BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL


  1. Pjmxnie uwu

    Pjmxnie uwu14 분 전

    @ locals in the comment, make sure to watch Dionysus performance too. You'll fall in love with all the energy they bring on stage. we stan

  2. mae

    mae17 분 전

    Watch BTS perform Dionysus at MCOUNTDOWN, thank me later 🔥

  3. mae

    mae17 분 전

    Or Make It Right live at Mcountdown 🤧👍🏼

  4. fleet

    fleet21 분 전

    I made my mom watch this and she immediately fell in love with BTS.

  5. erina monk

    erina monk21 분 전

    yg baca komen ini orang indonesia like ya 😘

  6. Muhiim Khadar

    Muhiim Khadar27 분 전

    I am proudly saying I am a new army😍😍😍😍

  7. MyrthexLatoya

    MyrthexLatoya17 분 전

    Muhiim Khadar welcome 💜

  8. M.J

    M.J31 분 전

    jimins energy is infectious and as a whole they are literally bundles of joy. a very solid performance

  9. 미묘나라

    미묘나라33 분 전

    오래가라~ BTS

  10. Nathalie Mangsat

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  11. kimjenni

    kimjenni41 분 전

    BTS amazing performers

  12. Hani Omar

    Hani Omar48 분 전

    Armt We can do it !!!!FIGHTING!!!!

  13. m j

    m j59 분 전

    *listen my my baby i* really love jungkook

  14. Fiona Smich

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  15. Mahalakshmi Balaji

    Mahalakshmi Balaji시간 전

    V: Thank you Thank you Me: 😍😵

  16. Christian Natcher

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    #BTS Fitness!If you like fitness and bodybuilding! Come visit my channel! There's a lot of exercise you can learn! 🤗🤗🤗

  17. Sara Chaman

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  18. stop reporting Mv

    stop reporting Mv시간 전

    How do i vote for billboard??????

  19. Leyla Erguillo Romero

    Leyla Erguillo Romero시간 전

    OMG estuvo genial,me encantó......🌟🌟⭐⭐♥ alguien más que hable español jajaja

  20. Min Yoongina

    Min Yoongina시간 전

    O jungkook não muda, vei. Ta sempre um pitelzinho.

  21. taehyung is my jam

    taehyung is my jam시간 전

    This era belonged to my Taehyung~~

  22. 8sh official

    8sh official시간 전

    1:31 I love how Tae says "shronger" instead of "stronger" 🙈 Sounds wayyy too cute 😍

  23. 하재철

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  24. Seth Sorenson

    Seth Sorenson시간 전

    Everybody on the comment section please search Dionysus Live Performance, and be ready to be blown away

  25. Salma Riyaniz

    Salma Riyaniz시간 전

    It’s so amazing that these comment section full of praising our boys😭😭 i love them more and more

  26. Sumi Choudhury

    Sumi Choudhury2 시간 전

    These boys r killing me with their attitude....omg's not easy to see them..they ll take everyone's heart...such legends they them soooooooooo much.

  27. Hongssi Ice

    Hongssi Ice2 시간 전

    정국이.. 효도신발 신었네 ㅎ

  28. namjoon stan

    namjoon stan2 시간 전

    they perform so smoothly and amazing. great job BTS!!!💖💖💖

  29. 김수미

    김수미2 시간 전

    JIMIN is SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Bengü sıla Demiral

    Bengü sıla Demiral2 시간 전


  31. Aliz Matta Kis

    Aliz Matta Kis2 시간 전

    Bts 💖 ✨

  32. PinkJimin

    PinkJimin2 시간 전

    Jimin with pink hair is a good singer and dancer. His intro makes me happy.His voice is good 👍

  33. Anna

    Anna2 시간 전

    Listen! Their perfomance is so good But the boy wears the tie I need his name His smile and his voice makes me crazy

  34. MyrthexLatoya

    MyrthexLatoya15 분 전

    monk 70 you really want Anna to suffer don’t you 🤪🙌🏻

  35. monk 70

    monk 7032 분 전

    Search for KOreporter, '160723 house of cards 정국 FOCUS' Then don't blame me.

  36. Purple U

    Purple U시간 전

    please check out their mvs. >>> Boy with luv, DNA, Fake love, Blood Sweat and Tears, Mic drop,...etc. you will love it:)

  37. Jinnie Ami

    Jinnie Ami시간 전

    Anna welcome 😊💜

  38. Anna

    Anna시간 전

    Jinnie Ami oh thank you💜

  39. Cesilia Sihaloho

    Cesilia Sihaloho2 시간 전

    Baby jungkook 💙

  40. V KooK

    V KooK2 시간 전

    just by looking at the small screen, they made me feel the first glance

  41. 동성애자

    동성애자2 시간 전

    오늘부터 아미합니다.

  42. Yasemin

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  43. hatice şen

    hatice şen2 시간 전

    They are amazing wow

  44. erapilts

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  45. erapilts

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  46. erapilts

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  47. erapilts

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    Watch 3:41 to get goosebumps

  48. Anonnynonny

    Anonnynonny2 시간 전

    That blue haired TaeHyung is the death of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ardi Nur Hidayat

    Ardi Nur Hidayat2 시간 전

  50. Karyn Smith

    Karyn Smith3 시간 전

    These young men are phenomenal. One if not the best SNL musical performance ever. Bravo BTS

  51. jinmin only

    jinmin only3 시간 전

    세계를 점령하게될꺼야~~지금도그렇지만 애들아 사랑해~~🤟💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  52. Razil Jacinto

    Razil Jacinto3 시간 전

    I remember Emma Stone was talking about 2ne1 on a talk show. She really love kpop haha good job BTS!

  53. KhiTh Hyung

    KhiTh Hyung3 시간 전

    Our boys have always received hate. As an Army, reading these positive comments and complements makes me cry :((( BTS deserves to be known and be loved

  54. MarkJared Apolonio

    MarkJared Apolonio3 시간 전

    That member singing "love is nothing stronger", caught my eyes all through out.

  55. could-you-please-leave?

    could-you-please-leave?47 분 전

    MarkJared Apolonio oh sorry both members sing that line so I just assumed u meant Taehyung cause he sings it more! But if u need any help let me know Im glad u enjoyed their performance!

  56. MarkJared Apolonio

    MarkJared Apolonio시간 전

    I just searched them all and found out that his name is Jin, btw thanks.

  57. could-you-please-leave?

    could-you-please-leave?2 시간 전

    His name is Taehyung:)

  58. Haru

    Haru3 시간 전

    Maknae's wearing black trainers while Hyungs are wearing white trainers. ♥♥

  59. my husband is big marvel

    my husband is big marvel3 시간 전


  60. 진진진

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  61. Teska Sarabia

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  62. Raul Olivas

    Raul Olivas3 시간 전

    Man.. I can’t stop watch this performance.. them move are a campfire.. just stare into it 🔥 ⛺️ 🐻

  63. Lord Voldemort

    Lord Voldemort2 시간 전

    Raul Olivas you should check out their other videos if you liked this performance

  64. Teska Sarabia

    Teska Sarabia3 시간 전

    Their song just makes me feel so good and lift my spirits up!!!!! I know armys can relate! 😩😭😭😭

  65. 김김현빈

    김김현빈3 시간 전


  66. fayevargas

    fayevargas3 시간 전

    Hahaha! V's face!! 😂😂😂 (before emma introduced them)

  67. Hi hi

    Hi hi3 시간 전

    If you like BTS, pls vote for them at BBMAs 2019 😊

  68. yenn kms

    yenn kms3 시간 전

    I'm happy for seeing positive comments here.😭 There are many non kpopers give the positive comments. Thank you so much for looking these boys(BTS). I LOVE YOU SO MUCH💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  69. Mr.Worlwide Handsome

    Mr.Worlwide Handsome3 시간 전

    The stage is too small for them

  70. Pico

    Pico3 시간 전

    I am only 12 years old and I have been listening to BTS for 21 years.

  71. marissa artizo

    marissa artizo3 시간 전

    I never heard SNL but bec. Of bts...🔥🔥🔥🔥😠🔥

  72. 조해정

    조해정3 시간 전

    Im not a big fan of Kpop but this song makes me happy. Jimin and Jungkook you guys are so sweet and sexy to me ^_~

  73. FaydeBlinkz

    FaydeBlinkz3 시간 전

    bts is shit

  74. Steve King cabrera

    Steve King cabrera3 시간 전

    Tbh, its not as stable as the mic drop one, but they are singing live and doing choreo, it isnt easy. I respect these dudes and can understand the hype. Awesome!!

  75. Namjoon, my heart go boom boom

    Namjoon, my heart go boom boom3 시간 전

    Thank you for respecting them!!

  76. jag_tae bts army

    jag_tae bts army3 시간 전

    0:52 sope i luv you

  77. 杏瑶

    杏瑶4 시간 전

    I want this instrumental

  78. redlexus04

    redlexus044 시간 전

    Great performance!!! That being said, I ain't blind and at 31, I wanna cougar the hell out of all seven of them😎

  79. Lilly Pad

    Lilly Pad4 시간 전

    Your comments should be on top with 1 B likes!!

  80. Lilly Pad

    Lilly Pad4 시간 전

    I died laughing at your comments!! Too precious and halarious!!😂😂😂😘😘

  81. sofiamd1

    sofiamd14 시간 전

    Can somebody please write the times and names because I'm having trouble trying to figure out who's singing what

  82. could-you-please-leave?

    could-you-please-leave?2 시간 전

    sofiamd1 if u need help in getting into them and want more info let me know I will be glad to help u out!

  83. Lord Voldemort

    Lord Voldemort2 시간 전

    sofiamd1 also here is an introduction to bts and the members hope this will help you learn more about them

  84. sofiamd1

    sofiamd14 시간 전

    +watch BTS - Spring Day MV THANK YOU

  85. watch BTS - Spring Day MV

    watch BTS - Spring Day MV4 시간 전

    Blue hair = V Pink hair = jimin Red top = suga The one who wear tie = jungkook Turtle neck= J-hope Platina hair = RM (leader) Dark grey hair = jin

  86. EverythingEvilxXx

    EverythingEvilxXx4 시간 전

    Not bad, but I personally prefer Boys12


    BTS IS MY KING4 시간 전

    Nobody notice maknae line wearing black shoes and hyung line white shoes

  88. Gressela TV

    Gressela TV4 시간 전

    Make me crazyyy

  89. 2M택시

    2M택시4 시간 전


  90. Jimin is innocent

    Jimin is innocent4 시간 전

    You guys nailed it

  91. Lydiana Rosli

    Lydiana Rosli4 시간 전

    Jungkokie!! Please don’t give me a heart attack 🥴😍😘😂

  92. saba TMG

    saba TMG4 시간 전

    ha gey

  93. Valentina Chuñocca

    Valentina Chuñocca5 시간 전


  94. 조나경

    조나경5 시간 전


  95. Taegi line

    Taegi line5 시간 전

    i'm so proud of them :'( 💜

  96. Lheria LV

    Lheria LV5 시간 전

    My talented boys deserve all the love!!! 💜💜💜

  97. strawverrybunny

    strawverrybunny5 시간 전

    Now imagine if they had performed Dionysus, Im scared of the impact that would have. Maybe Bette they didn’t. That one is too good

  98. Maria Cristina Niizuma

    Maria Cristina Niizuma5 시간 전

    This is truly an EPIC!

  99. Nathlene Faith

    Nathlene Faith5 시간 전

    I'm just seeing this after their mic drop. I've seen almost every performances of bangtan, but I love the acoustic and live!!! AHHHH I'm so proud of them ☹💜 plus having such a small stage, they made it work!!!!

  100. Rohana Monzon

    Rohana Monzon5 시간 전

    V's nic seems to have a problem...

  101. lou 4you

    lou 4you5 시간 전

    BTS is literally breathtaking! I love them so much and the choreo is so good and fun to watch, also Suga‘s rap is 💜

  102. Kendra Clo

    Kendra Clo5 시간 전

    After seeing this performance, I'm officially a girl with luv!

  103. julianti bts

    julianti bts5 시간 전

    Boy with luv Mnet:trend 3 Boy with luv MV:trend 14 Boy with luv SNL:TREND 19 dionysus:trend 27 Daebakk, bts trending in indonesia 😍😍

  104. Fion

    Fion5 시간 전

    Their dance and behavior are cringy

  105. Taegi line

    Taegi line5 시간 전

    their behavior is cringy? not at all they are super nice, kind and humble. you can't judge their behaviour just by watching their performance :/

  106. Ved Mukherjee

    Ved Mukherjee5 시간 전

    Does anybody noticed the back up girl was laughing when Jin was about to get the rose from his pocket? She enjoyed the music so much :D

  107. Ved Mukherjee

    Ved Mukherjee5 시간 전

    +Dooly King fontana ? something I remember.

  108. Dooly King

    Dooly King5 시간 전

    she's a co-songwriter for this song and was invited to perform with them on here. It's one of those sweetest moments created by BTS <3

  109. Nurul Dwirianti

    Nurul Dwirianti6 시간 전

    Keren banget :') mereka nyanyi sambil ngedance dan suaranya stabil.. aku aja yang ngeliatin engap :') BTS JJANG!!

  110. 11I1I11I

    11I1I11I6 시간 전

    The band members, the drummer, wow they're great, too.

  111. Hatice KADO

    Hatice KADO6 시간 전




    Almost 1.1 million likes! :)

  113. hobaby

    hobaby6 시간 전

    they kiiled it

  114. cypher44

    cypher446 시간 전

    I've watched this performance so many times. Absolutely love it.

  115. LaurenCali Macias

    LaurenCali Macias6 시간 전

    I love seeing Jin letting go and enjoying himself. These guys are amazing performers.

  116. Carole M

    Carole M6 시간 전

    Dang, this song is really addicting. Love, love, love it !!

  117. จารุพร สุทธิประภา

    จารุพร สุทธิประภา6 시간 전

    Bts ❤️

  118. Hưởng Đoàn

    Hưởng Đoàn6 시간 전

    Giọng m.n hình như k đc khỏe lắm hay sao nhỉ.

  119. Kih Yeh Zah

    Kih Yeh Zah6 시간 전

    No cantan ni Mierda y a esta basura le dicen superior a Queen o The Beatles ? Por dios que cagadas son las fans de estos chinos payasos 🤡 pintados y maquillados al extremo. Asco

  120. G TM

    G TM4 시간 전

    +Kih Yeh Zah Dude, you're not in a good place. Get some help. Hate will destroy you.

  121. Kih Yeh Zah

    Kih Yeh Zah4 시간 전

    G TM Few surgeries were performed, but in Korea all surgeries are performed, it is even a requirement to get a job. Worse still the extreme makeup they use, they change their face completely, but they are just ugly Asians who could not match a natural blonde from Europe

  122. G TM

    G TM4 시간 전

    You're so jealous. 😂

  123. Kih Yeh Zah

    Kih Yeh Zah6 시간 전

    🤮💩🤮 Extreme makeup

  124. Dooly King

    Dooly King3 시간 전

    It's called stage makeup. Learn about the current trend.

  125. Kermit’s soul

    Kermit’s soul4 시간 전

    Even if they wear makeup they don’t look that much different barefaced, even western celebrities wear makeup so what’s the difference. Everyone seems to make such a big deal about men wearing makeup but when girls wear makeup it’s acceptable?

  126. wasana damayanthi

    wasana damayanthi5 시간 전

    Bts always give 100% when they perform and they have many meaningful songs unlike most of the artists now a days who repeat the same phrase for 1000 times but out all of these things you only cared about the makeup they are wearing.. Smh

  127. Baby Kookie

    Baby Kookie6 시간 전

    BTS 💜 ARMY