Boobra Holiday Special ft. Boo Roses


  1. LYMental

    LYMental8 일 전

    Can we get a 2020 Boopdate???

  2. Katie Fulton

    Katie Fulton25 일 전

    Missing Boobra ❤️

  3. caise playz

    caise playz29 일 전

    Boobra merch!

  4. Laura Stieglitz

    Laura Stieglitz29 일 전

    I watched this just to give me some laughs and I forgot how great boobra was. Any chance boobra can come back?

  5. Hellcat VonTrashCore

    Hellcat VonTrashCore개월 전

    I need moooore boobra❤❤ pleeease..

  6. Olga Zuluaga

    Olga Zuluaga개월 전

    1:09 wow Boobra has SKIN now 😂😂😂

  7. Damon Dorsey

    Damon Dorsey개월 전

    this is possibly the most trippy and somewhat disturbing (IN THE BEST WAY) video i’ve seen on youtube, and i watch A LOT of youtube...i’m so ducking serious

  8. Karen Tenhundfeld

    Karen Tenhundfeld2 개월 전

    We love 👻 Boobra aka Boo Roses 🌹 aka Taylor and Lil Booka aka Puka and of course Tati 💜 aka Glam Life Guru aka CEO 👩‍💼 of Halo Beauty 😇 aka CEO 👩‍💼 of Tati Beauty 🎨 aka Woman crush 🤩🤗🥰 aka my inspiration ans role model

  9. Karen Tenhundfeld

    Karen Tenhundfeld2 개월 전

    Bring back Boobra 👻

  10. emoemoemo

    emoemoemo2 개월 전

    WE NEED MORE BOOBRA, we need a series

  11. Sweety Pie

    Sweety Pie2 개월 전

    pls do another ideo like this this year this is one of my favorite videos

  12. Luciana Andreea

    Luciana Andreea2 개월 전

    "You've made a grave mistake"

  13. Mb Hugs

    Mb Hugs2 개월 전


  14. seham aga

    seham aga3 개월 전

    tati being lowkey done with her stepson for 13 minutes 32 seconds

  15. Issy Stowe

    Issy Stowe3 개월 전

    Am I the only one who wants a boobra eyeshadow pallet...or boobra merch

  16. PrincesseJen

    PrincesseJen3 개월 전

    I was in tears! 🤣

  17. hayveee

    hayveee3 개월 전

    idk what I was expecting but this was actually freaking hilarious!

  18. Sofia A

    Sofia A3 개월 전

    Tati bring boobra back!!!

  19. Hank and Rex

    Hank and Rex3 개월 전

  20. Melissa Fate

    Melissa Fate4 개월 전

    Why have I not seen this until now!!! I loved Boobra for Halloween but never knew there was a follow up 😂😂😂

  21. Yvette Morales

    Yvette Morales4 개월 전

    tati bring her back for halloween

  22. Dutchess 1202

    Dutchess 12024 개월 전

    I definitely have to bring him back this Halloween 2019 please LOL!!😂🤣

  23. Myiesha Khan

    Myiesha Khan4 개월 전

    I think boobras going to come back for Halloween

  24. Mindy Provenzano

    Mindy Provenzano4 개월 전

    More Boobra

  25. Aztrid Vozza

    Aztrid Vozza4 개월 전

    I know it's your stepson plain Boobara the make up ghost I Love it's funny

  26. Aly Taj

    Aly Taj5 개월 전


  27. Shannon S.

    Shannon S.5 개월 전

    Why do these videos not have 1 million views!??! 😂😂😂😂

  28. JoeysMagGoth

    JoeysMagGoth5 개월 전

    I STILL don't understand this 'boobra' thing, all throughout her videos..

  29. Messiah Majid

    Messiah Majid5 개월 전

    I feel like this video is so passive aggressive

  30. Anna Schmidt

    Anna Schmidt5 개월 전

    And Taylor!!! Bring both back!!

  31. Anna Schmidt

    Anna Schmidt5 개월 전

    LOVE boobra

  32. 2Fat2Vlog

    2Fat2Vlog6 개월 전

    why did it take me so long to discover this???

  33. Karley O

    Karley O6 개월 전


  34. Helen Escobar

    Helen Escobar6 개월 전


  35. meg umi

    meg umi6 개월 전

    Give Boobra back

  36. Anna Shum

    Anna Shum7 개월 전

    4:28 lmao the way boobra says "bootyblender?" 😂😂

  37. Claire Wilson

    Claire Wilson7 개월 전

    Who else would buy booches merch raise ur hand! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  38. Brandyn's Transformation

    Brandyn's Transformation7 개월 전

    More Boobra please!!!!!

  39. Monique Jacqueline

    Monique Jacqueline7 개월 전

    I'd love to see Boobra again! This was so hilarious and I've watched this numerous times 😂😂 lots of fun and something different to watch!

  40. Christina Willson

    Christina Willson8 개월 전

    I know what I’m being for Halloween this year 🤣🤣

  41. The Adventures of Xander Pants

    The Adventures of Xander Pants8 개월 전

    Where my bootchers at?

  42. Alanah Q

    Alanah Q8 개월 전

    I have literally no idea what is going on, but this cracks me up so much

  43. Laura

    Laura8 개월 전


  44. Kasi Dixon

    Kasi Dixon8 개월 전

    Would literally die for boobra

  45. lauz sharp

    lauz sharp8 개월 전

    more boobra!!!!

  46. Tanmay Kesarkar

    Tanmay Kesarkar8 개월 전

    The ending was so funny 😂😂

  47. Destiny Pyles

    Destiny Pyles8 개월 전

    I love videos with Taylor so much lol

  48. Korinne Lowes

    Korinne Lowes8 개월 전

    I miss boobra

  49. E Yuji

    E Yuji8 개월 전

    quality content

  50. Brigida Olmsted

    Brigida Olmsted8 개월 전

    I have the same booty blender holder👌 BRING BACK BOOBRA!

  51. Dilshani Hitihamu

    Dilshani Hitihamu8 개월 전


  52. Abbey W

    Abbey W8 개월 전

    Don’t watch this in school. I literally am laughing so much and trying to be quiet 😂 Please bring Boobra back!!

  53. Addie _

    Addie _8 개월 전

    Bring Boobra back!!!❤️

  54. Lindsay Beaver

    Lindsay Beaver8 개월 전

    Yes PR with Boobra!!!

  55. Zoe Amo

    Zoe Amo8 개월 전

    i'm in tears laughing i love boobra

  56. Abdul Ghasseb Jacobs

    Abdul Ghasseb Jacobs8 개월 전

    James screaming 'Boooooobraaaa' killed me dead. 🤣🤣🤣

  57. Madeline Jane S

    Madeline Jane S8 개월 전

    who is dressed as boobra? i rly want it to be james.

  58. Mary Mack the Queen Of Whack

    Mary Mack the Queen Of Whack8 개월 전

    It's Taylor, her stepson

  59. STAN NCT or be a square

    STAN NCT or be a square8 개월 전

    Boobra needs her own channel

  60. STAN NCT or be a square

    STAN NCT or be a square8 개월 전

    Boobra should comeback

  61. Liz Dempsey

    Liz Dempsey8 개월 전

    Only a few months ago Tati reached 5 million subs and now she is at 9 million subs. Also when is Boobra coming back?