Box of Lies with John Cena


  1. Aaliyah Shanelle

    Aaliyah Shanelle시간 전

    I love these videos !! They will always be my favourite, i honestly can’t stop laughing !!

  2. Courtney HFK

    Courtney HFK2 시간 전

    Why was Jimmy just talking to himself is this a prank video or is he going crazy?

  3. Kelsey Hunter

    Kelsey Hunter3 시간 전

    Why tf is John cena so hot , and why does he have hair

  4. Jules Vosheva

    Jules Vosheva6 시간 전

    Pause at 4:33. The look of disappointment 😂

  5. Dead slender

    Dead slender9 시간 전

    You should put nothing in one of them and let someone take them

  6. Dead slender

    Dead slender9 시간 전

    I love his reaction YOU SHANGHAIED ME !!! XD that man is the best haha

  7. Dead slender

    Dead slender9 시간 전

    You should play this with more people like emilia clarke or sophie turner would be cool

  8. MovieNerd_EP

    MovieNerd_EP9 시간 전

    I cant see anybody but Jimmy, but why do i keep thinking of bad choises in hairstyling??

  9. Gina Titterton

    Gina Titterton10 시간 전

    Honestly the people that think up these objects are definitely on something

  10. David Stubbs

    David Stubbs11 시간 전

    Potato Salad should have been in one of the boxes.

  11. Spursy No.1

    Spursy No.112 시간 전

    The rock playing spill ur guts or fill ur guts 😘😱😱😱😱😱😱

  12. Kevin Paul Barnaiha

    Kevin Paul Barnaiha13 시간 전

    Why does the box is floating on his own? Creepy

  13. Josue Valle Benítez

    Josue Valle Benítez14 시간 전

    I can't even see the name of Jimmy's playing with (no body I think) haha xd

  14. ref1uxx

    ref1uxx15 시간 전

    John Cena lost a lot of weight wtf...

  15. Man Of Steel

    Man Of Steel16 시간 전

    Everyones making jokes about how Jimmy's playing this alone and all that, but I'm just wondering about the people working backstage who comes up with these things they put in the boxes, and what kind of drugs those people are on...

  16. Maria lwom

    Maria lwom16 시간 전

    If you say something along the lines of "who is jimmy playing with" you have autism

  17. Shannon Coombes

    Shannon Coombes16 시간 전

    "an untruth" hahaha just say lie

  18. Rose Rottbuttons

    Rose Rottbuttons일 전

    Manti? There's no way you're telling the truth, you're lying. Are you sure about that?

  19. Sochy _

    Sochy _일 전

    When Jimmy was describing the honey bees, I couldn’t help but giggle. 😂

  20. Cheryl Fultz

    Cheryl Fultz일 전

    Why is jimmy coming across as a dick? Like not funny...just kinda mean...😯



    Lol why is he talking to himself

  22. It's Hollie

    It's Hollie일 전


  23. Diamondelle84

    Diamondelle84일 전

    A lot of people taking this game too seriously.

  24. C.G Vlogs

    C.G Vlogs일 전

    I hope no one overlooks John cenas advanced vocabulary! ❤️

  25. Jednu Struju Gorim

    Jednu Struju Gorim일 전

    Does he wear the same tie every interview? It does not matter I love you! :)

  26. Firman Alisyahbana

    Firman Alisyahbana일 전

    Wait I don't get it. Is this a rehearsal? Why were there audiences, too?

  27. Dart Runner

    Dart Runner일 전

    At 6:36 John Cena looks like Jim Carrey

  28. It’s Abigail

    It’s Abigail일 전

    Why is jimmy talking to no one

  29. Jean From BeautyShopPH

    Jean From BeautyShopPH일 전

    Why did he call him Jonathan Cena? I thought he was John Felix Cena? Lol

  30. connor wiebe

    connor wiebe2 일 전

    Never knew jimmy Fallon was so lonely

  31. Mythic

    Mythic2 일 전

    So boring, jimmy was playing no one

  32. J Lo

    J Lo2 일 전

    Hate jimmy fallon, but made me click because he had John cena

  33. Emily and Kate

    Emily and Kate2 일 전

    He’s sweating so much!!!!!

  34. Peter Nguyen

    Peter Nguyen2 일 전

    I feel like the audience blew it for John but was still funny to watch

  35. Maria Daria

    Maria Daria2 일 전

    am I the only one that thinks Jimmy already knows what is in the boxes? like,from the start

  36. Nic P

    Nic P2 일 전

    I expected everyone in the comments to say that John is invisible, but no. Wow

  37. Jacob Richards

    Jacob Richards3 일 전

    Who is he talking to?

  38. Cammy Aldridge

    Cammy Aldridge3 일 전

    What is jimmy talking to i cant see it

  39. Huzaifa Bukhari

    Huzaifa Bukhari3 일 전

    At first i thought the mantises were fencing and the bees were just like caught up in the middle

  40. StandBy

    StandBy3 일 전

    I don’t get the playing by himself game

  41. Sarah

    Sarah3 일 전

    guys youtube praying mantis eating husband

  42. rusty young

    rusty young4 일 전

    Wow! Does anyone alse see boxes 1 and 4 moving by them selves?

  43. Chloe Zoey

    Chloe Zoey4 일 전

    I was like something off🤔 When the HECK did he grow hair???

  44. Naladia King

    Naladia King4 일 전

    jimmy playing the game with the grasshopper is me vs my parents, but when i actually get something right lmao

  45. BloodBro Plays

    BloodBro Plays4 일 전

    if john had long hair, he would look like zlatan

  46. 1:43 AM

    1:43 AM4 일 전

    Why do I always laugh at the John Cena invisible joke 😂😂 always crack me up! Hilarious 😂😂😂

  47. Donna Durbin

    Donna Durbin4 일 전

    What's up with Jimmy's hair?

  48. ZELO T.V

    ZELO T.V4 일 전

    Why does everyone pick 4 when they first play ? 😂

  49. Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor4 일 전

    Has it really come to the point where they can’t even get people to come on the show? Poor jimmy playing by himself...millennials ruined live television smh

  50. Harry Warden

    Harry Warden5 일 전

    Mantids. It's mantids, not mantie or mantises.

  51. Moemun shifayy

    Moemun shifayy5 일 전

    there's a small hand in the lipstick" cena could've said that and actually won

  52. Brian _

    Brian _5 일 전

    Jimmy smoked Cena.

  53. Avetor UAC

    Avetor UAC5 일 전

    3:20 its AAA >? who idea))) hehhehe

  54. mohd shabbir

    mohd shabbir5 일 전

    80 % comments are cant see cena! Thats the bullshit

  55. Firmansyah Triadi

    Firmansyah Triadi6 일 전

    i can't see the guest

  56. oneduality

    oneduality6 일 전

    John's biggest mistake was trying to put in too much detail, which is a common fault of liars lol

  57. Adusparx

    Adusparx6 일 전

    I was 6 guy!!!

  58. Sevilla GOB

    Sevilla GOB6 일 전

    You cant see him

  59. Sevilla GOB

    Sevilla GOB일 전

    Sophia Riemersma Its john's line when he do wrestling Search on youtube "YOU CANT SEE ME"

  60. Sophia Riemersma

    Sophia Riemersma일 전

    Sevilla GOB what do u mean I’m so confused everyone is saying that, I see him perfectly fine

  61. ehthablay2012

    ehthablay20126 일 전

    John cena i won a wwe toy

  62. Harshad Jackson

    Harshad Jackson6 일 전

    Praying mantises and honeybees playing double Dutch what are the chances?. Moments later oh my fucking god

  63. Andrej Jankov

    Andrej Jankov6 일 전

    that hair hahha

  64. Patrick Wall

    Patrick Wall6 일 전


  65. Jessica Ann Jensen

    Jessica Ann Jensen6 일 전

    John Cena is a treasure and we don’t deserve him

  66. Katherine Burtch

    Katherine Burtch6 일 전

    john cena

  67. Katherine Burtch

    Katherine Burtch6 일 전

    get a haircut again

  68. Tigerguy 101

    Tigerguy 1016 일 전

    What the fuck does everyone mean “jimmy playing by himself”

  69. Tigerguy 101

    Tigerguy 1016 일 전

    9/10 jimmy is forcing humor and jokes like at 2:51, just pull the box down Fallon c’mon

  70. PS4 GAMING

    PS4 GAMING6 일 전

    Clickbait! Where was John cena?

  71. Hi Hey

    Hi Hey7 일 전

    Some of the boxes were moving on their own 😳

  72. Colby Cruz

    Colby Cruz7 일 전

    I’m more concerned that John Cana has hair

  73. kik nick

    kik nick7 일 전

    He is so ugly

  74. BOBofGH

    BOBofGH7 일 전

    Does anyone else watch this and think up of lies they might tell if they ever played?

  75. Zachary Breeden

    Zachary Breeden7 일 전

    Cena's forehead = 💧💧💧💧💧💧



    This is a comment I saw somewhere, but Imagine John Cena saying " You Can't See Me" to a blind child.



    World still hasn't changed. There are still so many people who can't see John Cena.

  78. Hypnotizem Highness

    Hypnotizem Highness7 일 전

    Johnny Johnny yes jimmy telling lies no jimmy tell the true hahaha

  79. Oliver sobhi Zakhary

    Oliver sobhi Zakhary7 일 전

    Anyone else freaked out, that the boxes on the left, were levitating on its own?

  80. Jaida Somera

    Jaida Somera7 일 전

    Since when did John Cena have hair??? dats my question

  81. Primo

    Primo7 일 전

    If no one has ever seen those objects shouldn't john cena be in one of those boxes?

  82. Unknown Justin

    Unknown Justin8 일 전

    Dude Jimmy’s first round was so played out as pretending to make it up that it couldnt have been more obvious that he was telling the truth

  83. Vincent Tolve

    Vincent Tolve8 일 전

    99% of the comments ‘you can’t see me’ jokes 1% is people complaining about the jokes

  84. Vincent Tolve

    Vincent Tolve8 일 전

    How are the boxes on the left floating I don’t understand

  85. Test Vision

    Test Vision8 일 전

    John Cena got old fast :/

  86. Jon Carlson

    Jon Carlson8 일 전

    I saw in the title that John Cena was going to be in this video but I don’t know where he is?

  87. Dylan Labadie

    Dylan Labadie8 일 전

    cena is real bad at this lol

  88. Helios JP

    Helios JP8 일 전

    2 armys met each other.

  89. Jay Cray

    Jay Cray8 일 전

    Box of lies with Dwayne the rock Johnson 🤩🙏🤞💪🔥

  90. signature two

    signature two8 일 전

    If I get 1000 subscribers, I will propose to my wife

  91. Just Passingby

    Just Passingby8 일 전

    John Cena will definitely not be able to win against Kevin Hart due to him being a bad liar. Heck, Kevin Hart will have a clean sweep, no contest.

  92. gamekidg7

    gamekidg78 일 전

    I feel like Cena gave too many details on the car one, so it was easy for someone to recognize it as a lie.

  93. Fluffy Taehyungie

    Fluffy Taehyungie8 일 전

    *nOtHINg iS hEavY tO jOHn cENa*

  94. Jeremy Tapp

    Jeremy Tapp8 일 전

    I know you Johnathan Cena

  95. rivenrock

    rivenrock8 일 전

    Too specific when lying...a classic misstep, John Cena!

  96. Motion1Gamer24

    Motion1Gamer248 일 전

    Its hard that what she said

  97. J. T

    J. T8 일 전

    Jimmy has to play with kevin hart

  98. Wobby

    Wobby9 일 전

    jimmy guessed correct, point for jimmy, cena guessed incorrectly, point for jimmy, why was a 3rd box involved?

  99. XFreeze

    XFreeze9 일 전

    Box of lies with Kate McKinnon

  100. Nick

    Nick9 일 전

    Yikes John Cena is looking rough...

  101. Muhjestiic

    Muhjestiic9 일 전

    Who was supposed to come on as a guest ?? I never seen someone flake on him

  102. Trevor Patterson

    Trevor Patterson9 일 전

    Why dos John Cena look so sweaty?