Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?


  1. Rie McClenny

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    Thanks for watching! Tag me on instagram if you make this 😀 Also, subscribe to my new channel! I'll be posting videos here soon!

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    I saw your name and subbed immediately anyways xD

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    This lady has 39,000 subscirbers and no videos

  4. Arun Kannan

    Arun Kannan3 일 전

    Thats amazing! By the way, is that a Misono knife she is using? I read that they are an awesome brand for Jap knives.

  5. JAM Wild

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    Rie you’re cute and funny I enjoy watching you cook

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    I love you so much!! Will you make ur own videos?

  7. Priya Samanta

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    Awwwwww ,,, She Is Soo Nice & sweet ,, I'm Sure What she Made is Definitely Tasty 😺😺☺️💕💕 , & Obviously Fancy 💕💕

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    that is a lady you want to marry how brings a knife with her everywhere she goes you know she be protected when your at work she is a keeper guys . if she is not taken that is

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    She takes her knife with her to the spa.

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    Make it fanceh ;3 *wags finger*

  11. Marvin Aramthip

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    Rie-san made champon! Native to Nagasaki but bought by the Chinese. Also it's called rad naa in Thai and is equally super delicious

  12. James Thomas

    James Thomas15 시간 전

    I love the music in the backround i mean Mozart is just awesome 😍

  13. N9c0b

    N9c0b18 시간 전

    Why does she stir fry the ramen? They are already fried arent they?

  14. Victoriyes Winarto

    Victoriyes Winarto18 시간 전

    You could get a tamie noodle (this dish is called tamie in Indonesia) if you want, not much more expensive than a bag of instant ramen and they are thicker. One of my comfort food when feeling under the weather and it is versatile to go with every topping you can think off.


    BLØSSØM YTXD19 시간 전

    Oh I know what you tried to make (maybe) fried noodles 🍲

  16. oxXRockXSugarXxo

    oxXRockXSugarXxo20 시간 전

    Bet I’d like it more if noodles were regular rather than deepfried

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    Rie is to perfect for this world...

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    Marry me

  20. iiKilLeR_EliTe

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    Why did she fry ramen its basicly raw ramen

  21. nananana ohoh

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    I love rie

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    Rie. a real chef

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    you should have rie go on chopped ad alix on a baking show

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    Oh meh gosh, I love these noodles 👌

  25. Convalla

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    I love Rie so much shes just so sweet!

  26. Xquixiteify

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    Its called crispy noodles in Singapore. Its very common and all Tze char stalls sells this for $4-5!

  27. Elizabeth

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    I make instant ramen fancy all the time

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    She talks just like my computer teacher

  29. Turtle Lover

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    Lol she talks like my science teacher but I love her accent😁

  30. bloodyiceman94

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    Instant ramen has already been deep fried before it’s packed. That’s how the noodles cook so fast in a microwave. So in all honesty she probably shouldn’t have fried the noodles. I understand what she was going for but being fried a second time,I know those noodles were very hard. If she wanted to fry I would have boiled them first then stir fried to get the most flavor out of the noodles. Me and my friends are all cooks and we actually did a recipe challenge useing instant ramen and stir fried was definitely the best method.

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    She's so adorable ;A;

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    Don’t copy bon appetite videos. They’re way better

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    Connor Warren but tasty has more subs....

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    Rie is my waifu

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    I don't know the word for mi xao don in Japanese or English but did she just make instant noodle into mi xao don? Nice.

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    Roe you are so epic

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    Did she just fry ramen.

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    Rie is now on the FBI'S watchlist for carrying knives everywhere

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    I like the way she says fancy

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    Oh my God, this chef is adorable! "I have a dance: Make it fancy!" Lol

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    1:13 thank you for making it sound like kakarot

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    Rie is my favourite !

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    The way she says fancy makes my heart say *UWU*

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    She never rush in, that's really comforting 💐👍

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    0:51 that instant ramen got *yote*

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    *Next: Ask Gordon Ramsay If its Fancy*

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    I love u

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    "Do we have a budget? Can I buy truffle? 🤣🤣🤣

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    rie can make anything fancy

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    ☝️~☝️ "Make it fancy"

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    What's with the illuminati doughnut eye, pff!

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    instant ramen aint even instant no more

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    ya, she defenetly killed a man..

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    #rieforever danngggg she knows how to make ramen noodles fancy woooow

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    i feel like rie is turning in to alix

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    Shataci mushrooms

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    Rie is amazing but geez those knife skills are not the best 😬

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    I see something cooking at 5:46

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    Well, they're noodles. You can make anything with them lol

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    Totally gonna try this

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    just boil your ramen in Fiji water and that’s fancy

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    Rie is the best I would eat anything she cooks.

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    Rie is so adorable :'(

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    Watching this while eating instant ramen

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    "I bring my own knife" "I used to work for a knife store" "Knife is my favorite cooking tool" "Sharpen my knife" Me: Ok

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    Rie is not a chef. She is a God!

  71. Debby Darmadi

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    Ifumie? Why you not boil instans noodle and fried until crispy? Can dry noodle to fried is yummy? No soggy from to much oil?

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    What would Gordon Ramsay say 😂

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    1:54 "Fan Fuck"

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    Anyone offers me a job? I mean, if she is a cook, I could do it better.

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    anyone else immediately try out the dance afterwards

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    Didn’t,,, didn’t BA already do this?

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    ching chong ding dong

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    "Fan fuckt" (Fun fact)

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    Wow😂😂 I'm eating instant noodles right now

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    Have you heard of college students? We make ramen fancy out of nowhere

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    Omg I played the song in the background on the piano 😱

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    She reminds me of the lady in ratatouille. Anyone else?

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    the girl is too soft and lovely i feel blessed watching her

  85. Arsheena Piya

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    Am I the only one who didn't expect the noodles to be deep fried like she did? I feel like trying it now.

  86. i just want an aghabong

    i just want an aghabong4 일 전

    she just made ramen more... asian? *w o a h*

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    WOW thank you 😁😋💝⚅

  88. Victor

    Victor4 일 전

    I’m not going to knock this video, but I feel like this is really not hard to do. Especially since a lot of Asian restaurants do something similat

  89. arifajrina _

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    ramen became Mie Titi ohmygod!!!

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    Soma approves 👍

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    Make this a series please

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    If you subscribe to me then a mystical loaf will come to you in your slumber and bless you with the power of loafness

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    She can make my ramen anytime lol

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    “Make it fancy” is fortnite approved dance

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    Rie is the best.

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    Autocorrect changed Rie into Rice for me

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    she looks like the girl from ratatouille

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    Love the idea of making something fancy. I’m totally going to try this recipe, I think my husband would love it!

  100. Laynah DeLeon

    Laynah DeLeon5 일 전

    I love her accent 😊! when I'm in the mood for fancy ramen, I'll add green onion, bean sprouts and char siu. 😋😋😋 looks pretty, tastes yummy, and not hard or expensive!

  101. Marley Abd

    Marley Abd5 일 전

    I usually put fresh chopped green onions in my noodles

  102. Veer Singh

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    Excuse me Ramon is already gourmet

  103. Asian Boi

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    gaa-lick instead of garlic. dis is definitly Asian

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    Wheres the butter

  105. Joshua Edward

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    'Can this asian make ramen'

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    if you add ramen in 50LB hamburger-u cant taste it!

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    i cant for the life of me find any stores or supermarkets that sell potato starch, i wanna buy it so badly too..