"Call Me Spider-Man" - Suit Up Scene - Stan Lee Cameo - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Movie CLIP HD


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    This is for Stan Lee

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    Guys also subscribe to this channel this is of my friend new channel koreporter.com/block-UC_5Wg6WACYGwxNtZV_h8Qqw

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    RIP-stanlee 2019 If u missed marvel and stan click this 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 Yep u really missed it also me

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    as if I think Tom is really handsome

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    This is how spiderman get a lot of likes for meeting fans 👇 99999876

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    I genuinely wayched this just to hear his voice i miss him

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    2:03 Unwanted + Shit CGI

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    My mother

  10. 唐揚げ

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    I love you Stan.Lee.

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    2:03 - that cgi, man hahahahaha

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    1:22 spider man:gotem

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    When Peter put on his suit he looked like one of those thrash bags Also like if you love spiderman 😃👇

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    I hate this version of spider-man. Bring back Andrew Garfield please.

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    Get over it soy boy

  17. ItzYaBoy LC

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    He sucked lmao not gonna happen

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    Tom Holland is so cool

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    Fun fact this scene made me realize I like men

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    0:48 what u want to look like in Comicon 0:46 what u look like

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    I'm not gonna lie I thought I watching spectacular spider man IRL 😂😂😂😂😂

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    the action and heroism are total bullcrap compared to Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame.

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    So, basically you like team movies more than solo movies.

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    “you dumb ass” 😭😂




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    0:43 left under hedgedog?

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    hows your mother ah stan we miss you

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    why disney? why😞

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    @Kendall Army 👌

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    @MG3 oh thanks!

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    what? spidey is back in the mcu relax

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    Vcs São uma bosta

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    Everyone....Spidey's coming back in the MCU...don't worry.

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    Asalamualaikum selamat siang semoga masih dalam stamina yang sehat salam sejahtera dari saya dan dari ibunda tercinta semoga masih sehat juga kirim salam kepada adik kandung semoga smart dan pintar dan smart

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    Who’s here after spider-man is back!!!

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    Spider-Man has RETURN in MCU!!!

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    spider man do a flip

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  47. Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 226

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    You mean 2019

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    @Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 226 no problem

  49. Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 226

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    Ok thanks

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    @Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 226 this video was uploaded in 2019 but the movie came into theaters and later physical and digital media in 2017 you're probably confusing this with far from home which came out this year

  51. Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 226

    Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 2267 일 전


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    no 2017 that's when homecoming came out

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    I don't know why this vedio but I like it

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    Love Tom Holland as Spider-Man, but I wished the suit didn’t look like CGI so much. I love the design but it feels too fake at times

  57. Ty—Sh —Co

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    Thing is, those moments actually ARE computer generated.

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    Is that Stan lee

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    my favorite scene out of the hole movie

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    you Look nice Read is the mask Back One

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    Spiderman is back in MCU!!!

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    日本人初じゃね? そしてすげぇ

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    omg imagine if shazam met spiderman (I know itll never happen but i can dream)

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    DVD to iPod, a niche market and then I

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    @Benicio elian Fernandez what the fuck are you talking about?

  67. Benicio elian Fernandez

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    Pres and then the nativity scenes of

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    Spider-Man the walk

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    No se ingles

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    Seneng banget anak gw kalo nonton Spiderman..

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    2:18 STANLY

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    Hay that old man is them

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    it's spelled stan not them

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    I m missing stane lee sir

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