Brad Makes Fermented Citrus Fruits | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  1. Samuel W. Ladan

    Samuel W. Ladan2 시간 전

    When is brad getting his own restaurant specializing in fermented ingredients?

  2. Lorelle Johnson

    Lorelle Johnson3 시간 전

    please tell me vinny is coming back!



    fermentation requires a certain content of sugar. the limes and blood oranges could have used a sprinkle of sugar

  4. Cris Retana

    Cris Retana16 시간 전

    I was born 96 i feel so attacked right now

  5. 1 of 8 billion

    1 of 8 billion18 시간 전

    0:54 Brad without Vinny: "I talk to myself alot.."

  6. Jonathan Chen

    Jonathan Chen일 전

    What apron does Brad have it looks awesome

  7. hannah shinn

    hannah shinn일 전

    This editor deserves multiple gold stars

  8. Næp Sæck

    Næp Sæck일 전

    Brad is the ideal man

  9. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe4 일 전

    Vaccum seal lmfao

  10. Javier Viramontes

    Javier Viramontes5 일 전

    Where is Vinny?!

  11. Jonah Graciani

    Jonah Graciani7 일 전

    I’m SO HAPPY with how happy Brad was with the dish he made at the end.

  12. Richard Duarte

    Richard Duarte7 일 전

    Every time I see him I think to myself "this is the personification of a Hufflepuff."

  13. Deftones Dsm

    Deftones Dsm8 일 전

    Don't even like cooking but getting high watching Brad is hilarious

  14. zintosion

    zintosion9 일 전

    8:34 That was sad....Vinny ran away with Babish...

  15. Fedial H'dalas

    Fedial H'dalas9 일 전

    The way her hair bounces at 22:07 makes me uncomfortable

  16. Omnominus

    Omnominus10 일 전

    what happened to vincenzo anyway?

  17. Emily

    Emily10 일 전

    As someone born in 96 I felt very called out by this (How ya doing fellow rats?)

  18. ModelVGameComment

    ModelVGameComment10 일 전

    Chris: **** off Subtitles: I understand, friend

  19. G Margenka

    G Margenka11 일 전

    Brad is the best! I laugh out loud on every vid! Plus everyone’s comments! It’s a whole package!

  20. Georgina Marielle Ramos Avalos

    Georgina Marielle Ramos Avalos11 일 전

    Wait... what happened to Vinny?

  21. Joe Lane

    Joe Lane12 일 전

    9:40, the movie reference is the movie 'Brick' one of my all time favorites

  22. Ella Chapman

    Ella Chapman13 일 전

    I was born 2003 and I understood the slow clap. God guys get with it

  23. Gillian WV

    Gillian WV13 일 전

    Brad and Chris Morrocco are like the original Odd Couple! They just make me laugh!!

  24. laneofmagic

    laneofmagic13 일 전

    Chris Morocco - Online Spoon Shopping Lmfao!

  25. JScarper

    JScarper15 일 전

    Oh, Anna

  26. Jess

    Jess16 일 전

    chris told me to sit up straight

  27. Charlena Douglas

    Charlena Douglas16 일 전

    Bring back Vinny!!, We want Vinny,!!

  28. Erik R

    Erik R17 일 전

    Brad should get his own cookbook!! Any plans for one? 🤞🏻 I definitely would buy it!

  29. Kereru Wilson

    Kereru Wilson18 일 전

    I'm so glad to hear Brad watches Trailer park boys. A crossover, and my life would be complete

  30. GamyH

    GamyH18 일 전

    Johannes Guttenburg shows up "Or a printing press!"

  31. Potato_Soup

    Potato_Soup18 일 전

    *Big Brains Brad*

  32. Emma Allen

    Emma Allen18 일 전

    I love Brad so much

  33. Gerard de Vries

    Gerard de Vries19 일 전

    Am I the only one thinking, "You need a calculator to calculate 5% of a weight?"

  34. Ryan Hanson

    Ryan Hanson20 일 전

    stuff the squid

  35. leo rs

    leo rs20 일 전

    I want to learn the recipe and this guy don't stop talking god dammit

  36. Rose Jarman

    Rose Jarman20 일 전

    I love that knife where did you get it?

  37. Vividotexe

    Vividotexe20 일 전

    The editor of brads videos deserves a raise

  38. Raccoon Boi

    Raccoon Boi21 일 전

    21:46 Molly gives off little sister who's a know-it-all vibes. very adorable when you're not the brother who has to feel dumb whenever she corrects you.

  39. Elana Raybould

    Elana Raybould21 일 전

    I in fact wasnt even a thought in 1996

  40. Drexler

    Drexler21 일 전

    did we ever find out who matt was

  41. dlsanders1229

    dlsanders122921 일 전

    Will you make fermented cashew butter?

  42. Natanel Arnson

    Natanel Arnson21 일 전

    Does anyone know what brand of lapel mic Brad is wearing in this video?

  43. Brandi Asbury

    Brandi Asbury21 일 전

    His eyes with his shirt!!! My bf has the same super blue eyes and I always buy him the blue shirts too

  44. padelackles

    padelackles22 일 전

    As an INTJ the only moment of solidarity I’ve felt with Brad was when he described taking a test where you knew the answers “yeah that fcker’s A”

  45. mr zzrf

    mr zzrf22 일 전

    I miss sweet vin-chin-zo

  46. A Neal

    A Neal22 일 전

    Brad is the James Pumphrey of cooking

  47. Lillian Pletcher

    Lillian Pletcher22 일 전

    i think i'm in love with brad

  48. Gabrielle Tuttle

    Gabrielle Tuttle23 일 전

    As someone who owns a lizard, I can say whole heartedly that lizards do just wish they were big enough to eat us

  49. Fabio Lemes

    Fabio Lemes23 일 전

    Jesus BA! Edit it out! He talks too much!

  50. thejetblackdog

    thejetblackdog23 일 전

    brad and matty go jigging!!! @@

  51. TheMoatman

    TheMoatman23 일 전

    I'll have you know I was 1 in 1996

  52. Megan Henley

    Megan Henley23 일 전

    Brad dresses like Richard Dreyfuss’s character in Jaws, but I’m totally into it.


    JEFF JACK24 일 전

    Brad the phone has a percentage button so you dont have to do the calculation. lol

  54. Jonathan Mejia

    Jonathan Mejia24 일 전


  55. Kyle Reed

    Kyle Reed25 일 전

    I was born in 97 I feel called out Brad.

  56. DeadGrandpa

    DeadGrandpa25 일 전

    That editor is amazing. Very entertaining. That vacuum seal killed me lol

  57. Ellie Guerrero

    Ellie Guerrero26 일 전

    Rinsy poo TPB

  58. Lostinthesaucce

    Lostinthesaucce26 일 전

    brad just keeps funnier everytime lmao

  59. FabulousKilljoy917

    FabulousKilljoy91726 일 전

    1996 Baby right here!🙋🏻‍♀️

  60. Cazmeris landon

    Cazmeris landon26 일 전

    Brad is future husband goals like thank you for this content