Booker T offers his thoughts on King of the Ring: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019


  1. Crystal

    Crystal3 시간 전

    1 MORE MATCH!!!

  2. Aidyn Leya

    Aidyn Leya20 일 전

    I think booker t is a really great wrestler but he could be the fiends next victim

  3. Tony Z

    Tony Z26 일 전

    One of the all time greats.

  4. Ruhin Shaheb

    Ruhin Shaheb27 일 전

    Greatest King of the the Ring, king Booker

  5. Adam Briceland

    Adam Briceland29 일 전

    all hail king booka

  6. FaZe_ Ghost

    FaZe_ Ghost29 일 전

    I think Ricochet is going to win

  7. John Murray

    John Murray29 일 전

    Like the 'do on Book. Gonna emulate the pinky gesture sometime. Love that Harlem Heat track too. Gonna play it now

  8. Shawn Nixon

    Shawn Nixon29 일 전

    All Hail King Booka!

  9. LyricalRevolution

    LyricalRevolution개월 전

    El idolo

  10. Tony Savelli

    Tony Savelli개월 전

    Booker T still has it.

  11. AbielGotSauce `

    AbielGotSauce `개월 전


  12. akash khan

    akash khan개월 전

    Booker T is truth... McIntyre winner king of the king

  13. ALX WWE Rumors

    ALX WWE Rumors개월 전

    Who else was hoping for the fiend Bray Wyatt to attack Booker t

  14. Lester Ippolito

    Lester Ippolito개월 전

    King Boker is the last great King we love his gimmick King Boker living forever ♔

  15. TylerMorganShow

    TylerMorganShow개월 전

    Hes the best in the field.

  16. Sushir

    Sushir개월 전

    king bookah is my all time favourite wwe star 😉

  17. Norbert Nicolas

    Norbert Nicolas개월 전

    Interview King Brock next

  18. La gloria en el Fútbol

    La gloria en el Fútbol개월 전

    All hail King Booka

  19. Isaac Marrufo

    Isaac Marrufo개월 전

    Does booker also have a lazy eye? His left eye seems like it’s looking upwards to the right



    Drew needs to win. I like all the wrestler they got in it but Drew gotta have this one.

  21. Daniel Melo

    Daniel Melo개월 전

    "Can you dig it, sucka?" Booker T deserves a lot a respect. A real legend.

  22. ItsYaaBoySam19

    ItsYaaBoySam19개월 전

    Whose the shmuck sitting in Corey Graves chair? Where's Graves at??

  23. Ruthless 28

    Ruthless 28개월 전

    Kinggggg BokahhhhhhhHHhhhhh!!!!

  24. Velveteen Dream

    Velveteen Dream개월 전

    King bookahhh

  25. jose antonio gatica bahamondez

    jose antonio gatica bahamondez개월 전

    Hope booker Is right

  26. king Williams

    king Williams개월 전

    My pic I drew MacIntyre too

  27. DaLHasMo21

    DaLHasMo21개월 전

    Booker shouldve been grew that beard

  28. The Chain TV

    The Chain TV개월 전

    Discord needs Video Calls Skype is soooo outdated XD

  29. Dwiyoga Taufann

    Dwiyoga Taufann개월 전

    He is legend

  30. Prasanna Undertaker

    Prasanna Undertaker개월 전

    King baron Corbin he is great bad ads king.

  31. Angus Sharington

    Angus Sharington개월 전

    My pick? Bock Lesnar.

  32. SqwishyFish

    SqwishyFish개월 전

    jesus karmas lookin different nowadays

  33. alex fernandez

    alex fernandez개월 전

    5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time champion!!

  34. SrAmbrose

    SrAmbrose개월 전

    Drew Mcintyre wins King of The Rings.

  35. CeroneGames Go

    CeroneGames Go개월 전

    Dolph Ziggler is King of the Ring. Y'all just dont know it yet.

  36. Bluebird Grayson

    Bluebird Grayson개월 전

    King McIntyre would honestly be a pretty badass thing. I also think his character is most suited for that new King audacity and ego. He’d end up rivaling even the best King gimmick.

  37. Davon Baxter-Davis

    Davon Baxter-Davis개월 전

    What's with the Skype interviews lately?? Nobody uses Skype anymore lol. Or maybe there is someone who does idk.

  38. dani checkers

    dani checkers개월 전

    La traducción : Michael Cole : Damas y Caballeros por favor un gran aplauso a mi invitado de hoy . Es el miembro Salón de la Fama Booker T . Conexión en directo en su casa de Houston . Antes de nada me gustaría saber tu opinión después de que Mick Foley , Kurt Angle y ahora Jerry the King Lawler han sido atacados por Fiend ( El monstruo ) . Booker T : Sí está claro Bray Wyatt es un monstruo como el perro al conejo tienes 2 opciones o huyes del perro o el perro te comerá . Entonces Jerry Lawler estuvo en el peor momento y el peor lugar . Michael Cole : Booker hablemos del Torneo del Rey en el Ring . En el 2006 tú ganaste ese torneo y para mí fue el mejor rey de la historia el Rey Booker con la reina Sharmell . ¿ Qué ha supuesto ganar el torneo del Rey en el Ring en tu carrera ? Booker T : Esto me recuerda cierto nombre como el Rey Harley Race recién fallecido ó como el Rey Savage . El poder vencer el torneo del Rey en el Ring supone un cambio radical en tu carrera y respecto a mí fue llegar a la cima . Michael Cole : Ahora responde ¿ Quién crees que ganará el torneo del Rey en el Ring del 2019 ? Booker T : Es muy difícil responder porque hay grandes superestrellas en el torneo pero si tuviera que elegir a uno elegiría a El Rey Drew , Drew MCIntyre . Michael Cole : ! Gracias Book por darnos esta entrevista en Monday Night Raw ! Booker T : ! Gracias a vosotros !

  39. OMR

    OMR개월 전

    Booker T looks like a little girl.

  40. -Ralph AAA-

    -Ralph AAA-개월 전

    Isn't that Woopy Goldberg?

  41. Moses Garner

    Moses Garner개월 전


  42. sam hunt

    sam hunt개월 전

    Maritime Wrestling shirt on Book, nicely done

  43. Franklin philips

    Franklin philips개월 전


  44. Daniel Cardenas

    Daniel Cardenas개월 전

    So does that mean king bookah will return to pass down him crown?

  45. Guillermo Godoy

    Guillermo Godoy개월 전

    Keep it up Michael

  46. Sab8xeur

    Sab8xeur개월 전

    skype? srsly?

  47. alex 2

    alex 2개월 전

    why was jery l on raw a at xxxxx

  48. ki fa

    ki fa개월 전

    I miss king booker

  49. Louis Verdié

    Louis Verdié개월 전

    I hope booker was right ...

  50. Louis Verdié

    Louis Verdié개월 전

    Verry happy to see this man , he was so underrated for me

  51. BlueCrisis17

    BlueCrisis17개월 전

    The fiend slowly comes behind Booker t

  52. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan개월 전

    Ok so we got Stone Cold on Skype And now Booker T on Skype wow



    at first i thought it was snoopp dogg

  54. dolev halachmi

    dolev halachmi개월 전

    I agree with king booka 👑

  55. Johnny

    Johnny개월 전

    The Fiend will attack someone during a skype call.

  56. Augustin Tiberiu

    Augustin Tiberiu개월 전

    Lol Skype,nobody is using skype anymore,hahaha

  57. xxx boii

    xxx boii개월 전

    Booker know wassup...bring him back and replace renee young

  58. PlayStation gamer

    PlayStation gamer25 일 전

    @Erized phew I was scared a little bit glad its temporarily instead of permanently thanks for the reply

  59. Erized

    Erized25 일 전

    @PlayStation gamer Nothing. He was just temporarily replaced by a commentator from 205 live, but he'll probably be back this week.

  60. PlayStation gamer

    PlayStation gamer26 일 전

    @Erized wait what happened to Corey?

  61. xxx boii

    xxx boii개월 전

    Erized I agree all three sucks

  62. Erized

    Erized개월 전

    Replace all three. Hey, they've started with Corey - 1 down, two to go. (yeah I know, Corey probably isn't gone)

  63. Diogo FFS

    Diogo FFS개월 전

    The Greatest King Of The Ring of all time!

  64. Inkling Mario

    Inkling Mario개월 전

    Is this a thing now getting Hall Of Famers opinions on things via Skype? I don't mind that all but yeah if we see like Mick Foley on Skype next week it maybe leading to that.

  65. goodmanfilife

    goodmanfilife개월 전

    What's y'all beef with SKYPE?? Pay attention to the topic/points being made in the commentary.

  66. Laxus FT

    Laxus FT개월 전

    I miss Booker T, was one of my favourite back in the days ❤