Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?


  1. Rie McClenny

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    Thanks for watching! Tag me on instagram if you make this 😀 Also, subscribe to my new channel! I'll be posting videos here soon!

  2. Balonius Gaming

    Balonius Gaming6 일 전

    Chef Rie, that's what I call INSTANT FANCY!!!

  3. gant 696

    gant 6968 일 전

    Knives you're favorite cooking tool, my favorite weapon.

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    Fudz fanz 200714 일 전

    Rie McClenny im hungry

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    i love youuuuu riee

  7. Sheldon Withrow

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    Wait ramen isn't fancy jk 😂

  8. Depression Is meh

    Depression Is meh3 시간 전

    Me:see title saying fancy *three seconds later* Me screaming IM SO FANCY U ALREADY KNOW IT

  9. Clarissa Fray

    Clarissa Fray7 시간 전

    the make it fancy dance is so typical japanese lol

  10. aylissa honesto

    aylissa honesto8 시간 전

    Tell me why is takes me 15 minutes just to cook ramen noodles alone but it took her 30 minutes to make it fancy???!

  11. Phoebe Louise

    Phoebe Louise9 시간 전

    Smashed up your car? Use 20 packets of ramen

  12. Abrar Rahim

    Abrar Rahim13 시간 전

    No she cant

  13. McKayla Jin

    McKayla Jin일 전

    1:15 Is Rie talking about Liang Mian Huan (Double Yellow Sides)? It's a dish famous in Shanghai, where you deep fry a brick of noodles until the outside is crunchy, but the inside is still relatively soft. Oftentimes, it's covered in piping hot, savory sauce that's been sauteed with veggies and proteins.

  14. Stacy Tebbutt

    Stacy Tebbutt일 전

    She looks exactly like Mirage from The Incredibles

  15. Writtenonmysleeve Broken bits

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    Kiano is the Beyoncé of Tasty! So Calm and the way she talks ! But Rie will always be my fav!

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  17. Incognegro

    Incognegro2 일 전

    Dont you think they could use another person for the video...

  18. Maddie Crosby

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    Rie making normal stuff fancy are the best tasty videos 🙂🙂

  19. nado avocado

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    what MONSTER cooks their ramen like thattt 🤯🤯

  20. Darry

    Darry2 일 전

    rie is so wholesome omg

  21. dR pHIl

    dR pHIl2 일 전

    Nobody is gonna talk about how she cooked the ramen 😂

  22. Aden Pham

    Aden Pham2 일 전

    You can give her mc Donald’s she makes it a 5 star meal

  23. Ainnah David

    Ainnah David2 일 전

    can u pleaseee continue this series

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    I wish you were my second mom

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    why do i only hear tasty videos in one headphone?

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    This is actual trash LOL

  27. Afrim Sedat Tairi

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    Yesss Rie make it fancy!!!! Fancy Nancy!!!

  28. sahar popal

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    if you did narutos ramen your pretty much gucci

  29. Von Lance

    Von Lance3 일 전

    20 years old and i just found out you can deep fry ramen noodles ?!!!

  30. Chaos Oblivion

    Chaos Oblivion3 일 전

    Rie is too cute.

  31. Maxine Husenia

    Maxine Husenia3 일 전

    Yukihira Soma can

  32. mehreen kabir

    mehreen kabir3 일 전

    this nikki girl is an wanna be. since Ashley left, she tries to act important, funny & dorky

  33. Supriya Das

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  34. tristanwylin91

    tristanwylin914 일 전

    does the oil take care of the wax or....

  35. ii Mewwoi

    ii Mewwoi4 일 전

    Producer: Why do you bring your own knife? Rie: hehe...hihi.. HAHA... thats.. *youll find out...*

  36. Lovin Edits

    Lovin Edits4 일 전

    rie is basically an opposite gender of jun.

  37. TheCraftyDawg

    TheCraftyDawg4 일 전

    She brought her own knives I totally get that. It's one of your interfaces with the food. I'm not a professional chef but having good tools is something I understand as well. It makes the job easier among other things. It helps with the prepwork.

  38. Gen Garvida

    Gen Garvida5 일 전

    *that moment when you really want to eat the food rie's making but your too lazy to make it yourself and you don't wanna burn your house down*

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  40. Level9Gay

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    When I was little I would eat instant Ramen with chopsticks and pretend it was the fanciest shit ever lmao

  41. All Might

    All Might5 일 전

    Omygosh the dance at the end

  42. Childish Child

    Childish Child5 일 전

    The studio could use more lighting

  43. Zoya Ali

    Zoya Ali6 일 전

    "I shop with my knife"... Later when she is at the store, security guard:" excuse me, but you can't have that knife in the store" Rie:" But i'm rie mcclenny" security guard:"Your rie.... who now?" "McClenny" security guard: " well in that case, go on in!"

  44. kitty_samsam

    kitty_samsam6 일 전

    When i cook and its food (edible) i eat One time i made octopus hotdog and burnt it 😂😥

  45. Sweeter than Candy

    Sweeter than Candy7 일 전

    Yes, she fucking can.

  46. Lev Castle

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    Next Episode: Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal Using Only The Top Of An Oven

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    What about the noodles 😂

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    why cant i be your mom

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    Knives, her favorite cooking tool, my favorite weapon.

  50. Katelyn Cecelia

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    I add eggs too my instant ramen cause Michelle Phan does too

  51. Mudlij Al-Zakwani

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    I turn now good luck evry bude els

  52. Yayashi

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    Is it weird if i don't think it's fancy at all?

  53. [][]

    [][]9 일 전

    always good to try some new ideas but honestly, for a college student like me who don't get much time to eat, let alone cook something like this, boiling water in instant ramen is fancy enough xD

  54. kukachoo42

    kukachoo4210 일 전

    i always add fresh veggies, soy sauce, garlic and ginger to instant ramen. makes it taste better and more filling!

  55. AlexidBP2

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    Fancy! Ooh :o

  56. Akhil Sahijuan

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    When everyone knows Rie but the title said *this chef*



    Imagine if Rie's favourite tool was a knife and she uses it for everything in the world

  58. Jorji Costava

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    that oil has been on the fire for 20 minutes ru crazy? lol

  59. Yato Kun

    Yato Kun11 일 전

    Gordon probably taught her about knives

  60. Farah Rosli

    Farah Rosli11 일 전

    yee mee kung fu ??

  61. First Name, Surname

    First Name, Surname11 일 전

    The "make is fancy" was my favorite part

  62. Paweł Łaszcz

    Paweł Łaszcz11 일 전

    Bringing her own knife sells it to me that Rie is a pro. Everyone I know who works in a kitchen always brings their own knife to work.

  63. Half Crest

    Half Crest11 일 전

    How can 3.9k people hate this vid

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    When you see a tasty add, on a tasty video...

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    Rie:ramen, I FANCY YOU

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    Fancyyyyy~~ youuuuu~~

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    Im using potato starch But you can use porn stars hmm

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    I really love that make it fancy dance who else like this please comment

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  73. Aaron Martin

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    When she said "I take my lady (the knife) to the spa." I legit thought she takes it to the spa.

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    1:54 fun fuck !

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    I love her

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    Asian making noodles better, coincidence? I don’t think so.

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    So is she french orrrrrr????

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    Fancyyyy youuuuuuuuuuuuu twice hahahahahhah

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    Ree 115 일 전

    Chef: the noodles don't have any nutrional value. 2 mins later: proceeds to deep frying it

  82. Max Power

    Max Power16 일 전

    That was horrible the novelty of Asian lady was lost on the horrid cooking methods

  83. Sel

    Sel16 일 전

    Wait... Rie works at the knife store that is in Worth-It Lifestyle....

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    Ching chong i will eat your 🐕

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    Make lunchables fancy

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    she reminds me of jisoo when shes a mother i mean.. the smile her english she also likes to dance.

  87. keepingupwithTashy

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    You can peel ginger with spoon. Whaaaa😒😂

  88. Aniket Soni

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    😂😂 You know you're Asian when 6:00

  89. Uvuvuvuvu Evevevevveve

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    Fried -_-?

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    Make it Fancy

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    Asian girls are weird man..

  92. David Karowski

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    there is 0 broth... idk bout it bein ramen

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    rie and alix are my favorite 🥺🧡

  94. Hind Naseem

    Hind Naseem17 일 전

    It's my future dream to become a chef, I would like to become one in next year cuz finally I'm graduating in November, thanks for uploading these kind of cooking videos and letting us know about different kind of cooking tips, once again thank you☺

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    Now im hungry hahaha

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    Rie can do anything

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    Make it not fancy!

  99. Rod Westwood

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    Can you do a fancy "broccoli cheddar soup" using a canned soup? But it still has to taste like cheddar. :-)

  100. Rhon Reniel Orantia

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    Fancy!! Whooof Twice reference

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    Hell, Rie can be the Head Chef of a 5 Star Resto.

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    1:50 This girl needs to meet Ijustine

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    2:09 ueouee

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    RULES: You must completely use the food given. Rie: ...Except the wrapper, right???

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    she really did that in 30 minutes and here i am it takes me an hour to get out of my bed