Can This Chef Make A Three-Course Meal For Two People With $15? • Tasty


  1. Jacque Smith

    Jacque Smith일 전

    Episode is a joke because none of the items were actually shown being purchased. And items like ricotta are awfully presumptuous. Yes, the milk, vinegar (or any acid, really), and salt are all cheap items. But MOST PEOPLE don't own cheese clothes (and they aren't that easy to find). A $15 3 course meal for 2 is far from impossible, but this isn't how it's done. (Here's a hint, you won't be spending alcohol in that $15)

  2. Reb Arce

    Reb Arce3 일 전

    Connie is me when I eat very tasty meals. :)

  3. Author's carbaret

    Author's carbaret4 일 전

    My mother can make a 3-course meal for 20 people in that much, #dear Indians 😂😂😂😂

  4. TRUTH

    TRUTH4 일 전

    Would love to see what she could do with some footstamps

  5. Galaxy _

    Galaxy _4 일 전

    Buys ricotta and ranch dressing: Good enough

  6. Starboy 1988

    Starboy 19887 일 전

    I can feed 6 people with 15 bucks.

  7. A F

    A F7 일 전

    jknews background music haha

  8. MuhMuhMamaLuigi

    MuhMuhMamaLuigi8 일 전

    the comments on this video are so laughably stupid, it's unreal. do you people have mental deficiencies?

  9. S W

    S W8 일 전

    Rie can raid my pantry any day. Hi

  10. Shinichi Kudo

    Shinichi Kudo8 일 전

    I didn't like how the money was distributed, makes it feel very unrealistic.

  11. tupe xo

    tupe xo10 일 전

    And here in india being an educated graduate am teaching kids at a private school at a monthly salry of 50 dollars...😅🙁😢 ..times are hard in India for educated people at the moment...we don't have doable jobs ..inhumane labour is paid with minimum money..

  12. Kyra Walraven

    Kyra Walraven10 일 전

    Rie is so cute

  13. Lay Lay

    Lay Lay10 일 전

    I hate that this is one of those videos that’s it’s not actually 15$ bc you can’t buy a teaspoon of vinegar for 0.02 you have to buy the full thing!! 😬

  14. alyssa

    alyssa11 일 전

    or like... just cook pasta and call it a day

  15. Chicken Schnitzel

    Chicken Schnitzel11 일 전

    Are people really that simple-minded? Rie is making a meal WORTH $15 but LOOKS $20 or more. Therefore, Rie would have spent more than $15 in the shops but still used roughly $15 for the actual meal. E.g. Say a bakery makes macarons. Let's pretend that they spend $30 to make a batch of 15 macarons (I'm too tired to actually get the proper prices). So the bakery would have spent $2 making 1 macaron. If this was turned into a Tasty video, the title would look like this: 'Can this Bakery make a Macaron with $2?' It would not include the $30 because the bakery did not put $30 worth of ingredients into the macaron. I tried making this as clear as possible, hence the absurd length of this comment...

  16. TAS corruption

    TAS corruption11 일 전

    How imma buy 2 teaspoons of vinegar at the store doe

  17. Rachel X

    Rachel X11 일 전

    If you use vegan milk, can you make a vegan ricotta out of that?

  18. Kevin Dragontail

    Kevin Dragontail12 일 전

    Someone needs to tell me why the fuck milk Is the freebie and not fucking oil

  19. Rebekah Beall

    Rebekah Beall12 일 전

    These prices are wack af 😂😂

  20. Shiv Oberoi

    Shiv Oberoi13 일 전

    Lemme just buy 1 basil leaf at the store 😂

  21. Melissa Cruz

    Melissa Cruz13 일 전

    WOW the hot spoon tip for the creme brulee has absolutely changed my life!!!! Also all these comments that are hating are missing the point. At some point, one has to buy pantry staples like salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil... even sugar and flour are always in my cupboard. As for eggs, they're probably one of the cheapest pantry staples and I go through a dozen a week living solo. Would a bottle of white wine be a splurge for a challenge like this? Maybe, but for a $3-4 bottle of wine, I can use one cup for the pasta then reserve the rest to serve to my guest and myself. As someone who lives alone, I've definitely purchased very small portions of seafood/meat from the butcher without being shamed for it-- It's perfectly reasonable. This entire meal by the Tasty rules cost $10.62, which means that in a way, Rie actually DID accommodate for the extra cost of her "freebies" by staying well under the $15 rule. If this were my menu, I'd have served the salad over a bed of arugula, I'd have added some fresh tomato to the pasta, and maybe some fresh berries to the dessert, but overall this is a lovely menu and something I could see myself recreating at home.

  22. Albert watson

    Albert watson13 일 전

    Rie I think you're super cute

  23. Kaylee Ginsberg

    Kaylee Ginsberg13 일 전

    We made cheese in my culinary class last year and several boys drank the weigh

  24. michelle zafra

    michelle zafra14 일 전

    (Rie in the thumbnail) Can this che- Me: yes, yes she can. She’s Rie.

  25. Moifi kea

    Moifi kea14 일 전

    "Eggs and sugar are free" Where?

  26. wes

    wes14 일 전

    shrimp.....they use fucking shrimp..which is like 40 euros for a pound here...

  27. Viktorija Sun

    Viktorija Sun14 일 전

    I live in Denmark, so I am legit curious if this is somehow a thing in America. Here we can never buy one or 6 garlic gloves. We're forced to buy 2 or 4 full garlics. Is that actually a thing??

  28. Friends Forever

    Friends Forever14 일 전

    Rie is the BEST!

  29. Crazy Kittenz

    Crazy Kittenz15 일 전

    I LOVE cooking, but I’m a child. I always hate when people I don’t really know think I can’t cook because of my age. I can very well and I love Rie because she just sparks my creativity!!

  30. kendra johnson

    kendra johnson17 일 전

    They should turn this into a channel and call it bang for your buck

  31. AlexGwapings Gamer

    AlexGwapings Gamer17 일 전

    That sounds pricy for us filipinos😂😂

  32. Crested Games

    Crested Games17 일 전

    me in the grocery store: yes hello i would like 16 cents worth of olive oil please

  33. Samvardhan Tiwari

    Samvardhan Tiwari17 일 전

    What was the dessert's name?

  34. mnmj1997

    mnmj199718 일 전

    The comments section be mad about how it’s actually not $15 but tbh I just came to watch Rie cook fancy stuff and somehow incorporate alcohol into her food :)

  35. Deniper

    Deniper18 일 전

    Betsy is trans?

  36. Dual Tw

    Dual Tw18 일 전

    the way the guy eats is fking disgusting

  37. Megan Bent

    Megan Bent18 일 전

    What store did she go to??!! I wanna go there.

  38. Joshua Barnett

    Joshua Barnett19 일 전

    Considering the misleading nature of the video (if you try to deny the genuinely misleading title, despite common Sense on ingredients cost you are delusional) it seems exceptionally disingenuous to also include "pantry freebies", doesn't it? Like, come off it, you're using $.00231 of olive oil, which means you clearly didn't go and actually buy the ingredients, if you assume any portion of the meal is in someone's kitchen already the entire experiment is literally pointless and dumb. Even further proof of the concept of the video being laughable, the woman at the end heard "$15" and said "can I go grocery shopping with you?" Just be honest with the title. "can we use common kitchen ingredients for a budget 3 course meal" is significantly closer than "we made a 3 course meal for only $15*" *Provided you already have olive oil, vinegar, white wine, free milk and are willing to buy only 6 shrimp at a time

  39. Adiarby13

    Adiarby1319 일 전

    Stupid video, if you gonna cheat the price like that then why not include the price of those sugar, pepper and all the "pantry freebies" too?

  40. Aleixia Mills

    Aleixia Mills20 일 전

    If she would’ve cut the shrimp in half they would’ve stretched more.

  41. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris21 일 전

    and notice how she spent 4 bucks for booze

  42. Doris Hruska

    Doris Hruska21 일 전

    Wish I had your talent. Be proud.

  43. Only Me

    Only Me21 일 전

    This is really neat. C:

  44. CLC Hoes

    CLC Hoes22 일 전

    She’s so precious. Uwu


    NAGA VERSE22 일 전

    I can make with just 5$

  46. Lien Datsun

    Lien Datsun22 일 전

    Wish my pantry had magical non-expiring milk. Guess I should get a cow in there and milk it when I need a "freebie". Spices I can understand as freebies, they last for a long long time, but milk?

  47. Frenchy life

    Frenchy life24 일 전

    If rie cooked for me I wood die

  48. MrFox5110

    MrFox511025 일 전

    Finna go to the store and buy $0.01 of Chili Flakes

  49. i.rodriguez

    i.rodriguez26 일 전

    That is not ricotta, that is just cheese curds made from the fats in the milk. Ricotta is made from the whey you discarded. Ricotta means "recooked" because you first cooked it to make the cheese, then you cook the whey again to make the ricotta. So technically, ricotta is not a cheese.

  50. gerard way

    gerard way28 일 전

    It’s a great video idea but the only thing wrong with it is that who just only buys a tea spoon of vanilla extra. What stores do that? None of them so I see this as a cheat to the challenge. It would be better if it was the actual food products like with the pasta you have to buy that by box, but with things like vanilla extract if you don’t have it you have to buy it and the bottles themselves are roughly $2.

  51. Neo

    Neo29 일 전

    The heat coming from the comments are too good

  52. segatasanshiro21

    segatasanshiro21개월 전

    Because practically, it IS more than 15 bucks. 😡 My ire is directly aimed at Tasty, not so much Rie because she’s the best.

  53. Reece

    Reece개월 전

    Stop bouncing

  54. Dan dan Buera

    Dan dan Buera개월 전

    Here in the Philippines, we can make a meal for 20+ persons for only $15😂

  55. hunger stormie

    hunger stormie개월 전

    The japanese in her of eating seasonal food comes out. Not racist ok? I just saw in a vid that walmart flopped in japan bec japanese in general tend to prefer seasonal food.

  56. Intertwined_x

    Intertwined_x개월 전

    just go to mcdonalds

  57. Marita Yellowhammer

    Marita Yellowhammer개월 전

    I was expecting them to take us with them to the market an show us the food they bought with the $15. But I guess not?!

  58. margobyun

    margobyun개월 전

    some of yall dont know how to compute for the cost of meals and it shows 🤧

  59. mikah ong

    mikah ong개월 전

    Who decided the rules for this challenge? Could use more work...

  60. Dat Waffle

    Dat Waffle개월 전

    How much math went into this?