Black Aunties Try Other Aunties' Potato Salad


  1. anam jameel

    anam jameel4 시간 전

    You all people over react a lot, some of us don't get food properly

  2. Aries G. Raymundo

    Aries G. Raymundo6 시간 전

    Those who spits makes the worst.

  3. AYE YA

    AYE YA13 시간 전

    "Thank u ladies for not being haters" 😂😂😂 so ironic

  4. Love Aqua

    Love Aqua20 시간 전

    Olivette is acting like she won because the other women liked it, but it was just because Donna was nice oof (she secretly hated it)

  5. Ashking

    Ashking일 전

    I give donna 3000 points for being so generous and -3000 for all other aunties

  6. Dave O

    Dave O일 전


  7. Badade

    Badade일 전

    Y'all got the wrong aunties for this episode. They're all too young, they still working out the kinks in their recipes...

  8. Sherri Mignault

    Sherri Mignault일 전

    When the girl Said: who would eat this Me:I would

  9. Sumaya Abdi

    Sumaya Abdi일 전

    Jo' nez had a lot to say but had the worst potato salad

  10. jeyart94

    jeyart94일 전

    They came for each other hard.

  11. hello☺️

    hello☺️2 일 전

    how you gon' do Jo'nez like that

  12. Margaret R.

    Margaret R.2 일 전

    These women were so rude about each other's food, everyone except for Donna, I didn't really enjoyed watching this. 😂

  13. 23kensie

    23kensie2 일 전

    They are so annoying, spitting out food and looking at it crazy, its potato salad what do they think is going to be in it? A stem... seriously? it was probably just some rosemary woman!!! I like Donna best and her was probably the best cause she seems mature, they probably marker hers down on purpose to give themselves a better chance. Cant believe I am this annoyed with them either!

  14. TacTicalGaming

    TacTicalGaming2 일 전

    Donna was the nicest one.

  15. gabgrandy01

    gabgrandy012 일 전

    This was cringeworthy to say the least...Donna was very nice though

  16. Envy_Fear -_-

    Envy_Fear -_-2 일 전

    5:57 welp that was cringy

  17. Juvenal Lombera

    Juvenal Lombera2 일 전

    Her: This looks disgusting Me: Yours looks so creamy and white SHUT UP!

  18. I'm A Watermelon

    I'm A Watermelon2 일 전

    Nasty bitches, could have been nicer like Donna, hers looked the best tbh

  19. Random person

    Random person2 일 전

    Donna was the only one who was honest yet NICE. She wasn't being disrespectful.

  20. Nikki Peoples

    Nikki Peoples3 일 전

    Awww I love Donna

  21. I am Beverage

    I am Beverage3 일 전

    Donna won. Y'all did her so dirty, I know DAMN WELL hers was good.

  22. Morgan

    Morgan3 일 전

    I’m not sure why they rate is bad I say 10 for everything because my fat self loves food id be like can I get 10ths of this

  23. Lora Larose

    Lora Larose3 일 전

    Too white that one😂😂I like onions with the egg and the sweet relish and the mustard I like it mashed and yellow no salt 😁 I like some red pepper in it

  24. Isaiah Kevin

    Isaiah Kevin3 일 전

    They’re all so close minded except for donna

  25. alejandro mendoza

    alejandro mendoza3 일 전

    bias bias bias

  26. Broken teletooby

    Broken teletooby3 일 전

    "The presentation if this is um..." *D i f f e r e n t*

  27. Aleena Das

    Aleena Das3 일 전

    We need Donnas in this world

  28. ZestyFruit Loops

    ZestyFruit Loops4 일 전

    Why is that lady in a potato salad tasting competition if she DOSENT like potato salad unless she makes it her way?

  29. 이니나

    이니나4 일 전

    I want all of these women as my aunties lmao

  30. Azurite

    Azurite4 일 전

    6:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Rhys Johnson

    Rhys Johnson5 일 전

    That one lady can keep Jesus' name out of her mouth - acting so dramatic over a damn potato salad while trashing it the whole time. Also, "thank you ladies for not being haters." - Girl, you were one huge hater the whole video.

  32. vsgfilmgroup

    vsgfilmgroup5 일 전

    Where's the one with the bell peppers, celery and onion?

  33. Brian Davis

    Brian Davis5 일 전

    Donna was a generous soul💜 that’s why they got so high 😐

  34. Hailey Wash

    Hailey Wash5 일 전

    Does the color matter

  35. Amanda Huginkiss

    Amanda Huginkiss5 일 전

    Donna is such a wonderful lady!

  36. Texas Highsider

    Texas Highsider5 일 전

    Ms Tanisha is 🥰🥰🥰🥰..her eyes

  37. SophiYah Yisrael

    SophiYah Yisrael5 일 전

    I see everybody makes theirs differently

  38. roger's falsetto

    roger's falsetto5 일 전

    5:57 me trying to type on my keyboard

  39. Arabia McMahan

    Arabia McMahan6 일 전

    I should've been a contestant

  40. Aaron Luna

    Aaron Luna6 일 전

    2:35 I agree!!! I want a salad with texture and not a creamy potato.

  41. sammo

    sammo6 일 전

    donna is so nice, she legit cant bare to say anything bad.

  42. ツDank Peep

    ツDank Peep6 일 전

    Donna the type of black woman to give you a motivational speech in a movie

  43. Eliana Lozandier

    Eliana Lozandier6 일 전

    Olivette is one of those divas who think their all that.

  44. Alayah Jennings

    Alayah Jennings6 일 전

    They did Donna wrong. They all looked nasty 🤢

  45. Mia AsMr

    Mia AsMr6 일 전

    The first two both said about each other’s potato salad you get two points for effort

  46. Jocelyne Lessard

    Jocelyne Lessard6 일 전

    I need Canadian dads (or moms) making poutine, but will automatically me disqualified if they say it wrong.

  47. Argentino ASMR

    Argentino ASMR6 일 전

    Lol why some of them are scared to try those potato salads? I am sure they have put worse things in their mouths... But now they are acting picky? Okay

  48. Taylor Essenpreis

    Taylor Essenpreis6 일 전

    donna's the aunt that supports you no matter what and I'm all for her

  49. Lisa320

    Lisa3206 일 전

    Why are they so rude wtf?? Donna u win in my heart

  50. Lisa320

    Lisa3206 일 전

    They’re acting like potato salad is a gourmet meal?? Like relax it’s potato’s and vegetables chill

  51. Patti Walsh

    Patti Walsh6 일 전

    Who wants potato salad that is sweet? Is this a Southern thing?

  52. Out of Spite Production

    Out of Spite Production7 일 전

    I hope the winners know they only won because of donna

  53. Elena Yu

    Elena Yu7 일 전

    Donna was so generous with her marks ☺️

  54. Yellow Hearts

    Yellow Hearts7 일 전

    0:18 my name is Donna Carroll Crackhead. It sounded like crackhead to me 😂😂😂 but she’s was the nicest

  55. hiyoko idk

    hiyoko idk7 일 전

    donna always eats her own food

  56. comrade glutengreen

    comrade glutengreen7 일 전

    1:19 ohhh ummm LUL!

  57. MR DARE

    MR DARE7 일 전

    Plot twist : it wasn't Donna's potato salad

  58. Connie Hoffman

    Connie Hoffman8 일 전

    This is where everyone discovers that everyone HATES potato salad 🤢

  59. Tourmaline Opal

    Tourmaline Opal8 일 전

    6:58 Olivettes encounter with healthy food 6:05 Jo'Nez when she sees healthy food

  60. Major Robinson

    Major Robinson8 일 전

    Donna's actually looked good.