of carbs. Gosh people are so full of shit on the internet.

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    What the heck is shrimp it’s a prawn

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    Absolute goddess

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    she looks like the girl chef from ratatouille haha

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    Make naruto ramen

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    Ok wait, fried ramen? Wtf? You're baisically eating ffs.

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    ว้าว มาม่ากรอบราดหน้ากุ้ง อร่อยมากค่ะ เปลี่ยนเส้นหมี่ เป็นเส้นมาม่า

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    At first I thought she said ‘fun fucked’ Haha But I like her smile, she’s the cutest among all tasty chefs

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    Why was the noodles still hard

  86. Terracraft or Rex

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    How to make anything fancy in one step You add gold , not just any gold but the one and only edible gold

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    was it her in the another youtube video which eats and eat

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    Rie is a fucking god she can make anything

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    Rie has quickly become my favourite buzzfeed person 😂

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    who else is feeling weird abt the last mushroom what was left to bowl.... Arrrrghhh.... Its sooo....... I think i may have OCD...

  91. james kaysar

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    These noodles look more overdone than the sahara desert

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    make it fancy. i could never

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    Surprisingly I have everything

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    Oh My God! You're so adorable!

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    That looks so gooooooooooooooooooood!

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    Shitaki Mushrooms that looks good

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    Now I'm hungry. Everytime Rie

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    6:28 need a boomerang for that for sue

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    Her laugh is priceless....

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    Why didn’t she cook the ramen

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    rie is so BDE, fight me

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    Its funny how at 0:25 they blurred it then they show the side of the package after, plus we all know the brand

  104. roky the dog

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    Whats the point of censoring the name of the ramen(besides copyright reasons) if everyone knows exactly what brand it is MARUCHAN (probably not how you spell it

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    I can never imagine tasty without rie