Black Metal Beauty Makeover - 10 Minute Power Hour


  1. Ethan Jarom

    Ethan Jarom9 일 전


  2. Yasmin Lawrence

    Yasmin Lawrence12 일 전

    arin looks like a 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  3. Jacob Wilson

    Jacob Wilson15 일 전

    thanks i hate it.

  4. ParanormalMoon

    ParanormalMoon15 일 전

    Dan looks like a goth clown

  5. Keaton Michael

    Keaton Michael16 일 전

    Danny looks like Larry from sally face at the end

  6. Amber The Bean

    Amber The Bean16 일 전


  7. Mini Bee

    Mini Bee17 일 전

    They need to song down with the sickness with this make up on xd

  8. Shoelace Kink

    Shoelace Kink17 일 전

    Watching this stuff cover their eyes is making my eyes water.

  9. Owen Bridgers

    Owen Bridgers21 일 전

    Inferom Owenurd Goatnium !

  10. Liam Cole

    Liam Cole23 일 전

    I love how the first thing they see in the book was Dead’s photo

  11. Z03 W33D

    Z03 W33D28 일 전

    my sister said "now they're funny!" and I said "whatchu talking bout??? they've always been funny-" then she said, "no. with the makeup."

  12. Spencer Moss-De Castro

    Spencer Moss-De Castro28 일 전

    they’re not metal but my appreciation for KISS has increased ever so slightly

  13. Andrew Land

    Andrew Land29 일 전

    Arin hurt thousands of people when he said death metal

  14. Lilly pie ÙwÚ

    Lilly pie ÙwÚ개월 전

    6:31 I can see the fear in his face and I feel so bad LOL 😂

  15. HellCat_Beauty

    HellCat_Beauty개월 전

    dans little blep is 😂

  16. Andrea Santana

    Andrea Santana개월 전

    Proximity to nipple (lyrics) Oh this is the worst I don’t like goop on me or on my face particularly I can usually handle goop on my legs or feet but when it gets above nipple level everything’s a problem And I consider arms to be above nipple level because they start above the nipple

  17. Cody Caldwell

    Cody Caldwell개월 전

    I actually used this stuff type of stuff I had a similar look like dans i used for wrestling this type of makeup

  18. *Hewo*

    *Hewo*개월 전

    *Dan writing “DAN” on Arins forehead* Arin: your writing dan Dan: no... Arin: i can feel the shape of the D, the N and the A Me: yes but no

  19. Miranda Hilliard

    Miranda Hilliard개월 전

    Arin looks like Uncle Fester? Arin looks like Uncle Fester

  20. MonstersInsideMe

    MonstersInsideMe개월 전

    This is an exact representation of what happens when two siblings under the age of 8 find their mothers makeup pouch.

  21. Lilliana Hannan

    Lilliana Hannan개월 전

    He is no longer Dan He is *Danny Face*

  22. Inkdudebendy gamer

    Inkdudebendy gamer개월 전

    Dan looks like a death metal version of pennywise the clown 🤣🤣

  23. バンジョベンジ

    バンジョベンジ개월 전

    Imagine having Arin in black metal makeup applying makeup to your face while saying some weird shit.

  24. Twiztedjuggalo665

    Twiztedjuggalo665개월 전

    these are the best juggalos ive ever seen JK JK i know they no juggalo

  25. yellow teeth'd barney

    yellow teeth'd barney개월 전

    Dan looks like a terrible bootleg Papa Emeritus III from Ghost B.C.

  26. Amond Hawes-Khalifa

    Amond Hawes-Khalifa개월 전

    The sheer glee on everyone's faces when they start singing is the most pure thing on this earth, (^ヮ^)

  27. Gengar227

    Gengar227개월 전

    Dan always welds arins eyes shut

  28. Dee Robinson

    Dee Robinson개월 전

    Is there a story behind the Dino Bros

  29. Ultimate memer

    Ultimate memer개월 전

    I’m not lying when I say I actually got a slip knot ad at the start of the video lmaooo

  30. nicky .

    nicky .개월 전

    Ok, Dan just looks like a clown but let's not ignore the fact that he IS one.

  31. Hyden

    Hyden개월 전

    Imagine working with Dan and Arin. Endless amounts of fun

  32. 387boi 766

    387boi 766개월 전

    Arin spells Dan DNA

  33. Kitten Lover

    Kitten Lover개월 전

    Dan turned into Sally Face within a second

  34. Wolf Wolf 24

    Wolf Wolf 24개월 전

    Arin looks like a panda

  35. Catlover83 LPS

    Catlover83 LPS개월 전


  36. RC 1207

    RC 1207개월 전

    7:11 it was at this point dan shifted from metal head to juggalo

  37. Two Point Oh

    Two Point Oh개월 전

    i looked at the thumbnail and thought they were gonna become juggalos

  38. Holy Shnitzel

    Holy Shnitzel개월 전

    Dan with the wig is so attractive😝😍

  39. Rex Xavier

    Rex Xavier개월 전

    Arin looks like an older Gene Simmons.

  40. Mosey

    Mosey개월 전

    There’s nothing more metal than looking deep into your best bro’s eyes as you gently caress paint along the chiseled contours of his handsome face. 🤘

  41. Planetof 8s

    Planetof 8s개월 전

    That’s not a metal book, That’s a paper book!

  42. courtney timmins

    courtney timmins2 개월 전

    5:01 Arin "speaking metal" to dan is probably the highlight of my week 😂

  43. freckled cracker

    freckled cracker2 개월 전

    My body was not ready for straight hair Dan.

  44. Cam Morris

    Cam Morris2 개월 전

    Arin secretly metal beetlejuice...and dan is pennywise

  45. The Rusty Dhael

    The Rusty Dhael2 개월 전

    Dan looks like a horribly made The Crow

  46. Mac

    Mac2 개월 전

    when dan becomes even hotter with a wig on that's when you know you found the perfect man.

  47. Calla Coleman

    Calla Coleman2 개월 전

    Aron looks like fester Addams when he first opens his eyes

  48. Tyler Joseph

    Tyler Joseph2 개월 전

    ARIN LOOKS LIKE OZZY OSBOURNE MIXED WITH POST MALONE😂😂😂 *So basically like take what you want*

  49. Pax Ryder

    Pax Ryder2 개월 전

    So now you have experienced Genpei Toumaden, in COSPLAY FORM!!! HEHEHE!!! 😂😂😂OR EVEN DETROIT METAL CITY!!!

  50. Kreisikirppu

    Kreisikirppu2 개월 전

    You both should get lash extensions

  51. Pk Phantom

    Pk Phantom2 개월 전


  52. SCP Amanda Washburn

    SCP Amanda Washburn2 개월 전

    ....this makes me want to do their make up ._.

  53. gallowsgradient

    gallowsgradient2 개월 전

    Weird that Arin put Grendel's face on Dan.

  54. Gabrielle Mickelson

    Gabrielle Mickelson2 개월 전

    I kind of wish Arin had left Dan's face asymmetrical. I know nothing about metal, but that felt more metal to me.

  55. Captain Jules

    Captain Jules2 개월 전

    10:26 I don’t know who that it but I don’t wanna let her near my dad

  56. D.B

    D.B2 개월 전

    Arin looks like an endangered species

  57. Elioid CKP

    Elioid CKP2 개월 전

    I'm the 50 thousandth like, cool

  58. Illiterate Cactus

    Illiterate Cactus2 개월 전

    Imagine your boss walking out, his face covered in grease makeup, only for him to scream “I’m gonna fuck your dad”

  59. P-Chan The Passionate

    P-Chan The Passionate2 개월 전

    Joker (2019) ; Colorized 6:39

  60. Em B

    Em B2 개월 전

    Omg when's your first show, I'm there