Bohemian Rhapsody | “Can You Go a Bit Higher?" Clip | 20th Century FOX


  1. AnaPro Gamer

    AnaPro Gamer8 시간 전

    “Who even is galileo” Sorry! Freddie is stuck in the Galileo-Verse :) 0:34

  2. Dawn DePietro

    Dawn DePietro10 시간 전

    0:20 that is actually future wonderbolts member in 2019! (Blonde hair guy )

  3. Spikewing The Protogen

    Spikewing The Protogen23 시간 전

    This now an official meme

  4. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane23 시간 전

    I loved this part 😂

  5. Johnmarty :P

    Johnmarty :P일 전

    Jesus!! how many more Galileos do you want?! Hahhaa

  6. Anastasios Gkotzamanis

    Anastasios Gkotzamanis일 전

    And then along came Wayne's World.

  7. Dale Hagel

    Dale Hagel일 전

    Can you go a little bit higher

  8. Sara Deiana

    Sara Deiana일 전


  9. NikMuz 0303

    NikMuz 0303일 전

    Its the best moments for my I always song “Galileo”

  10. Elif Genç

    Elif Genç일 전

    “that’s it. he loves you” awww my heart

  11. zara amelia

    zara amelia2 일 전

    whO EveN IS galiLeO

  12. El-Señor_Gamer92 1992

    El-Señor_Gamer92 19922 일 전

    Jesus people i saw twice this movie on theathers and OMG its f*cking musical/theatrical experience

  13. Bubblebot Charles666

    Bubblebot Charles6662 일 전

    *One more*

  14. The Weirdo ASMR

    The Weirdo ASMR2 일 전

    "My balls feel like their in my chest"

  15. La Donna The First

    La Donna The First2 일 전

    So cool.

  16. Rogerina Taylor

    Rogerina Taylor2 일 전

    I just noticed Deacon's dancing in the background. I love it!

  17. La Noche Oscura

    La Noche Oscura2 일 전

    That OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH BABY slayed my life

  18. brisik lol

    brisik lol3 일 전

    No one can beat Galileo Roger Taylor

  19. hola hola

    hola hola3 일 전

    ok but real talk how hot does ben hardy look as roger

  20. Santina Donnelly

    Santina Donnelly3 일 전


  21. Mr Zeeno

    Mr Zeeno3 일 전

    That Chicken at the start always makes me laugh! XD

  22. Sadie Gonzalez

    Sadie Gonzalez3 일 전

    Where the Queen fans at?

  23. :[katjanpontanos]:

    :[katjanpontanos]:4 일 전

    "If I go a bit higher only dogs will hear me" lolololol

  24. Sevasyaf Maiaaa

    Sevasyaf Maiaaa4 일 전

    My favorite scene 🖤🖤

  25. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury4 일 전

    Who even is galileo??

  26. hiitoast242

    hiitoast2424 일 전

    Such a good movie.

  27. Jayden Fleming

    Jayden Fleming4 일 전

    That Galileo at 0:24 AGGHHH 😍😍

  28. CoolGamer987 YT

    CoolGamer987 YT4 일 전

    9-year old: Grandpa, how was life like in the 70's Grandpa: oh, they were great times, you have the rockband Queen with their legendary music, groovy parties, and when the chickens yelled "Galileo!" instead of "cock-a-doodle-doo". 9-year old: I wonder if I can make a chicken say "Galileo".

  29. Alantepano11999

    Alantepano119994 일 전

    Who evens is galileo?

  30. linguamani linguamani

    linguamani linguamani4 일 전

    Watched it today. Shortly the movie was amaziiiing 🙊 recommend to all. You just have to watch it!

  31. Sara Alves

    Sara Alves5 일 전


  32. Galaxyunicorn squishes and slime!

    Galaxyunicorn squishes and slime!5 일 전

    *Watches video* Mum! who is galileo? Mum: Ummm a weird word from Bohemian rhapsody??? Donald trump: *WRONG*

  33. 식은고기

    식은고기5 일 전

    guys, galileo refers to the God, and magnifico means magnificent. when he's saying bismilllah, it means something in the zodiac....religion, stuff. I'm not sure. this whole song is about how freddie is not fitting into any group and singing about it.

  34. Francis Santiago

    Francis Santiago5 일 전

    0:37 there was a video on youtube that was uploaded comparing freddie and marc voice, ive been trying to find it but i guess it was deleated or just cant find it.

  35. I am just Plexi

    I am just Plexi6 일 전

    Roger: "Who even is Galileo?" Me: Shouldn't Brian be *TRIGGERED* ?

  36. nhcx5sos :

    nhcx5sos :6 일 전

    I think we all had a little crush on roger while watching bohemian rhapsody

  37. ItS a MeTaPhOr !

    ItS a MeTaPhOr !5 일 전

    nhcx5sos : not a little

  38. What’s up my DUDDDESSZSZZ

    What’s up my DUDDDESSZSZZ6 일 전

    g a l l a e o . g a l l a e o . f i g a r o

  39. thegamingRobot GR

    thegamingRobot GR6 일 전


  40. Alto Burrito

    Alto Burrito6 일 전

    When did Angel get here

  41. spooks

    spooks7 일 전

    if i go any higher only dogs will hear me

  42. jasminne mcdonald

    jasminne mcdonald7 일 전

    When Freddie was listening to the overdubs, it almost looks like he was hearing Angels singing.

  43. Zarah Khalifa

    Zarah Khalifa7 일 전

    My new crush

  44. Yuminaax ___.

    Yuminaax ___.7 일 전


  45. Ron Dan

    Ron Dan7 일 전

    I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.

  46. Mary Langley Taber

    Mary Langley Taber6 일 전

    Best movie quote ever 😂

  47. Juan The Gryffindor

    Juan The Gryffindor7 일 전

    Breaking news rami malek wins 150 grammys and sets new world record



    Nuh da forgot "it feels like my balls are in my chest" when that part happened in the movie I swear I wet my pants

  49. Megan Tampa

    Megan Tampa8 일 전

    Are we done?

  50. Mc Lechero

    Mc Lechero8 일 전

    Who's Galileo?

  51. Nora Green

    Nora Green8 일 전

    The mighty mustache of Freddy will not be dethroned

  52. what why no stop

    what why no stop8 일 전

    *who even is galileo?*

  53. RampageRuby9

    RampageRuby98 일 전

    Gali gali

  54. Josias Portillo

    Josias Portillo8 일 전

    The guy playing Brian May looks more like Brian May than Brian May looks like Brian May

  55. Santiago Navarro

    Santiago Navarro8 일 전

    This is what Mick Jagger singing Bohemian Rhapsody would look like.

  56. Joker Valeska

    Joker Valeska8 일 전

    What is the version of the song at the end

  57. The Ronin

    The Ronin8 일 전

    This movie has reignited my love for classic rock, queen, and music in general.

  58. Say My Name

    Say My Name8 일 전


  59. Βασιλική 114

    Βασιλική 1148 일 전


  60. Βασιλική 114

    Βασιλική 1145 일 전

    +ItS a MeTaPhOr ! ναιιιι πατριωτισσααα

  61. ItS a MeTaPhOr !

    ItS a MeTaPhOr !5 일 전

    Βασιλική 114 ελληνίδα ε;😅

  62. Mr Sy

    Mr Sy8 일 전

    A tribute to Queen from a Poor Gamer비디오-u1duJ3TUK98.html GALILEO'S

  63. João Pedro Marques Lopes

    João Pedro Marques Lopes9 일 전

    Am i the only one that thinks that at the final part where freddy is singing... He looked like the vocalist of Rolling Stones

  64. Christian John

    Christian John9 일 전

    If I go any higher only dogs will hear me...I died😂😂

  65. kanna yoshi

    kanna yoshi9 일 전

    Why do i see a Hanbin *higher*

  66. Autistic Tanker

    Autistic Tanker9 일 전


  67. Bob Kuusela

    Bob Kuusela9 일 전

    The question should be 'what is galileo'

  68. F.C Melon Bread

    F.C Melon Bread9 일 전

    in the concert bit, it definitely sounds like marc martel singing.

  69. LM5hassnatchedme already

    LM5hassnatchedme already9 일 전

    0:32 - 0:36 *me at 4 am*

  70. Babyschlep

    Babyschlep9 일 전

    Galileo went to the moon right?

  71. Vexen

    Vexen10 일 전

    If I go any higher only dogs will hear me

  72. Lia Ravid

    Lia Ravid10 일 전

    A wonderful movie

  73. Eduardo Avila

    Eduardo Avila10 일 전


  74. Nick Barrie

    Nick Barrie10 일 전

    If I go any higher only dogs will hear me 😂😂😂

  75. Marvel Is Life

    Marvel Is Life10 일 전

    Why does Rami Malek look like Jagger?

  76. Funtime Foxy Fan 2000

    Funtime Foxy Fan 200010 일 전

    😍😍😍😍he is so handsome

  77. Nina Vermoesen

    Nina Vermoesen10 일 전

    that rooster cracked up everyone

  78. E_Cl1PZzz_-

    E_Cl1PZzz_-10 일 전

    0:46 why does movie Freddie look like Rusty Cage the KOreporterr

  79. Bred

    Bred10 일 전

    Kinda looks like mick jagger tho

  80. lo

    lo10 일 전

    the best part

  81. N e o n G r a v e s t o n e s

    N e o n G r a v e s t o n e s10 일 전


  82. Juanii Furlan

    Juanii Furlan10 일 전

    0:48 Ugliest shot in the whole movie... xD

  83. Marta&Loris TV

    Marta&Loris TV10 일 전


  84. Mrpooh Bobby

    Mrpooh Bobby10 일 전

    I thought he's Viserys Targaryen on the thumbnail

  85. MrLiho

    MrLiho11 일 전

    The live performance of this Bohemian Rhapsody is really good! Wish there was a version of this variant available!

  86. Cassie Keegan

    Cassie Keegan11 일 전

    UGH. THE CHILLS AND TINGLES. 10/10 would recommend this over ASMR

  87. Arty Angy

    Arty Angy11 일 전

    This is the best movie of all time😂😂

  88. Sandra Is Bored

    Sandra Is Bored11 일 전

    This is my favorite scene from the whole movie

  89. inger

    inger11 일 전

    my favorite part of the movie

  90. Nicole Rodrigue

    Nicole Rodrigue11 일 전

    “If I go any higher, my balls will be in my chest!”

  91. LilyAs IAm

    LilyAs IAm11 일 전

    i’m actually in love with roger. ben hardy

  92. Leonor Fonseca

    Leonor Fonseca12 일 전

    when i was watching the movie i laugh so loud in this scene

  93. cruzattiWTF

    cruzattiWTF12 일 전


  94. JoJoRocks ASMR

    JoJoRocks ASMR12 일 전

    “HoW mAny GaLliLeOs Do yOu WAnT!?!?”

  95. Chaotic

    Chaotic12 일 전

    *who even is galileo?*

  96. Pauline Cutie

    Pauline Cutie12 일 전

    Who's agreeing with me that Rami Malek *DESERVES* an oscar awards?

  97. Sarah Chesley

    Sarah Chesley13 일 전

    last night in the movie theater me and my best friend were dying at the chicken 😂

  98. Wesley Jwei

    Wesley Jwei13 일 전

    I hate it when people compare Freddie Mercury to God. I mean, he's great and all, but he's no Freddie Mercury.

  99. Prechus Life

    Prechus Life13 일 전


  100. Shaun Cullado

    Shaun Cullado13 일 전


  101. Chibi Prussia

    Chibi Prussia13 일 전

    "Mark my words, no one will play Queen." Surree

  102. carmen bacelo

    carmen bacelo13 일 전

    I LOVE Ben

  103. Wasp Gaming

    Wasp Gaming13 일 전


  104. JM

    JM13 일 전

    Who even is Galileo? 😂