Britain's Got Talent 2018 Ellie and Jeki Quickest Quick Change Full Audition S12E04


  1. Mohammad Moosa

    Mohammad Moosa일 전

    00:56 Lmao that huy looks like wormtail

  2. Maheswari K M

    Maheswari K M7 일 전

    Am I the only one noticing that he was on America's got talent 2017 as a magician

  3. Chloe WONG

    Chloe WONG7 일 전

    do u see how they have their hands on their waist?

  4. beeb1134

    beeb11347 일 전

    Damn, those boobs popped out of nowhere 😅 her smile tho 😍

  5. Henry Amaya

    Henry Amaya7 일 전

    Why cant all women learn to do this instead they take a fcking hour to get ready


    JEKI YOO8 일 전

    Hey I'm Jeki !!! Thank you for everyone who leave the comment! It's quite weird to see myself on TV. hahahahaha

  7. karthiprabu

    karthiprabu3 일 전

    Good. Amazing. How ????


    JEKI YOO3 일 전

    +Annie Senpai Thanks a lot :)

  9. Annie Senpai

    Annie Senpai3 일 전

    okay i subscribed

  10. Snape

    Snape4 일 전

    no shit!

  11. Suly Yulwa

    Suly Yulwa13 일 전

    I like how Jeki laugh

  12. Tarocalypse

    Tarocalypse14 일 전

    3:51 to 3:53 that was unfortunate

  13. Adventures With Ali

    Adventures With Ali14 일 전


  14. Joey Al Fulgencio

    Joey Al Fulgencio15 일 전

    Is it Simon's acting for not knowing Jeki Yoo? He just auditioned previously in America's Got Talent.

  15. bipul dutta

    bipul dutta15 일 전

    nothing to say!!!!!!!!

  16. Humberto Soria

    Humberto Soria17 일 전

    Lies all lies American got talent is the best show

  17. tesorohun1

    tesorohun119 일 전

    i wont change europian girls to this shit

  18. She

    She19 일 전

    Parang si ryan bang nung unang tingin ko sa thumbnail

  19. Suvrangshu Chattaraj

    Suvrangshu Chattaraj22 일 전

    Didn't this guy performed magic at agt some time ago...... jeki yoo

  20. ju song

    ju song25 일 전


  21. tendaishe mlambo

    tendaishe mlambo개월 전

    All women should be taught this trick it would be handy best believe 😩♀

  22. Sisa FOL

    Sisa FOL개월 전

    stiupid girl with his hands sso ovbius

  23. Marco Ilic

    Marco Ilic개월 전

    She is so sexy this little lady

  24. lisa creamer

    lisa creamer개월 전

    Wow a beautiful awesome couple just can't say enough about them there just that good !!! XXX

  25. johana Alvarez

    johana Alvarez개월 전

    Ablo español

  26. johana Alvarez

    johana Alvarez개월 전


  27. Hassan Khan

    Hassan Khan개월 전

    Isn't this the same guy that perforned last year in AGT? Jeki

  28. Sonata Gym

    Sonata Gym개월 전

    America got talent : impossible 2008 quick chang artists 😝

  29. Givary Lubis

    Givary Lubis개월 전

    how did simon not reconized jeki, he was on agt 1 year ago

  30. Nadim Hafezji

    Nadim Hafezji개월 전

    Really fantastic

  31. William Zayas

    William Zayas개월 전

    I enjoyed that there was like a theme...but I just wish she would of waited before placing her hand right where she was getting ready to pull of the dresses from.

  32. 유혜민Jina

    유혜민Jina개월 전

    what is the song they used at beginning?

  33. tài Nguyễn Tấn

    tài Nguyễn Tấn개월 전

    Đỉnh của đỉnh

  34. Random YT

    Random YT개월 전

    Bro connor (bryan dechart) should be on bgt or agt tbh

  35. ابراهيم ابو احمد

    ابراهيم ابو احمد개월 전

    كس اخت البوديون على هيك اشكال

  36. Franklin Cho

    Franklin Cho개월 전

    Simon doesn't seem to be a fan of Jeki....even since his AGT auditions.

  37. Do Bo

    Do Bo개월 전

    She goes to grab the area to soon we shoudnt be able to see her getting rdy to change

  38. Angelica McAllister

    Angelica McAllister개월 전


  39. Kawhi

    Kawhi개월 전


  40. Apolon

    Apolon개월 전

    Well...atleast you don't have to wait her hours to dress up...

  41. See Me Entertainment

    See Me Entertainment개월 전


  42. TaiBenChow

    TaiBenChow2 개월 전

    I thought ding junhui Is on the show

  43. fitzgerald olivarez

    fitzgerald olivarez2 개월 전

    They deserv golden buzzzz 😊😍😍

  44. Cliff Riley

    Cliff Riley2 개월 전

    So adorable. Her smile could launch a thousand ships............sound familiar

  45. Sitti Inastasia

    Sitti Inastasia2 개월 전

    그 들은 너무 귀여워요~~

  46. Indrajit 007

    Indrajit 0072 개월 전

    Who has noticed aluminium foil ear-rings?

  47. Indrajit 007

    Indrajit 0072 개월 전

    This man looks quite like the magician with goggles & an egg in his hand(can't remember his country..may be Japanese)

  48. Indrajit 007

    Indrajit 007개월 전

    +Rachel Benincasa ok..thanks for replying..😃😄

  49. Rachel Benincasa

    Rachel Benincasa개월 전

    Indrajit Saha it's the same guy

  50. A.J. Steinman

    A.J. Steinman2 개월 전

    "Someone is doing a performance which includes music? Better make noise over it with my hands." - Audience members

  51. zfilmmaker

    zfilmmaker2 개월 전

    This is a copy of “Quick Change” from the first season of America’s Got Talent.

  52. nhepp enidilcyc

    nhepp enidilcyc2 개월 전

    Give the girl some eyes

  53. Mick Thornley

    Mick Thornley2 개월 전

    Shite 👎 go back to South Korea




  55. chen chen

    chen chen2 개월 전

  56. Erik Hayes

    Erik Hayes2 개월 전

    Big step up from when he was on America's Got Talent. I'm glad he changed up the act and got his wife involved.

  57. PTHC Cuộc Sống & Du Lịch

    PTHC Cuộc Sống & Du Lịch2 개월 전

    Interestingly quick!

  58. So Fly Official

    So Fly Official2 개월 전

    wtf how

  59. michael adams

    michael adams2 개월 전

    two sets of twins.

  60. Luân Hoàng Văn

    Luân Hoàng Văn2 개월 전

    first vedio song title, plz no pretty woman

  61. Doodle

    Doodle2 개월 전

    Then there's people who copy the exact same thing...

  62. iBallerNinja10

    iBallerNinja102 개월 전

    America's got Talent has a couple that does a quick change too. But they're a little bit more quicker and they aren't together another more lol

  63. A. D.

    A. D.2 개월 전

    Even though I saw many quick changing acts, but there is something special about this one! Very lovely couple with a cheerful theme and cool customes 💞

  64. thang kam

    thang kam2 개월 전

    Yep I watched the revealed of this magic and now I know the reason of why she worn big cloth at the start

  65. One Discover

    One Discover2 개월 전

    "when did you realize you can get changed so quickly?" "when we first met". They so fast :)

  66. Michael Ray

    Michael Ray2 개월 전

    This video would have attracted 10X the views if the girl "accidentally" quick changed into being nude.

  67. Michael Ray

    Michael Ray2 개월 전

    3:19 the moment I got a boner.

  68. Lyanna Stark

    Lyanna Stark3 개월 전

    inspect her gadget

  69. Cliff Riley

    Cliff Riley3 개월 전

    so adorable and so good!

  70. Unnoticed Lotus

    Unnoticed Lotus3 개월 전

    Jeki Woo!!! YES! I subscribed to his channel after seeing him on America's Got Talent last year. He was doing a solo magic act. He's VERY good, and the type of authentic magician with no elaborate stage props or crazy theatrical stories. Just good old fashioned, high-skill level sleight of hand. He has also won other contests outside of the Got Talent franchise, so I'd consider him very accomplished too. I had heard that he entered as a duo on this season so I've been looking forward to seeing this! It was brilliant! One of the best quick change acts I've seen!

  71. Robert Jr.

    Robert Jr.3 개월 전

    This magic has a wonderful effect on the audience

  72. WinnieThePooh IsAGirl

    WinnieThePooh IsAGirl3 개월 전

    Why are asian girls so cute

  73. nslb100

    nslb1003 개월 전

    Very impressive.

  74. ouhaddou ikram

    ouhaddou ikram3 개월 전

    he was on the AGT too

  75. Mark Allman Santos

    Mark Allman Santos3 개월 전

    what is the title of the song starts at 4:04? thanks plsss

  76. 김성묵

    김성묵3 개월 전


  77. Sarah Pirrong

    Sarah Pirrong3 개월 전

    1:40 the guy in the audience with the sideburns!

  78. Sarah Pirrong

    Sarah Pirrong3 개월 전

    This is amazing and this couple is so cute and sweet

  79. Yo Momma

    Yo Momma3 개월 전

    Love how nobody clapped when they said they were from NORTH KORA. Everyone should be applauding that they even got OUT of North Kora.

  80. 이상연

    이상연4 개월 전

    잘 보았습니다

  81. The World of Technology

    The World of Technology4 개월 전

    2:40 What is the name of the song in the background

  82. zubair khan

    zubair khan4 개월 전


  83. Vincent Matika

    Vincent Matika4 개월 전


  84. sanjay's app review

    sanjay's app review4 개월 전

    Their little woo’s made me high

  85. -SHAB -

    -SHAB -4 개월 전

    How would they do that

  86. 최은랑

    최은랑4 개월 전

    와 한국사람!

  87. Kim

    Kim4 개월 전

    omg i can't believe it , STUNNING!!!!

  88. Li Orman

    Li Orman4 개월 전

    She laughed just like in a anime cartoon.

  89. bts._ stuff._

    bts._ stuff._4 개월 전

    3:16 am I the only one freaking out that was amazing

  90. Andi Lukmansyah

    Andi Lukmansyah4 개월 전

    how they can do it?

  91. Safiya 1998

    Safiya 19984 개월 전

    At 2:01 you can see that he puts off his trousers and there are white trousers underneath

  92. Sada Ahmed

    Sada Ahmed4 개월 전

    I really want to know how they did that.

  93. Britney Spino

    Britney Spino4 개월 전

    Woow... Its when i ask myself... Does magic exist? 😱😍

  94. Tasya Yuliana

    Tasya Yuliana4 개월 전

    Wow OMG i like👍👍👍

  95. ullas babu

    ullas babu4 개월 전

    They should've stopped @ 3:12 and saved the rest for the next round.

  96. Melissa Sim

    Melissa Sim4 개월 전

    3:16 put your playback speed to the slowest, and look close oh at the mans hands. He tore the dress off.

  97. Ryan Boyer

    Ryan Boyer4 개월 전

    Oh-ho my Gosh! How did they do that! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  98. Aydee Nguyen

    Aydee Nguyen4 개월 전

    Whats the background song at the end?

  99. grass

    grass4 개월 전

    This is a golden buzzer act. They don't have to be British.

  100. Floki The boat builder

    Floki The boat builder4 개월 전

    ellie pls marry me.

  101. 호리밍

    호리밍4 개월 전


  102. David Badree

    David Badree4 개월 전

    He's a fakeb

  103. David Badree

    David Badree4 개월 전

    That guy was on America's got talent

  104. JamesFitz

    JamesFitz4 개월 전

    He’s the magician from agt last year !!!

  105. I just Farted

    I just Farted4 개월 전

    I wish I can meet a women who can ready that fast

  106. Evgeniy Raskolnjikov

    Evgeniy Raskolnjikov4 개월 전

    They want to perform for the Royal Reptilians? You know, there is a reason why Eastern culture WAS so much more advanced than the Western world´s. It is because it had nothing to do with the Western world. And look at what´s going on there now.

  107. szejunhong22

    szejunhong224 개월 전

    he is not the guy that did AGT right?????