Britains Got Talent 2018 Giang Brothers Masterful Balancing Act Full Audition S12E02


  1. Binny Nguyen

    Binny Nguyen3 시간 전

    việt nam vô địch 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Chia Lee

    Chia Lee2 일 전

    You need to go to Asia Got talent. You might win. This season Asia got talent sucks.

  3. Son Van

    Son Van3 일 전

    2 ae wua gioi

  4. Bách Phạm

    Bách Phạm3 일 전

    you see those shitty logic you would see in an indian movie? well they're all real in Vietnam

  5. Thao Doan

    Thao Doan4 일 전

    So proud of you guys , Vietnamese too

  6. Ahmad Faour

    Ahmad Faour4 일 전

    I can't even do pushups

  7. TUAN blue

    TUAN blue4 일 전

    Việt Nam 😘😘😘

  8. Johntea chhakchhuak

    Johntea chhakchhuak6 일 전

    This show encourage me alot we are string enough to fight tje battle everything is possible ke doing you can what i lear from this show amazing love it

  9. Tuyết sơn Phi hồ

    Tuyết sơn Phi hồ6 일 전

    Đẹp trai quá

  10. yomna abdelsalam

    yomna abdelsalam8 일 전

    The best team forever

  11. Irma Sanchez

    Irma Sanchez8 일 전

    Fantastico bravo

  12. BuRhaN Al GaLa

    BuRhaN Al GaLa11 일 전


  13. Ann

    Ann13 일 전

    golden buzzer worthy

  14. Mekail Shaikh

    Mekail Shaikh13 일 전

    Very nice bro

  15. Ayyoob Ayyoobc

    Ayyoob Ayyoobc15 일 전

    world R D

  16. Ali i like it good for overview Cheackan

    Ali i like it good for overview Cheackan15 일 전

    Great one

  17. chavvy cubi kiu

    chavvy cubi kiu16 일 전

    What's their name? Who're they??? So amazing ever! Love vietnam

  18. Tiên Nguyễn

    Tiên Nguyễn7 일 전

    chavvy cubi kiu their name is Quốc Cơ, Quốc Nghiệp. Two circus artists.

  19. Babu Sk

    Babu Sk16 일 전

    O nice

  20. B S Mohanta

    B S Mohanta17 일 전


  21. Lena Fischer

    Lena Fischer19 일 전

    Golden buzzer ?Where is this ?

  22. akki roy

    akki roy21 일 전

    I hate Britain

  23. Jevie Lancara

    Jevie Lancara21 일 전

    Galing sa sana ganun din ako..

  24. Marv Bracket

    Marv Bracket24 일 전

    best ever. golden buzzer is not worthy for them, that is for singers only. :(

  25. Ranjit Kurmi

    Ranjit Kurmi26 일 전


  26. Shivani Singh

    Shivani Singh26 일 전

    Awesome beyond of mind

  27. Islam Nabee

    Islam Nabee28 일 전


  28. ariandna touller

    ariandna touller29 일 전

    nooooooooooo los entiendo y me estttttttooy enojando

  29. منتصر محمد البلال

    منتصر محمد البلال개월 전

    They're the best !!!

  30. سارة عزب

    سارة عزب개월 전


  31. Shahrukh Muhtad

    Shahrukh Muhtad개월 전

    They deserve.. golden buzzer

  32. 제스엘라Jess Ellar

    제스엘라Jess Ellar개월 전

    대박 nice tho😲

  33. TokkiYangYanGG 22

    TokkiYangYanGG 22개월 전

    All I can say is ITS VERY LIT! VERY AMAZING! AND VERY EXTRA ORDINARY! They make Simon stand! As in WOW! I'm still at awe! Just amazing !

  34. Yyajjaiiraa Rose

    Yyajjaiiraa Rose개월 전

    Maravilloso dúo 😍😍😍

  35. Mikey Gordon

    Mikey Gordon개월 전

    The extreme vietnamese head gymnastic nightmare to the britain's got talent judges and crowds.Hahahaha!!!!!

  36. Fra Fra

    Fra Fra개월 전

    They should win the finals because thieir performance is highest level of difficult among the participants。

  37. Fra Fra

    Fra Fra개월 전

    I think that on the up one is most hard, because all of blood in the body run to the head。

  38. Ranjeet Kumar

    Ranjeet Kumar개월 전

    Oh my God

  39. Azaza Zina

    Azaza Zina개월 전

    nés etir tiran bina wnes lehiya fi bnt Layla BN ali w9tch 3ersha hiya w k2rm ouh ouuuh y'a 3omri

  40. Nguyen Thanh Luan

    Nguyen Thanh Luan개월 전

    Ad có thể cho xin hai bài nhạc trong video ko ạ!! Yêu admin

  41. Dipu Mirdha

    Dipu Mirdha개월 전

    Nice beutyful movment

  42. Alomgir Raton

    Alomgir Raton개월 전


  43. Mitha Erviana Rubiah

    Mitha Erviana Rubiah개월 전

    ah damn they both hot

  44. kdr hms

    kdr hms개월 전


  45. Zahraa Eth

    Zahraa Eth개월 전

    masha Allah masha Allah masha Allah

  46. nasir shaik

    nasir shaik개월 전


  47. Muneeb Ikram

    Muneeb Ikram개월 전

    This is called pure talent . No tricks involved .

  48. Mumin Fayaz

    Mumin Fayaz개월 전

    Why not golden buzzer?

  49. Alivia Hickey

    Alivia Hickey개월 전

    Should have got the golden buzzer!!!

  50. Κ. Pirgakis

    Κ. Pirgakis개월 전

    I can't answer the question who has the most difficult role in this piece of art...

  51. Omkar Mekala

    Omkar Mekala개월 전

    Very talented

  52. Emily Quayle

    Emily Quayle개월 전

    How didn’t they get the golden buzzer???? Omg

  53. Emily Quayle

    Emily Quayle개월 전

    I’m Vietnamese!

  54. Najmul Hoque

    Najmul Hoque개월 전


  55. Notun Porjatok

    Notun Porjatok개월 전


  56. Alijan Ansary

    Alijan Ansary개월 전


  57. Furuj Khan

    Furuj Khan개월 전

    World nombar 1 act

  58. Jerofine Jerofine

    Jerofine Jerofine개월 전

    Such an wonderful talent they have superb fabulous...u guys rock man... talented guys..heartly wishes to u my friends 😃

  59. J Kennedy

    J Kennedy개월 전

    Kunwari lng nahihirapan sila pero nasa guiness world record sila tinakbo nila hagdan na nasa 100 step yata yun naka ganyan sila

  60. J Kennedy

    J Kennedy개월 전

    They play pubg

  61. Minh Bé

    Minh Bé개월 전

    Tự hào quá VIỆT NAM ơi !!!!

  62. Doctor of Medicine

    Doctor of Medicine개월 전

    Ohhhhhh MAn I got wet I too have never watched this type of show.... really amazing , perfect

  63. singer mangal pandey

    singer mangal pandey개월 전

    Nice video

  64. الورد البلدى التونسى

    الورد البلدى التونسى개월 전

    VERY Nice And VERY Good

  65. moosekiss

    moosekiss개월 전

    와 ㅋㅋㅋ 개쩐다

  66. DIVSUGAN 110

    DIVSUGAN 110개월 전

    Nothing is impossible

  67. Sabrina Cheung

    Sabrina Cheung개월 전


  68. Meesala Ramunaidu

    Meesala Ramunaidu개월 전


  69. hemanta Daka

    hemanta Daka개월 전

    Wow nice

  70. Don Tang

    Don Tang개월 전

    My family is from vietnam and we never seen this before

  71. Sadio Sissoko terse cooll iba

    Sadio Sissoko terse cooll iba개월 전


  72. Deep Aman

    Deep Aman개월 전

    This is real talent😍😍

  73. ameliya ansiya

    ameliya ansiya2 개월 전


  74. cemre senal

    cemre senal2 개월 전

    Show business is realy mean everywhere. You should sing good, be a child, be a victim, have a good connection with the audience etc. to win this competition. Being just Perfect is not enough

  75. cemre senal

    cemre senal2 개월 전

    They should take the Golden Buzzer and they should be the winner their acts need to much effort

  76. Ahmad Sha

    Ahmad Sha2 개월 전


  77. dalol alali

    dalol alali2 개월 전

    وِأّوِ روِعٌعٌعٌةّ

  78. Anamarya Yordake

    Anamarya Yordake2 개월 전

    Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo

  79. Sonil Kewa

    Sonil Kewa2 개월 전


  80. chilumukuri sreeja

    chilumukuri sreeja2 개월 전

    Hands off😙🤩😍

  81. SoundsLike Turkish

    SoundsLike Turkish2 개월 전

    My head hurt just watching it. I can't imagine how the one carries his brother with his head feels.

  82. Sbhy Abu Sbhya

    Sbhy Abu Sbhya2 개월 전

    omg !!!!!!!!!!

  83. Shaheed Afridy

    Shaheed Afridy2 개월 전

    Golden buzzer performance 100000000000000000000000000000000000000%

  84. Nguyen

    Nguyen2 개월 전


  85. Sarafat Ali

    Sarafat Ali2 개월 전

    Oh my God

  86. Alecs Modesto

    Alecs Modesto2 개월 전

    2 stunts but OMG It's incredible and fantastic this two men deserve a golden buzzer fucking awesome !!!👏👏👏

  87. Jordan Lainidis

    Jordan Lainidis2 개월 전

    I need to know what kind of pomade they are using xD

  88. pokbae permpoon

    pokbae permpoon2 개월 전

    No golden buzzer but the world loves them anyway!!!!

  89. Ugine sunil singh Ugine singh

    Ugine sunil singh Ugine singh2 개월 전

    lovely 💪💪💪

  90. Harish Chandra

    Harish Chandra3 개월 전

    This is so saddening and so biased. They give golden buzzers to many singers, comedians and magicians which are so so many and so so common. Or give golden buzzers to people who have some tragedy or sad story. But in this talent show these guys didn't get golden buzzer it's a crime. The talent they did, not even few can do in the whole world whereas there are thousands of singers and comedians. So sad. They are hero's and the world has seen them and the discrimination towards them. They are real gentlemen too,real respect for the most talented brothers.

  91. Riyansyach Syachiel

    Riyansyach Syachiel3 개월 전


  92. Bipu Sarker

    Bipu Sarker3 개월 전

    Very difficult,,,,, wow

  93. Poonam Sharma

    Poonam Sharma3 개월 전

    Incredible strength

  94. Madhabi Mandal

    Madhabi Mandal3 개월 전

    OH MY GOD😲😲😲

  95. NITYA Rai

    NITYA Rai3 개월 전

    So amazing an In my whole lifetime never watched such thing ..😲

  96. purplemoon

    purplemoon3 개월 전

    Best one ever ! They should be the champion

  97. jay saraf

    jay saraf3 개월 전


  98. Dream Dragon

    Dream Dragon3 개월 전

    Xứng đáng nút vàng cơ

  99. blackmamba blackwidow

    blackmamba blackwidow3 개월 전

    Com'on British got talent , really???...Ya all know they deserve golden buzzer.....without hesitation.

  100. Ansareta Sama

    Ansareta Sama3 개월 전

    I almost got heart attack’s is that even real for human body never saw something like that why they didn’t push golden buzzer best audition ever

  101. Quangsang Nguyen

    Quangsang Nguyen3 개월 전