Building and Riding the Backyard "Flight Deck"


  1. Aidan Franke

    Aidan Franke일 전

    Did anyone else see him put “thanks for the pancakes, bro” when Kevin showed up?

  2. Oliver Turpin

    Oliver Turpin2 일 전

    Build a bike lift !!!!!!

  3. Wyatt Rhodes

    Wyatt Rhodes3 일 전

    You should ride all of your trails in one vid it would be awesome

  4. KristianVonRandom

    KristianVonRandom4 일 전

    7:33 so we’re building Iraq 🇮🇶

  5. Brayden’s Bike Hack’s and Builds

    Brayden’s Bike Hack’s and Builds5 일 전

    Seth buys a sander just to sharper his pencil

  6. Callum Lindner

    Callum Lindner7 일 전

    Make the underside of the flight deck in to a little shed

  7. Ryan Cline

    Ryan Cline7 일 전

    At 4:31 it looks like a bear

  8. Cars and bikes with Gabe

    Cars and bikes with Gabe10 일 전

    At school

  9. Christopher Nieman

    Christopher Nieman12 일 전

    What was that he sprayed/wiped on the tree limb cut?

  10. fulllike

    fulllike12 일 전

    Do you not scare when you working you lose some screw and itt will be in your tires?

  11. Mason Fugate

    Mason Fugate13 일 전

    Rip Kobe

  12. Jeremy Portnoy

    Jeremy Portnoy15 일 전

    Someone is getting decent at carpentry!!!

  13. Hydro Synx

    Hydro Synx17 일 전


  14. Driziii

    Driziii19 일 전

    can you do a full run for the trails? by the way i love your videos and i dont even ride mtb i ride scooter

  15. Mr. Saephan

    Mr. Saephan24 일 전

    Some grip tape would be a good and small addition to walking up that thing plus it wouldn't get in the way when riding down

  16. James Weirick

    James Weirick25 일 전

    This guy can shoot and edit a video. Well done!

  17. Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor26 일 전

    You should add walls and make it a shed to store tools

  18. ZT Super22335566

    ZT Super2233556628 일 전

    You should add a way to attach the wheel barrel to your bike so its eazy to get it out of the train

  19. TheCoasterCactus

    TheCoasterCactus29 일 전

    What’s the song at 5:10

  20. mig god . dk

    mig god . dk29 일 전

    That is so cool i love the look of it

  21. Broskipro

    Broskipro개월 전

    who saw the "thanks for the pancakes bro" text at 8:42. like if you did

  22. Logan Pendred

    Logan Pendred개월 전

    i live your vids and also your dog

  23. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter개월 전

    shovel cannons? hows that supposed to work

  24. Hewittsman

    Hewittsman개월 전

    Your really good with wood

  25. D Matte

    D Matte개월 전

    I love your yard! Its amazing to think what a determined man can do with his imagination. Berm creek was real cool but now this? Who knows what you'll do with all this space. This alone is super duper awesome. I can't wait for the completed product of your yard. :D

  26. D Matte

    D Matte개월 전

    Or should I say, forest

  27. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the Paranormal개월 전

    You should make a double at the driveway (really really steep and big though) so you can jump the road or just put a bridge there |: also this reminds me of the hack smith cause every description he has says “this was done but a pro who knows what he’s doing except when he doesn’t”

  28. Story Tunes

    Story Tunes개월 전

    And to think Seth used to think he would own less than a 1/4 of an acre

  29. Arthur on an MTB

    Arthur on an MTB개월 전


  30. BlackFrost

    BlackFrost개월 전

    I could build this in 2 mins in Minecraft what you doing bro

  31. jackson kershner

    jackson kershner개월 전

    He deserves more subscribers and more views. His videos are awesome! I only wish there were more videos for me to watch! I’m always waiting for a vid to come out every week and I wish there could be like 2 vids a week

  32. Rory Giffin

    Rory Giffin개월 전

    Make a wall ride

  33. John Gauthier

    John Gauthier2 개월 전

    I have NO idea why I love watching this🙂

  34. JakesMTB

    JakesMTB2 개월 전

    8:42 who else saw that?

  35. Eleazar’s 009

    Eleazar’s 0092 개월 전


  36. Rob Bastien

    Rob Bastien2 개월 전

    GENERAL COMMENT: Seth - Ever considered covering a MTB event, as a journalist/analyst. Events organizers and sponsors would gladly compensate you to cover their event, before and after....Interviewing athletes, product reviews, etc. Maybe as a second channel.

  37. Jesse Renn

    Jesse Renn2 개월 전

    Lol are you gunnin for a Ryobi ad?

  38. wyatt shaffer

    wyatt shaffer2 개월 전

    2:59 THE ENDUROBARROW!!!!!

  39. Scott Carlon

    Scott Carlon2 개월 전

    I see your riding buddys are as hard to organize for work party’s as mine.

  40. HorseMask 01

    HorseMask 012 개월 전

    8:43 Thanks for the pancakes bro

  41. Bob Sheets

    Bob Sheets2 개월 전

    You could put skateboard grip tape on the ramp like u did in the old bike dunegon

  42. Gary Santana

    Gary Santana2 개월 전

    Thanks for the pancakes bro LOL!!!! subtlety

  43. Shane Dugan

    Shane Dugan2 개월 전

    And yo enclose the plat form in ply wood on sides put a lock and door like dig house keep ur shovels in at top of trail

  44. Shane Dugan

    Shane Dugan2 개월 전

    U could of used alive trees like a tree house platform. Bur yo dirt jump over tree house plat form plat form like 6 fpot 7 foot or higer be trill

  45. Sebastian Ropiak

    Sebastian Ropiak2 개월 전

    You should buy a quad bike for making things in the forest

  46. Kryno_ _

    Kryno_ _2 개월 전

    Thanks for pancakes, Seth

  47. Melissa Sullivan

    Melissa Sullivan3 개월 전

    Ridgelines r gay

  48. Adam Lipscomb

    Adam Lipscomb3 개월 전

    U should try and build a 2 story flight deck

  49. Matt Snyder

    Matt Snyder3 개월 전

    Damn, each time I have seen this, I CRINGE when you land and bottom-out on your 1st test "huck to flat". Sounds like a broken frame.....or racked balls.

  50. Conner Schoenbaum

    Conner Schoenbaum3 개월 전

    You should try to get Ryobi to sponsor one of your vids

  51. clay smith

    clay smith3 개월 전

    Bro you life so close to me its unrealistic

  52. Charlie P

    Charlie P3 개월 전

    Seths building montages are the best part of his videos

  53. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the Paranormal3 개월 전

    Save the saw dust my uncle who has a cabin far from sivilsation (bad spelling I know please correct me someone) uses it to decompose stuff faster

  54. Jacob Hinchliffe

    Jacob Hinchliffe3 개월 전

    *civilization or civilisation

  55. Panda_Pr0

    Panda_Pr03 개월 전

    Thanks for the pancakes, bro

  56. Maddox Parkes

    Maddox Parkes3 개월 전

    You should turn berm peak into a bike park and the entry fee would be 5$, it would be cool

  57. Errahn

    Errahn3 개월 전


  58. Tnarg

    Tnarg3 개월 전

    What was the brown stuff u put on that tree?

  59. decrepit shit

    decrepit shit3 개월 전

    You should put some walls and make a hangout under the deck lol

  60. Skawagon

    Skawagon4 개월 전

    RE 1:23 I love that you are thinking about the environmental impact of wood chemicals Seth. Anyway, here in central Europe we have saying that goes something like this: What burns, doesn't rot. And it originates from the notion that If you want to preserve wood, especially when it is partially buried in ground, you can just simply burn its outer skin where it touches the dirt and about a foot above the ground and that will give the wood a much longer life. It works well and is relatively easy to do with propane blow-torch.

  61. Neshijs_ YT

    Neshijs_ YT4 개월 전

    Make a house toor

  62. Charlie LaFont

    Charlie LaFont4 개월 전

    you should make one of the ramps steps because steps are really fun to ride down.