1. Ma. Eugenia Romero

    Ma. Eugenia Romero2 시간 전

    This is weird

  2. Bumbobi Bumbobi

    Bumbobi Bumbobi2 시간 전

    "I want it!!!!"

  3. Twin Butterfly

    Twin Butterfly3 시간 전

    At 3:23 - 3:36 I think Jungkook is singing (if I’m wrong please don’t get mad at me) but he is singing the “oh my my” I don’t understand why they cover that part up in the music video, they sound amazing live

  4. McKenna Doyle

    McKenna Doyle4 시간 전

    I kept see V laughing with other members and it kept reminding me of when that video of when J-hope was going over the choreography with them and they kept goofing around and they all kept laughing throughout the whole thing

  5. Rand Irshaid

    Rand Irshaid4 시간 전

    I know them for two years and still amazed of how good they are, this is the perfect performance 🌌

  6. ashly

    ashly7 시간 전

    yoongi 😭😭😭 i cant stop looking at him

  7. Style Leaño

    Style Leaño8 시간 전

    As a Michael Jackson fan, I've never encountered another set of artists ooze such heavy charisma and presence on stage. I might just be exaggerating since I'm rarely updated about the fresh faces in the entertainment industry we have today, but one thing I'm sure about is that BTS is one hell of boy group. The fact that seven talented individuals with so much character are squeezed in a single band is just amazing to me. Where did they find these people? Not to mention how attractive they are. I didn't even notice I was already tearing up watching their performers until I felt my cheeks wet. Now I get why they're insanely popular and respected. (Also, I might or I might not be crushing on the guy with the awesome pink hair.)

  8. 7starsthatshine bright

    7starsthatshine bright시간 전

    Style Leaño :) thanks for sharing your thoughts I also think the same it is very seldom to find Artists with so much character, stage presents and talent ...I also am not to upto date but since becoming an ARMY ( BTS fan) I have seen some major Awardshows and was also curious but have not found the same in other Artists dont get me wrong a few I saw are also on a high level but there was still something missing ? I dont know how to put it in words .... anyways the one with "pink hair" is Jimin :) full name Park Jimin ( Park being his family name which comes first in Korea) hm I am suming you might be down for some infos / links ... so like every BTS member Jimin also has solo works on BTS Albums or his own fully self produced song on their soundcloud. - - Serendipity :koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-BEMaH9Sm3lQ.html ( the live performance is A+++ but there are only fancams ( but really good ones !!!) has an MV with "comeback trailer" in it as they call a new Album "comeback" and BTS always releases the intro Song as trailer... ( P.S there is a full version on the Love Yourslef:Answer Album but a shorter version is the intro song to Love Yourslef:Her so u will not be confused) - Lie : ( has no real MV) "short film/ was only a teaser for the wings album for the solo songs and also part of their Storytelling :koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-_y8-HD5O69g.html live : koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-8oP9Yc6_NVM.html - Promis: soundcloud.com/bangtan/firstjiminpresent ( his fully self produced song only on soundcloud, it was a present for Armys , P.S the cover pic was made by V here blue hair) ----- **Introduction video** to the members from 2018 so it is missing new music, and records etc. but still a very good start: Who is BTS?: The Seven Members of Bangtan by SUGA & spice koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-xu0IfBvZMRs.html ______

  9. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Style Leaño oh and here a vid of Jimin’s solo song so that you can crush a little more ;) koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-nS2x6BKMGWI.html

  10. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Style Leaño they all auditioned for their entertainment company they are in now. none of them knew each other before. the blonde rapper was the first one, RM aka Namjoon. RM and Suga (red shirt) were both underground rappers. Jhope, the third rapper, was a street dancer amd very famous in his hometown. V in the blue hair actually only brought a friend to the audition but was asked to audition himself. Jin woth dark grey hair just got off a bus amd was acouted on the street. The guy in the tie, white shirt and dark hair is Jungkook and is the main vocal. He got scouted by seven different companies after he auditioned for a tv show similar to x factor when he was only 14 years old. RM already had some stuff released by them and when he saw his music he decided to join the same label as him despite havin much bigger companies that wanted to sign woth him. Jimin is the one with the pink hair. He was year’s best at his modern dance academy and his damce teacher urged him to audition.

  11. edwinhusic

    edwinhusic9 시간 전

    1:34 V : "Hey !" Haters : "Lip-sync, for sure."

  12. HOPE

    HOPE6 시간 전

    😂😂😂 haters are out of their minds for sure

  13. imagen pro.

    imagen pro.12 시간 전

    Thats park jimin bad ass mf

  14. Irene Suach

    Irene Suach13 시간 전

    Every morning on my way to work I watch this. It just lift my humor 😍💜 go BTS 💜💜💜💜

  15. Justin Gilbert

    Justin Gilbert15 시간 전

    Guy with black hair and black shoes 😍

  16. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Justin Gilbert he is the main vocal:) check his solo performance out here koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-DXYQS8x-nx0.html

  17. Grace Lancaster

    Grace Lancaster14 시간 전

    That's Jungkook :)

  18. Justin Gilbert

    Justin Gilbert15 시간 전


  19. it’s camEla cabeYo sir

    it’s camEla cabeYo sir16 시간 전

    Wow..... TALENT!

  20. Rose Edelweis

    Rose Edelweis17 시간 전

    Guy with blue hair😍😍

  21. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Rose Edelweis he is incredibly talented! check out his solo mv here it’s mesmerizing! koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-p8npDG2ulKQ.html

  22. Grace Lancaster

    Grace Lancaster14 시간 전

    That's Taehyung, his stage name is V :)

  23. Maxsuel Ferraz oficial

    Maxsuel Ferraz oficial19 시간 전


  24. Sarah Al-Ghonaim

    Sarah Al-Ghonaim19 시간 전

    Whos that guy he's a visual 😳 3:15 plsss answer!!!

  25. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Sarah Al-Ghonaim he rapped the intro for this album! check it out koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-M9Uy0opVF3s.html

  26. Life is cool

    Life is cool17 시간 전

    RM(rap monster) aka Namjoon(real name)

  27. Holla chim

    Holla chim20 시간 전

    I still come here every now and then to feel blessed

  28. Malak Khaled

    Malak Khaled일 전

    is it weird that at first I hated boy with luv but now I LUV IT

  29. Kuroyuki

    Kuroyuki3 시간 전

    bcs u like their perf ? honestly first i dislike idol, but their perf with idol is insane!! and then i like idol

  30. Justin Gilbert

    Justin Gilbert15 시간 전

    It's because BTS can change haters into their fans

  31. Holla chim

    Holla chim20 시간 전

    I liked it when it was release and now I'm obsessed

  32. Lena Bean

    Lena Bean일 전

    I love that yoongi is just singing the entire time.. adorable

  33. Sir Meow

    Sir Meow일 전

    This guy on discord called me gay for liking BTS and i'm a boy. ;(

  34. HOPE

    HOPE6 시간 전

    Ignore them i mean all boy like 1D , justin ..etc and all them are men but why they call you gay when it comes to bts they are racists just be proud of what you love and be strong . Don't let them win you are the one in the right side 👌👍🏻

  35. Sir Meow

    Sir Meow9 시간 전

    @Justin Gilbert :D

  36. Justin Gilbert

    Justin Gilbert15 시간 전

    The guy you mentioned must be the real gay lol

  37. Sir Meow

    Sir Meow23 시간 전

    @‘Moonshine&’Sunshine yay

  38. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine23 시간 전

    Sir Meow oh no, that’s stupid! there’s nothing wrong with both of those things: being gay or liking BTS. you are very much appreciated here 💜

  39. Steffi

    Steffi일 전

    You know you are truly into them when you fanchant their names even though nobody chants in the video!! 💕

  40. meet bts bangtan

    meet bts bangtan일 전

    jimin 😍

  41. kWoN oUjO

    kWoN oUjO일 전

    such a small stage is no problem with our professional artists....

  42. Meja Olsson

    Meja Olsson일 전

    the guy in the suit is really good

  43. BoneS

    BoneS일 전

    No autotune changes them

  44. 정민아

    정민아일 전


  45. 오해든

    오해든일 전

    남준이는 노래안해용ㅠㅠ

  46. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskey일 전

    Amazing song rock 😎

  47. Nana I yoonkookmin's manager

    Nana I yoonkookmin's manager일 전

    this remains as their most iconic bwl performance

  48. Sophia Thomas

    Sophia Thomas일 전

    i like boy with luv as it is they didn't need to add a band to go with song i think the song that BTS created them selves is good the way it is no need for a band

  49. star burst

    star burst6 시간 전

    Its BTS's band, you can hear them playing during their concerts or on their songs, they are usually hidden away in the background. We are only graced with their presence because SNL is filmed on a small set so no space for them to be hidden away.

  50. Sophia Thomas

    Sophia Thomas일 전

    also take the band people out and then boy with luv will be fine

  51. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Sophia Thomas I actually like this smooth version better

  52. IngoGarza

    IngoGarza일 전

    It's a shame the SNL stage is notorious for shit audio mix. It still stands true as the levels are all over the place but can't blame BTS for that.

  53. Devin McFarlin

    Devin McFarlin2 일 전

    sope at 00:53 😂🥰

  54. rasyidah andini

    rasyidah andini2 일 전

    can't take my eyes off the guy in the white hair

  55. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    rasyidah andini he rapped (wrote and produced btw) the intro to this album! you should give it a listen koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-M9Uy0opVF3s.html

  56. Grace Lancaster

    Grace Lancaster일 전

    That's Namjoon, the leader of BTS :)

  57. Sammie R.

    Sammie R.2 일 전

    Dude! I have known them for over 2 years now and they have changed the WORLD! They deserve a Nobel peace prize! #btsfornobel

  58. Anushka Sarkar

    Anushka Sarkar2 일 전

    Their stage presence is so damn good. They're having a full on choreographed dance performance but their vocals are still so stable and on point. Like goddamn😍

  59. Lotus

    Lotus2 일 전

    BTS outsold and blocked the way.

  60. Elle

    Elle2 일 전

    god jimin has to stop attacking me (with his lip bites)

  61. Erika Casellas

    Erika Casellas2 일 전

    So glad there aren't chants for once I can hear the performance

  62. Wendy Taing

    Wendy Taing2 일 전

    UMMMM do ya'll see Suga though?!! I had no idea he can dance like THAT!

  63. Bangtan Forever

    Bangtan Forever2 일 전

    I don't like K-pop but I just love BTS. They are my favorite. ARMY forever

  64. bwl 7

    bwl 73 일 전

    Love this

  65. Mic Drop

    Mic Drop3 일 전

    Still wow after all these yrs

  66. DarkPinayLover

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  67. DarkPinayLover

    DarkPinayLover3 일 전


  68. luis br

    luis br3 일 전

    Armys 💜💜💜💜💜

  69. ShookethKooketh

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  70. roads ethics

    roads ethics2 일 전


  71. Magic Shop

    Magic Shop3 일 전

    Yeah 💜💜💜

  72. Park Hidden

    Park Hidden3 일 전

    @3:37 that's my sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Jennie's Smile

    Jennie's Smile3 일 전

    1:00 Whos that guy who was singing? Cant take my eyes off him

  74. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Jennie's Smile jungkook is the main vocal! you should check his solo performance out koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-DXYQS8x-nx0.html

  75. Park Hidden

    Park Hidden3 일 전

    JungKook :)

  76. Gary Abbott

    Gary Abbott3 일 전

    The total package- singing and then the shit hot(amazing timing) Dancing!! It's easy on the ears! Meaning good! A boy band of the present! Hopefully not misgendering the band?? If I did...... The LIBTARD's shall tell me! As I'm an apparent cis(non beta bitch male) White.... BRITISH MALE!!! I will say I was enjoying it until reading CNN,BBC.

  77. Gary Abbott

    Gary Abbott시간 전

    @fran cesca: I wrote that after a drinking session. So this means I'm a bit mouthy.... Keyboard wise! You say toxic masculinity? That's like saying there's a rape culture! Men and woman are different flower. We both have testosterone, it's just alot more than woman have! You have larger amounts of estrogens than us men.what about toxic Femanists? Who shout at men and tell them because of being male, and if white too then we (as I'm white) are the worst specimen on this planet! Men more than most love and cherish woman, and there's a few twats whom spoil it by being a Cretinous arsehole. Just saying!

  78. fran cesca

    fran cesca시간 전

    Gary Abbott they are men and they really are! I also mean within. tje beauty standard in east asia is quite different than here. they prefer a ‚clean and neat‘ look (that’s why they are all shaved). also wearing make up is norm form male performers there. their style also fights toxic masculinity.

  79. Siena André

    Siena André3 일 전

    they are men. you are not misgendering them