Bodies Still Left On Mount Everest


  1. dillon sanford

    dillon sanford2 시간 전

    Mallory was a beast of a climber

  2. EAGLE 011

    EAGLE 0113 일 전

    Go climb on that fucking rock and freeze to death for nothing.

  3. Doug Bear

    Doug Bear3 일 전

    I am watching Everest while watching this.

  4. K K

    K K4 일 전

    This mountain is like a grave ... that’s why you don’t move the bodies they went up to die ... a normal human being don’t go up there ... call me stupid then .. but this is extreme sport you pay the price extreme

  5. Heidi M

    Heidi M5 일 전

    Do you really need to climb it? Can’t just love it from a distance?

  6. fReEfErT gang gang

    fReEfErT gang gang9 일 전

    Imagine think :wow these people have died up here. Then they die 😐

  7. KawaiiCoolOcean Aj

    KawaiiCoolOcean Aj9 일 전

    My brain: Don’t google it! Don’t google it! Me: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*

  8. AyyAileth 3

    AyyAileth 39 일 전

    honestly this is a hard mountain to climb but climbing it is so dangerous but it’s ur choice

  9. Fanaticalplel Oof

    Fanaticalplel Oof12 일 전

    Fuck it I’m not climbing that and nobody helps you when you’re about to die too which is messed up

  10. Melissa Burdette

    Melissa Burdette13 일 전

    They died loving the mountain, and in essence they become part of the mountain they loved so well.

  11. jbond5150

    jbond515014 일 전

    Dying on the mt seems pretty peaceful.

  12. Kenosis

    Kenosis16 일 전

    To achieve what ???????? Wtf people ... Is it that great to climb the highest mountain ???? Know that these people put other lives on a risk ..... Fuck !!! Selfish fucking bastards

  13. RaMbO PlAyS

    RaMbO PlAyS16 일 전

    Rip it's a silly thing to do really but it was there passion that sadly killed them but thell never be forgotten

  14. BLACK OPS 2 oficial

    BLACK OPS 2 oficial17 일 전

    I literally just watched the Everest movie and seeing Rob and others who was in the movie and real life just made me more shocked.... r.i.p for these guys

  15. Ila Ala

    Ila Ala17 일 전


  16. Mack Ballard

    Mack Ballard18 일 전

    It's never tragic to die doing what you love. True adventurers that took life on full on. I have the utmost respect and reverence for folks like this. As sad as it is, I still cant help but absolutely admire them.

  17. Robert Dickerson

    Robert Dickerson26 일 전

    Stay the fuck away,I mean dam,what's the point anyway

  18. compationit 1 heresy

    compationit 1 heresy26 일 전

    Don't feel sorry for these idiots. They are thrill seekers they get their hardon playing with death. When they get in trouble they think were going to risk our lives trying to save them from a place they weren't supposed to be. You die you truly deserve it. 0 sympathy.

  19. Drk_Eternal

    Drk_Eternal27 일 전

    May God Bless Their Souls.

  20. Arjan Tv

    Arjan Tv개월 전

    This what happens when you do dumb things... death comes in different ways and is unstoppable but most of the times people do stupid things and they go to the death before death comes to them. Imagine if they never went to that mountain they would have lived more... and its not just about doing something to make you happy ... sometimes you have to think about your family and people who love you... they experienced few hours of happiness while climbing the mountain but their family experienced years of sadness because of their death at the mountain! Dont feel sorry for them at all they should feel sorry for what they did to their loved ones

  21. NoFaceNoNameFoodCridict 666

    NoFaceNoNameFoodCridict 666개월 전

    Basically going back in time as these ppl were frozen in an exact moment

  22. Shane Mizzi

    Shane Mizzi개월 전

    the gnarliest video ive seen in a min

  23. The Gossip Tea Machine

    The Gossip Tea Machine개월 전

    I’ve climbed Mount Everest before, I almost died and I did die, screw you Roblox!

  24. hawa975

    hawa975개월 전


  25. It's Cosette

    It's Cosette개월 전

    David Sharp!! Imagine just realizing your stuck there....

  26. OOZiTen

    OOZiTen개월 전

    Imagine being a landmark based on the outfit you chose to wear that day.. fuck dude..

  27. abah daddy

    abah daddy개월 전


  28. TA A

    TA A개월 전

    Why put the messages over the bodies???

  29. deaf

    deaf개월 전

    So uk tf

  30. صالح صالح

    صالح صالح개월 전

    And you don't know what land is dying

  31. Hairi Champ

    Hairi Champ개월 전

    im going to climb everest mount in february 2020 next year, its my first time. wish me good luck guys. this message might be my last message you will see. thank you guys

  32. Pianist Sultan

    Pianist Sultan개월 전

    Please reply my message when you have got down from the every, maybe on mach or april. I'll be waiting. Good luck :)

  33. Taryn Orser

    Taryn Orser개월 전

    All the comments are kinda cheesy

  34. Aryo Bayu

    Aryo Bayu개월 전

    Respect from indonesia

  35. Fanaticalplel Oof

    Fanaticalplel Oof개월 전

    Dead bodies as landmarks...imagine climbing the mountain and being like “oh there’s the DEAD guy with the red jacket and no pants I’m halfway there!”

  36. Rabbit Lee

    Rabbit Lee개월 전

    Who wanna taste those freezing meats? .... not me.

  37. juliet Marie

    juliet Marie개월 전

    Do they leave the bodies there?

  38. blindandwatching

    blindandwatching개월 전

    Above 8000 meters altitude there is insufficient oxygen and air pressure. You start to die when you go up there, even with breathing apparatus. You have a limited amount of time you can spend up that high before you must go down. Climbing mount Everest is a near suicidal adventure. Leave the mountain alone.

  39. April Williams

    April Williams개월 전

    You all saying that 30 climbers passed David Sharp and didnt help, stop acting like there was anything they could even do up that high. You cant carry him down. So stop blaming them and blame him for going alone, no walkie and no climbing partner. Or blame the company that allowed him to do so.

  40. juna fakih

    juna fakih개월 전

    Mount Everest scares me a lot, i mean the Cost to get there tho, it's $65k. So creepy. Okay i'm still saving for that.

  41. Samuel Skogqvist

    Samuel Skogqvist개월 전

    Don't, not worth it.

  42. Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson개월 전

    Should go ,to snag those nifty green boots ....

  43. AMellon Keller

    AMellon Keller개월 전

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for these people bc they do it for their own narcissistic reasons. Also, the fact that they are ruining nature sucks. They just cleaned tons and tons of trash left by climbers. They are not paying sherpas adequately and they are now abusing this amazing right.

  44. PopeyeCove

    PopeyeCove개월 전

    Sad stories, but as the cliche says: "They died doing what they love". I get the appeal of climbing Everest as an idea, but I wouldn't actually do it. Too dangerous, and I hate the cold. I'd rather climb a huge sand dune in the desert, where it's a gorgeous blue-skied day and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can always stop and pitch a tent for shade. Would have a canteen and food for the hike. Playing it safe, however, will only get me to old age and then forgotten. I can live with that. R.I.P. to all of the bold souls.