Build Your Own Tank Battle!!


  1. JM YT

    JM YT일 전

    What has happened to J Fred’s Hand?

  2. Prangga Kusumawardhana

    Prangga Kusumawardhana일 전

    bobby have a tiger 131tank

  3. Prangga Kusumawardhana

    Prangga Kusumawardhana일 전

    i saw a nazi simbol in when bobby raise hes hand for seebration they are nazi not america

  4. Alex Ristevski

    Alex Ristevski2 일 전

    What happened to Mathis

  5. Kara Mcbrayer

    Kara Mcbrayer3 일 전

    That one piece of fuz inside of Bobby’s pit

  6. Kara Mcbrayer

    Kara Mcbrayer3 일 전

    I’m laughing so hard

  7. Jonathan Hill

    Jonathan Hill3 일 전

    How may time Dose Bobby get hit in the ouch spot?! It’s so funny haha!?

  8. Kuba Grotowski

    Kuba Grotowski4 일 전

    Destroyeers : sneak 100

  9. alexander cheney

    alexander cheney5 일 전

    turf would have probably been a better idea

  10. Kyle Gardner

    Kyle Gardner5 일 전

    Whoever edited this video deserves a raise

  11. Techers ES

    Techers ES5 일 전

    Dude perfect

  12. Harry Murtagh

    Harry Murtagh6 일 전

    The grass tank is camouflage

  13. Leo Pereyra

    Leo Pereyra6 일 전

    Wher is matt

  14. Ivi Lim

    Ivi Lim6 일 전

    9:03 funny 😆

  15. william agent 3

    william agent 36 일 전

    This video sums up what American tanks were like in the 1930s the time the Americans didn't know what design is better for the military

  16. Jodie Snelling

    Jodie Snelling7 일 전

    Joe and brains tank would have good for world war

  17. Jordan Saylor

    Jordan Saylor7 일 전

    Joey: say what's up Jordan Me: what's up!

  18. Eletricell 18

    Eletricell 187 일 전


  19. haiden and marvin channel

    haiden and marvin channel8 일 전

    Eat ass

  20. Furret

    Furret8 일 전

    ‘Why are you so sticky’ My dear Brian, perhaps you do not wish to know the answer to that.

  21. Chadbot Skeet

    Chadbot Skeet8 일 전

    Yo where’d did you guys get that protection jacket I kind of need one and I like that one plz somebody answer

  22. GAMMA

    GAMMA9 일 전

    Blood is red, Water is blue, I got Clickbaited so did you

  23. Marker Buddy

    Marker Buddy9 일 전

    1:50 “Gorillas are so sticky, man.” Bobby

  24. Sophie Rapuano

    Sophie Rapuano9 일 전

    RIP joey

  25. ThatGreenBean

    ThatGreenBean10 일 전


  26. Shannon Evans

    Shannon Evans10 일 전

    Awesome video

  27. Grant Stidham

    Grant Stidham10 일 전

    LOL the destroyees means they are getting destroyed, just like employees get employed : D

  28. Jennifer Johnson

    Jennifer Johnson10 일 전

    I think Joey will win

  29. Fizi Salor

    Fizi Salor11 일 전

    Destroyerooya tank like monster destoroyah from godzilla movie🤣🤣

  30. golden bunny yt

    golden bunny yt11 일 전

    ok 69% in voting said bobby team and 30% bryan team, 1: we breaked math 2:nice

  31. Trisfer 11

    Trisfer 1111 일 전

    Reality vs vituality

  32. laraexoxo

    laraexoxo12 일 전

    Burn flamingo

  33. khloe smith

    khloe smith12 일 전

    At the beginning he tells us their names me: wait what is their names again XD Joey: say whatsup jordyn Jordyn: sayes whatsup awkwardly* XD XD XD XD LOL LOL LOL like if you think the same thing LOL

  34. devilinmysoul

    devilinmysoul13 일 전

    At least you tried hahaha

  35. meowser beowser

    meowser beowser14 일 전

    no the flamingo

  36. Gianni Ghazi

    Gianni Ghazi14 일 전


  37. Ivory The Bashful

    Ivory The Bashful14 일 전

    I miss the music at 4:02!

  38. Yamen farhan

    Yamen farhan15 일 전


  39. Miguel Trujillo

    Miguel Trujillo16 일 전

    Soooooo, we are just gonna ignore the Fact that, Bobby has an armpit piercing!?!? Lol

  40. Debrue

    Debrue15 일 전

    Thats a Styrofoam ball

  41. Amanda Morrow

    Amanda Morrow16 일 전

    7:07 Armpit Piercing Hahahah

  42. Katie Smith

    Katie Smith16 일 전

    Bobby's tank legit bounces like Hill Climb Racing LOL

  43. ethan landis

    ethan landis16 일 전

    Does Bobby have a peircing in his armpit??

  44. Troy Zylla

    Troy Zylla17 일 전

    I’m in the blue shirt at 5:21 in the back

  45. Sarah Siudak

    Sarah Siudak17 일 전

    just started watching the videos they are great i subscribed turned the post notifications on and liked i love the videos

  46. Nedret İpekler

    Nedret İpekler17 일 전

    i miss you guys

  47. Ilana_ Chan Editz

    Ilana_ Chan Editz18 일 전

    Me:?!?!? 😆 *smurk*

  48. Ilana_ Chan Editz

    Ilana_ Chan Editz18 일 전

    J-jfred = We Have A ---- Bobby: Why Is Ur Hand Sticky?

  49. Ilana_ Chan Editz

    Ilana_ Chan Editz18 일 전


  50. Kumiko Smith

    Kumiko Smith18 일 전

    Hmm look at that TWO giants aka Jordan and j-Fred stand on each others shoulders they would actually be the same size as a REAL giraffe

  51. Funnyfire Gaming

    Funnyfire Gaming18 일 전

    What happened to Matthias we miss him

  52. pancakes77

    pancakes7718 일 전

    Poor flamingo 3:33

  53. Bodhi Bode

    Bodhi Bode18 일 전

    You mom

  54. I_DeX2

    I_DeX219 일 전

    look at that thing lol 1:36

  55. Daniele Ponce

    Daniele Ponce19 일 전

    The hair and the turtle....but the turtle didnt win this time 😂😂😂😂

  56. Wadsworthpew

    Wadsworthpew19 일 전


  57. Eliosa Flores Bryan

    Eliosa Flores Bryan19 일 전

    4:47 Joey: says oops Me : and I oop

  58. Jordan Nicholson

    Jordan Nicholson19 일 전

    0:15 Jordan!?!? :O

  59. TurtleGamer

    TurtleGamer20 일 전

    Poor flamingo

  60. Maribel m

    Maribel m20 일 전

    Bobby has a tattoo.

  61. desislava peevska

    desislava peevska20 일 전

    He looks so f***ing confused 3:52

  62. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans20 일 전

    Do it again but battle huge disappointment with building these tank armour for nothing I wanted to see a war

  63. MonsterBeast Gaming

    MonsterBeast Gaming20 일 전

    Cool 😎

  64. MonsterBeast Gaming

    MonsterBeast Gaming20 일 전

    8:53 bad ass

  65. EthanLlamaDude4

    EthanLlamaDude421 일 전

    This was released 10 days before my birthday

  66. The Productionist

    The Productionist21 일 전

    The destroyees would be the people being destroyed. Still always root for Joey

  67. Fue Xiong

    Fue Xiong21 일 전

    I was wrong jfred won... my heart...

  68. Andrew Hamoy

    Andrew Hamoy21 일 전

    Bryan:you know which one will look best 30 seconds later..... Bryan:this is the stupidest tank ever

  69. Transic

    Transic21 일 전

    Do LemonMade Vs. Team Edge in a video competition you guys choose the video idea

  70. clumsy smurf

    clumsy smurf20 일 전

    What team would j fred be on tho

  71. Joel Hessling

    Joel Hessling21 일 전

    Soviet/german armsrace 1941-1945 colorised

  72. Jaydon Kammavongsa

    Jaydon Kammavongsa21 일 전

    Team Edge has the funniest editors😂

  73. Amanda Ketchem

    Amanda Ketchem19 일 전

    Heard of CoryXKenshin?

  74. Moon_Gaming

    Moon_Gaming21 일 전

    Joeys my favorite XD

  75. Angel Jimenez

    Angel Jimenez22 일 전


  76. Angel Jimenez

    Angel Jimenez22 일 전


  77. Janara Kimberly Jaducana

    Janara Kimberly Jaducana22 일 전

    Bobby's buffing up😮😮😮

  78. Haroon Shahid

    Haroon Shahid22 일 전

    Remember when they only had a million subscribers, I miss the old days but the present is better for them not for me

  79. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound22 일 전

    Where’s Marvin at??

  80. Megan Schmidt

    Megan Schmidt22 일 전

    What happened to j Fred's middle finger

  81. Kimberly Dunham

    Kimberly Dunham22 일 전

    This was hilarious

  82. Tristess Patrick

    Tristess Patrick23 일 전

    joey is my so cool!!!!!!!!

  83. EZ Extinct

    EZ Extinct23 일 전

    Those pops at 2:47 are nice to hear

  84. Game sharks 51

    Game sharks 5123 일 전

    There was barely any footage of one team