Can 50,000 Magnets Catch A Cannon Ball?


  1. Ruby wilkinson

    Ruby wilkinson12 시간 전

    Couple months later: Morgz : I think i boutta steal😂

  2. Random Person

    Random Person12 시간 전

    So this is what we are going to do when we raid area 51

  3. FloppyMochi Express

    FloppyMochi Express15 시간 전

    The salt bae looking guy tho....

  4. beana bidwell

    beana bidwell17 시간 전

    i love how it just ended with ''chandler's left a dent and yours didnt'' xD

  5. Sergio Gutierrez

    Sergio Gutierrez18 시간 전

    Lords mobil is a great game im playing it right now

  6. gæhow

    gæhow18 시간 전

    Chandler has been watching yt lately at 4:55

  7. Pr0xed

    Pr0xed18 시간 전

    Omfg I have chrohns disease and I never see anyone donate to them in a charity I fucking got out of my chair in excitement bc of that

  8. Kendra Vernon

    Kendra Vernon21 시간 전

    4:50 *LOL*

  9. Ivan Ramos

    Ivan Ramos21 시간 전

    Mrbeast: fires cannon ball Nehibors: wtf was that

  10. Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson22 시간 전

    Where did beast get four cannons

  11. Pamle Pfirman

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  12. Andrew Bortnik

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  13. Twerk Tv

    Twerk Tv일 전

    Hahaha lol

  14. Pownzone Plays

    Pownzone Plays일 전

    You were in Indiana!

  15. Introverted Awesomeness

    Introverted Awesomeness일 전

    That’s what Joyce buyers should’ve tried when her magnets didn’t work

  16. Alex Xander

    Alex Xander일 전

    9:54 the oven is ready

  17. sam sakvisal

    sam sakvisal일 전

    give me

  18. Jordan Simmons

    Jordan Simmons일 전

    Please send me a game system! i've never had one EVER!

  19. Leonardo Chudin

    Leonardo Chudin일 전

    7:55 it’s a Nokia

  20. DaleTañagGamer // DTG

    DaleTañagGamer // DTG일 전

    I love all of your experiments

  21. Arvid Jernkrook

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  22. Jalmaan

    Jalmaan일 전

    haha that slowmoguys music

  23. Fun things To do and grind :D

    Fun things To do and grind :D일 전

    BEAST PLAY Beast:“Say your a cop one day and someone robs a store and comes out with a CANNON” Criminal: “HOW DA HECK DO I CARRY A CANNON

  24. Nadia Freeman

    Nadia Freeman일 전

    Do playing monopoly with real money

  25. jen jen

    jen jen일 전

    Mr beast can a have a PS4 please!?

  26. Lumbago69

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  27. sebi's worldTV

    sebi's worldTV일 전

    Chandler's left a dent and yours didn't ,WILL THE VIKING EXEPT CHANDLER'S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000 OR WILL HE BE OVER COME WITH RAGE find out next time on DRAGON BEAST Z

  28. The_LoganTheory

    The_LoganTheory일 전

    Mrbeast is the new slo mo guys Lol XD

  29. Mason Austin

    Mason Austin일 전

    Somebody say hi to me

  30. Sealies Cooking Channel

    Sealies Cooking Channel일 전

    When a wig does more damage then your fists

  31. Ginger Snaps

    Ginger Snaps일 전

    chandler: dont let morgz copy your city me:laughs cause morgz copied mr beast

  32. Flikkii

    Flikkii일 전

    Chandler is stronger than a viking

  33. News Moto

    News Moto일 전

    surprised they don't have GTA 5 stars yet

  34. Johanna Triana

    Johanna Triana일 전

    8:26 - 8:29, Joyce take notes

  35. Brian Kahny

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  36. Ultimate_Skittles300 Ultimate_Skittles300

    Ultimate_Skittles300 Ultimate_Skittles300일 전

    Chris do u moisturize

  37. Celia Barriga

    Celia Barriga일 전

    I really want a ps4 for a long time but i am broke i have the game

  38. Mxllory

    Mxllory일 전

    When chander said don't let morgz copy your city Morgz: DESTROYING THINGS WITH A CANNON BALL, (GONE ENTIRELY WRONG) Mrbeast: *what*

  39. Ruby wilkinson

    Ruby wilkinson12 시간 전

    Mxllory also mr beast: meh let’s give him £10,000 😂😂

  40. Missa Cayton

    Missa Cayton일 전

    Come blow my car up

  41. HeY BroH

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    Mr beast 💗Love this Man..i've even just created a youtube Channel to follow my progress.I would love some Support/ feedback so please please please hit subscribe and check it out guys. peace!

  42. Aimee Silvestri

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    with an s

  43. Aimee Silvestri

    Aimee Silvestri일 전

    morgs sucks

  44. Monse Ventura

    Monse Ventura일 전

    Jimmy: “yeah it’s 3 + 25” Chris: “so 20” 😂😂😂 he’s so good at math

  45. Jacy Anderson

    Jacy Anderson2 일 전

    8:26 is for u Joyce Byers

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    Im anew subscriber 😍 paypal me pls

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    I subbed at 600,000 subs

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    9:54 and 9:56 are moods lolzzz

  50. Alon Duncan

    Alon Duncan2 일 전

    Who just has cannons

  51. Sunny K

    Sunny K2 일 전

    Good vid

  52. FelixShark123

    FelixShark1232 일 전

    New PlaN Naruto : Lets Raid Area51 Mr.Beast : Let's Buy Area51

  53. Faze laze Faze

    Faze laze Faze2 일 전

    Person: just copy them. Morgz: don’t do that be original

  54. Ruby wilkinson

    Ruby wilkinson12 시간 전

    Faze laze Faze other way around bud

  55. Happy Kid

    Happy Kid2 일 전

    The oven is ready

  56. hamza mamasaunda

    hamza mamasaunda2 일 전

    hi, your videos are so unbelieveable , I want money tooooo ahhahah just joking a fun of your videos

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    The Ronald McDonald house helped my family at a really difficult time in their lives thanks jimmy ❤️

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  59. John Kenneth  Enriquez

    John Kenneth Enriquez2 일 전

    at 10:00 are you kidding me

  60. Syntax

    Syntax2 일 전

    3:16 Me: *Good Enough*

  61. Leslie Leathem

    Leslie Leathem2 일 전

    50,000 magnets shot from a cannon yeah!!!!!

  62. accolatte

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  63. Jairo Corpus

    Jairo Corpus2 일 전

    I Riley need a pd4

  64. PotatoScar :3

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    At 8:12 I noticed it said yeet XD

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    can i have one plz i sub my name is jojo

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    chandler stronger than a viking?!

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    10:42 Everyone liked that.

  68. Joana Ramirez Aguirre

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  69. Geek Girl

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    the cannon said yeet.

  70. Zuleyka on yt

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    Oooooo roasted chicken morgzzz

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    Thank you.... Thank you for avenging my vending machine money

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  73. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller2 일 전

    Mr.beast can we destroy a car with the cannon?

  74. johnsteve mav

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    Morgz copies legit all you r vid lol

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    Plant a tree for every subscriber 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌴🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌴🌴🌳🌲🌳🌴🌲🌳🌴 Copy this so mr beast can see :-)

  76. Tristan Fitzgerald

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    love the videos very creative keep up the good CONTENT lots of views

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    Lol first sponcer that i actully download best english on eurth 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  78. epm Emerald pig man

    epm Emerald pig man3 일 전

    Dude perfect cannon trick shots

  79. NinjaBoy8910

    NinjaBoy89103 일 전

    The cannon said yeet on it

  80. Jess Day

    Jess Day3 일 전

    Joyce Buyers (from stranger things) should have shot her magnets out of a cannon onto her fridge in season 3 😂

  81. Aiden’s adventures

    Aiden’s adventures3 일 전

    No way he said Morgz you suck

  82. Larry Towle

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    Just so you know I don't have any games i need the ntendoeswich