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  1. AKAMugnuts !

    AKAMugnuts !9 일 전

    Arrrgh. Why are people fooled by those crappy magicians? The paper aeroplane already had the dot on it with the plant in L34. The pen used to mark was a dead one. The blonde wigs were obvious.

  2. Gaming Mangal

    Gaming Mangal16 일 전

    So he throws the airplane the mark is actually there okay So then the person who gets will grab it Then he will hand them a sharpie or marker But it is dried out so they will think they made the dot And the person sitting in the seat will be the partner

  3. Samantha Sutton

    Samantha Sutton21 일 전

    What a voice on the old man that dedicated the song for is wife love it ❤️💕💕

  4. Andrew C

    Andrew C개월 전

    Magic is what people want more than what they want to give. Yep.

  5. Joseph Miles

    Joseph Miles2 개월 전

    What an unholy row from those kids

  6. Jayne Kyra

    Jayne Kyra3 개월 전

    Some of the ladies in the audience need to stop using that awful pyramid scheme mascara before they turn up their noses at others.. At least Jason did not come in with a sob story and a song, but was actually punny and entertaining.

  7. ELFCloudGamer

    ELFCloudGamer3 개월 전

    Like why give the golden buzzer to those kids? I mean they were good but......... there are other acts who were better

  8. Atela Christine

    Atela Christine3 개월 전

    That was witchcraft not magic. No way a piece of paper turns into an egg

  9. Torques Equinoxes

    Torques Equinoxes3 개월 전

    My thoughts on the transferable woman.... ..shes still in the cage and a look-a-like emerges before our eyes.

  10. Torques Equinoxes

    Torques Equinoxes3 개월 전

    You can't tell me magic is not real. Right before their eyes.

  11. Ronald McReynolds

    Ronald McReynolds3 개월 전

    Mr. RH, I would buy your record before anyone who's ever been on Idol or AGT, except Susan Boyle. Simon, it is not the glamour or the perfection of voice that sells records. It is the soul. Simon, if you were a real record producer, this man would have a deal.

  12. SkyFlow Original

    SkyFlow Original3 개월 전

    lol the circle on the paper was already there , the pen didn’t work , and he picked a twin from the audience , he’s an illusionist

  13. GirlPoi03

    GirlPoi033 개월 전

    4:46 - The gentleman who sang to his wife that passed away, did a beautiful performance. I loved it, so touching and very heartwarming.👏👏❤️👏👏

  14. Kian Kapil

    Kian Kapil3 개월 전

    Wtf That Band was not worth the Golden Buzzer .

  15. Kian Kapil

    Kian Kapil3 개월 전

    What is a Chelsea Pensioner?

  16. oooSoundOfLifeooo

    oooSoundOfLifeooo3 개월 전

    *_PLEASE_* ... DON'T remove the judge's comments !!!

  17. robert ellis

    robert ellis3 개월 전

    I love the sound effects

  18. Paula Vargas

    Paula Vargas3 개월 전

    Wind beneath my wings is the song dedicated to my grandpa as well and it made me well up... this reminds me of how much I truly miss him. Still, they [my grandpa and his wife] are in a better place now. I am half the person I am today because of you. All my love

  19. Ziomara Rosado

    Ziomara Rosado3 개월 전

    David: my hand is to big, that's what I said to Simon last night Simon: DAVID-

  20. Jane Wright

    Jane Wright4 개월 전

    The 15 year olds! OMG! Look out for chapter 13 in the future!



    This dance performance it's nothing.China's number 1 in the world but anyway thanks

  22. GirlPoi03

    GirlPoi034 개월 전

    12:28 - The 4 boys who started a band called “Chapter 13” did an awesome performance. 👏🥰👏 They totally got the audience and judges rocking. 👏🥰👏 They totally deserved the Golden Buzzer”.👏👍👏👍

  23. Paolo Pagliaro

    Paolo Pagliaro4 개월 전

    British talents, but especially British NON-talents are the best in the world!

  24. kayd on life grind

    kayd on life grind4 개월 전

    I REALY REALY hope that the older man got the golden buzzer

  25. MariFer ZxM

    MariFer ZxM4 개월 전

    The old man Is Cute I love them, they love he’s wife Is sad that the wife dead MY HEART IS BROKEN ❤️

  26. April Rodriguez

    April Rodriguez4 개월 전

    the band is like a breath of fresh air... technically it's not the best but the potential is already there...

  27. ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ

    ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ4 개월 전

    my god 36:00, I think the simon here is a copy not the real simon

  28. ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ

    ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ ⵜⴰⴼⴰⵜⵜ4 개월 전

    10:00 the gay have seen where the sowrd is because he was following amber, and then put the numbers following that, a very simple game, but as coleague, I would never trust the performance or eyes of some one or even if it was a capter on the sowrd detecting where it is

  29. Misheck Kaluba

    Misheck Kaluba4 개월 전

    If you watch the Prestige! Hugh jackman and Christian bale u will know how that girl moved from one point to another!

  30. Roshan Budhna

    Roshan Budhna4 개월 전

    all the judges reactions and comments are missing!!!

  31. Roshan Budhna

    Roshan Budhna4 개월 전

    all the judges reactions and comments are missing!!!

  32. Phil Preuss

    Phil Preuss4 개월 전

    they give too much golden buzzers...

  33. Lia Bibbo

    Lia Bibbo4 개월 전

    Colin was meh. So much better acts

  34. deana

    deana4 개월 전

    the first guy was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT

  35. louie noujoum

    louie noujoum4 개월 전

    Wow i love those kids.....i love Stevie Wonder..bravo

  36. Capital T

    Capital T4 개월 전

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the rock band? Not golden buzzer worthy

  37. Falcon Feathers

    Falcon Feathers4 개월 전

    Abslutely wonderful performances but what lunatics typed the white words? Simon is called Silent...9:57 Yeah this one thought would let you fool see which box is silent it's

  38. Duchess Malika

    Duchess Malika4 개월 전

    Show must go on. ❤

  39. ファディラトリヤマ

    ファディラトリヤマ4 개월 전

    Simon réactions is the best 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  40. Dr. Flabbergasted

    Dr. Flabbergasted4 개월 전

    Why Does The Dancing Duos male dancer, look exactl, or rather similar like the dancing duos male from Week 5!