Britains Got Talent 2018 Giang Brothers Masterful Balancing Act Full Audition S12E02


  1. Sbhy Abu Sbhya

    Sbhy Abu Sbhya일 전

    omg !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shaheed Afridy

    Shaheed Afridy6 일 전

    Golden buzzer performance 100000000000000000000000000000000000000%

  3. Ly Nguyen

    Ly Nguyen7 일 전


  4. Sarafat Ali

    Sarafat Ali8 일 전

    Oh my God

  5. Alecs Modesto

    Alecs Modesto9 일 전

    2 stunts but OMG It's incredible and fantastic this two men deserve a golden buzzer fucking awesome !!!👏👏👏

  6. Jordan Lainidis

    Jordan Lainidis14 일 전

    I need to know what kind of pomade they are using xD

  7. pokbae permpoon

    pokbae permpoon17 일 전

    No golden buzzer but the world loves them anyway!!!!

  8. Ugine sunil singh Ugine singh

    Ugine sunil singh Ugine singh18 일 전

    lovely 💪💪💪

  9. Harish Chandra

    Harish Chandra21 일 전

    This is so saddening and so biased. They give golden buzzers to many singers, comedians and magicians which are so so many and so so common. Or give golden buzzers to people who have some tragedy or sad story. But in this talent show these guys didn't get golden buzzer it's a crime. The talent they did, not even few can do in the whole world whereas there are thousands of singers and comedians. So sad. They are hero's and the world has seen them and the discrimination towards them. They are real gentlemen too,real respect for the most talented brothers.

  10. Riyansyach Syachiel

    Riyansyach Syachiel23 일 전


  11. Bipu Sarker

    Bipu Sarker23 일 전

    Very difficult,,,,, wow

  12. Poonam Sharma

    Poonam Sharma23 일 전

    Incredible strength

  13. Madhabi Mandal

    Madhabi Mandal24 일 전

    OH MY GOD😲😲😲

  14. NITYA Rai

    NITYA Rai27 일 전

    So amazing an In my whole lifetime never watched such thing ..😲

  15. purplemoon

    purplemoon27 일 전

    Best one ever ! They should be the champion

  16. jay saraf

    jay saraf27 일 전


  17. Dream Dragon

    Dream Dragon28 일 전

    Xứng đáng nút vàng cơ

  18. blackmamba blackwidow

    blackmamba blackwidow29 일 전

    Com'on British got talent , really???...Ya all know they deserve golden buzzer.....without hesitation.

  19. Ansareta Sama

    Ansareta Sama개월 전

    I almost got heart attack’s is that even real for human body never saw something like that why they didn’t push golden buzzer best audition ever

  20. Quangsang Nguyen

    Quangsang Nguyen개월 전


  21. Tasleem Khan

    Tasleem Khan개월 전

    this is the best act ever

  22. Juned Khan

    Juned Khan개월 전


  23. Bebe Bebe

    Bebe Bebe개월 전

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  24. Artyom178

    Artyom178개월 전

    Really amazing!!!

  25. ScarredRomeo

    ScarredRomeo개월 전

    This was one of a kind amazing.

  26. ธีระศักดิ์ สงพระ

    ธีระศักดิ์ สงพระ개월 전


  27. Annex worldwide limited -HR Riad

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  28. Ricky manuel Ricky

    Ricky manuel Ricky개월 전


  29. Soumadip Palai

    Soumadip Palai개월 전


  30. Gurmukh Singh

    Gurmukh Singh개월 전

    no word .best so best

  31. Mohammad maflas Belejewa

    Mohammad maflas Belejewa개월 전

    Wt the fk that's too possible oh May gash head over another that's not easy done well guy's

  32. Fredy Villa

    Fredy Villa개월 전 beautiful, i am in love with you

  33. Priyanka Paul

    Priyanka Paul개월 전


  34. Abubakar Sadik

    Abubakar Sadik개월 전

    Wow are you people human being?

  35. JH O

    JH O개월 전

    와 손에 땀 남 ㄷㄷ

  36. Rashid Mulla

    Rashid Mulla개월 전

    You Rockstar...

  37. Three Bs only

    Three Bs only개월 전

    one of forbiden sport 😂😂😂

  38. Gashaw Tesfaye

    Gashaw Tesfaye개월 전


  39. Solei Berano

    Solei Berano개월 전

    I thought they are gonna win

  40. Diệu Nguyễn

    Diệu Nguyễn개월 전


  41. Hoda Esmail

    Hoda Esmail개월 전


  42. فجوره الحربي

    فجوره الحربي개월 전

    waaaaaaaaaao وااااااااااااااااااااااااو it's a oh really Nice انه حقا جميل

  43. alyaa elsayed

    alyaa elsayed개월 전

    عربي يكبس لايك

  44. Metos Panganiban

    Metos Panganiban개월 전

    How amazing they are :)

  45. Warawut Sriratanabut

    Warawut Sriratanabut개월 전

    Omg. The first very good

  46. Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen개월 전


  47. Ht Lubbers

    Ht Lubbers개월 전

    Why not a buzzer!

  48. Hemanta Rumba

    Hemanta Rumba개월 전


  49. Titu Chauhan

    Titu Chauhan2 개월 전

    Osm live u

  50. ergun akdoğan

    ergun akdoğan2 개월 전

    They absolutely deserved Golden Buzzer.

  51. Josy Laurentino

    Josy Laurentino2 개월 전

    Oh my god!

  52. khôngyêu Đừngnóilờicayđắng

    khôngyêu Đừngnóilờicayđắng2 개월 전


  53. Aqiem Aqiem

    Aqiem Aqiem2 개월 전

    Terbaik... from malaysia

  54. เมธรินทร์ กาบแก้ว

    เมธรินทร์ กาบแก้ว2 개월 전

    this is call "Talent" from Thailand

  55. muthunuru prakash

    muthunuru prakash2 개월 전

    O my god osm yaa

  56. Prabhapati Elangbam

    Prabhapati Elangbam2 개월 전

    These brother are super crazy n increadible

  57. Alex Flores

    Alex Flores2 개월 전

    Son unos cracks me dejaron así 😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨

  58. Susmita Hazra

    Susmita Hazra2 개월 전

    Asom , wonderful tlant

  59. Rohit Raj

    Rohit Raj2 개월 전

    Why don't the judges take the golden buzzer and shove it up their asses turn by turn ..fucking partial judges...they don't respect the talent they just respect their nationality... that's very disingenuous of them...

  60. Time Traveler

    Time Traveler2 개월 전

    Omg the strength they have in their bodies... super intense performance

  61. Pakhpum Dom

    Pakhpum Dom2 개월 전


  62. Kanjana Jantra

    Kanjana Jantra2 개월 전


  63. Twitch Instinct

    Twitch Instinct2 개월 전

    Puts a person on his head upside down. Walks downstairs Walks upstairs. Nothing much

  64. ก็คน บนพื้นดินทราย

    ก็คน บนพื้นดินทราย2 개월 전

    พวกคุณน่าทึ่งมากครับ นี่สินะทาเล้นที่เเท้จริง เป็นบุญตามากครับ

  65. A N

    A N2 개월 전

    This should have been a Golden Buzzer Guaranteed, but sadly Golden Buzzer is not for foreigners, it's just for British nationals, as this is a Britain, but we welcome foreigners because were afraid to admit that they better than us , just look up Wold Cup football and England got beat by the worst team, thanks for reading and would be lovely to hear from any who thinks I'm wrong

  66. Rj Riyad

    Rj Riyad2 개월 전


  67. preeti choudhary

    preeti choudhary2 개월 전


  68. sara gamal

    sara gamal2 개월 전

    WHY the Hell nobody has given them the Golden BUZZER!!

  69. Laxmi Malli

    Laxmi Malli2 개월 전

    How it possible to stand straightly it's real

  70. Harsha Vardhan Reddy

    Harsha Vardhan Reddy2 개월 전

    unbelievable hatsofff

  71. Fernando Castro

    Fernando Castro2 개월 전

    muito legal show

  72. Human Being

    Human Being2 개월 전


  73. T&H videos

    T&H videos2 개월 전

    I am the first Arab commenting on this wonderful video

  74. Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar2 개월 전

    very very dangerous stant

  75. Meera Parlikar

    Meera Parlikar2 개월 전


  76. JollyRoger0944

    JollyRoger09442 개월 전

    Wow! Incredible!!

  77. Tò Tí Te

    Tò Tí Te2 개월 전


  78. Gloria Agudelo

    Gloria Agudelo2 개월 전

    El equilibrio de la vida, gracias.

  79. Siddu Biradar

    Siddu Biradar2 개월 전

    O M G

  80. Kaif Ansari

    Kaif Ansari2 개월 전

    Lovely ism brilliant...nice

  81. Pak24 Tv

    Pak24 Tv2 개월 전


  82. Thant Zaw Win

    Thant Zaw Win2 개월 전

    Everyone here can agree. We can't do that stunt in a million years

  83. فردوس ايه

    فردوس ايه2 개월 전


  84. Pich Tana

    Pich Tana2 개월 전

    what is the soundtrack?


    MANISH SIKRI2 개월 전


  86. Mama Baba

    Mama Baba2 개월 전


  87. Krishna Palai

    Krishna Palai2 개월 전

    Wow 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  88. ลูกน้ํา นาคประเสริฐ

    ลูกน้ํา นาคประเสริฐ2 개월 전

    โคตรชอบเลยโชว์นี้ สุดยอด โคตรเก่ง

  89. movin aron

    movin aron2 개월 전

    Why they did Not get Golden buzzer..?

  90. Miracles Happen

    Miracles Happen2 개월 전

    Beautiful and talented!

  91. Rebecca Jar

    Rebecca Jar2 개월 전

    Wuaw they are the incredible brothers!!!!!

  92. Tâm Vlogs

    Tâm Vlogs2 개월 전

    Troi oi toi la nguoi mỹ.

  93. NguyetHa Le

    NguyetHa Le2 개월 전

    Thank you VietNam!And i want to come VietNam so much.

  94. MD Uzzal

    MD Uzzal2 개월 전

    very very nice. It is valance performance.

  95. Lovingson Perry

    Lovingson Perry2 개월 전

    I still miss both...

  96. Katisrad

    Katisrad2 개월 전

    Amazing 💯

  97. Tejas Naraynkar

    Tejas Naraynkar2 개월 전


  98. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar3 개월 전

    Amazing incredible praformenc

  99. Duc Luc

    Duc Luc3 개월 전

    And im eating chips watching this

  100. Peaches Thomas

    Peaches Thomas3 개월 전

    I have to pee now brb