Borderlands 3: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW


  1. Dee Ess

    Dee Ess개월 전

    One thing I like to think about BL3 and all the real Life crazy shit going on around the game, is that it only makes sense more; like this is a crazy, wild and random game, so all the crazy and weird shit w Randy and things in general jus go hand in hand! Gearbox is like the hippy of the industry I guess lol

  2. Diamondminer 74

    Diamondminer 74개월 전

    My name's Zane and it feels so weird hearing my name so much

  3. Jukupätkä

    Jukupätkä개월 전

    I love Zane's Drone.

  4. bboyy

    bboyy개월 전

    What is the name of the instrumental that starts playing at 1:53?



    On Friday after borderlands 3 released my bro was gonna get 2 copies of deluxe edition but they apparently sold out a week ago

  6. Jackson M.

    Jackson M.개월 전

    I’ve never played borderlands so when I get my PlayStation this Christmas I’m getting it but is that a good idea though since there’s 2 other games

  7. yiffer scallon

    yiffer scallon개월 전

    hell yeah, unless youre the type of player thats really into keeping up with the lore. ive played all of them and everytime the story didnt really seem to matter to much into how i played it

  8. Orbitz ツ

    Orbitz ツ개월 전

    On your next video you should start talking about a Totally different game then switch over to the game your supposed to talk about

  9. TheNightOwl88

    TheNightOwl88개월 전

    Does anyone know when it is ready to start on xbox?

  10. no one in particular

    no one in particular개월 전

    Crossplay brings cheaters.

  11. Jacob Clemons

    Jacob Clemons개월 전

    Who else has played everyone?

  12. Brandon McNeill

    Brandon McNeill개월 전

    I really wish PC games had the couch co-op. I have multiple xbox and ps4 controllers I could be using but no. Even though it would run great on PC.

  13. Dickie Wild

    Dickie Wild2 개월 전

    Great presentation and great info.

  14. B2S3

    B2S32 개월 전

    Ok this game looks super good and I’ve been watching videos about it so it looks promising, but I still play destiny and shadow keep comes out in a month.... also I’ve never played a borderlands game so I don’t really know what to expect, if u guys have any information or suggestions on to buy it reply pls👇

  15. Ben Gerow

    Ben Gerow2 개월 전

    so that $250 version was sold out 4 hours after it went on sale according to the retailers I talked to

  16. Scott Winfrey

    Scott Winfrey2 개월 전

    Splitscreen also makes duping weapons easy AF

  17. Cherry Dragon

    Cherry Dragon2 개월 전

    All fun but why are there only 4 vault hunters D: where are the others?¿?¿?¿? Where are the BL 2 vault hunters?

  18. Hellwyck

    Hellwyck개월 전 Sanctuary III? On Pandora?

  19. Ethan Saghir

    Ethan Saghir2 개월 전

    Mannn I want sns back

  20. FirekingXD

    FirekingXD2 개월 전

    I would say its a bit overwhelming with all the new mechanics

  21. rui umetada

    rui umetada2 개월 전

    "HOPE" the game is not the pre sequel

  22. TheOG llama21

    TheOG llama212 개월 전

    Feel like this game is destiny reskin

  23. Henry Berrisford

    Henry Berrisford개월 전

    TheOG llama21 This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen today

  24. Electricblaze

    Electricblaze2 개월 전

    Maaaaan I hope they will put Yoteslaya in the game to honor him

  25. Ellipsis

    Ellipsis2 개월 전

    Ben Gerow because that dude was so involved in the community that if you needed info he had it. His passing was a real shock for lots of people

  26. Ben Gerow

    Ben Gerow2 개월 전


  27. hector cuevas

    hector cuevas2 개월 전

    Who's getting the just game? Who's getting the deluxe edition? And who's getting that super deluxe edition? Comment below on what you're getting?!

  28. Tunk Tungu

    Tunk Tungu2 개월 전

    Shut up

  29. Web Weaver

    Web Weaver2 개월 전

    Cosmetic MTX is something that shouldn't be a big deal. Now if I have to pay $5 to get a Conference Call that can only be unlocked through a loot box. Yeah... I'll riot.

  30. M S

    M S2 개월 전

    It there farmable legendaries

  31. MAD Rock

    MAD Rock2 개월 전

    I am so hard for this game.

  32. Tony Kiev

    Tony Kiev2 개월 전

    No cross play kind of ruins it for me. Have a lot of console playing friends

  33. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester2 개월 전

    Lol proving grounds secret that players have to find... 2 days after release just youtube the locations

  34. Undisclosed Identity

    Undisclosed Identity2 개월 전

    I’ll wait for the GOTY edition. No point buying at launch

  35. Electricblaze

    Electricblaze2 개월 전

    sure there is, playing the game sooner and avoiding spoilers D:

  36. Jake Ybarra

    Jake Ybarra2 개월 전

    If only we could go back to the days where cosmetics were attained by extreme long grind challenges and skill.

  37. Phoenix Dragon

    Phoenix Dragon2 개월 전

    Cross play should be a norm now cause there are people who prefer to play with certain consoles and they shouldn't be limited to having to get that console just to play with there friends

  38. Phoenix Dragon

    Phoenix Dragon2 개월 전

    I can't wait to play this game

  39. Colin Kennedy

    Colin Kennedy2 개월 전

    Shit video

  40. Eric Sebena

    Eric Sebena2 개월 전

    One vital piece of info that is missing from this video is that BL3 will have TWO player split screen. This is a change from the second game and should be more predominantly explained I think as many people are getting their hopes up to have BL3 parties...

  41. Friend Geek

    Friend Geek2 개월 전

    What does "Enhanced mean?"

  42. Brandon Ramin

    Brandon Ramin2 개월 전

    I'm a little concerned with enemies feeling like bullet sponges

  43. Problemz 29

    Problemz 292 개월 전

    That's the fun part in Borderlands, what do you mean..

  44. Sigma

    Sigma2 개월 전

    Nice vid. What song starts at 3:56 btw?...

  45. Christoph-04

    Christoph-042 개월 전

    COUCH COOP. YAAAAAS. Time to get my friends to my house, get beer and pizza and grind all night

  46. Christoph-04

    Christoph-042 개월 전

    @Eric Sebena Well rip

  47. Eric Sebena

    Eric Sebena2 개월 전

    Not to burst a bubble but do keep in mind they neglected to inform that it is only 2 player split screen. My friend was heartbroken at that info.

  48. Andman8210

    Andman82102 개월 전

    There really isn’t pay to win in borderlands since everyone is on the same team

  49. Thewidestmule

    Thewidestmule2 개월 전

    #11: Tiny Tina is a teenager...just a few more years.

  50. Bonsell Because

    Bonsell Because2 개월 전

    Bye bye division 2

  51. MatchstickTF2

    MatchstickTF22 개월 전

    There were always skin micro transactions so it’s very okay, BL3 HYYYPE I’m streaming it when it’s dropped

  52. World Peace

    World Peace2 개월 전

    Cool, Thanks bro

  53. Jonathan Malzan

    Jonathan Malzan2 개월 전

    "I'm not going to judge how you spend your money." Dude, that's literally half of your content.

  54. Jim Bud

    Jim Bud2 개월 전

    11) PC culture that ruins everything fun.

  55. NoVa_E

    NoVa_E2 개월 전

    How is the gore lvl. Is It back in BL3 Like it was in BL 1? Because i hated the fact that borderlands 2 gore System was changed! And i loved it to shoot precisely limbs or heads off xD Dont get me wrong i enjoyed borderlands 2 but unfortunately this Detail was one of my favourite once. Hope they add the gore back in BL 3 Like it was in BL1 or even better!

  56. Ubiratan Lucchini

    Ubiratan Lucchini2 개월 전

    I'm here for the guardian rank persiatance

  57. cloudri

    cloudri2 개월 전

    Wow for the first time I have to call bullshitt on you for hundred dollar version value comes with XP boosters and loot drop mods. Either you don't read are you being paid underneath the table that will be a sell-out. it sets it very clear on Xbox

  58. NeQu TV

    NeQu TV2 개월 전

    if there aren´t any XP boosts, why do you get some in the super deluxe version then?!

  59. i420x Gaming

    i420x Gaming2 개월 전

    Iron bear fortnite reference? "I am a bear"

  60. i420x Gaming

    i420x Gaming2 개월 전

    10days left!!!!!!

  61. Tom Gilmour

    Tom Gilmour2 개월 전

    The company behind the game is trash. Waste of potential

  62. Revers69

    Revers692 개월 전

    Just 10 more days 😍😇😎

  63. The Narcissu Secret

    The Narcissu Secret2 개월 전

    I've had dreams about this game ever since I beat Borderlands 2 seven years ago. This is a dream come true.

  64. Go Toh

    Go Toh2 개월 전

    One of the last things you should know is that beastmaster is broken and gets through every level in 1 minute

  65. Phillip Gregory

    Phillip Gregory2 개월 전

    Thanks for not naming this "10 Things You DON"T KNOW". :)

  66. JC PlaysMusic

    JC PlaysMusic2 개월 전

    In the Netherlands the lootbox doesn't come with the game, Steelcase or the season pass.

  67. Xenon Sha33

    Xenon Sha332 개월 전

    one thing I need to know, who will be the first crack team that I will get it from?

  68. King Aries YT

    King Aries YT2 개월 전

    I don't mind cosmetic micro transactions but hopefully there aren't any weapons just like Black Ops 4 in it

  69. Gabriel M

    Gabriel M2 개월 전

    I remember the first borderlands as one of the first games I ever played. The second just didn’t strike the same nostalgic feeling so I didn’t play it much, but damn im looking forward to 3

  70. Zacarino 18

    Zacarino 182 개월 전

    Should I get B3 for Xbox or PS4? Which one will it run better on?