CallMeKevin's Draw My Life


  1. hatty leatherland

    hatty leatherland일 전

    As I’ve always said, and my friends agree, once you’ve watched a Kevin video, you feel like you know him! He’s such a nice, funny, down to Earth guy, and really relatable too.

  2. Rcrichman

    Rcrichman2 일 전

    I watch this video over and over to keep me positive through my years of struggling. Thank you Kevin. You cheer everyone up by being you, and seeing your struggles relate with mine, and find your calling, is inspirational.

  3. VampyRagDoll

    VampyRagDoll2 일 전

    This is the first "draw my life" I've bothered to watch and bless your heart. I haven't been a sub for that long but your content makes me giggle. This made me want to give you a huge hug.

  4. Amazing Games

    Amazing Games3 일 전

    The only sad part about this video is that there are people who had stories like Kevin's but didn't get so lucky as to get a whole career.

  5. Cassie Howter

    Cassie Howter4 일 전

    i honest 2 god can't tell if I started watching you or RT first because I thought y'all were the same person and just clicked videos with the blue icon

  6. JustAn mcPaul

    JustAn mcPaul5 일 전

    1:05 im pretty sure the left one is you and the right one is your sister

  7. yee

    yee5 일 전

    No one: Literally no one: Kevin: *draws a penis for a 12 year old*

  8. Peepee Poopoo

    Peepee Poopoo5 일 전

    Cex is pronounced Sex



    17:37 who's nikki??

  10. anis bowl

    anis bowl8 일 전

    Draw my life but i died of dead

  11. Angela Myott

    Angela Myott8 일 전


  12. Milo Buell

    Milo Buell10 일 전

    Normal draw my life's, I was bullied kevin, my tummy hurt

  13. dethmaul

    dethmaul10 일 전

    Are you investing into your future in case youtube collapses? Does ireland have government bonds, or bank CDs? You should keep banking into something that gives back interest, you're such a darling young man and shouldn't be left high and dry just in case.

  14. Diego Beltran

    Diego Beltran11 일 전

    So basically, the world just said “sit the fuck down, you hyperactive feck” and now he makes KOreporter videos

  15. Carson Reed

    Carson Reed12 일 전

    I remember the how to annoy series

  16. Jeromy Williams

    Jeromy Williams14 일 전

    Profile view of Kevin makes me want to call him Eggin

  17. juuzouswifeprobably monika

    juuzouswifeprobably monika14 일 전

    We love you Kevin

  18. Daniel Lino

    Daniel Lino15 일 전

    Isn’t he just the best cult leader

  19. Rebecca McKelvey

    Rebecca McKelvey17 일 전

    Kevin predicted the new Xbox console??

  20. Something Something

    Something Something18 일 전

    Life: when hardship comes and you can overcome it, you can succeed just like this man. Also life: *constantly missing me with them lemons* Me: so where is my glow up? 😐 Life: **getting frustrated, prepares lemon nuke** oh it’s coming. (If I’m not prepared, I’m deceased) ☠️☠️☠️

  21. Joseph Fruge

    Joseph Fruge19 일 전

    1:43 he hit his head, this explains everything

  22. Arlo Gaunt

    Arlo Gaunt20 일 전

    Why did he sell a shop? He got hit by a car. That could be a movie or something

  23. joseph jasper

    joseph jasper21 일 전

    Hey You're my age

  24. Jason Cardoza

    Jason Cardoza22 일 전

    Ayyeee I have stomach ulcers!!

  25. rosestar1324

    rosestar132422 일 전

    How to annoy with Kevin:

  26. Leonard VanErp

    Leonard VanErp22 일 전

    Your awesome Kevin😊

  27. The Ghoul Ranger

    The Ghoul Ranger23 일 전

    KEVIN Microsoft stole your drawing for the idea for the new xbox

  28. Jop3lius

    Jop3lius23 일 전

    kevin lets hope negative hiv result doesnt turn into positive

  29. ThePieGuy

    ThePieGuy24 일 전

    So who is Nikki?

  30. McKenna Holmes

    McKenna Holmes27 일 전

    You’ve made me so emotional so many times

  31. Grace Holbert

    Grace Holbert29 일 전

    "Wait that looks inappropriate" *makes the same drawing for the rest of the video*

  32. thEDman_319

    thEDman_31929 일 전

    Sorry to hear about your painful Kevin. Luckily the years have gotten better for you. Keep those videos coming and keep Jim Pickens close... Very close.

  33. Sydney Kerley

    Sydney Kerley개월 전

    i remember finding you when you did that gta vice city playthrough on your old channel! :)

  34. Eye Wrote This

    Eye Wrote This개월 전

    "Dad's on the phone, time to beat my sister." - Kevin

  35. eliot cannon

    eliot cannon개월 전

    Love this guy

  36. Lone Wolf Gaming

    Lone Wolf Gaming개월 전

    No you weren't born in Ireland, you were born in Irelano based on your handwriting. 0:27

  37. It’s Miah Time

    It’s Miah Time개월 전

    We love you 😍

  38. Badazzgamer43

    Badazzgamer43개월 전

    vary intresting story kevin i dout ull see this as this was posted may of last year. but U have my support man I cant realy donate via patron but i will contenu to enjoy and support u here. Ur the one youtube who is consitently makeing me laph my ass off. jack has his moments but ifv never found somone who makes me return to my old giggly bitch self. its what mya unt suzie always called me.

  39. Insignificant_Anon

    Insignificant_Anon개월 전

    Imagine 19 yr old Kevin being your boss.

  40. Super Slime

    Super Slime개월 전

    So your tellin me someone broke the law and started this man's career

  41. Gotowanie na Maxa Max Cooking

    Gotowanie na Maxa Max Cooking개월 전

    Someone with a scar that changes the story of it each time and enjoys suffering of others is it A:kevin Or B:joker(dark night)

  42. Tiny Man

    Tiny Man개월 전

    Honestly speaking, people came because of the choice games, including me, but stayed for this lovely Irish lad.

  43. dizzy Ryan

    dizzy Ryan개월 전

    Man it's good to find an Irish KOreporterr who is really funny

  44. Beck Treks Australia

    Beck Treks Australia개월 전

    I can't beleive people are giving thumbs down! What is wrong with people?! Thanks Kevin for sharing your story! :)

  45. Sam

    Sam개월 전

    Every time you tried to do something else other than youtube bad stuff happened lmaoooo

  46. StarShotStream

    StarShotStream개월 전

    Nobody: Not a single person: Kevin: I had to beat my sister

  47. Large Frogs

    Large Frogs개월 전

    Man you have been through a lot

  48. Brian Hoskins

    Brian Hoskins개월 전

    Beat his sister ha ha he means the incest 😈

  49. Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe개월 전

    Back of hand reveal lets goooooo

  50. Ty

    Ty개월 전

    Kevin: makes fun of duck for hid drawings Kevin's drawings:

  51. Harvey Crosswell

    Harvey Crosswell개월 전

    "Naturally i had to beat my sister" - Kevin (2019)

  52. Nazmul Saqib

    Nazmul Saqib개월 전

    Kevin predicted the 2020 Xbox series x design

  53. Unsolved Power

    Unsolved Power개월 전

    Its good to hear everyone's back story for there channel and its hard to talk about all of your back story but its good to so good job on telling us and I'm happy you are basically away from all your medical injures and Im happy your bedder.

  54. Myeosu

    Myeosu개월 전

    This is so heartwarming bruh. Ill always be supporting you ❤️❤️❤️ your videos are incredibly entertaining and you just make my day so much better. I hope youre able to continue to say happy, and no matter what happens, everyone will be here to support you ❤️❤️❤️

  55. Var1ous

    Var1ous개월 전

    Was the sto... I mean tummy because you were ubducted by aliens and became pregnant (like your sims 4)

  56. Jurate Z.

    Jurate Z.개월 전

    He says that he was a very nice person but he has slaves in sims

  57. Ryan lol

    Ryan lol개월 전

    Kevin got b-c on his junior cert? I'm gonna be fine

  58. Szaile

    Szaile개월 전

    Mabie Jimm is a virtual Kevin? But in sims 4 you're stomach can't hurt, So Jimm is pregnant and Kevin have problems with stomach? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  59. Guest 2121

    Guest 2121개월 전

    Just now noted this ....who is nikki? @17.36

  60. Da pum Defence

    Da pum Defence개월 전

    I think getting hit by a car caused your amnosia... just a thought