#BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries EP. 11 (Season Finale) FT. Blue, Skinbone, Vo Music, & Chris Maher


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    Korporate Bidness6 개월 전

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  2. Blu Raine

    Blu Raine개월 전

    Never got the card..

  3. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson2 개월 전

    Seems like you studied Spike Lee, keep up the good work

  4. Jessica Jackson

    Jessica Jackson2 개월 전

    Hsklbfjg have zxdagje like vfhuo

  5. Radza Martin

    Radza Martin2 개월 전

    🤣 this bitch on Ezekiel

  6. tomisha heath

    tomisha heath3 개월 전

    Dtgfgg is dggf

  7. King Latis

    King Latis10 시간 전

    Season 2 coming soon

  8. mikeinbmore

    mikeinbmore11 시간 전

    I'm glad as hell y'all didn't clap them niggas. Sorry for your loss tho. Love this show, by the way



    This song hit different now

  10. DJ Rodgers

    DJ Rodgers2 일 전

    Season 2 plz

  11. Yvonne Samuels

    Yvonne Samuels3 일 전

    I wasn't expecting that ending

  12. Christian Holmes

    Christian Holmes3 일 전


  13. Marcus Spratlin

    Marcus Spratlin4 일 전

    On gawd you real

  14. ryan wilridge

    ryan wilridge5 일 전

    season 2

  15. iSELLOUT

    iSELLOUT5 일 전

    The ending 😒

  16. Q Allen

    Q Allen6 일 전


  17. Clarence Cohen

    Clarence Cohen8 일 전

    Where is it bro

  18. RoyalHighQueen

    RoyalHighQueen9 일 전


  19. caniya scott

    caniya scott9 일 전

    He not really dead cause i saw the fake blood on the table😂

  20. jon sanders

    jon sanders9 일 전

    season 2 is needed b

  21. francisco vazquez

    francisco vazquez10 일 전

    i cant find the next season tho

  22. D-BOYDOPE Dope

    D-BOYDOPE Dope10 일 전


  23. Markize Price

    Markize Price11 일 전

    Not cuzzo he was always with the shits 😭😭

  24. Niah Nation

    Niah Nation12 일 전

    They messed up bc at 5:35 you see the fake blood on the counter

  25. drippy_man

    drippy_man13 일 전

    Don’t get locked up or killed stay woke 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  26. Vell EBK

    Vell EBK14 일 전

    Boi yo ass better do a season 2 fuck u talm bout shorty 😎

  27. Itz yo gurl kk

    Itz yo gurl kk16 일 전

    Camera shows him crying *peep the fake blood🩸 on the table* 😂

  28. luka p

    luka p16 일 전

    my heart hurt that was heavvvyyy bro

  29. Nutt Da Gawd

    Nutt Da Gawd18 일 전

    If there ain't no season 2 imma be crying real tears 😂

  30. LaysiaPrincess

    LaysiaPrincess19 일 전

    "single mother deluxe" just sent me lmao

  31. Surrealgamer1473

    Surrealgamer147319 일 전

    Fr fr somebody need to make this man a director and give him his own tv series.

  32. OG OG

    OG OG19 일 전

    Season 22222

  33. Almightylo 2x

    Almightylo 2x19 일 전

    I live right next door to you but do not go to my house yet

  34. Almightylo 2x

    Almightylo 2x19 일 전

    You are so cute

  35. JoScoNathan

    JoScoNathan19 일 전

    Season 2

  36. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones20 일 전

    He stupid talking about sickly James harden

  37. Brandy McLeod

    Brandy McLeod20 일 전

    Yesss I want a season 2 please

  38. Keith Hooper

    Keith Hooper20 일 전

    That was a great series homie

  39. Almightylo 2x

    Almightylo 2x20 일 전

    If you don’t have a girlfriend I can be your girl I may look like a boy in the picture but I am actually a girl

  40. Cedric Willis

    Cedric Willis20 일 전

    3:48 That nigga skintone ah fool😖😖😖😫😂🤣😭😅

  41. Eighteenth Krillz

    Eighteenth Krillz20 일 전

    You gotta do a season 2 ‼️


    YRZ_DRIFTY21 일 전

    On gaude

  43. Fearless vlogs

    Fearless vlogs22 일 전

    Are these stories really

  44. Kpac shakur

    Kpac shakur22 일 전

    Why this man not on tv is beyond me

  45. Cleon

    Cleon22 일 전


  46. Beans 'n Mustard

    Beans 'n Mustard23 일 전

    Nice PPP with the Current Card😏

  47. JoScoNathan

    JoScoNathan23 일 전

    Wow dude I couldn’t stop watching. Awesome.

  48. Vernon Prince

    Vernon Prince24 일 전

    season 2, must!

  49. Living with Kennedy

    Living with Kennedy25 일 전

    i saw the blood on the counter

  50. xerock32x

    xerock32x26 일 전

    Let me get that season 2

  51. deathnote2k5x2

    deathnote2k5x227 일 전

    Season 2 in 2020 on gawd

  52. Iso_ Shooter

    Iso_ Shooter27 일 전

    We need Part 2 💯‼️

  53. Raq Yantz

    Raq Yantz27 일 전

    I gotba current card kuz of this nigga

  54. Johnathan Mckay-Williams

    Johnathan Mckay-Williams개월 전

    Season 2

  55. Myron Young

    Myron Young개월 전

    Ok we need that season two ASAP! #On Gaude

  56. LN swiftyy FN

    LN swiftyy FN개월 전

    I jus waiting 4 another season on god

  57. LN swiftyy FN

    LN swiftyy FN개월 전

    2020 check

  58. Big Daddykey key

    Big Daddykey key개월 전

    Awlll naaawl not cuzzo😭

  59. Lauren

    Lauren개월 전

    This dude deserve all the respect. He really tryna make a change. He funny asl but it’s real

  60. Terrill Scott

    Terrill Scott개월 전

    I know this just a script, but in the scriptures It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man(Psalm 118:8) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths(Proverbs 3:5-6)

  61. quincy blair

    quincy blair개월 전

    Where season 2

  62. jakyah Telford

    jakyah Telford개월 전

    Mamamaa may back music

  63. New Blackwallstreet

    New Blackwallstreet개월 전

    Did this really happen .....because this stuff really happen?

  64. Highly Requested

    Highly Requested개월 전

    Back and there still isn’t no season 2

  65. Furious Stylez

    Furious Stylez개월 전

    U looking lik a tall glass of 2% milk lol no I ain't aight mama i got the vit D FOR U LOL HAAA