Bohemian Rhapsody | “Can You Go a Bit Higher?" Clip | 20th Century FOX


  1. dios es bueno loves queen

    dios es bueno loves queen4 시간 전

    "Who even is galileo"

  2. Pearlie Grace

    Pearlie Grace3 일 전

    is no one gonna talk about how roger hit that high note it was godlike

  3. retrokoyaa

    retrokoyaa4 일 전

    *who even is galileo?*

  4. SP1CY

    SP1CY4 일 전

    *O* intensifies

  5. Kitti Saint

    Kitti Saint6 일 전

    "Who even is galileo?" 🤔

  6. VictorYBK

    VictorYBK6 일 전

    Roger is The best

  7. Allan Flores

    Allan Flores6 일 전

    Struggling to get it right is way better than autotune.

  8. N A S A

    N A S A6 일 전

    Watched this on science. I looked up and a picture of Galileo was on the screen

  9. N A S A

    N A S A6 일 전

    Watched this too many times to be healthy

  10. Cangcimen

    Cangcimen7 일 전

    who is galileo?

  11. whole wheat owos

    whole wheat owos10 일 전

    *how many galileios do you want?*

  12. Rocket

    Rocket13 일 전


  13. Captain Tralllalaaa! Underpants

    Captain Tralllalaaa! Underpants16 일 전

    Throw a spider and I will go higher

  14. Sylvia K.

    Sylvia K.18 일 전

    I love this scene ♥

  15. cries in mochi meow

    cries in mochi meow24 일 전

    *Who even is Gallieo?* I am in love with this scene

  16. cassie cage

    cassie cage25 일 전

    ''Not with those teeth, man.''

  17. XxBisexual_ LeoxX

    XxBisexual_ LeoxX25 일 전

    You could just tell that he was losing his voice while singing "GaLiLeO"

  18. Juan Iñigo Abanilla

    Juan Iñigo Abanilla26 일 전


  19. fiver pro

    fiver pro27 일 전

    I love roger t

  20. Irfan Hidayatullah

    Irfan Hidayatullah28 일 전

    0:40 Rami Malek looks more like Mick Jagger than Freddie Mercury

  21. Sebastian Diaz

    Sebastian Diaz28 일 전

    Put it at 0.25 speed it is hillarious

  22. - potatoesque

    - potatoesque29 일 전

    That chicken at the beginning looks like it's singing "Galileo"

  23. queen__ rhapsody3

    queen__ rhapsody327 일 전

    Thats the whole point😂

  24. 사람H영상편집하는

    사람H영상편집하는개월 전

    *Galileo Figaro*

  25. Marcel Wośko

    Marcel Wośko개월 전


  26. trinity aiyana

    trinity aiyana개월 전

    the fact that this is actually ben’s voice amazes me

  27. Rogerina Taylor

    Rogerina Taylor개월 전


  28. Carolina Robles

    Carolina Robles개월 전

    Te extraño fredie

  29. strawberry milk

    strawberry milk개월 전

    Who even is Gallileo?

  30. Moon the Wolf stupid gacha and stuff

    Moon the Wolf stupid gacha and stuff개월 전

    0:32 BOI..

  31. ma ja

    ma ja개월 전

    Its unhealthy how obsessed I am with Roger and Ben

  32. Mec Los

    Mec Los개월 전


  33. ariana grande ; needy

    ariana grande ; needy개월 전

    “who even is galileo?” HAHAHAHAHAAH

  34. _LaChan_

    _LaChan_개월 전

    Who even is Galileo? Favorite part😂👌❤️

  35. S. 11

    S. 11개월 전

    Japanese 👍 🎌 日本人👍🎌

  36. Sharneh Nel

    Sharneh Nel개월 전

    0:55 Joe expressing his inner Disco Deaky

  37. April Mota

    April Mota개월 전

    why does brian may look more like brian may than brian may

  38. April Mota

    April Mota개월 전

    SoundsForTheSick heheeheheheh

  39. AGrumpyGoat

    AGrumpyGoat개월 전

    You're not gonna get likes off a stolen comments

  40. sebikii 101

    sebikii 101개월 전


  41. Alex Damián Muriel

    Alex Damián Muriel개월 전

    Jesus, how many Eos do you want?

  42. Amber Rexford

    Amber Rexford개월 전

    "I feel like my nuts are in my chest"

  43. Multifandomed Teen

    Multifandomed Teen개월 전

    Ben is so cute here sksksksk

  44. Giulia Channel

    Giulia Channel개월 전

    For the Italian ones "abbiamo finito? Mi sono arrivate le palle in gola" 😂😂😂

  45. RobotnikIsWeird Second

    RobotnikIsWeird Second개월 전

    They look like they have boobs.

  46. RobotnikIsWeird Second

    RobotnikIsWeird Second개월 전

    Galileo is a artist right?

  47. Jennifer Graham

    Jennifer Graham개월 전

    my nuts feel like they are in my chest

  48. AdamBoss2007

    AdamBoss2007개월 전

    0:00 0:02

  49. Bieber Fever

    Bieber Fever개월 전

    Not with those teeth

  50. Multifandomed Teen

    Multifandomed Teen개월 전

    wHo EvEn Is GaLieO?! HOw ManY GaliLeo’S do YoU wAnT?!😂

  51. はちみやかえで

    はちみやかえで개월 전


  52. Kurt from Glee

    Kurt from Glee개월 전

    “Who even is Galileo”

  53. / /\/ _/ /\/\/

    / /\/ _/ /\/\/개월 전

    Roger: so how many galileos do you want? Freddie: yes

  54. ThePeachyFace2 - Thepeachyface main channel

    ThePeachyFace2 - Thepeachyface main channel개월 전

    Who even is Galileo? Lol

  55. jillian balcazar

    jillian balcazar개월 전

    Roger Taylor: "If I Go Any Higher Only Dogs Could Hear Me???" 😂😂😂😂

  56. Rose_ph

    Rose_ph개월 전

    Ben/Roger: Face of the group, drummer, lead vocalist Freddie: Visual, Main dancer, Main vocalist Brian: Sub vocalist, Main guitarist John: vocalist, lead guitarist, lead dancer

  57. Rose_ph

    Rose_ph개월 전

    Searched for galileo......the father of modern science showed up instead of bohemian rhapsody

  58. Wolf Gal

    Wolf Gal개월 전

    Roger is my fav along with Freddie

  59. Kate Chungus69

    Kate Chungus69개월 전

    ‘If I go any higher only dogs will hear me’

  60. Natascha Klein

    Natascha Klein개월 전

    ,,My nuts feel like they're in my chest right now, are we done?"

  61. TheRealEmeraldSword /TES

    TheRealEmeraldSword /TES개월 전

    "Who is Galileo anyway?"

  62. AND11

    AND11개월 전

    Best character in Bohemian Rhapsody has to be Roger 🤣🤣🤣

  63. Mr.Machees

    Mr.Machees개월 전

    Roger: *“WHo iS EvEN gAliLeO”* Me: Ask Brian

  64. ThatOneLegend

    ThatOneLegend개월 전

    *Who EvEn iS GalILeo?*

  65. Devan Beadle

    Devan Beadle개월 전

    I love when Freddie sing beginning of the song after when Roger said are we done

  66. Ire Pookie

    Ire Pookie개월 전

    Has anyone noticed Rog has never again pronounced Galileo? At least not in interviews. He never talks about this and I find it hilarious. He's so done with it😂

  67. The Real Louie

    The Real Louie개월 전

    “Who even is galeio?” Best quote

  68. Troxsy

    Troxsy개월 전

    Bohemian Fapsody

  69. Miriam Piirmets

    Miriam Piirmets개월 전

    Who loves queen and the movie?

  70. siolda bb

    siolda bb개월 전

    on instagram i saw this post and it said that ben hardy actually sang the galileos in the movie IS IT TRUE

  71. L.Hop

    L.Hop2 개월 전

    *Who even is Galileo?😐*

  72. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Mr. Fahrenheit2 개월 전

    “Who even is Galileo?” [gets slapped in the face by Brian]

  73. Blank The Ninja

    Blank The Ninja2 개월 전

    “it feels like my balls are in my chest” 😂

  74. Cream

    Cream2 개월 전

    Who even is galleleio

  75. ham sandwich

    ham sandwich2 개월 전

    ben is actually sang for the movie that galileo part. i’m shook he sounded like just like roger c:

  76. Rallion Rivera

    Rallion Rivera2 개월 전

    Title of the song 0:39

  77. jordan tran

    jordan tran2 개월 전

    My favorite part is “ who even is Galileo?”

  78. Julia Gilbert

    Julia Gilbert2 개월 전

    *"how many more Galileo do you want?"* *"Who even is Galileo?"* HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  79. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy2 개월 전

    *W H O E V E N I S G A L I L E O ?*

  80. мама Елена дочка Анися железовы

    мама Елена дочка Анися железовы2 개월 전

    Вы лучшие.

  81. мама Елена дочка Анися железовы

    мама Елена дочка Анися железовы2 개월 전

    Береги своё сердце пещалкины.

  82. AlcesarXD

    AlcesarXD2 개월 전

    Si canto mas alto solo me oirán los perros :v

  83. Ciara D

    Ciara D2 개월 전

    “If I go any higher only dogs will hear me!” 😂

  84. Quinnharley 4567

    Quinnharley 45672 개월 전

    I think we mostly appreceate Ben for his looks while he is a grest actor

  85. Ninja Kitty

    Ninja Kitty2 개월 전

    The freaking rooster though! 🤣

  86. Sneak Smile

    Sneak Smile2 개월 전

    One Like One Galileo

  87. Márton Körmendy

    Márton Körmendy2 개월 전

    In the concert part Rami Malek looks more like Mick Jagger than Freddie imo

  88. katie katie

    katie katie2 개월 전


  89. Wow Nice

    Wow Nice2 개월 전

    I died when they played Galileo over the chicken

  90. Chocoloko YT

    Chocoloko YT2 개월 전


  91. Cristie 13

    Cristie 132 개월 전

    _galileo_ *galileo* _galileo_ *galileo* _galileo figarooo_

  92. Jason Playz

    Jason Playz2 개월 전

    Almost all of the comments have 1.1k likes or 2.2k likes




  94. Arlife

    Arlife2 개월 전

    Dogs definitly heared that Galileo roger.

  95. Michiko Aichi

    Michiko Aichi2 개월 전

    Did Ben really sang the "galileo" part in the movie? 😮 also the other singing parts in the movie?

  96. Taurus

    Taurus2 개월 전

    Can we get a video about Roger Taylor singing Galileo for ten minutes

  97. Addy_ Mae

    Addy_ Mae2 개월 전

    *this is the bbc*

  98. Alyanna Tanupan

    Alyanna Tanupan2 개월 전

    Am I the only who laughed so hard when I thought the chicken just sing GALILEO!!!

  99. Rossy Sánchez

    Rossy Sánchez2 개월 전

    *"Who even is Galileo?"* 😂

  100. Mike Cruise

    Mike Cruise2 개월 전

    A Must Watch Movie

  101. Mike Cruise

    Mike Cruise2 개월 전

    Queen, always the legend

  102. Mike Cruise

    Mike Cruise2 개월 전

    Saw this movie last week. The Best movie ever seen

  103. Blaze Gamer

    Blaze Gamer2 개월 전

    if go any higher only dogs will hear me. A few Minutes later how many more galelayos do you want. Lol