BTS - Make It Right (방탄소년단 - Make It Right) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]


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    Good one

  3. LEYA _ ASMR

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    How do u know BTS like it!?

  4. HeY StOb It!!!!!!!! /you got no jams

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    @reinz rames namjoon

  5. HeY StOb It!!!!!!!! /you got no jams

    HeY StOb It!!!!!!!! /you got no jams8 일 전

    @The Cutest Gamer Girl I just love namjoon too. But my bias wrecker is jin

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    I just realize Kookie has Cookies 🥰

  8. K-popTrash

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    "Kookie with cookies" lmao😂😂

  9. Taylor lol

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    His name is taeyhung g not v

  10. Yerixandra Barriento

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    Ed Sheeran’s song -beautiful people sounds really similar to BTS make it right did Ed sheeran copy BTS 😲😲

  11. Y o o n m i n

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    "I could make it better, I could hold you tighter" kookie has bee practicing 🙏

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    Who is the most handsome ? Kim Nam Joon- like Kim Seok Jin- like Min Yoongi- like Jung Ho Seok- like Park Jimin- like Kim TaeHyung- like Jeon JungKook- like BTS- like, comments Not who- thanks for the view

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    *{...} Rm's Looks Very Good At Rap Now, Actually He Didn't Do Much Rap In This Mv But Loved It, J-hope Changed The Voice A Lot! {...}*

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  16. Jimin’s jams

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    Taes voice is so deep but still higher than my grades

  17. yoongi infires

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    Wait jhope can sing?!! 😲

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    Right when their voice cracks just a litle

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    احد يشوف تناغم جينكوك مع الميوزك ولا انا بس(;

  23. Jung Hoseok c:

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    turn on captions “kookie with cookies”

  24. Hajar Joubi

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    Bts: I can make it right Me : u surely can love 💜

  25. Ananya Sampathkumar

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    this album was everything and more

  26. MÃLÄK

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    Jimin Can u make it right

  27. krypton btw

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    C. C.

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    Everytime they sang in english. Damn, it's make hotter every comeback. Eargasm, y'all. 😍💕

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    if you like this song, listen to ed sheeran's beautiful people ft. kinda sound the same..both are good songs! ❤

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    I never expected that was jhope when I was listening to audio

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    Is that j hope i cant believe it woooooow who agrees pls like



    J-hopeeeeee!!! His vocals... *W.O.W* and.... Editor-nim!! Your captions are cute😄

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    Tru tho.........

  35. Marisela Ngata

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    Jimin an under pipe strawberry...........WTF!

  36. since 1998

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    not Jungkook bias but his part in this song is my favorite and I always gets goosebumps he sounds like an angel 🤧

  37. 윤려빗.

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    Oh I con make it right 할때 지민오라버니랑 태형 오라버니랑 정국오라버니랑 석진오라버니 4명아 부르는걸로 할고있는데요..

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    Hablo español

  39. Cathy Balisi

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    The subs tho. "Underripe strawberry"

  40. cutie Kayla

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    This song makes me feel so sad because one day bts won't be with us

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    احب اسمعها في الخريف

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    This is the first time that I heard j-hope sing(not in rap way) and I was like.... 😳😍

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    I really love this song man 🥺🥺🥺

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    Who can hear J-hope's voice in almost every part??! Only me?? Ok...

  46. Ayesha Noor

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    Bts 2016: AM I WRONG Bts 2018: AND I KNOW THERE'S NO MAKING THIS RIGHT Bts 2019: I CAN MAKE IT RIGHT I'll cry now! These boys have grown so much

  47. M M

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    I love Rm , Jin , Suga , Jhope, Jimin , V , Kook

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    Ok i love this song but i just wanna brag that i got an ad from m2 playing full boy with love on jungkook's focus. I'm blessed.

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    Dope 490 = 500 view fighting

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    Whats that song where Yoongi goes "Suga" and then he raps and goes "ay ay" about a million times?

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    1:42 dunno why..but that line sorta reminded me of Jimin 😂😂😂😂