BTS - Make It Right (방탄소년단 - Make It Right) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]


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    +흉하양 동영상 올리신 분이에요 ㅋㅋㅋ

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  4. مسلمه بلا مذهب. ملكه من كوكب ثاني

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    شكرا على الترجمه بالغه العربيه. راح اشترك في قناتك😍

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    Hi. Can i ask you something? Because i am starting to make a channel in where I am going to make mv reaction (which i need the mv to put in the video) could you pls tell me how to not get copyright claim. Pls. Because i have uploaded my mv reaction for bts and I check in the video it says "copyright claim" i really hope you would reply to this .😭

  6. Ghina Boukhari

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  7. ikki-chan

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    But that part at 1:15 i think Tae is singing, not Jungkook...

  8. Solomon Dickson

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    Confused jungkook:said confused

  9. Solomon Dickson

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    But you cant you already hurt my grand daugther

  10. Solomon Dickson

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  11. Gashyoongi

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  12. Jimin's Flexible Neck

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    *i also feel like the song is for the members themselves, to each other expressing how much they love each other,how they can't live without eachother, and thats SOOO SWEET UwU*

  13. leejunho wife

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    OMG j-hop's part is killing ❤🙈

  14. Mimii s

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    If they will ever disband this is the perfect goodbye song 😳😭

  15. Jimin's Flexible Neck

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    *this song actually makes me feel alright. i get into this state of euphoric feeling, and i feel like they're saying this to me personally. is that only me?*

  16. Mimii s

    Mimii s시간 전

    I feel like the meaning is towards army, like a goodbye but at the same time not

  17. Sofia Juanillo

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    Kookie wl cookies... Taehyung looks so good( on the pic & vocal) *Im dying😅* Wut DA???....

  18. Taolà Fanticótâm

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    JinHit Entertainment is real!!

  19. Taolà Fanticótâm

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    i can make it right!!

  20. Kim Cordelia

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    Guys keep your caption on

  21. Jungkook Lover

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    Taehyung voice is awesome in this song!....first line is just WOWWW....

  22. NoJamsFor TheMochi

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    Ed Sheeran with these gorgeous talented boyz oh gahd labdksbdkbsosbd 💜💜💜💜

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  24. Jungkook-senpai BTS_

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    me: ok lets listen to this 3 sec in to the vid: * starts crying*

  25. 아미씌

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    멤버들목소리 다 너무좋다ㅠㅠㅠ 이번노래다 넘좋은거같다♡

  26. agentperil

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    jimin said baby 2x in this song and therefore i have also asssshsgsjsgshsjskal'd 2x

  27. Hoseokie Hobi

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  28. Hoseokie Hobi

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    1:22 _i just need this part on loop dats all_

  29. Pendragon

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    1:55 Wait I listened to this song non stop since its release and I was so sure JM said "Baby hello" like wth??

  30. kkookie Love

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    It's expected that you'll always do your best and excel at it but it won't stop me from giving you the praises and recognition that you deserve every time. Jeon Jungkook you did so well, and as always your voice is melody itself, I hope your passion in music touch everyone's heart and bring joy to those who listens

  31. ann :3

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    *jhope really makes me fall in love with him voice* (I love all♥)

  32. Kyut Si Cassey

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    If i cant marry j-hope can I atleast have his voiiceeeee

  33. Medina Da

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    j hope voice :o

  34. Faisa Omar

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    V oppa 🥰

  35. Gabriel Tiongson

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    jins neck doe

  36. Monjit BORTHAKUR

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    sutmarni sob kla lwra

  37. Kim D'souza

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    Suga: please save my life... *_ARMY TO THE RESCUE_*

  38. Kim D'souza

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    Lol... the Captions killed me 😂

  39. B r

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    _the subs complete me_ *kookie with cookies*

  40. Sxdie_Avxcado

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    Ed Sheehan wrote this song! I’m so proud of their success ❤️🥰

  41. Bling Shoogie

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    That fucking song gives me summer feelings and Jk's vocals omg hot kookie💖🔥

  42. Sima Haldet

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    All right all right I will make it right Me : you already made it right

  43. ю рог

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  44. 역미

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  45. Mini mimi

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    I’m listening to this, and all I can hear is, I COULD MAKE IT ALL MIGHT!

  46. Mr Piggy

    Mr Piggy4 시간 전

    this is my second fav from the entire album 💕

  47. 규환

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    응 군욱이가 더 잘불러

  48. Sharmin Rahman

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    Kookie with COOKIES ! LOL !uwu

  49. zouzam vaiphei

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    J hope🤡🤡🤡🤡

  50. kamini sinha

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    all are amazing...... Can't compare amongst them

  51. um hi

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    1:22 blessing to everyone ears 😍💜 thank you 💜 Hobi

  52. -.- nobody.

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    me waiting for j hope to rap: :o j hope : singing like a angel me: AHHHHHHHHHHHH dad:why are you screaming? dad coming in my room: AHHHHHHHHHH

  53. naruto uzamaki

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  54. MSP poppycorn

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    kimtae huyung ♥♥♥

  55. yeon tani

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    Bts Kim taehyung's voice. The deepest voice I have ever heard in my whole world that touches directly into heart

  56. janeyyy Kim

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    This one really got me big time! The vocals are so damn fiiiiiine! It gives me all the emotions that I could get! My God! This is a masterpiece 😍💕

  57. LeJINdary Sheets

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    *"Our Jungkookie is holding Kookies. Must be his cHiLds."*

  58. Rubala Suresh

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    Hobi is the golden hyung. Lead vocalist of Sope. Lol.


    HEY STOBIT5 시간 전


  60. Chigu gg

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    My jhope favorite part

  61. Stephanie - chan

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    I'll say it again. BigHit has no idea what is it to have a bad song.

  62. Jonas Sp

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    Can we please appreciate all seven members and not only one? Who agree?

  63. Dt Damsir Mamuja

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    jhope gila keren banget suarany ..... suaranya punya ciri khas

  64. spill the tae

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  65. Angle Bb

    Angle Bb6 시간 전

    i cant with the subtitles lmaoooo

  66. Girls Squad

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    jhopeeee,your voice, i canttttt

  67. XxPeachy CreamyxX

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    Put on captions please. Thanks, bye

  68. Nguyễn Nhungg

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    Jhope rap đỉnh quá ^.^ Cả YoonGi nữa,RM cũng vậy:3

  69. ᅡᅥJayxXLoser

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    Am I Wrong? -2017 Make It Right -2019

  70. laya !

    laya !6 시간 전

    Okay we all listening to make it right more than boy with luv here !!

  71. Blosssom CQ

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    Why did I cry reading this lyrics 🥺😭 Am so happy I found this fandom some years ago 😊

  72. Strawberry Milk tea

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    lmaoo Kookie with the cookies...I see what you did that ;)

  73. park yeonsan

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    This song makes me Melt😱😱😱I luv it.. 💟💟💗💗💗💓💓💓💓

  74. Kaepora Gaebora

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  75. arlene idorot

    arlene idorot7 시간 전

    Wow, this is the first time I will hear hobi's vocals

  76. Ayesha Siddika

    Ayesha Siddika7 시간 전

    Me:I am so angry right now V:I can make it right

  77. Serendipity .W

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    Ah, Hoseok...

  78. Kang and Park's Daughter

    Kang and Park's Daughter8 시간 전

    this is *Hobi's* dream in the first place right? To sing? AhhHhkKkk my baby is getting what he deservess❤❤

  79. Tajie

    Tajie8 시간 전

    I love how namjoon sings or raps so calmly

  80. swaggy taeh

    swaggy taeh8 시간 전

    I just love how the subtitle says "king king king" when its our leaders turn✨💜

  81. Ly Nhin

    Ly Nhin8 시간 전

    JHOPE..! Went U sing my Heart is OMG U know!

  82. Dung Nguyen

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    I love you BTS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  83. Zero Two

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  84. Saray Barrios

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    Deaaam..... jhope pa la vocal line

  85. NauticalNarwhals

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    Finally flexing J's vocals! Originally tried out for vocals, but then was changed to rap! Wowwwwww and the live performance was so good, too!

  86. Purnima Khanal

    Purnima Khanal9 시간 전

    Am I the only one who feels this song is similar to 'a different way " from DJ Snake ??? just listen it to it once.. you'll know

  87. Park Unnie

    Park Unnie9 시간 전

    Jelou, army latina presente nunca impresente, BTS

  88. Peaire Sinclare

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    Thank you so much for the English translations!! I appreciate you now I can fully understand the beauty of the song by knowing exactly what they are saying. Love You ARMY!!!!!!

  89. Forest Wild flower

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    Hobiiii!!! I love his voice so muchㅠㅠ 💜💜

  90. Bang tan sweets BTS_Anime

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    PERFECT. 😊💜💜

  91. Vicente Gab

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    Jhope's part............... I'm dying

  92. aceline anderson

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    OMG!! J-HOPE voice ❤ i'am dying.....

  93. Kelli Rae

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    I LOVE this song! I’ve listened at least 100 times today!

  94. Lucy Link

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    Jungkook and Jin’s english got meeee

  95. Daniela Fernanda

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    Por Dios!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Mori con la parte de JHOPE !!! 💖🔥

  96. Aijeleth Nicole

    Aijeleth Nicole10 시간 전

    If Jungkook can only hold me tighter

  97. Sơ Ly

    Sơ Ly10 시간 전

    Is it me or the beat is similar (just a bit) to "Different Ways" by DJ Snake, Lauv :v...

  98. qien noora

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  99. seaycee shipper KSlove

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    And here's J-hope breaking my heartu :'") He's such a bad bias wrecker❤❤❤

  100. GuardianDragon6

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  101. seaycee shipper KSlove

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    Jungkook harmonies while Suga is singing it's just heavenly.

  102. Em Jhane

    Em Jhane10 시간 전

    I love this track💓 wanting me to lie on my bed all day long with this reapeatedly playing.

  103. QueenxLxguna

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    Agh all there voices. This is why this is my favorite song.

  104. Mary The Fairy

    Mary The Fairy11 시간 전

    00:47 anyone else think this verse sounds like Lauv Different Way?

  105. Mahisha Probha

    Mahisha Probha11 시간 전

    I love this song soo much