CallMeKevin's Draw My Life


  1. マークの冒険

    マークの冒険3 시간 전

    Honestly Kevin, your "Hey there friends" and "bye for now" In every one of your videos warms the heart. I hope you find your balance!

  2. Anna Hill

    Anna Hill3 시간 전

    Hey Kevin, just wanted to say I love your videos and watch it all the time!

  3. Tiffany Lorraine

    Tiffany Lorraine4 시간 전

    Why the feck did that make me tear up?

  4. Mr.Mop

    Mr.Mop8 시간 전

    So was what was wrong with I guess your arms or your back fixed or do you still have them problems?

  5. Yashua Berube

    Yashua Berube11 시간 전

    I am a loyal subscriber from when you only had 1.9 million subscribers

  6. Kyle Barker

    Kyle Barker12 시간 전

    D'aww the warm fuzzyies :L

  7. Stacey Mensforth

    Stacey Mensforth16 시간 전

    You had grommets... me too

  8. Captain Cupholder

    Captain Cupholder17 시간 전

    Thank you for making funny videos

  9. Beatrice Smith

    Beatrice Smith일 전

    To the guy that ran over Kevin after Superman vs Batman You were the negative that gave all of us positive Thank you

  10. Beatrice Smith

    Beatrice Smith일 전

    7:24 is Jim Pickens picking his next victim

  11. 110% gameing

    110% gameing일 전

    Iv been watching ur videos for years

  12. Esss Is Something

    Esss Is Something일 전

    Kevin, thank you for sharing with us your life and thank you for all the content you give us!!! It really means a lot to me, whenever I feel down and depressed (which is a lot) I watch on of your videos. Your videos have helped me a lot, and thank you for making them!!!

  13. Ivan Dong

    Ivan Dong2 일 전

    I have been watching you for 4 years now

  14. Kylee Smith

    Kylee Smith2 일 전

    This was a lovely video :)

  15. cathal de burka

    cathal de burka2 일 전

    Hon tipp

  16. Ted Teertstra

    Ted Teertstra3 일 전

    Yea we got yer back Kev! Oh sorry my mistake. Grognak the Destroyer Attorney in law

  17. Better Lever

    Better Lever4 일 전

    KOreporter career fails because lack of a good work ethic Opens retail store

  18. Dimitri Pindichi

    Dimitri Pindichi4 일 전

    Poor Kevin

  19. Thomas Buchmayer

    Thomas Buchmayer4 일 전


  20. Tirina 358/2

    Tirina 358/24 일 전

    Wow. Never expected this at all. Your medical and education history, wow.Very interesting. Glad everything worked out in the end! While here I am, a 19 year old girl trying so hard to learn programming.

  21. Goodco limgpu

    Goodco limgpu5 일 전

    hope you the best you fecker

  22. MADMerry

    MADMerry5 일 전

    Marry me?

  23. Block G

    Block G5 일 전

    13:53 He drew The Scream

  24. TheVampriti

    TheVampriti6 일 전

    You’ve made our lives a bit more lively when things are going terrible. So *THANK YOU KEVIN*

  25. Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones6 일 전

    You hitting your head would explain a lot lol

  26. Olivia Farmer

    Olivia Farmer6 일 전

    CallMeKevin dying and then being ok for 20 minutes straight

  27. Chicken Property64

    Chicken Property647 일 전

    Plot Twist: This was actually Jim Pickens' life

  28. Jaxx

    Jaxx7 일 전

    Noice. Subbed

  29. Maria

    Maria7 일 전 were born in 1993? Because I was born in 1994 yet I'm also 25yrs old...unless I did my math wrong...somehow. 🤔

  30. JJhnsson

    JJhnsson7 일 전

    Awh Kevin! I'm glad I found your channel. So effing funny and cute! Keep up the good work 👌

  31. zombie XL

    zombie XL8 일 전

    When u drew the school it was a foot

  32. romapie jr

    romapie jr8 일 전

    I had to get those in my ears too

  33. Marethyu Midnight

    Marethyu Midnight8 일 전

    17:40 Shoutouts to Appnana

  34. Deadshot

    Deadshot9 일 전

    Is it just me or did the way he wrote Ireland it looked like irelano

  35. Dylan Fry

    Dylan Fry10 일 전

    Did anyone else see that at 17:37 it said love you nikki

  36. BlazingFury

    BlazingFury11 일 전

    A bunch of successful youtubers have had injuries or medical condition that caused them to sit at home a lot.

  37. Sabrina Savage

    Sabrina Savage12 일 전

    CallMeKevin's Draw my Medical History

  38. Emma Leigh

    Emma Leigh12 일 전

    My first video recommendation was “dead by dawn but I choose every wrong answer” or something like that & I remember wheezing my butt off so I had to subscribe

  39. Z. Zorc

    Z. Zorc13 일 전

    Basically, you get hit by a car and seriously injured and end up with one of the best jobs in the world. Stuff like this make me wanna keep on going no matter how fked up things are.

  40. VisibleCrane 383

    VisibleCrane 38313 일 전

    18:00 Yes, Kevin gets HIV

  41. Joker Rules

    Joker Rules14 일 전

    Oh so you were fat

  42. Captain Ed Mercer

    Captain Ed Mercer14 일 전

    I feel so happy for you but at the same time I feel really bad and upset for you. I know what it's like to feel pain at an early age in life. I'm 22 and since I was around 12 I've had increasingly pain in my back and knees from physical abuse at home and bullies from school. It really does make you a shut-in. As you said you didn't have a social life and weren't making friends, that's where I'm at right now in life. I wish I could say I have motivation from this video, but I lost motivation a long time ago and sort of gave up. I have depression, but your videos and you yourself help me cope with my problems. I really mean that from my whole heart. I know you won't see this probably, but here's hoping you do. Thank you Kevin for your time and effort and for your really funny videos. They help me more than you know.

  43. jacob flynn

    jacob flynn14 일 전

    Hey man, i just wanted to say that i love your videos and they've brought me a lot of joy and have gotten me through some hard times, keep it up. And if you see this, do you have any tips for someone thinking about starting KOreporter?

  44. chey

    chey14 일 전

    A little late to the party, but I first saw your Until Dawn videos in my recommended when I went through my phase. Then I watched the entirety of your channel.

  45. Mememan

    Mememan14 일 전

    No. Thank you kevin for dedicating your life to your fans. Also thanks for fighting off those bugalars

  46. Anna Murr

    Anna Murr14 일 전

    I found Kevin through my sister and at first didn't like his videos very much but one day I got bored and started watching some of his videos and now, here I am, buying a Jim Pickens poster to hang over my bed. Life.

  47. RyanTheDefiant

    RyanTheDefiant15 일 전

    Jim Picken’s Draw My Life: “Naturally I had to beat my sister”

  48. Official Goose Studios

    Official Goose Studios15 일 전

    Kevin was very popular at Cex

  49. Louie The Gay Boi

    Louie The Gay Boi15 일 전

    Man I've been with Kevin since 50 thousand subs, time sure flies fast huh

  50. Classy Frog

    Classy Frog15 일 전

    the scotland flag is a good guess. whenever i draw it i draw the british flag, even though i live there and have lived there my entire life. i just can't seem to give a fuck