Brad Makes Fermented Citrus Fruits | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  1. Sam Andrews

    Sam Andrews4 시간 전

    Am I the only one that realized he didn’t salt the limes

  2. Kathleen Ariel

    Kathleen Ariel4 시간 전

    :.( vinny?

  3. Hufflepunk

    Hufflepunk6 시간 전

    brad: Lizards don't like you, they just wish they were big enough to eat you. I'll have you know my bearded dragon absolutely loves me and cuddles up to me every time i take her out because i'm super warm and toasty. and i feed her her favorite foods even though my bf tells me not too cause it'll make her fat.

  4. Madison

    Madison16 시간 전


  5. Tania Pandia

    Tania Pandia18 시간 전

    Hey Brad, for the next episode, please make tempeh! Why? Because: ☑️ It's high in protein ☑️ It's vegan ☑️ It's delicious ☑️ It's nutritious ☑️ It's Alive™

  6. Jojo Chen

    Jojo Chen19 시간 전

    Why not try the sweet fermenting style?

  7. Dammit Kakarot

    Dammit Kakarot일 전

    Anna Stockwell, a new fav of mine lol

  8. Hellen Rojas Arvelo

    Hellen Rojas Arvelo일 전

    What happened with Viny????

  9. QuTeePye1999

    QuTeePye1999일 전

    Can you try Amish friendship bread?

  10. Scratchbite

    Scratchbite일 전

    There is literally no behind the scenes worker that I think about/appreciate more than the editor(s?) for BA. Whoever you are, wherever you are, know that I love you.

  11. Mout M.

    Mout M.일 전

    They're all so precious .

  12. J R

    J R2 일 전

    >online spoon shopping Love all the BA cooks, but Chris is an absolute treasure

  13. charlie conner

    charlie conner2 일 전

    Brad can you come to TRU in Canada and do like a little show for us in the culinary arts building pls

  14. 2468zeb

    2468zeb2 일 전

    Wait... Chris is 39? He doesn’t look a day over 32

  15. Cassidy Ann

    Cassidy Ann3 일 전

    take brad squid fishing!!

  16. Emma Dyer

    Emma Dyer3 일 전

    Has anyone mentioned yet that Brad is 1000% Jackson from Gilmore Girls?!?!?!

  17. comet ags

    comet ags3 일 전

    Vincenzo is gone and that’s huge but once the editor that made its alive what it was is gone we riot HARD.

  18. j787023 1

    j787023 13 일 전

    "it's spring time here in NY" *looks at post date in August*

  19. sour mash

    sour mash3 일 전

    his name was Bubba Blue,Benjamin Buford Blue! Bubba Gump was there shrimping company.

  20. Cassandra Orellana

    Cassandra Orellana3 일 전

    I need more brad videos

  21. thaaad

    thaaad4 일 전

    Chris needs to spill the beans on these spoons asap.

  22. a mess™

    a mess™4 일 전

    I didn't know Morocco knew how to swear. 🤣

  23. Ben Bagley

    Ben Bagley4 일 전

    Brad’s energy is of a puppy. chaos, clumsiness and an attention span going in all directions possible ☺️👏🏻👏🏻

  24. Daniel Smithson

    Daniel Smithson4 일 전

    So hot... can we cook this beefcake? lol

  25. Cam Cabral

    Cam Cabral4 일 전

    Where did Vincenzo go

  26. Meghan Smith

    Meghan Smith4 일 전

    brad glowing under praise is me

  27. Dash Rubberbear

    Dash Rubberbear4 일 전

    Minyet is blow job in Russian xD

  28. Pahoua Yang

    Pahoua Yang5 일 전

    Jig em at night. JEAN. HIS BOATS NAME IS JEAN

  29. T. B.

    T. B.5 일 전

    Unadulerated joy...

  30. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson5 일 전

    They listened to the comments about adding the awesome and silly edits back.

  31. Mary O'Dell

    Mary O'Dell5 일 전

    Wait Chris is older than Brad?

  32. Victor Alquati

    Victor Alquati5 일 전

    Times .2 is 20%

  33. Grace C.

    Grace C.5 일 전

    Would love it if Brad were to tour the Miyoko’s factory in California. FERMENTED CASHEW CHEEZ, BUTTER -&- CREAM CHEEZ!!!! Maybe do a wine tour....? Eh? Eh?

  34. ella markus

    ella markus6 일 전


  35. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo6 일 전

    did anyone else scream when Brad said it was April at the time of filming?

  36. Nicole Alexander

    Nicole Alexander6 일 전

    How long would it stay good for in the fridge? Actually considering trying this...

  37. Matt Fair

    Matt Fair6 일 전

    Anyone know where to get Brad's apron?

  38. Nicole Knight

    Nicole Knight6 일 전

    call ya mothaaaaa

  39. fissch

    fissch6 일 전

    What's his apron called? I'd really like to get one of those

  40. Corinne Cavallo

    Corinne Cavallo7 일 전

    "Lizards don't like you. They just wish they were big enough to eat you!" - Brad Leone

  41. Katie Oldford

    Katie Oldford7 일 전

    Send Brad to Newfoundland to jig some squid

  42. j Hug

    j Hug7 일 전

    Brad's handwriting perfectly sums up his personality

  43. Gal Abramovitz

    Gal Abramovitz7 일 전

    This one is my favourite so far!

  44. Kally McDonnell

    Kally McDonnell7 일 전

    The chaotic energy of brad for 25 minutes straight

  45. Joseph Lawrence Jamora

    Joseph Lawrence Jamora8 일 전

    Is 12:33 a glimpse to that "Noodling" episode Mat and Brad kept talking about?

  46. Zachary Nickner Monk

    Zachary Nickner Monk8 일 전

    Where is the recipe for this???

  47. lfsso

    lfsso8 일 전

    guy loves himself too much.

  48. Niamh Campbell

    Niamh Campbell8 일 전

    How about trying haggis on the show? That'd be fun!

  49. Sadly

    Sadly8 일 전

    Brad is my spirit animal 😂

  50. Andre Kinslow

    Andre Kinslow8 일 전

    So passionate about gigging 🤣😊

  51. DookiesamaR

    DookiesamaR9 일 전

    To who ever is the editor... Thank you 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Jeraimie

    Jeraimie9 일 전

    I have to do this request but I don't know if it would belong on "it's alive" some great salsa!

  53. Jamey Todd

    Jamey Todd9 일 전

    We live the clip of the lady clutching her pearls

  54. Zoe Ella

    Zoe Ella9 일 전

    this is if the unhhhhh editors went pg (ish) and edited a cooking show

  55. Sammy T

    Sammy T9 일 전

    i love brad

  56. denied

    denied9 일 전

    Cpt. Garlic and his boat Allicin ⛵🐳🔭

  57. Yeeleng Lor

    Yeeleng Lor9 일 전

    Hey Vinny! Today on "Its ALIVE!" we're gonna be doing some home made fermented fish sauce! . . . . . "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!!!!!"

  58. Andreas Leth

    Andreas Leth9 일 전

    Try to make potkäse.. its a German tradition. Leftovers of liquor and cheese.. mine is 2,5 years old at the moment. Served on a butter roasted rye bread

  59. Mikeal Johnsson

    Mikeal Johnsson9 일 전

    Brad I was born in 96, I demand an apology. Especially since I'm turning 23 on the 12th.

  60. Marwan Azzam

    Marwan Azzam10 일 전

    I tried this and my bags didn't puff up at all. I tried finding a recipe that followed what Brad did to make sure I did it right but I couldn't find one.