BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official Teaser 2


  1. Livia is a penguin

    Livia is a penguin33 분 전

    To ARMYs: just a friendly reminder, don’t forget to stream Epiphany to 50M before it’s anniversary!!! Let’s work hard together to give Jin what he deserves! We got this love y’all 💜💜💜

  2. Kim Taetae

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  3. Karen Adriana Morales Vazquez

    Karen Adriana Morales Vazquez2 시간 전

    Los amoo

  4. Humaira Baloch

    Humaira Baloch4 시간 전

    Jungkook's voice 😍

  5. Park Sara min

    Park Sara min6 시간 전

    Big hit, Can we have the instrumental with back vocals? it’s for science


    BOB BOBJOJO11 시간 전

  7. Umaima Imran

    Umaima Imran12 시간 전

    Who's here to watch it again and to see how I felt when I first saw this?

  8. Maram Al Otaibi

    Maram Al Otaibi19 시간 전


  9. Raia Jamisola

    Raia Jamisola22 시간 전


  10. below average singer

    below average singer23 시간 전

    Girls and boys I did this cover in my channel. Can anyone spare time to listen to it? I want atleast 1army to listen. Please don't let me down. Have a great day guys

  11. Sophia Riann

    Sophia Riann일 전

    I literally DONT understand. How could an absolute IDIOT like pewdiepie have more subscribers than BTS. The BIGGEST and most FAMOUS boy band in the world. I don’t get it.. someone give these boys their subscribers..💘✊🏼

  12. Graziela Santana

    Graziela Santana일 전

    O tae é lindo demais mano💘💜

  13. Lorena Guzman

    Lorena Guzman일 전

    Oh yesh

  14. Storytale_ DEMON

    Storytale_ DEMON일 전

    I subbed 😁

  15. ประชา สมศรี

    ประชา สมศรี일 전


  16. Joo Yeong

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  17. bts k-pop

    bts k-pop일 전

    gente mim nota

  18. unicornio kawaii

    unicornio kawaii일 전

    Odio a mi appa(tae)

  19. Mauricio Cejas Gabriel

    Mauricio Cejas Gabriel일 전

    I wacht this and dieee halp meee

  20. Mauricio Cejas Gabriel

    Mauricio Cejas Gabriel일 전

    The end kill me. I'm so thankful for V.

  21. BTS Fun

    BTS Fun2 일 전

    I know the MV has come out... Even the lights and Heartbeat has released but I still watch this and love this You can tell me I'm so obsessed with teasers

  22. maria eduarda

    maria eduarda2 일 전

    Love bts

  23. Channel Dora

    Channel Dora2 일 전

    Taehyung 😍

  24. name no

    name no2 일 전


  25. The Frøst Dragøn

    The Frøst Dragøn3 일 전

    Already coming back here for nostalgia

  26. marilu filha do jm 12345

    marilu filha do jm 123453 일 전

    Big hit

  27. Nguyễn Nhungg

    Nguyễn Nhungg3 일 전

    Các cậu đừng quên cây xem kẽ teaser nữa nhá 1_2 lần thôi cũng được

  28. Kim Sonig

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  29. Olaf The Cat

    Olaf The Cat3 일 전

    I came back after three months lol I missed the teaser

  30. -PokiLilly -

    -PokiLilly -3 일 전

    Bro I want that version when jungkook says “oh my my my oh my my my yeah~” like omg 😍

  31. Love yourself and BTS

    Love yourself and BTS2 일 전

    His background vocal sounds great

  32. Guljahan Haitova Burke

    Guljahan Haitova Burke4 일 전

    Kim Seokjin looks so good 😍

  33. Kook Jeon

    Kook Jeon4 일 전

    This is " TEASER OF THE YEAR "

  34. Irine Vardanashvili

    Irine Vardanashvili4 일 전

    멋 지나!

  35. Торты Терлана

    Торты Терлана4 일 전

    ВЫ САМЫЕ ЛУЧШИЕ!!!!!!!!❤❤❤💟

  36. NgânJung Hoseok

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  37. Loreley Gerk

    Loreley Gerk5 일 전

    Te amo bts

  38. Lorena :3

    Lorena :35 일 전

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  39. Very Anonymous

    Very Anonymous5 일 전

    This is the most beautiful teaser of BTS and nobody can change my mind

  40. Your Teshka

    Your Teshka5 일 전


  41. Shiba Ino

    Shiba Ino5 일 전

    Till here??? ✋

  42. Mutahara Masiat Mohona

    Mutahara Masiat Mohona5 일 전

    Who is still watching the teaser

  43. Ana Paula Barreto Freitas

    Ana Paula Barreto Freitas6 일 전

    😭😭😖😖 BTS AMOOOOOOO Brasil ama vcs BTS como BTS ama Brasil

  44. Gabriela Trejo

    Gabriela Trejo6 일 전

    I almost died on this teaser.

  45. Lizzie Kim

    Lizzie Kim6 일 전

    I still come back to this 😍

  46. Just BTS

    Just BTS6 일 전

    Big hit i need this ver!!! بيق شيت عمرها ما حطت التيزر مثل الام في

  47. Squartuss Os

    Squartuss Os6 일 전

    Bts bases vaca y no vale nada tú banba pendejos

  48. Manal Nabil

    Manal Nabil6 일 전

    Love you 😘♥️😍

  49. Yoongi Biased

    Yoongi Biased7 일 전

    0:18 where can i find this version!!! IM GOING INSANE BIGHIT

  50. Jennifer Le

    Jennifer Le7 일 전

  51. Taejin is real

    Taejin is real7 일 전

    Why do I keep watching the teaser?