Black Metal Beauty Makeover - 10 Minute Power Hour


  1. AscendedPyroFlame

    AscendedPyroFlame일 전

    5:45 arin was 100% going to call dan a slut

  2. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez일 전

    What's funny is Dan's hair straighten actually looks like that.

  3. Déja Vu

    Déja Vu2 일 전

    Dan: *quietly covering Arin's makeup* Arin: TURNS TOWARDS ME, TURNS TOWARDS ME YOU FOOL....thank you

  4. grrrystal

    grrrystal2 일 전

    Arin looks (and acts) like a panda.

  5. FrostGiant

    FrostGiant2 일 전

    Time to make a decent comment on the funny grumps:one minute Time to read the thousands of comments:all day it i bet. Ive never read more than a thousand. ⏰🙈

  6. grant may

    grant may2 일 전

    holy fucknuts! he IS beautiful with straight hair!

  7. Kleszcz

    Kleszcz2 일 전

    8:32 "It's Cher!"

  8. beano

    beano2 일 전

    they look more like juggalos but if you say so

  9. Maskiller29 _DCG

    Maskiller29 _DCG4 일 전

    Danny lookin awfully hot *shrugs*

  10. A R W S

    A R W S5 일 전

    I'll buy tickets

  11. Carl TheBraincel

    Carl TheBraincel5 일 전


  12. Dave! Yognau(gh)t

    Dave! Yognau(gh)t6 일 전

    Dan: *puts on wig* Dan: "Did you eat craaaff"

  13. Aiden Eiler

    Aiden Eiler6 일 전

    He looks like the abomianble snow man

  14. LauraTheDad

    LauraTheDad6 일 전

    Aaron literally made dan look like a Emo clown I’m crying

  15. LauraTheDad

    LauraTheDad6 일 전

    Why is no one commenting about dan with pigtails that shits killing me

  16. Baxtab13

    Baxtab136 일 전

    Oh look its... Danny Filth! :P

  17. christina lynch

    christina lynch6 일 전

    "There's no crying in metal!" -dsbm: am I a joke to you?

  18. Jammy

    Jammy6 일 전

    Arin-----🤡 ( ‘o’) /__ \_/ |. |. -is this metal?

  19. Hank Anderson

    Hank Anderson7 일 전

    Oh my god 4:06 he looks like thanos

  20. Jeff K

    Jeff K7 일 전

    4:43 "I can feel your DNA on my face dan"

  21. _Oh-Koi-Boi_

    _Oh-Koi-Boi_7 일 전

    Everyone is talking about Dan and his metal look, but if you look at Arin....Arin looks like a sick...metal panda.

  22. The AmericanBenis

    The AmericanBenis7 일 전

    When is NSP gonna record "im gonna fuck your dad" I need to know!

  23. SpaceMaze

    SpaceMaze7 일 전

    Dans pigtails made my day so much better

  24. Rowlaskren 12

    Rowlaskren 127 일 전

    I just love the pure joy in the room when they were singing, immediately followed by awkward silence and then Arin compared to Syndrome The perfect combination

  25. pink gold trash

    pink gold trash7 일 전

    jori being hella into it is the energy i need in life also, decora kei maybe??

  26. Cam Thornburg

    Cam Thornburg7 일 전

    its called corpse paint but them not knowing just makes this video + the cookies! mv that much funnier

  27. Bombing Gamer

    Bombing Gamer7 일 전

    Arin looks like a white thanos...

  28. Madeline Bancroft

    Madeline Bancroft8 일 전

    5:20 actual footage of Gamzee painting Tavros' face

  29. Madeline Bancroft

    Madeline Bancroft21 시간 전

    😂 homestucks unite

  30. Grahamcracker Toonz Productions

    Grahamcracker Toonz Productions8 일 전

    Madeline Bancroft of all the comments I could have seen on a game grumps video, this is the one I expected the least

  31. Fart Smell

    Fart Smell8 일 전

    Arin looked like a white Thanos.

  32. Eazy- Austin

    Eazy- Austin8 일 전

    Alexa play dyers eve by Metallica

  33. Eazy- Austin

    Eazy- Austin8 일 전

    Alexa play the frayed ends of sanity by Metallica

  34. Eazy- Austin

    Eazy- Austin8 일 전

    Alexa play any song by slipknot

  35. Ashlin Gunderson

    Ashlin Gunderson8 일 전

    Arin from the side in the thumbnail looks a bit like Scott Hoying from Pentatonix. It’s a little strange since Scott has quite a prominent chin and Arin doesn’t have one

  36. It's Grapes!

    It's Grapes!8 일 전

    Arin with curly hair and dan with straight hair? Like that'll ever happen.

  37. Jana Reinprecht

    Jana Reinprecht8 일 전

    That's my favourite video of all time :D

  38. Dru Pearce

    Dru Pearce8 일 전

    So we finally got Dan's hair straight and Arin's hair curled

  39. Eggg Beaver

    Eggg Beaver9 일 전

    They look like fukkin racoons

  40. UItraVice

    UItraVice9 일 전

    Danny with straight hair makes my straight manly self feel totally insecure lol

  41. M Chimey

    M Chimey9 일 전

    Arin`s commentary as he put Dan's makeup on maybe the most comfortable I've ever felt watching GG. However this episode was still amazing.

  42. kenpachi21192

    kenpachi211929 일 전

    never thought i would see the day that they would wear corpse paint *clap clap clap*

  43. odd sockz

    odd sockz10 일 전


  44. aught

    aught11 일 전

    dan raccoon

  45. shadowwar9x

    shadowwar9x11 일 전


  46. William Elliott

    William Elliott12 일 전

    Anyone else here listen to black metal

  47. willow gurney

    willow gurney13 일 전

    0:57 i was drinking cola and i belched RIGHT after arin did. i feel totally in scynce( sink or however the hell y'all spell it ( sync thanks to @TROPtastic )) now.

  48. willow gurney

    willow gurney6 일 전

    @TROPtastic thx! :3

  49. TROPtastic

    TROPtastic7 일 전

    Since you asked, it's "sync" :)

  50. i love animals especially pigs,cats, dogs ,hamsters

    i love animals especially pigs,cats, dogs ,hamsters14 일 전

    Sees the part at 6:04 -My brain: *HELLLOOOO*

  51. You Slumber, Cucumber

    You Slumber, Cucumber12 일 전

    Mrs. Doubtfire!

  52. LADF General

    LADF General14 일 전

    " I can feel the shape of the D" Arin Hanson 2019

  53. Cherry Bombs

    Cherry Bombs14 일 전

    do something like this but like..... clown makeup

  54. Hannah Vasquez

    Hannah Vasquez14 일 전

    4:54 Says I'm metal in the highest voice possible

  55. A Love Sick Loser

    A Love Sick Loser14 일 전

    Danny's makeup reminds me of gaster and im shook lol