Buying & Eating ONLY PINK For 24 Hours!! *CHALLENGE* | The Royalty Family


  1. Mini Jace norman

    Mini Jace norman개월 전

    I was getting bullied in school but I told they i am part of the royalty family and they never bullied me again

  2. iiEaglistic ii

    iiEaglistic ii2 일 전

    Mini Jace Norman lol nice and fake comment

  3. Piotrus Polrolnik

    Piotrus Polrolnik3 일 전

    @The Royalty Family I Love you

  4. Piotrus Polrolnik

    Piotrus Polrolnik3 일 전

    @The Royalty Family Hi

  5. Jude panganoron

    Jude panganoron5 일 전

    I wish l can have the iphone 11 pro max to

  6. Rey Mysterio

    Rey Mysterio5 일 전

    @Osman Mohamad 😑

  7. Jide Akin

    Jide Akin38 분 전

    You are so pretty from olaoluwa

  8. Jide Akin

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  9. Aaliyah Joseph

    Aaliyah Joseph시간 전

    Love you royalty I hope I get a shot out from Andrea love you royalty

  10. Bryan Solemsaas

    Bryan Solemsaas시간 전

    I love you guys can I have a shout out and win one

  11. Jhomi Uemura

    Jhomi Uemura2 시간 전

    I was get bullied in my school they said i am a fat,ugly and stupid and I say royalty family is in my side

  12. Ramlah Ahmed

    Ramlah Ahmed11 시간 전

    I got bullied a lot of time . But when the royalty told me not to mind them. I got bullied more and more!😔😔☹️😟. Now I am scared of them and do not want to go to school

  13. Valerie CHacon

    Valerie CHacon16 시간 전

    Love pink

  14. hibaq ali

    hibaq ali23 시간 전

    royalty family l subscribed already and also the handshake l am fan of u guys

  15. Bontle Rankoe

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  16. Koonde Graham

    Koonde Graham일 전

    I'm the only one that doesn't have a phone

  17. Cesar Munoz

    Cesar Munoz일 전

    I love ❤️ the royalty family

  18. Cesar Munoz

    Cesar Munoz일 전

    I subscribe and torn on notifications

  19. Naomi Cherubin

    Naomi Cherubin일 전

    I want the apple iphone

  20. Sergio Carrillo

    Sergio Carrillo일 전

    I love your vidos i do the hand sake you make me smile.

  21. Eric Bender

    Eric Bender일 전

    Girls rule the world

  22. Eric Bender

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  23. Kristel Raney

    Kristel Raney일 전

    My favorite color is pink Andrea we are like the pink girls

  24. Yolanda Stewart

    Yolanda Stewart일 전

    I've got you with all my heart and if you guys get a chance give a shout out to me💖

  25. Tanuttep Sala

    Tanuttep Sala일 전

    I wish I could have presents

  26. Tanuttep Sala

    Tanuttep Sala일 전

    Hello royalty fam I love you guys so much I wish I could speak to you guys

  27. Diana Jomaa

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  28. Diana Jomaa

    Diana Jomaa일 전

    Im so sand

  29. Diana Jomaa

    Diana Jomaa일 전

    and lm not at your wold

  30. Diana Jomaa

    Diana Jomaa일 전

    I wiss l kann buy ur Merch but mei mom saß no

  31. elizabeth muchoki

    elizabeth muchoki2 일 전

    I did that

  32. Carldavid Lim

    Carldavid Lim2 일 전

    I love you Royalty family i all wish Dowing your hand sake i what to win I phone

  33. Elena Bozarova

    Elena Bozarova2 일 전

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💋 Iota family can I get a shout-out please I love you guys and I love you videos to

  34. Ammu Latha

    Ammu Latha2 일 전

    I 💜💙💚💛🧡❣💞💓💝💖u

  35. Alejandra  Mora

    Alejandra Mora2 일 전

    You are the best.💖💖

  36. Kadehockeydogs

    Kadehockeydogs2 일 전

    I love u royalty family and I get bullied at school and I told them that I love u guys and they never bullied me again I did the hand shake on istrgram and it’s on kadehockeydogs pls post it

  37. Ava's channel marroquin

    Ava's channel marroquin2 일 전

    Hi my name is Sarah and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yourrrrrrrr videos so much

  38. Nevaeh Torres

    Nevaeh Torres2 일 전

    I hate Andrea she's dum😂😂😂😂

  39. Bryan Solemsaas

    Bryan Solemsaas2 일 전

    Me too I am at my house watching all your vid

  40. AhmedTv

    AhmedTv2 일 전

    Hi royalty family keep up the good work and I just want to say I have been watching you guys for 24 hours so please can I have the iPhone 11❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  41. Eduardo Gaytan

    Eduardo Gaytan2 일 전

    you guys are the best you made my day when i watched this

  42. Dawood Safder

    Dawood Safder2 일 전

    I have pink shoes

  43. Asfaq Junaideen

    Asfaq Junaideen3 일 전

    I like your all of the prank videos and I love royalty family more than other KOreporterr your the best family to keep every one happy I like the father very much like ali and even good mom Andrea for support his son like Farhaan I love you 😘😘😘😘😀😁😀😁😀😁

  44. BtsSuga the best

    BtsSuga the best3 일 전

    My mom had the oppinment of the breast cancer check and luckily she did not have it.

  45. Keny Senat

    Keny Senat3 일 전

    I do

  46. Marlenne Diaz

    Marlenne Diaz3 일 전

    I just broke my ipone

  47. Julissa Castillo

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  48. Elaine Deguzman

    Elaine Deguzman3 일 전

    Royalty Fam your the best family you always me happy

  49. Elaine Deguzman

    Elaine Deguzman3 일 전

    And can i get a shout out pls

  50. Piotrus Polrolnik

    Piotrus Polrolnik3 일 전

    I Love you

  51. Piotrus Polrolnik

    Piotrus Polrolnik3 일 전

    Ferran is so cool

  52. Piotrus Polrolnik

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  53. Paolo Gabucan

    Paolo Gabucan4 일 전

    Your video is beutiful and nice i love your all video stay royalty,shout pls

  54. Mikhaela Maleke

    Mikhaela Maleke4 일 전

    Hello royalty family my brother and me the part of the family i am new so i am from indonesia

  55. Lona Fromina

    Lona Fromina4 일 전

    Subscribe to ij squad the blue one now!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Jashawn Williams

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    I. Love you guys you are the best ❤️😘😘😻💪



    I love you royalty family you guys are the best I'm subscribed an I like every video an ofcourse I have on notifications and I f you didn't know I follow you on instatgram

  58. Abigail Santana

    Abigail Santana4 일 전

    Can y’all give me a shoutout

  59. Sharon Mccreary

    Sharon Mccreary4 일 전

    I really love you guys but I never won a giveaway and I prayed to win I iPhone 11 pro 🙏🙏🏼🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  60. Mia Mia

    Mia Mia4 일 전

    You guys make me feel in love with you're videos

  61. Janet Diaz

    Janet Diaz4 일 전

    The comments are finally not disabled

  62. Maria Quiridumbay

    Maria Quiridumbay4 일 전

    Hi i love you

  63. El ojitos claro

    El ojitos claro4 일 전

    Hes wereing the moms gucci fandy bag

  64. Denzel Young

    Denzel Young4 일 전

    Is wash I had the phone 🙉

  65. Jammie Life

    Jammie Life4 일 전

    I love you royAlty family I watch you every single day!

  66. Henry Pobee-Mensah

    Henry Pobee-Mensah4 일 전

    next time make it green!!!

  67. rico Games

    rico Games5 일 전

    The video that you did gimi the nintendo swich

  68. Alex Palacios

    Alex Palacios5 일 전

    Hi my name is Oshky