Can This Chef Make A Three-Course Meal For Two People With $15? • Tasty


  1. •GachaRita•

    •GachaRita•2 시간 전

    Everyone in the comments: *arguing about prices* Me: why is rie getting excited about clams the best thing ever

  2. Brianna Lindsay

    Brianna Lindsay5 시간 전

    This is only $15 if you're a tasty producer and have access to have of the ingredients for free

  3. Kelsey OConnell

    Kelsey OConnell7 시간 전

    Using 15 dollars plus a pantry full of food already bought

  4. Tyler Pearson

    Tyler Pearson12 시간 전

    Based on the comments it makes me think no one cooks at home or overspends on food. It's not that hard to make cheap meals at home and $7.50 per person is actually a lot for home cooking. Your talking just for lunch a dinner a monthly cost of $450 per person. I typically spend that for my family of 5 for breakfast lunch and dinner easily. That also includes all household goods besides food you would buy at the grocery store as well. It's not that hard to make amazing meals on the cheap. ($1-2 per person) it's true you do have to buy larger quantities then you use per meal but if you buy a week or two worth of groceries and use all the ingredients it works out.

  5. Stephanie Nicholas

    Stephanie Nicholas13 시간 전

    I’m sooooooo lost! They gave her 15 dollars in that damn piggy bank...but if you add up the total cost of what she bought, it’s probably closer to thirty or 40 dollars. So, to say that she’s feeding two people with 15 dollars, is kind of misleading.

  6. Christina

    Christina16 시간 전

    *Takes 10 linguine* "I think this is good for two, right?" I definitely eat too much pasta... 🤣

  7. Makeup & Sarcasm

    Makeup & Sarcasm17 시간 전

    Charging by thr measurement and not like you actually had to buy it is such a cheat. I reject this video. Thumbs down.

  8. Opeth H

    Opeth H17 시간 전

    Temperature for creme brûlée??

  9. Tobias Lopez

    Tobias Lopez18 시간 전

    Can this chef Make a three course meal with no food challenge

  10. Raphael Sylla

    Raphael Sylla20 시간 전

    I feel sorry for Rie who did this challenge. She did a wonderful job on this! Honestly, from where I am, you can have all of these just for $15 or probably less, and yes, you can buy ingredients here which would even cost less than a dollar. And that includes that 2 cents of vanilla, vinegar, etc. The cost does include the cocktail drink which may even cost less than $2 to make one!

  11. Saif Ahmed

    Saif Ahmed일 전

    **Prices may vary depending on what reality you're living in.

  12. Jaimie Vermeule

    Jaimie Vermeule일 전

    This wasn’t much of a challenge since they had freebies and only used a couple cents worth of a product

  13. Sofia Diaz-Solano

    Sofia Diaz-Solano일 전

    Im sorry but I’m much more likely to have olive oil than eggs and sugar in my house 😂

  14. Pat Black

    Pat Black일 전

    How about you count he whole price of everything and then show us how many dishes we could make out of it?

  15. Pat Black

    Pat Black일 전

    *Maybe next time a real challenge?* Nothing for free except maybe salt and pepper and try to *buy* things with this amount of money and not only use the amount of product so it doesn't go over 15$

  16. Tina Zeng

    Tina Zeng일 전

    i was wondering where the alcohol was.....

  17. Camron Grant

    Camron Grant일 전

    Where is rie from I love her accent

  18. Random Ali

    Random Ali일 전

    I can makes this for free wanna know how By stealing 😂

  19. GoldenAbyss7

    GoldenAbyss7일 전

    9:06 Yeah go grocery shopping. let's see where they got all their ingredients from and how much it really costs LOL.

  20. Michelle Bizjak

    Michelle Bizjak2 일 전

    this isn't a $15 meal. you can't go to the store and buy 1/2 cup of wine.

  21. LovelyLaura

    LovelyLaura2 일 전

    Technically it wasn’t really $15 at the store for everything cause she was given “free pantry” stuff. You can’t really go into a store and get butter for under 20 cents or spices..unless you’re lucky and the store has cheap bulk spices. Probably would be closer to $20-25 if you really didn’t have everything

  22. Jessica M

    Jessica M2 일 전

    I was expecting to really see a 15$ meal

  23. JetLee

    JetLee2 일 전

    Are we just going to ignore the JKNEWS song in the background?

  24. Bint e Khawaja

    Bint e Khawaja2 일 전

    are they really eatable looks totally dumb

  25. katalania sol

    katalania sol2 일 전

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that she looks like she took a bruising to her face? Am I the only one who noticed all the discoloration?

  26. Peroxide Princess

    Peroxide Princess2 일 전

    shit,I have never deveined a shrimp before eating

  27. tabularasaconfirmed

    tabularasaconfirmed2 일 전

    delete this video and make a real $15 three-course meal with no cent amounts of ingredients or actually expensive freebies (like milk- that's $3.50!!!)

  28. Yazhi

    Yazhi3 일 전

    Everyone replying to comments and saying “oH wELl iTs nOt liKE yOull ThRow aWaY eVerYthiNg aFtEr sO it is $15” is totally missing the main complaint. This video is misleading. These ingredients would not be $15 in store. Yes, the title doesn’t specify, but it’s intentionally written so that people will think the meal is worth aka costs 15 to buy and make, instead of the cost of each individual teaspoon of an ingredient. The title suggests that if you have $15, you can make this. If you already have some of the ingredients, congrats! You don’t have to use the full $15. You can’t automatically assume that everyone can go out and buy or has these ingredients lying around. I love Rie but I hate how intentionally misleading the title is.

  29. SnakeDoctorSilver

    SnakeDoctorSilver3 일 전

    The eggs and sugar are freebies at ur local grocery store guys

  30. SnakeDoctorSilver

    SnakeDoctorSilver3 일 전

    They go go whole foods it comes out to 120 dollars lol

  31. sophiexoxo

    sophiexoxo3 일 전


  32. Keketso Ramaisa

    Keketso Ramaisa3 일 전 He has a $10 challenge that’s actually practical

  33. Alisa's channel

    Alisa's channel3 일 전

    I think next time $20 for 2 people dinner and desert would be possible

  34. Alisa's channel

    Alisa's channel3 일 전

    This was a lie.

  35. Nicholas Miller

    Nicholas Miller3 일 전

    The folks complaining about this video are ridiculous. I'm amazed that so many people seriously think that the cost for an entire bottle of olive oil, vanilla extract, or vinegar should be considered when tabulating the cost of the meal. That would be stupid. Anyone who cooks anything has oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, etc. These are pantry items that last a long time. You won't use them for just one recipe. I do think they should include the cost of the egg and milk. However, it wouldn't change the cost much. An egg costs about 15 cents, for instance. You can buy small amounts of shrimp and clams at the supermarket, as they are sold by weight. Honestly, I feel most of the commenters complaining must not cook nor ever shop for groceries.

  36. Alex C.

    Alex C.3 일 전

    Milk & Eggs should not be freebies. Milk can be up to $4 here by itself, and eggs are up to $6 so like there is ten right there :/ sugar and salt I could see as freebies because they last a long time if you buy in bulk, and maybe olive oil too. But not milk and eggs. Not to mention, this is widely inaccurate to what actual shopping is like and, you're not really giving a seafood pasta with three shrimps. Yes, that is a cheaper option for shrimp (shell on) buuut most people won't be able to get them fresh. A regular marinara with jarred sauce is fine too-and it'll actually go pretty far. Don't get me wrong I love Rie but.. not this.

  37. Michael Hartford

    Michael Hartford3 일 전

    You might be getting views with those kinds of titles, but you're underestimating folks if you think I'd subscribe to getting duped.

  38. Cream pie Xo

    Cream pie Xo3 일 전

    I can easily make a 3 course meal with 15 dollars and freebies all I need Entree: garlic bread Meal:warm up spaghetti Dessert: ice cream cake BAMMMM

  39. Nicholas Miller

    Nicholas Miller3 일 전

    That spoon trick is nifty.

  40. hwangjachingu

    hwangjachingu3 일 전

    manila clams.. aye

  41. The Purple Turnip

    The Purple Turnip3 일 전 watch this 1 min video 😆 it’s what reality is like

  42. Katie T

    Katie T3 일 전

    As others have said, you can’t buy .05 cents worth of food lol so it’s a bit...cheating

  43. Ellena A

    Ellena A4 일 전


  44. hidoinegai

    hidoinegai4 일 전

    This is a bit misleading, esp. the milk shouldn't be free.

  45. Abigail Sampana

    Abigail Sampana4 일 전


  46. Abigail Sampana

    Abigail Sampana4 일 전

    The title is clickbait lol they priced the ingredients by measuring it and dividing by themselves of what they already have you cant buy a olive oil that is just a teaspoon lol 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  47. milla k

    milla k4 일 전

    ”Can this chef make....?!” Well I think everyone could make a 15$ meal because just use expensive ingredients but use like 1 tablespoon of everything and you’re good!!! 😊😊😊

  48. Off The Hook

    Off The Hook4 일 전

    Yall need to tell me which store will sell me a tsp of vinegar. And milk is NOT a "freebie", its very perishable and is usually the first thing Im out of.

  49. 乇尺多ABHIJIT 1

    乇尺多ABHIJIT 14 일 전

    With 15 dollars =1200 an Indian can buy lot of stuff and can eat for atleast 1 weak

  50. allison wilson

    allison wilson4 일 전

    Yeah I’m going to the store for 1 tomato and a 1 1/2 teaspoons of vinegar

  51. Amanda Phou

    Amanda Phou4 일 전

    I see Rie. I click. It's that simple, 🤗👌

  52. Adi Abi

    Adi Abi4 일 전

    If I start my own fancy restaurant then I'd take rie as my head chef. Shed use 15 dollars worth of stuff and I'd charge 30 dollars for it

  53. Victoria Joy

    Victoria Joy4 일 전

    This is how you cost a recipe though. While seemingly inconvenient, it gets you the cost of the meal you are having. It works better for large scale, and the title is misleading.

  54. Kristina V

    Kristina V4 일 전

    What the actual fuck? Lol 0.02 cents of vinegar?

  55. Carmen Sleewa

    Carmen Sleewa4 일 전

    So misleading lol

  56. Sean Stanford

    Sean Stanford4 일 전

    Can someone please make a business I can walk into and just buy what I need. The margins would suck BUT I WANT IT!!!

  57. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith4 일 전

    This is frustrating because nobody can buy a tsp of vinegar. You would have to buy the whole bottle, or half a cup of basil, or half a package if noodles. This isnt realistic at all.

  58. AkitaMixx

    AkitaMixx4 일 전

    who the hell would buy a pack of salt, sugar, milk, etc., and use it all in a meal?! what were you guys expecting smh

  59. amcsdmi

    amcsdmi4 일 전

    You think you can just sneak the lick in the backing track like that and I won't notice?

  60. Anime rocks your world

    Anime rocks your world4 일 전

    hi yes i would like a single one 1 shrimp