Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch


  1. Oüber fox

    Oüber fox8 시간 전

    Kermit you kinky nasty boi!

  2. Oüber fox

    Oüber fox8 시간 전

    Kermit is so happy

  3. timeiswhat

    timeiswhat18 시간 전

    Pretty sure that butt medicine thing is just for giving dogs dry pills (not up the butt). You like... put it in their mouth and kinda shoot the pill down their throat.

  4. Galaxy Cat face

    Galaxy Cat face20 시간 전

    The “ Drinking buddy “ shirt we have on our puppy * A 10 month old iggy *

  5. Jane Whiting

    Jane Whiting일 전

    I felt so bad for Kermit when he peed and jenna said "bad Kermit", it's not his fault his bladder can't hold.😯🐶🐕❤

  6. Tasteful is Salt

    Tasteful is Salt일 전

    Just got an add for pet fitness before watching this XD Jenna this is a sign

  7. tokionovaloid

    tokionovaloid일 전

    7:39 this part makes me crack up everytime

  8. ChrisselBFR

    ChrisselBFR일 전

    wtf why do they sell (?) cats like that? Behind a window at a pet shop :(

  9. Alexandra Yeung

    Alexandra Yeung일 전

    Next video: "Eating Greenies with My Dogs"

  10. Xtremers

    Xtremers일 전

    Why is this free.

  11. NE chicken lady Esclito

    NE chicken lady Esclito일 전

    Greenies greenies Kermit need some greenies

  12. Alaina Bees

    Alaina Bees2 일 전

    Man those big dog treats will be useful for the big floof

  13. Alaina Bees

    Alaina Bees2 일 전

    I just noticed the heart balloons and roses in the background. Omg couple goals

  14. Pamela Truell

    Pamela Truell2 일 전

    They need to redo this episode with Bunny

  15. the_hannah00 Zaen

    the_hannah00 Zaen2 일 전

    You should remake this video with Bunny !!!!

  16. John mayor Hancock

    John mayor Hancock2 일 전


  17. Heidi Halbert

    Heidi Halbert2 일 전

    jenna: how does it work? (liquid bandage) julien: it's works like liquid bandage

  18. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando Hernandez3 일 전


  19. Lunna B.

    Lunna B.3 일 전

    I love the balloons and flowers in the kitchen, even tho they kinda blur them out

  20. Riley Clark

    Riley Clark3 일 전

    You guys should do this with bunny now!

  21. R candy

    R candy3 일 전

    My dogs would just be buying humans

  22. viktorya psychedelic.souljam

    viktorya psychedelic.souljam3 일 전

    8:38 Jenna is a reptilian

  23. The Galaxy Phoenix

    The Galaxy Phoenix3 일 전

    Take Kermit to bath and body works to do this challenge

  24. Isabelle Jacobsen

    Isabelle Jacobsen3 일 전

    why are Marbles, Peach and Kermit at 10:01 posing as if they were in an action movie poster

  25. somers17

    somers173 일 전

    At least when they got bunny they can use that shirt

  26. Salmonella

    Salmonella3 일 전

    14:49 Julian: It prohibits him from being normal. Me: Has he ever been normal?

  27. madeleine

    madeleine3 일 전

    It’s so sad to see those cats in such tiny little cages☹️☹️

  28. somers17

    somers173 일 전

    Ya and the floor doesn't look comfterable

  29. Trucker 298

    Trucker 2984 일 전

    Kermit freaking owns the store

  30. Rees Frye / Belay & Bouldering Vlogs

    Rees Frye / Belay & Bouldering Vlogs4 일 전

    Marbles is like a old android phone xD

  31. Rees Frye / Belay & Bouldering Vlogs

    Rees Frye / Belay & Bouldering Vlogs4 일 전

    put your dogs in a hamster ball ( a big one )

  32. Henry Mastif

    Henry Mastif4 일 전

    I laughed my eyes out

  33. Angelo DiMeo

    Angelo DiMeo4 일 전


  34. Tacocat5004 Plays

    Tacocat5004 Plays4 일 전

    We all learned something very important. *Kermits a nudist*

  35. Belina Pryor

    Belina Pryor4 일 전

    The chinchilla legit looked like marbles twin lol

  36. Tammy Oliver

    Tammy Oliver4 일 전

    I'm sorry but when he picked up the price sticker and was acting serious about taking it I'm laughing so hard

  37. Keira Spence

    Keira Spence4 일 전

    feel kinda bad for the cats in the tiny box... i’m not used to seeing cats in a pet shop, in scotland we normally go to a certified breeder or a shelter

  38. william jenkins

    william jenkins4 일 전

    marbles saw a rat....give him credit...

  39. acchikocchi

    acchikocchi5 일 전

    I want to see bunny wear the drinking buddies shirt so much.

  40. VoiceOf Reason

    VoiceOf Reason5 일 전

    Must be nice to be so GD wealthy, you can buy all that random shit. Get a job

  41. Birds Gacha

    Birds Gacha5 일 전

    Marbles brain: a grain of sand

  42. InsaneThorium

    InsaneThorium5 일 전

    I think all dogs like greenies because my dog goes wild when she sees one

  43. Katherine Rollhauser

    Katherine Rollhauser5 일 전

    At 18:26 marble. Exe stopped working

  44. Emily Santiago

    Emily Santiago5 일 전

    Those sticks that Kermit and peach likes remind me of that spongebob episode where Gary is addicted to those snail bites and drives his parent crazy.

  45. Felicity

    Felicity5 일 전

    This is easily my favourite Jenna video of all time.

  46. The Apple Bros

    The Apple Bros5 일 전

    Kermit has like his own look Like people would say "ha you look like a bucket of oil" or some crap But then theres "You look like Kermit the dog"

  47. Ryderzeespider

    Ryderzeespider6 일 전


  48. レタスビープ ビープ

    レタスビープ ビープ6 일 전

    I think that Kermit is the only one who understands that whatever he touches he can keep and Marble just has no idea what was happening

  49. Blue Presents

    Blue Presents6 일 전

    Jenna: "Greed is greed and all dogs have it." Mr Marbles: Crying in corner

  50. FredsTheFaz BazClaz

    FredsTheFaz BazClaz6 일 전

    Marbles is just adorable. ❤️

  51. FredsTheFaz BazClaz

    FredsTheFaz BazClaz6 일 전

    I love you guys. You’re the best. ❤️ I love your dogs.

  52. Paula Choi

    Paula Choi7 일 전

    They knew...the big treats were prep for Bunny ^^

  53. Alaina Moore

    Alaina Moore7 일 전

    You should do this with bunny

  54. Giselle Lozada

    Giselle Lozada7 일 전

    when the sausage *hits*

  55. Gaby Mulet

    Gaby Mulet7 일 전

    I just noticed the flower arrangement and balloons on the kitchen counter for valentine’s day. cutessssss

  56. Karrie Kay

    Karrie Kay7 일 전

    *When you finally find out what’s billy spring/stick is* A bull penis.

  57. Niki Monsef

    Niki Monsef8 일 전

    Oh my god looking back im realizing that if they still have the drinking buddy shirt it would be perfect for bunny

  58. Katerina Foxe

    Katerina Foxe8 일 전

    Hits like Kris Jenner taking the kids out on shopping spree day....

  59. Meister_Mekuzi

    Meister_Mekuzi8 일 전

    I do this for my cats birthdays

  60. Helen McDonough

    Helen McDonough8 일 전

    Kermit got scared at 6:17

  61. Wolf Lover22

    Wolf Lover228 일 전

    *”Kermit likes a big sausage.”*