Camila Cabello - Liar


  1. Fallen Studio

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    The song is just like "Happy Death Day:

  2. Mike B

    Mike B5 시간 전

    I love her. Her solo career is going well! This video is funny. Thats all for now lol

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  5. Alyssa McAlpine

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    I watched this 100 times and I still don't understand

  6. Theory_of _dance

    Theory_of _dance6 시간 전

    2019 is the Camila's best year 1. Shameless 2. Senorita 3. Liar

  7. Jamilé Romero

    Jamilé Romero6 시간 전

    Quien es latino o latina

  8. camz

    camz7 시간 전

    I did a cover of this song if you can check it out, I would be really thankful

  9. lojy .M

    lojy .M7 시간 전

    That "shut up damie" remind me of "shut up heather" lol i think i am the only one imma shut up

  10. Master Foof

    Master Foof7 시간 전

    Guys guys guys any flash fans out there? That has to be wally

  11. Guerrero Pendejo

    Guerrero Pendejo7 시간 전

    WTF is Wallet West In this

  12. Andre Astupiña

    Andre Astupiña7 시간 전

    Soy el único que abla español like si tu también ablas español

  13. takis

    takis7 시간 전

    4:15 ' 'A dildo, why!!''

  14. Dove Nunery

    Dove Nunery8 시간 전

    Dang had to watch this video like three times before I understood why she kept dying. It’s like the more times she doesn’t tell the truth, and lie to the guy she doesn’t love, she dies. And then she tells the truth on other things but she keeps lying about the real truth, and then the real truth keeps creeping up in others ways and finally she goes crazy and tells the truth and wakes up to her true life, where she’s left the rich guy for whom she really loves.

  15. XxxWolfy _TimexxX

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  17. swirlycat 24

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    Watch this in 2× speed, its sooo hard to keep up!


    EVE NAKANO8 시간 전

    soo, how do u want ur video clip? camila: re zero say no more

  19. Symphony Irvin

    Symphony Irvin8 시간 전

    The way she says shameless 🥴

  20. Vermillion kiss

    Vermillion kiss8 시간 전

    What's kid flash doing here😂

  21. Fireboy

    Fireboy9 시간 전

    camila i dont get this song i dont why

  22. Nadia G

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  23. Alepale7w7

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    Alguien en spanish

  24. ellis kuhn

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    i keep coming back to this video, i love the song i love camila and i love this!

  25. Exdee

    Exdee9 시간 전

    Thatd kid flash yay

  26. Xxscarlet wolfiexX

    Xxscarlet wolfiexX9 시간 전

    Bruh no one told me kid flash was in here!!

  27. Pooja Ali

    Pooja Ali9 시간 전

    "I hate this restaurant!, and I want a cheeseburger" -camila 2019

  28. Hturt Yada

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    "Shut up Tammy"

  29. Moonlight's Studio

    Moonlight's Studio9 시간 전

    Tammy: Well I think hes a great guy Other girls: ShUt uP tAmMy!!!

  30. Sofi Gowgow

    Sofi Gowgow10 시간 전

    is it just me or the waiter is Wally from Flash

  31. Andjelka Banicevic

    Andjelka Banicevic10 시간 전

    this reminds me of happy death day

  32. Derp Lord

    Derp Lord10 시간 전

    Camilla looks like she just left a fucking soap opera cast

  33. Generic Username

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    Shut up tammy. As both Tammy and the girls telling her to shut up, I relate.

  34. Estefany Euan

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  35. 10000subchallangewithoutvid jr

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    Sub 😔 for subs

  36. 六Devil.C. Tail

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    i am shhj

  37. Latina_Ny Grace

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    I am so confused.......

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  41. Christina VERO17

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    That girl Tammy reminds me of someone.But can't remember who??🤔😐

  42. Jimmy Rahi

    Jimmy Rahi11 시간 전

    How many Camilla Cabello songs can you find here? 👇 Dear ex-boyfriend, I know what you did last summer in Havana, you shameless liar. All these years, you used to say you won't let go, used to say I'm beautiful inside out. But now it all changed. You proved to me how easy it is to cheat on your lover. So just remember, things will never be the same between us. I'm not writing this so that you can cry for me. No. But keep in mind that when you'll see me crying in the club, south of the border, you'll regret the day you cheated on me. Bad things you make have bad consequences. PS: I never liked it when you called me Señorita. Screw that shitty nickname

  43. Sage Moon

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    With uh uh uh😂

  44. Gabriel Albuquerque

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    Views are growing 🤞🏽 (it was 47 mi yesterday, now it’s 50)

  45. Goober

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    That black guy is a mood thooo

  46. •Lazy AF•

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    Basically happy Death day?

  47. Ansi Ami

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    Wonderful sweat

  48. Marilyn Baculima

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    Camila looks like Janice from friends lol

  49. Pedro Hoffmann

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    Kid flash ⚡⚡

  50. Lalo Mojica

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    I love ❤️ Camila and I've been listening to her since I was 11 and now I'm 14 I'm turning 15 soon

  51. killermonster 87

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    song becomes sad when you hear them talking about the bus boy being broke and your a bus boy😭😭

  52. Pratham Mishra

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    Why does this remind me of re:zero..

  53. Nicole Otero

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    Why did he scare the flamingos

  54. bryiana salez

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    ah sem condicoesss, amo❤

  55. Kenn Wijesekara

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    I liked the part when she died

  56. Suzan Bossy

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    Shut up Tammy!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣I died when they said that

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    Shut up Tammy! !

  60. Stephen Bulpin

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    Terrific 🙂