Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Official Music Video)


  1. Micah Griffith

    Micah Griffith분 전

    Who else here from tictok

  2. Eli Baker

    Eli Baker분 전

    Another country song this year # OLd toWn rOaD #facepalm btw I hate country music

  3. Nelson Soto

    Nelson Soto16 분 전

    keep doing more music

  4. Jed Milsome

    Jed Milsome44 분 전

    Your cool

  5. Yu Tuber

    Yu Tuber45 분 전

    He did that, knew exactly what kind of music to target people from all different corners of the world/race. Love the music perfect for all ages not like some of the noise thats out today talking about drugs, sex, nudity etc..

  6. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker47 분 전

    Damn. That is one of a hell of a genre bending track. Excellent work!

  7. Lucy Lou

    Lucy Lou시간 전

    God bless you!😃

  8. courtney spicuzza

    courtney spicuzza시간 전

    anyone else notice nicemichael from tiktok?

  9. Jay Ward

    Jay Ward시간 전


  10. Clumsy

    Clumsy시간 전

    This is just gonna be like old town road except we like it its not just some meme format

  11. Holly Davis

    Holly Davis2 시간 전

    Love this, it's so fun :)

  12. Alexis Theiss

    Alexis Theiss2 시간 전

    this is such a wholesome video and song i wish more people loved it as much as i do 😫

  13. Bryanna Smith

    Bryanna Smith3 시간 전


  14. D H

    D H3 시간 전

    Why are black people stealing our white culture?!?

  15. Simon Davies

    Simon Davies3 시간 전


  16. Mrs.Crawford

    Mrs.Crawford3 시간 전

    Can’t wait till old town road react to this

  17. Dale's Creations

    Dale's Creations3 시간 전

    This guy projects a great attitude, happy, easy to get along, no drama, kinda guy that anyone could like... We need more from him and we need more people like him. Hopefully, its not just an act.

  18. isyankar47 a

    isyankar47 a3 시간 전

    When ı listen it im relaxing

  19. Jaxon M

    Jaxon M3 시간 전

    *cough cough* product placement 0:24 *cough cough*

  20. Winifred Ogilvie

    Winifred Ogilvie3 시간 전

    Y'all got this! ❤🐎🐎

  21. Tateyona Gibson

    Tateyona Gibson3 시간 전


  22. Wiki Wikto

    Wiki Wikto4 시간 전

    Who is Poland?

  23. Holly The trampolinist

    Holly The trampolinist4 시간 전

    Harvey bass goes my school

  24. Radovan455

    Radovan4554 시간 전

    Is he really suspended from school

  25. Scarlet Frankland

    Scarlet Frankland4 시간 전

    0:55 ayyyy it him 😂

  26. Matthew

    Matthew4 시간 전

    Everybody having fun getting along. Good snappy beat, and having clean fun.

  27. Rob Butler

    Rob Butler5 시간 전


  28. Yorrick De Vries

    Yorrick De Vries5 시간 전

    i had a shit day and saw this , it makes everything good 😂❤️

  29. TrashBagginIt

    TrashBagginIt5 시간 전

    Bet him a lil nas x makes a song here soon

  30. Beth Waddell

    Beth Waddell5 시간 전

    I love this song I always dance to this song when it comes on

  31. Dustin Pridgen

    Dustin Pridgen5 시간 전

    Look at what you white people did listening to that shit Old Town Road. Have you no shame?

  32. Marina Fuentes

    Marina Fuentes5 시간 전

    I like it!! 😎

  33. tina müller

    tina müller6 시간 전

    haha, this makes me feel happy

  34. I like Llamas

    I like Llamas6 시간 전

    I love how wholesome this is

  35. Ayrihanna Cleopatra wilkins

    Ayrihanna Cleopatra wilkins6 시간 전

    0:trying to be sexy 0:trying to be cooler the. Everyone 0;idk 1000:DOING YOUR BEST

  36. stahlblaue Augen

    stahlblaue Augen6 시간 전

    nice song

  37. Evelyne Franzua

    Evelyne Franzua6 시간 전

    i love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Kevin Piccoli

    Kevin Piccoli6 시간 전

    0:55 for you, tik tok fan

  39. Deanna Allen

    Deanna Allen6 시간 전

    Would luv to see Nelly on the remix since they say werrr country in St. Louis!🤷🏿🤣 #IssaMidWestThang💯

  40. Chiedu Okwudi

    Chiedu Okwudi7 시간 전

    That kid is on there

  41. Micheal Ivory

    Micheal Ivory7 시간 전

    Good video why didn't you have that dude with the red shorts on in your challenge he would have made it even better

  42. Alisha Scott

    Alisha Scott7 시간 전

    When you can't help but dance in your seat!!

  43. Kareem  Johnson

    Kareem Johnson8 시간 전

    Black ppl are just wtf... This guy can really really sing,he jus loves country n frankly I would too if it sounds like this...This shit is live facts#

  44. Lasbery Nwabuwa

    Lasbery Nwabuwa8 시간 전

    who is hear in 2019

  45. Stanced Divinity

    Stanced Divinity8 시간 전

    AYEEE HE BROUGHT OUT HIS FANS!!!! So much respect dude so awesome of you with that

  46. David Martin

    David Martin9 시간 전

    song is stupif

  47. David Martin

    David Martin시간 전

    gaming master lol yes I can just shows u how stupid the song really is

  48. gaming master

    gaming master시간 전

    Says the one who cant spell stupid

  49. George William

    George William9 시간 전

    Such a wholesome fun video

  50. Benjamin Kipkemboi

    Benjamin Kipkemboi9 시간 전

    Best music ,best video,,bravo Branco🤗🤗

  51. Sakkara1331

    Sakkara13319 시간 전

    this video is so freakin adorable! I was watching him on Strahan, Sara & Keke and the dancers looked like they were having SO MUCH FUN!

  52. Jason Day

    Jason Day9 시간 전

    I love this song

  53. di mention

    di mention9 시간 전

    154 years since the abolition of slavery and now The slaves are taking over the masters ranch

  54. Josh Berkler

    Josh Berkler9 시간 전

    I love his shoes

  55. Soul Eye

    Soul Eye11 시간 전

    Normally country music is so cringy to me...especially that nasally twang but this hit right here bangs hard as fuck and makes me wanna dance!! lol I fucks with Blanco Brown 💪🏾

  56. Oki Saputra

    Oki Saputra11 시간 전

    Indonesia hadir👆👆

  57. solomon luis

    solomon luis12 시간 전

    this is rag'n'bone man singing hiphop sincerely

  58. Lambert Matthew

    Lambert Matthew13 시간 전

    #awesome you are so good at dancing and music

  59. Dja NGo

    Dja NGo15 시간 전

    Hi Blanco, you should bring out a whole album in this country&western style- it will 🔥💣🤙🏻🤪🎉

  60. Doreen

    Doreen15 시간 전

    Gute Laune vorprogrammiert.... 😅

  61. Sarai Rogers

    Sarai Rogers17 시간 전

    amazing! how did you get in contact with there person from tik tok?

  62. Bella Hinchy

    Bella Hinchy18 시간 전

    Are you want TikTok