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Britain's Got Talent 2018 Ellie and Jeki Quickest Quick Change Full Audition S12E04


  1. 조용준

    조용준8 시간 전

    Anybody know to trick? I know! They are using timestone!!!!

  2. Tim Travasos

    Tim Travasos12 시간 전

    Have no idea how they did that! Wow.

  3. Elci Batista

    Elci Batista6 일 전

    Very good

  4. nicholas8nj

    nicholas8nj8 일 전

    So AMAZING and talented quickest changing clothes including dancing. Definitely without a doubt100% Yes!☺

  5. bi bi

    bi bi8 일 전

    aww she's so beautifull :3333333333

  6. M mode ROKCC74

    M mode ROKCC749 일 전


  7. Nadia Subri

    Nadia Subri10 일 전

    You can't help thinking that they're adorable 😅

  8. rasheed ahmed

    rasheed ahmed13 일 전


  9. Joshua Blankman

    Joshua Blankman13 일 전

    Who sings that version of pretty woman

  10. North Yippie

    North Yippie13 일 전


  11. Jhiegie Delgado

    Jhiegie Delgado14 일 전

    its a true magic not tricks

  12. Cadi Levox

    Cadi Levox18 일 전

    I can't believe jekki also engage in quick change. I though he was strictly a close up illusionist

  13. Roland Schlösser

    Roland Schlösser23 일 전


  14. Anahel Paz

    Anahel Paz24 일 전

    She is the most beautiful korean that i know. I love her

  15. King Thorren

    King Thorren26 일 전

    Wow ...

  16. sushii poon

    sushii poon26 일 전

    How do they do it???

  17. Bea Badjar

    Bea Badjar27 일 전

    These people should go undercover

  18. нЯ жe

    нЯ жe27 일 전


  19. Jimmy Delp

    Jimmy Delp29 일 전

    Waou so amazing, gongratulation!

  20. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas개월 전

    Very good I don't know how they did this so quickly. Great show.

  21. Biswajit Das

    Biswajit Das개월 전


  22. imam 0786

    imam 0786개월 전


  23. SinvalTube

    SinvalTube개월 전

    De pensar que minha esposa leva mais de uma hora para trocar de roupa.

  24. Slimboyfat1979

    Slimboyfat1979개월 전

    Damn shes hot.

  25. Jim Palmer

    Jim Palmer개월 전

    Twin girls in box saw the leg disappear watch again

  26. Tariq Qayyum

    Tariq Qayyum개월 전


  27. Gloria Toyos

    Gloria Toyos개월 전

    I wish I could change that fast in the morning😂😂😂

  28. andre kubik

    andre kubik개월 전

    girl is charming.cute with nice smile

  29. Loy Zara

    Loy Zara개월 전

    American got relent chpion

  30. Ahmed Kamel

    Ahmed Kamel개월 전

    مدهش مدهش جدا جدا

  31. Niranjan Konwer

    Niranjan Konwer개월 전

    He went to AGT last year. Right?

  32. aamgdp

    aamgdp개월 전

    Ant and Dec have to see how they do it from a side right?

  33. 山本修誠

    山本修誠개월 전


  34. Ardindasatria Daniswara

    Ardindasatria Daniswara개월 전

    2:35 most favorite that i love it

  35. Sascha Star

    Sascha Star개월 전

    Were -too- what for Germany and the United States!

  36. Kendrisse Arthur

    Kendrisse Arthur개월 전


  37. ashok teraiya

    ashok teraiya개월 전

    Oh may god verry nice

  38. Pavan Narwin

    Pavan Narwin개월 전

    He is looking like Jackie chan

  39. aziz fa

    aziz fa개월 전


  40. Keith Terrill

    Keith Terrill개월 전

    I have seen some great change artists but these two are the best.

  41. hayabusa bangbang

    hayabusa bangbang개월 전

    if ever my wife changed dress as fast as that.. it would be nice. lol.

  42. Newton Firefly

    Newton Firefly개월 전

    @JEKI YOO; Enjoyed Your Quick Change performance on BGT 2018 with Your wife Ellie; It was Delightful, Lovely, Very Entertaining; Creative, Well Performed! We You also on AGT as a Magician in 2017? Recognized Your face, voice, energy and presence. You were delightful there also. Also enjoyed Your unique laugh as did Howie. Figure Simon Cowell would have recognized You, but maybe he intentionally acted as if he did not. Hope You will do well with Your carrier and with Your wife also. Sincerely, :-)

  43. 殊途同归。人生百态

    殊途同归。人生百态개월 전

    Btw, Koreans is part of Chinese to be honest

  44. پارک پارتی

    پارک پارتی개월 전

    Absolutely impressive and amazing people

  45. Yanglin Luo

    Yanglin Luo개월 전

    When simon said yes and people dislike the act?! U sad fk

  46. Андрей Селезнев

    Андрей Селезнев개월 전

    Мне понравилось

  47. princetheroughcollie Lymington

    princetheroughcollie Lymington개월 전

    Brilliant xxx

  48. Сергей Добрынин

    Сергей Добрынин개월 전


  49. Henry Manley

    Henry Manley개월 전

    I've seen this this trick done in the circus a lot but it was impressive!

  50. Terry Howard

    Terry Howard개월 전


  51. Adelina Graichen

    Adelina Graichen개월 전

    She is hot

  52. Teach tolive

    Teach tolive개월 전

    The Korean lady has such a fake laugh......

  53. Joshua Blankman

    Joshua Blankman개월 전

    What version of the song pretty woman is this

  54. Bankai_06 bije

    Bankai_06 bije개월 전

    They were so fat in beginning and skinny in last... soo predictable. Anyway AWESOME

  55. 임창진

    임창진개월 전

    양세형인줄 알고 들어온사람????? 추천ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  56. Daño John Robert

    Daño John Robert개월 전

    I think Some part of Asia are Twins lmao😂

  57. moosekiss

    moosekiss개월 전

    한국인 손~

  58. Ankz#7

    Ankz#7개월 전

    They're cute but I cracked when jeki says "we'd like to perform for the Loyal family!" 🤣😆😂

  59. Manomi Tennackoon

    Manomi Tennackoon개월 전

    He is a lucky guy. Doesn't have to wait an year to go to movie

  60. Jyo Rah

    Jyo Rah개월 전

    good performance but these are tricks, people may be fools but my eyes sees what is happening.

  61. 첫입

    첫입개월 전

    한국인 손!!

  62. Эйрик Торвальдссон

    Эйрик Торвальдссон개월 전

    so they really didn't see billions of such tricks from all over the world? omfg

  63. adarsh ks

    adarsh ks개월 전

    Very cute pair

  64. adarsh ks

    adarsh ks개월 전

    They are both so cute like pretty pretty dolls......

  65. Ndihokubwayo Emery

    Ndihokubwayo Emery개월 전

    Kamikazi sandrine

  66. Ndihokubwayo Emery

    Ndihokubwayo Emery개월 전

    Indirimbo zakamikazi

  67. satyam yarra

    satyam yarra개월 전


  68. uyri ogesov

    uyri ogesov개월 전


  69. Mr.Rajput Kapil Nirwan Ajmer

    Mr.Rajput Kapil Nirwan Ajmer개월 전

    wowwwwwwww awwwww😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  70. master ikt

    master ikt2 개월 전

    It's a very out dated act, first saw this kind of thing in the 80's

  71. Rebecca Cardenas

    Rebecca Cardenas2 개월 전

    That was super badass cool and I've been to see the super cool Penn and Teller!!

  72. Arnam Mondal

    Arnam Mondal2 개월 전

    She is gorgeous ❤

  73. HsingSun

    HsingSun2 개월 전

    Teach me how quickly that I can change my cloth.

  74. Rob C

    Rob C2 개월 전

    I bet she can cook too.

  75. 860haseeb

    860haseeb2 개월 전

    Very beautiful and sweet couple...

  76. Chris Burr

    Chris Burr2 개월 전

    They should have at least made final top 3, they were robbed! Come to AGT season 14!

  77. Kamandag Kilabot

    Kamandag Kilabot2 개월 전

    They are like a soul mistique couple from australlia.

  78. SaM Samy

    SaM Samy2 개월 전


  79. Πέτρος Σταμούλης

    Πέτρος Σταμούλης2 개월 전

    How is this possible???

  80. FB I

    FB I2 개월 전

    3:40 the 2 guys behind the stage are pervets,they watched that woman change

  81. firas alsayegh

    firas alsayegh2 개월 전

    I wanna see someone change the woman instead of the clothes

  82. rene florencio

    rene florencio2 개월 전

    thats entertainment......................

  83. Kennedy Siame

    Kennedy Siame2 개월 전


  84. Kiproll

    Kiproll2 개월 전

    I know that's not what she said, but all I can hear is "I love the David"

  85. صُدَîمْيْ ۆـڱدُî

    صُدَîمْيْ ۆـڱدُî2 개월 전

    سحر عجيب فعلأ

  86. Flissfloss Bob Ross

    Flissfloss Bob Ross3 개월 전

    Can you guys stop talking about the fact that they’re korean and just acknowledge the amazing performance! As an asian that’s why I never post things showing my face online because of all the koreaboos.

  87. S3VNA

    S3VNA3 개월 전

    im korean and i think they are a bit faster than average korean

  88. 정환

    정환3 개월 전

    It is magic

  89. Cliff Riley

    Cliff Riley3 개월 전

    whoa she is so hot......

  90. Georgeta Dan

    Georgeta Dan3 개월 전


  91. Abu Qaissar

    Abu Qaissar3 개월 전

    oh my GOD , so amazing , talented , sweatable couple.

  92. 주요한

    주요한3 개월 전


  93. 치믈리에

    치믈리에3 개월 전

    so proud !

  94. David J. LEE

    David J. LEE3 개월 전

    I`m south korean, too.

  95. Fayez Kinan

    Fayez Kinan3 개월 전


  96. kamikaze channel

    kamikaze channel3 개월 전


  97. Abdi

    Abdi3 개월 전

    Опять китвйцы, они везде как крыси, говорят они и на луне есть.

  98. TET2005

    TET20053 개월 전


  99. wat srina

    wat srina3 개월 전

    ไวมาก เหลือเชื่อ

  100. maxillrockx

    maxillrockx3 개월 전

    That's where you belong, in my arms baby yeah!!

  101. Han Myohset

    Han Myohset3 개월 전

    Quicker? Yes! And more romantic ❤️