Breaking Up


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    A, sorry your in rewind 2018

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    haha! relatable. my crush just broke up with my friend

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    My ex break up with me a month ago after 6 months of trying to make me dump her. At the end she confessed to me that she only was happy the first three months of the nine months that our relationship lasted.

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    Why did she break up with you

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    Although some people never stop getting butterflies or fall out of the honeymoon stage, a lot of mature relationships actually do. Of course there are times when both people aren't happy in the relationship, then it would be best to end it, but other times, the spark doesn't always have to be there, which doesn't mean the relationship isn't as good anymore. Relationships take hard work, and sometimes that means holding on and enduring, as if love were a choice.

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    I don't relate

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    Wow new intro

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    “ Moving On “ I THINK WE NEED THAT VIDEO !

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    It’s cuffing season tho

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    How did you know???

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    2:36 "for all eternity including future incarnations." Someone's been watching Angel Beats, I see..

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    My boi fell in love with a girl and got close but before he could confess his feelings she got with someone else. He thought he'd be fine because they still talked but her new boyfriend told him to stop and my boi said not he no and he later confessed his love to her. No response from the girl... she and her boyfriend blocked my boi

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    This was really helpful for me in terms of closure and i feel like most of these points can work for friendship break ups as well

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    My gf broke up with me about 2 months ago, but it still hurts for some reason... I tried getting into other relationships to forget, but I always have this thought at the back of my mind, or I’m always reminded of her. It has effected everything I do, no matter how hard I try to not let it get to me. I need to learn how to forget, but I don’t know how... nothing is working anymore...

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    bold of you to assume that I have a girlfriend

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    I dont really get why i need a relationship... I just want to make friends

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    Bring back Sassy Dom.

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    Rewind your in it kiki do you love me lol

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    broke up w mine 2 months ago and it was the hardest thing ive gone through. im still recovering

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    Can we just appreciate how well this man can advertise 🤯

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    Tfw I was with my bf when I saw the video’s thumbnail while looking for vids to watch 👀 rip my hair is at the same length as that first girl too

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    I don’t need this because I have never had a girlfriend also I the only thing I’m good at is saying boat in emojis 🅱️🅾️🅰️T

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    Bra! Why didn't this come up yesterday before i told her!?!?

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    I haven't got a partner or break up before and I'm still a virgin

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    Honestly, yeah. Break-ups suck man. Sometimes you don't even see the flaws in the person you once liked until they cut things off and you're no longer blinded by romance and an urge to keep an already-dying relationship alive and that when you finally take a step back to realize there was a LOT of stuff you could of fixed. DON'T WAIT. FIX SHIT NOW AND DON'T FUCK IT UP UNLESS YOU'RE WAITING FOR THE END!

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    Haha I don’t need to break up because I don’t have a girlfriend. Wait... ☹️

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    ...damn I got broke up with on Monday ....

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    Holy sh8t dominic uploaded

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    O hey

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    I’ve never broken off a serious relationship. Just ghosted non serious ones. I’m in my first real relationship now. We met when i was 18 and im turning 21 next month. I hope i dont have to use Dom’s advice anytime soon❤️😅🤞🏽🤞🏽



    I’ve never had exes

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    Honestly had to laugh within the first 40 seconds cos i broke up with my boyfriend a month before we went to a concert together... We were with other friends but we were still there together

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    Who else here before it goes trending 🙋‍♂️

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    HOLY JESUS! Took you long enough

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    Wait wait wait... Whats a relationship?

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    You both dont see eye to eye You dont have the same humor *her father is racist*

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    so like... yeah guess I should be mature enough to talk

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    What about the third amount of people who have never had a girlfriend/boyfriend in High School?

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    Holy shit this is relatable

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    I’ve broken up with someone recently. She gave me a note saying “yo dude we’re young and don’t know much. I’m gonna like try to find out who I am n stuff then I’ll start dating” It didn’t really say that but it’s just the gist of it. I felt the same way. The note also said that it’d make me sad but strangely I didn’t feel anything after it. Now I have a crush on someone else who I know doesn’t like me. Haha..such fun.

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    I'm still in high school but my boyfriend broke up with me because he "didnt want to lose me" and thinks we werent "romantically compatible" but he hasn't talked to me about what any of that means so I'm super confused and I know I love him. Idk what to do.

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    The only thing good about KOreporter rewind where the Animators (domics was my fav :) )

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    My parents broke when I was three 😶

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    1:47, seems like you are saying that to a specific someone 0.0

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    See Ross, you ruined it with Rachel, not her

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    HAHAHAHA I have no one to break up with. LIVING THAT SINGLE LIFE!!! 😁😁 ... Fuck I want a girlfriend😭😭😭😭

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    Dom can you make a video/colab video about VPN’s? Are they ethical? If the govt screens/monitors our web activity for our own protection, doesn’t that make VPN’s counter-protective? If for every 10000 innocent users there is a criminal who benefited from hiding under VPN, is it justified? Who’s checking if the VPN provider is following certain standards?

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    Best solution is to NOT DATE PEOPLE

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    y'all got any chips? Kettle cooked Jalapeno chips to be precise.

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    Not even joking, was thinking when you were going to upload than.

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    6:40 and the fact that EX’s EXist... sorry... somebody had to do it...

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    I break up with people I’m not even in a relationship with

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    what was the reason she broke up with u

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    Love you guy! I always look forward to hearing from you😘

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    I don't need the advice cuz I'll never have this problem...beacause I'll die alone ... oh god 😭

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    Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbreakups..... prologue to part 5

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    Ha, that's if I can actually get a being to love me.... And I'm OK with being alone :p

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    Bro I fuckign love my girlfriend and she really loves me, but her parents are a huge problem. Her parents are very very strict and if they found out about us, they will literally destroy her, but it’s hard, it’s hard to hang out with her, we’ve only hung out for a little bit after school or during school, we’ve never had hung out during the weekends because of her parents. Just recently she broke up with me because it wasn’t gonna work just because of her parents and I was devastated, and still am devastated. Everyone said that I need to “move on” but how can I move on from a girl that is so compatible with me? She really is THE one, and we are literally just there, but we can’t because of the smallest and dumbest reason possible. Smh man fml. Honestly I’m gonna wait for her when her parents would let her date, but I’m scared that she’ll lose interest in me or she might friendzone me (she said that we can still talk and be friends and maybe for now). Idk I need help, please help me out.

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    I just broke up with my imaginary boyfriend too, cuz..... He dumped me 😳 .... Anyway I also try to make animated videos to tell stories, about stuff and things 👍🏼

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    SoniasWay imaginary?? 🤔🤔

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    It's pretty ironic that I got this video recommended because recently a couple from my school broke up and the girl is saying that it's my fault for their breakup. Her boyfriend was always glued to me since last year and I guess he lost interest on her and decided to end the relationship. I really don't know how to feel about all the fake things she is saying of me and what "I did", when I told the guy various times that I don't want a relationship with him. Good video though

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    The ending was a great ending.



    This is so relatable and really good advice based on your prior experiences. Granted there is no easy way of breaking up but once the deed is done it is what happens hence forth that is the "what do I do now zone". It's so true that the longer you wait the more awkward things can become but then the decision is to either live with it or end it however badly things could end up. Thanks for the insightful video and I'll bear this advice in mind during relationships and don't worry that people's breakups happen because of this video, it is on their own accord.

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    Heeeeyyyy. I just saw you on KOreporter rewind. Congrats!!

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    0:25 "Ew" had me weak

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    My girlfriend in year 7, omg

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    Hey stop scrolling the comments and watch the video!

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    Glad you stopped promoting betterhelp

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    I wanna breakup with KOreporter



    I wonder how many months free trial I can get by using every YTchannel discount code.

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    I've been there before at school... :/

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    *Blasts MARETU when in a breakup*

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    My ex gf/bf broke up with me cuz of bad communication.... we're still friends but I wish we were back together...

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    Anybody planning to break up with anyone today?

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    KOreporter rewind was cringed

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    Glad to see you on youtube rewind bro, fellow filipino here...

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    "Being considerate and waiting until exams are over." Not what happened to me (:

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    my uncle watched this video with me. he just broke up with me :/

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    "The father is racist" Oh, you his the nail on that one, Dom. When my friends help me figure out the dad is racist, my response was, "I fuckin knew it!"

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    *Because tonight is showtime Come and walk with me Why you have to leave me bitch Why you have to take the kids Please just let me see them on Christmas*

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    Finally a video its been forever

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    Ha you can’t have a break up if you never get a boyfriend.........haha.......I’m now sad

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    Everyone can fuck off

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    As someone who went through a breakup recently, I haven’t actually been doing too bad. Sure, it was abrupt and I still don’t know why she did, but I surprisingly am not as hurt as I thought I’d be. Honestly, my only problem is that my friends hate her now even though she did nothing wrong to me or them and I told them that.

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    Ugh 😑

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    3:56 Gara used her Glass again

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    Not the right moment to post this video dom, not the right time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah .-.

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    dang.......... on a serious note.damn.

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    This reminds me of me and my ex

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    I’m single asf, makes me even more sadder after watching this

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    Honestly this one was a little dry

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    Did someone say *inhales* STRANGERS AGAIN??? *Goes to watch wongfu short again*

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    when u don't relate bc no one likes u hahaha am i right im so relatable

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    Closure is so good.