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  1. evitasd

    evitasd5 시간 전

    What a great performance, and what a lovely couple! Good Wishes from New Zealand

  2. Jasna Jardas

    Jasna Jardas18 시간 전


  3. julian campa

    julian campa일 전

    How??? So amazing act!!

  4. Felicitas Capolinas

    Felicitas Capolinas일 전

    Not manic# huh# magic# presentation#

  5. Felicitas Capolinas

    Felicitas Capolinas일 전

    Manic presentation#


    IIK ARMY3 일 전

    A talent man and a lucky men too

  7. sandeep sakhare

    sandeep sakhare4 일 전

    Very nice Act

  8. Health & Household

    Health & Household4 일 전

    You�re welcome, and have a nice day

  9. Davide William

    Davide William6 일 전

    Straordinary absolutely so much straordinary

  10. Sofo Qantaria

    Sofo Qantaria7 일 전

    They are lovely

  11. Monica Frontino

    Monica Frontino8 일 전

    Belli e straordinari!!!!!!

  12. Sekreuz Navarus

    Sekreuz Navarus8 일 전

    so clean...

  13. Nicholas dela

    Nicholas dela11 일 전

    Alisha wearing tin foil as earring...

  14. Chanel Game TV

    Chanel Game TV11 일 전

    2:36 name song please! thanks you

  15. Mby Consultancy

    Mby Consultancy11 일 전

    Simon you know jeki in America got talent

  16. TimelessHorrorTV

    TimelessHorrorTV15 일 전

    Same guy with that card tricks right? Only now with his wife?

  17. Ishwora Ghamal

    Ishwora Ghamal15 일 전


  18. mnraaghu

    mnraaghu22 일 전

    Oh My God! unbelievable!!!

  19. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost24 일 전

    that girl is so damn adorable, cutest couple.

  20. Greencoco Palm

    Greencoco Palm25 일 전


  21. Nxny loma

    Nxny loma26 일 전


  22. Ezra Kasyaff

    Ezra Kasyaff27 일 전

    They are cute 😍😘 & I love Korea ❤️

  23. twinsonic

    twinsonic개월 전

    It says Britains got talent..but they are Koreans. WTF? Sad state of affairs.

  24. dodaeng who?

    dodaeng who?개월 전

    why is Eli kinda looks like Della from JKT48 or is it just me .-.

  25. Muhammad Arshad

    Muhammad Arshad개월 전

    Awesome Amazing Wow

  26. Ahmed Bendjeddou

    Ahmed Bendjeddou개월 전

    Only if my wife is this quick to get ready 😫

  27. Luanne LeBronne

    Luanne LeBronne개월 전

    EXCELLENT SHOW....Oozing with style and creativity. A dazzling feast for the eyes.

  28. Lonely Forever

    Lonely Forever개월 전

    3.42 do you suppose he saw something? 😂

  29. Sachin D Balkhande

    Sachin D Balkhande개월 전

    Guys your timing is so perfect and I think you deserved golden buzzer. Love from India🇮🇳

  30. foxy_thief

    foxy_thief개월 전

    I'm here watching like a stupid person keep saying : *How did you do that!?*

  31. MAGIC Revealed

    MAGIC Revealed16 일 전

    foxy_thief I uploaded a video about it ✌️

  32. Vladimir Nilov

    Vladimir Nilov개월 전

    Китайцы как всегда только повторять умеют ,в частности за русскими ,своих выдумок нет !

  33. Despa - T - Pose

    Despa - T - Pose개월 전

    No wonder they wore such THICK clothing Check the beginning of the video then the end

  34. Martin Mouncher

    Martin Mouncher개월 전

    They should have used metallic ticker tape at the end and bluffed the golden buzzer!! 😂

  35. jesus thank you

    jesus thank you개월 전

    I am from Nepal I like America I want to go America my dream country America

  36. Joshua Blankman

    Joshua Blankman개월 전

    Can someone please tell me who sings this version of pretty woman please

  37. Сергей Анималов

    Сергей Анималов개월 전

    how cheaply the simulated reaction and comments of some dummy viewers look like .... Right now everyone has also microphones ....

  38. Abdul aziz 10

    Abdul aziz 10개월 전

    But shoes only not chenge

  39. Ban Mai

    Ban Mai개월 전


  40. ريم محمد

    ريم محمد개월 전

    ترجمووا عربي

  41. userwl2850

    userwl2850개월 전

    Korean birds are on my bucket list.

  42. Sky_stider223

    Sky_stider223개월 전

    Watch the video when pen and teller go to China the tea house quick change is unmatched there lol

  43. Aerin Collins

    Aerin Collins개월 전

    If this was only possible when I gotta change to go out.

  44. Bimalendu Adhikari

    Bimalendu Adhikari2 개월 전


  45. United Differences

    United Differences2 개월 전

    Adorable 💜

  46. Rosana Rocateli

    Rosana Rocateli2 개월 전

    Nossa, por favor, traduza pra gente...😘😘😘😘❤

  47. nicholas8nj

    nicholas8nj2 개월 전

    Your welcome😃

  48. Sức sống 360

    Sức sống 3602 개월 전

    hay tuyệt, giống như phim vậy

  49. Dave Rogers

    Dave Rogers2 개월 전

    Have you come because of me ! Cowell is one arigant man

  50. tranphuc123

    tranphuc1232 개월 전

    Ellie is so cute :))

  51. Claude Maassen

    Claude Maassen2 개월 전

    How do they do that????????

  52. Pradad David

    Pradad David2 개월 전

    Happy anniversary for 2019!

  53. Fam Fam

    Fam Fam2 개월 전

    SO LAME !

  54. Zac Atkinson

    Zac Atkinson2 개월 전

    whats the 80's song at the end??

  55. Snaz Attack

    Snaz Attack2 개월 전

    not the fastest quick change we all know how its done

  56. Victor Greystoke II

    Victor Greystoke II2 개월 전


  57. Michael Surfdawg

    Michael Surfdawg2 개월 전

    I think if the South Korean woman change your shoes as well it would have been have a good act. It wasn't like that so the ACT wasn't really that good she's supposed to change your shoes too oh well at least I tried.

  58. fløwer høpe

    fløwer høpe2 개월 전

    4:39 - 4:45 Either that was a dirty joke or my mind is just dirty😂

  59. William Baynes

    William Baynes2 개월 전

    Simon is getting so fat it's takes him all his time to stand up!

  60. Pradeep Yadav

    Pradeep Yadav2 개월 전

    Love from India. You are superb.

  61. Yalda Hasan

    Yalda Hasan2 개월 전


  62. the4773

    the47732 개월 전

    OMG!! The girl is so beautiful and cure!!!

  63. Boriss Kuznec.

    Boriss Kuznec.2 개월 전

    чудо пара...

  64. Erika Aldrich

    Erika Aldrich2 개월 전


  65. NSX 2017 1972

    NSX 2017 19722 개월 전

    Why are they doing this, it's old tricks

  66. מנחם רביב

    מנחם רביב2 개월 전

    Awesome indeed! Love from ISRAEL!

  67. Angele Pizzuto

    Angele Pizzuto2 개월 전

    Proof girls don’t take long to change

  68. trọng võ

    trọng võ2 개월 전

    Cute couple :)))


    МИХАИЛ АББАТ2 개월 전

    Behind the Instant Change of Outfits, Obviously Magic... Worth...! Which... and Charms... Attention... Viewers. And Joy... Presents... To Them. (За Мгновенной Сменой Нарядов, Явно Волшебство... Стоит...! Которое... и Очаровывает... Внимание... Зрителей. И Радость... Дарит... Им.).

  70. Muhammad Faris

    Muhammad Faris2 개월 전

    Her body is so hot

  71. mr.zbych100

    mr.zbych1003 개월 전

    Pyszne !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Chris Vesy

    Chris Vesy3 개월 전


  73. The Asian Nugget

    The Asian Nugget3 개월 전

    Wait did Ant and Dec see what happened?!

  74. basia basia

    basia basia3 개월 전


  75. 조용준

    조용준3 개월 전

    Anybody know to trick? I know! They are using timestone!!!!

  76. Tim Travasos

    Tim Travasos3 개월 전

    Have no idea how they did that! Wow.

  77. Elci Batista

    Elci Batista3 개월 전

    Very good

  78. nicholas8nj

    nicholas8nj3 개월 전

    So AMAZING and talented quickest changing clothes including dancing. Definitely without a doubt100% Yes!☺

  79. Lee Hangyul produce 101 x fan

    Lee Hangyul produce 101 x fan3 개월 전

    aww she's so beautifull :3333333333

  80. M mode ROKCC74

    M mode ROKCC743 개월 전


  81. Nadia Subri

    Nadia Subri3 개월 전

    You can't help thinking that they're adorable 😅

  82. rasheed ahmed

    rasheed ahmed3 개월 전


  83. Joshua Blankman

    Joshua Blankman3 개월 전

    Who sings that version of pretty woman

  84. North Yippie

    North Yippie3 개월 전


  85. Jhiegie Delgado

    Jhiegie Delgado3 개월 전

    its a true magic not tricks

  86. Cadi Levox

    Cadi Levox3 개월 전

    I can't believe jekki also engage in quick change. I though he was strictly a close up illusionist

  87. Roland Schlösser

    Roland Schlösser3 개월 전


  88. Anahel Paz

    Anahel Paz4 개월 전

    She is the most beautiful korean that i know. I love her

  89. King Thorren

    King Thorren4 개월 전

    Wow ...

  90. sushii poon

    sushii poon4 개월 전

    How do they do it???

  91. Bea Badjar

    Bea Badjar4 개월 전

    These people should go undercover

  92. нЯ жe

    нЯ жe4 개월 전


  93. Jimmy Delp

    Jimmy Delp4 개월 전

    Waou so amazing, gongratulation!

  94. Mikes Karaoke

    Mikes Karaoke4 개월 전

    Very good I don't know how they did this so quickly. Great show.

  95. Biswajit Das

    Biswajit Das4 개월 전


  96. imam 0786

    imam 07864 개월 전


  97. SinvalTube

    SinvalTube4 개월 전

    De pensar que minha esposa leva mais de uma hora para trocar de roupa.

  98. Slimboyfat1979

    Slimboyfat19794 개월 전

    Damn shes hot.

  99. Jim Palmer

    Jim Palmer4 개월 전

    Twin girls in box saw the leg disappear watch again

  100. Tariq Qayyum

    Tariq Qayyum4 개월 전


  101. Gloria Toyos

    Gloria Toyos4 개월 전

    I wish I could change that fast in the morning😂😂😂