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  1. Kian Kapil

    Kian Kapil3 일 전

    Wtf That Band was not worth the Golden Buzzer .

  2. Kian Kapil

    Kian Kapil3 일 전

    What is a Chelsea Pensioner?

  3. oooSoundOfLifeooo

    oooSoundOfLifeooo5 일 전

    *_PLEASE_* ... DON'T remove the judge's comments !!!

  4. robert ellis

    robert ellis5 일 전

    I love the sound effects

  5. Paula Vargas

    Paula Vargas6 일 전

    Wind beneath my wings is the song dedicated to my grandpa as well and it made me well up... this reminds me of how much I truly miss him. Still, they [my grandpa and his wife] are in a better place now. I am half the person I am today because of you. All my love

  6. Ziomara Rosado

    Ziomara Rosado6 일 전

    David: my hand is to big, that's what I said to Simon last night Simon: DAVID-

  7. Jane Wright

    Jane Wright9 일 전

    The 15 year olds! OMG! Look out for chapter 13 in the future!

  8. Charly Sheen

    Charly Sheen9 일 전

    This dance performance it's nothing.China's number 1 in the world but anyway thanks

  9. GirlPoi03

    GirlPoi0311 일 전

    12:28 - The 4 boys who started a band called “Chapter 13” did an awesome performance. 👏🥰👏 They totally got the audience and judges rocking. 👏🥰👏 They totally deserved the Golden Buzzer”.👏👍👏👍

  10. Paolo Pagliaro

    Paolo Pagliaro13 일 전

    British talents, but especially British NON-talents are the best in the world!

  11. Kayden Knows

    Kayden Knows13 일 전

    I REALY REALY hope that the older man got the golden buzzer

  12. MariFer ZxM

    MariFer ZxM13 일 전

    The old man Is Cute I love them, they love he’s wife Is sad that the wife dead MY HEART IS BROKEN ❤️

  13. April Rodriguez

    April Rodriguez15 일 전

    the band is like a breath of fresh air... technically it's not the best but the potential is already there...

  14. ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ

    ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ16 일 전

    my god 36:00, I think the simon here is a copy not the real simon

  15. ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ

    ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ16 일 전

    10:00 the gay have seen where the sowrd is because he was following amber, and then put the numbers following that, a very simple game, but as coleague, I would never trust the performance or eyes of some one or even if it was a capter on the sowrd detecting where it is

  16. Misheck Kaluba

    Misheck Kaluba18 일 전

    If you watch the Prestige! Hugh jackman and Christian bale u will know how that girl moved from one point to another!

  17. Roshan Budhna

    Roshan Budhna18 일 전

    all the judges reactions and comments are missing!!!

  18. Roshan Budhna

    Roshan Budhna18 일 전

    all the judges reactions and comments are missing!!!

  19. Phil Preuss

    Phil Preuss20 일 전

    they give too much golden buzzers...

  20. Lia Bibbo

    Lia Bibbo22 일 전

    Colin was meh. So much better acts

  21. deana

    deana25 일 전

    the first guy was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT

  22. louie noujoum

    louie noujoum27 일 전

    Wow i love those kids.....i love Stevie Wonder..bravo

  23. Capital T

    Capital T27 일 전

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the rock band? Not golden buzzer worthy

  24. Çuvaldız

    Çuvaldız개월 전

    3:45 there is enough space to hide bottom of the cages. Girl has a twin sister. when curtains closed, one of themis hiding and the other girl is going out. and he didnt choose the girl by randomly. a point is also exist on the paper. the old woman never draw it.

  25. Falcon Feathers

    Falcon Feathers개월 전

    Abslutely wonderful performances but what lunatics typed the white words? Simon is called Silent...9:57 Yeah this one thought would let you fool see which box is silent it's

  26. Duchess Malika

    Duchess Malika개월 전

    Show must go on. ❤

  27. ファディラトリヤマ

    ファディラトリヤマ개월 전

    Simon réactions is the best 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  28. Dr. Flabbergasted

    Dr. Flabbergasted개월 전

    Why Does The Dancing Duos male dancer, look exactl, or rather similar like the dancing duos male from Week 5!

  29. Krzysztof Sieniuc

    Krzysztof Sieniuc개월 전

    The crazy singing guy was quite good actually

  30. AndreL

    AndreL개월 전

    Old trick: the dot was already on the map. The girl was an accomplice! The egg on the hand fan though... I can't figure out! 👍😃



    Heela!! Boloi ba Britain's got talent😱😱bathong hleng makgoa a lowa😱😱

  32. nivek rimon

    nivek rimon개월 전

    and the older guy was nice too

  33. nivek rimon

    nivek rimon개월 전

    look at the 3 dots on bottom middle of shirt at 3:24 broken heart , heart and whatever...then at 3:53 look at them again...totally different

  34. Orapeleng Tawana

    Orapeleng Tawana개월 전

    I really didnt get the band act, there was nothing special about them and actually singing should be banned on this show, we really need something we've never seen before

  35. Wet Shoe

    Wet Shoe개월 전

    first show stiff asf. could see everything

  36. Job Search

    Job Search개월 전

    The dance group is so not original did very little...!!!

  37. Job Search

    Job Search개월 전

    Lol omg so many mentally ill people ...!!! Lol

  38. Job Search

    Job Search개월 전

    The boy band is only plan, golden buzzer is what is going to get this band great training, good job..

  39. Kati Mong

    Kati Mong개월 전

    I love the vocalist from the boy band

  40. Nikumi Rok

    Nikumi Rok개월 전

    Is that hulk?

  41. Nikumi Rok

    Nikumi Rok개월 전

    Sorry simon, amanda push that golden buzzer first 😁

  42. Sammy yo Yo

    Sammy yo Yo개월 전

    Brotherhood should be in the semis they got kicked out cause the act was too dangerous 😬😬😬 but I actually loved it so much 😬😬💖💖

  43. Sammy yo Yo

    Sammy yo Yo개월 전

    Colin is better at singing than anyone on bgt this year 😃😃😃

  44. Besotted Beloved Lovely

    Besotted Beloved Lovely개월 전

    Wow AT 16.27..WOW YOUNG GUYS..

  45. johanponken

    johanponken개월 전

    12:25 Rediscovering 1976 Stevie Wonder, well …

  46. johanponken

    johanponken개월 전

    12:25 Rediscovering 1976 Stevie Wonder, well …

  47. agapto rafael

    agapto rafael개월 전

    He love

  48. GirlPoi03

    GirlPoi03개월 전

    The dance couple from Cuba did a fantastic performance. The music along with their emotions and dance moves was absolutely beautiful that told a very heartwarming story. 👏👏👏👏

  49. GirlPoi03

    GirlPoi03개월 전

    04:27 Colin Thackery singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” to his late wife was so very touching and heartwarming. He also has a very beautiful voice. His performance was absolutely beautiful and very loving to the memory of his late wife. 👏👏♥️👏♥️👏👏



  51. Eissa Al-kuwari

    Eissa Al-kuwari개월 전

    "We have a voice" 32:09 ended literally said nothing

  52. Yutivo Reyes

    Yutivo Reyes개월 전

    An egg,,,,,, It helps that that magician is wearing a full jacket.

  53. a k

    a k개월 전

    holy crap feminism 2019 is CRINGY..

  54. cs

    cs개월 전

    As a female, my only advise is to stay away from feminism. It is brainwashing our youth.

  55. Rouvin Playfair

    Rouvin Playfair개월 전

    So no one is going to talk about magicians doing devilish stuff 🤔🤔

  56. Salam Harb

    Salam Harb개월 전

    Seat L 34.. his assistant... the marker was out and the dot was already on the map seat.. u cant tell if marker is out when u draw behind ur back

  57. Jon Elmer

    Jon Elmer개월 전

    Chapter 13 is fantastic and needs to be a professional band!

  58. JocelynHk Carter

    JocelynHk Carter개월 전

    Jocelyn Carter; Yes Amanda, you rock!

  59. JocelynHk Carter

    JocelynHk Carter개월 전

    Jocelyn Carter: Chapter 13 is rocking!

  60. Maria Kelly

    Maria Kelly개월 전

    BGT is a lot more fun than AGT.

  61. C. Gallup

    C. Gallup개월 전

    Maria Kelly as an American I can honestly say we have no talent

  62. lilah reid

    lilah reid개월 전

    The first guy was insane I’m so confused on how he even did that

  63. moataz saleh

    moataz saleh개월 전

    to those who wonder how the trick at 11:55 made , box no2 already had a mark and they knew it contains the sword , the numbers given to simon didn't include no 2 at all(remember he didn't open the last envelope)

  64. moataz saleh

    moataz saleh개월 전

    to those who wonder how the trick at 3:41 made , simply the paper he thrown was already marked with L34 while the pen the lady used was empty so he choosed the volunteer who already have a twin and she's ofcourse his partner , simple set up but brilliant

  65. Lidija Ilic

    Lidija Ilic개월 전

    Was that a teleport machine?

  66. martin lawrence

    martin lawrence개월 전

    the t bird guy is as good as it gets.

  67. Sir Isaac Newton

    Sir Isaac Newton개월 전

    what happened to bgt 2019

  68. Ahmed Nasser

    Ahmed Nasser개월 전

    The band is great reminds me of the great bands we had in the past I do not why I remember Backstreet Boys




  70. Sophia Zhao

    Sophia Zhao개월 전

    24:56 "My hand is actually too big... I said that to SImon last night" "DAVID"

  71. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen개월 전

    thanks for properly time stamped

  72. War Everever

    War Everever개월 전

    mother came and helped)) idiot

  73. sikaerkki666

    sikaerkki666개월 전

    those young playing stevie,loved that guy in base,just lose that hat...

  74. sikaerkki666

    sikaerkki666개월 전

    do simon still wear high heels..

  75. comateur

    comateur개월 전

    21:23 "Do not try this at home". Well damn, there goes my plan

  76. Vyrein K. Kensdale

    Vyrein K. Kensdale개월 전

    27:01 to 30:07 Russell T. Bird is ELTON JOHN!!!!! That is ELTON JOHN!!!!!!!!!! Older.. greyer, wiser, yet can still play a little bit. No one Notices!?!?!?

  77. Chris G

    Chris G개월 전

    13:32 Simon's realizes he's not above us all like he thought, being worth $157mil comes with a price that trust me you don't wanna pay, bcuz you gotta say disgusting things like Simon said at 13:32 and Amanda did not agree with Simon she just kept a straight face and acted like she didn't hear that, and if Simon don't comply, let's just say he wouldn't dare and 18:57 where hes making that rather than be in school remark, sucks being a puppet cuz your so called millions isn't even yours either shame shame, I'm leave this bit, then rmove

  78. Hendri Irwanda

    Hendri Irwanda2 개월 전

    Simon ‘how many years do you have?’ Made my day lol

  79. 1961casey

    1961casey2 개월 전

    The magician asking a 'random' member is such an obvious set up. No one checks the seating plan for any pre-existing dots on it nor do they check if the marker actually works. So all he has to do is mark the seat where his twin accomplice is sitting and then call her onto the stage. After that it's all basic disappearing/reappearing routine using twins. Of course a little acting is required but nothing oscar worthy.

  80. Cher Chu Hai Kieu

    Cher Chu Hai Kieu2 개월 전

    I love seeing the joys on the people face it remind me that humanity is still thriving strong.

  81. Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    Mia DoubleZeroSeven2 개월 전

    I could have listened to “Chapter 13” the entire episode. Mind BLOWN 🤯

  82. れん

    れん2 개월 전


  83. Maimuna B

    Maimuna B2 개월 전

    What if there was never a paper that said Box 2???? What if they just put 1, 3 and 4