Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins' first photo shoot as Raw Tag Team Champions: Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2019


  1. عبدالعزيز العتيبي

    عبدالعزيز العتيبي3 개월 전

    والله سيث قادح

  2. Eli Martin

    Eli Martin4 개월 전

    There going to with the champions

  3. Shatora Snead

    Shatora Snead4 개월 전

    I mean universal

  4. Dash 247

    Dash 2474 개월 전

    It’s this brawn Strowman first title or tag team title

  5. 414MrMilwaukee

    414MrMilwaukee4 개월 전

    Me: Yo Braun...quick question, how much do you lift at the gym? Braun: the gym Me: Have you a good day sir

  6. Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon

    Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon4 개월 전

    0:16 Seth looks like he is so fed up right there

  7. Geovern Lim

    Geovern Lim4 개월 전

    Braun face is so cute when he so happy

  8. Joshuan J. Acosta Rivera

    Joshuan J. Acosta Rivera4 개월 전

    De verdad q braun tiene el cuerpo y el porte de ser grande para las luchas y sólo tiene una correa de campeón en parejas

  9. Ackeem Patrick

    Ackeem Patrick4 개월 전


  10. Donn

    Donn4 개월 전

    Welp, for all those who were begging for a Seth push.... you’re getting it... a lot



    Woah I just realized how I have never seen Braun with a title around his waist

  12. Natural Heel

    Natural Heel4 개월 전

    What a joke to the tag team division




  14. Rajkumar Bhattarai

    Rajkumar Bhattarai4 개월 전


  15. #lion you tuber

    #lion you tuber4 개월 전

    Seth and broun congratulations seth too because he dating Becky and he is third time as a double champ good luck seth

  16. Malcolm

    Malcolm4 개월 전

    I'm glad they took seth away from beckey soon as they were talking about the man's man Instantly disliked him

  17. VintageWrestling

    VintageWrestling4 개월 전

    I thought they are going to make Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman for the Universal title. What is the logic of making them RAW tag-team champions???

  18. shadowmoon019

    shadowmoon0194 개월 전

    Gold looks better for those titles.

  19. You Tube

    You Tube4 개월 전

    Description says raw team team titles

  20. Bibi Sally Habeeb

    Bibi Sally Habeeb4 개월 전

    Brawn stroman really deserved this title. 👍

  21. Arfin JKhan

    Arfin JKhan4 개월 전

    The best tag team in the WWE Seth and brawn this is the perfect team in wwe

  22. Arfin JKhan

    Arfin JKhan4 개월 전

    The best tag team in the WWE Seth and brawn this is the perfect team in wwe

  23. Avnith Datt

    Avnith Datt4 개월 전

    Dean Ambrose is gonna return after this

  24. hayate yamashita

    hayate yamashita4 개월 전

    Seth looks good with both titles Goodluck Champ

  25. Yaseenrehman Yaseenrehman

    Yaseenrehman Yaseenrehman4 개월 전

    So awesome


    K.D.O. OF KALICO ENT.4 개월 전

    Sethy Two Belts?

  27. Leonardo Marcos Linares Barron

    Leonardo Marcos Linares Barron4 개월 전

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😪😪😪😪😴😴😴😴 return the titles at luke gallows and karl anderson. The oc rules and seth boring boring boring boring

  28. Jason Belton

    Jason Belton4 개월 전

    Why do we need to see this again?

  29. Axel 100

    Axel 1004 개월 전


  30. Raul Ortega

    Raul Ortega4 개월 전

    Braun should have been staring at the universal title during the shoot. The photographer can then try to get Braun's attention

  31. Kervyn Gangadeen

    Kervyn Gangadeen4 개월 전

    Lewis is all grown up now😂😂

  32. Shubham Saxena

    Shubham Saxena4 개월 전

    Really awesome

  33. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez4 개월 전

    😴😴😪😪😵 boring!!!

  34. Shorty Peezy 01/27/1977

    Shorty Peezy 01/27/19774 개월 전

    I'm so happy for them

  35. Antany Jesudhass

    Antany Jesudhass4 개월 전

    We want Roman reigns wins like this...

  36. sashaun Flowers

    sashaun Flowers4 개월 전

    They deserve it

  37. MK Matthew Liew

    MK Matthew Liew4 개월 전

    Congrats to The Monster Among Men and The Beast Slayer.

  38. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear4 개월 전

    he is going to on seth soon or later

  39. יניב היידשקה

    יניב היידשקה4 개월 전

    You are looking⭐guys love this

  40. Rich Uzi Live

    Rich Uzi Live4 개월 전


  41. DaRling Pradeep

    DaRling Pradeep4 개월 전

    Best team

  42. Ben Paule

    Ben Paule4 개월 전

    Your the best they look good on you

  43. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel4 개월 전

    I don't who can beat these two i don't know if there any tag team who can beat strown

  44. Richard JCM

    Richard JCM4 개월 전


  45. Lovepreetsingh Lovepreet

    Lovepreetsingh Lovepreet4 개월 전

    I hate you Seth rollins👎👎😡😡

  46. Zander

    Zander4 개월 전

    So you post this before the match.....

  47. james muir

    james muir4 개월 전

    Seth will be the next ric flair heel sooner or later

  48. Abram Cortes-Meza

    Abram Cortes-Meza4 개월 전

    Man both Braun strowman and seth Rollins looking good with the raw tag team championships

  49. Mike

    Mike4 개월 전

    Modern day wwe is so gay. I'll just stick with old school wwf wrestling

  50. MCLONE

    MCLONE4 개월 전

    El primer titulo del bultazo entre hombres 😂

  51. Hill Robert

    Hill Robert4 개월 전

    So now seth has two ugly red belts

  52. Sharpish Z

    Sharpish Z4 개월 전

    At least strowman is now in the title picture

  53. The Victorious DJS

    The Victorious DJS4 개월 전

    Burn These Hands

  54. Faruq Ogundega

    Faruq Ogundega4 개월 전

    Braun’s first title. Vince really is underestimating him

  55. Scarbz

    Scarbz4 개월 전

    I really hope Seth turns heel and not Braun. Seth is becoming super lame and corny as a face.

  56. TheChaos2711

    TheChaos27114 개월 전

    Strowman deserves more

  57. trvpgirlnairobi _

    trvpgirlnairobi _4 개월 전

    👍 Nice looks good on Rollins and Braun💪 🔥burn it down 🔥 💪monster among men💪

  58. Franco G

    Franco G4 개월 전


  59. Andróz Ariceaga

    Andróz Ariceaga4 개월 전

    To be honest, the Tag Team Championship Belts look a lot more appealing than the Universal Championship.

  60. Huxble 'infinity

    Huxble 'infinity4 개월 전

    strowman is definitely gonna betray rollins lol i can smell this a mille away