BROOKE *SPEECHLESS* when CLOAKZY *STREAM SNIPES* TFUE & FaZe Sway (Fortnite Trios Tournament Finals)


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    Use code "First" in the item shop if you're a LEGEND! Turn on post notifications for better RNG :D

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    Ainsley Lochan hi

  3. Ainsley Lochan

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    @Maddy James Hi

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    Fortnite First k

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    Shut up

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    I subscribed I turn on the bell I use code first in the fortnite itemshop Epic: sstrikerr_sallll

  10. Lawful_Renegade

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    Why does clix think he’s good?

  11. Cale Judy

    Cale Judy개월 전

    clix is one of those kids lol I'm not getting his card.. haha fucking dweeb

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    Subcribed. liked the vid. Turned on nofications. I already use code "First" in the itemshop Fortnite name: "TTV marver25"

  13. pax2bag w

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    she was literally the opposite of speechless

  14. xd_Vel0city

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    he wont give you the v bucks

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    Stfu brooke

  20. Peyton Daily

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    I don’t understand how there is so much drama in a video game

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    I used ur code Liked Have been subbed Have had post notifications on

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    Keep up the good work man

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    Yo love the vids

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    My Epic is MR.WHITE3

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