Black Aunties Try Other Aunties' Potato Salad


  1. Adi Satriyo

    Adi Satriyo시간 전

    So.. this is how black aunties behave?! The only person i see with class is Donna

  2. HotaruChuu

    HotaruChuu시간 전

    Yo it's potatoe salad why are they all acting like it's the nastiest thing. It's delicious. Donna's actually made me hungry, now onions and bell peppers sign me in. And pickles? No.


    SHICHO3 시간 전

    I couldn’t stand any of them except Donna. Never let them “try” food again

  4. yoongi’s forehead

    yoongi’s forehead3 시간 전

    The only reason these children got into double digits was because angelic Donna had something called maturity. Take her away they all fail. I hope they got to watch it back.

  5. lapoupee88

    lapoupee885 시간 전

    Love usssss MiSS DONNNAA

  6. Jillian K

    Jillian K7 시간 전

    the grandma who was the most generous ended up getting the lowest scored😓 bless donna

  7. Sharene Tokuda

    Sharene Tokuda8 시간 전

    Wow so r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r You know what I mean right 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 Am I right?😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😂😏😏🤣

  8. Ceejaycei Tutorials

    Ceejaycei Tutorials8 시간 전

    I feel like donna was the only fair and mature person there. the rest of them were just extra about everything and olivette was just an arrogant egotistical person.

  9. JT Johnson

    JT Johnson9 시간 전

    Donna's was the ONLY ONE whose potato salad looked how it's supposed! Big ass pickles and sugar???? Are serious

  10. Eunice Estrada

    Eunice Estrada9 시간 전

    I want potato salad !! Pregnant woman here lol

  11. Icey Dicey

    Icey Dicey9 시간 전

    Auntie Donna she was so nice and I feel like she deserves to be on the show again

  12. you clownin

    you clownin9 시간 전

    Donna’s the best 🥺

  13. Cristhiansoc

    Cristhiansoc10 시간 전

    I will like to try it I love food 🥘

  14. Yubed

    Yubed10 시간 전

    2:25 " i would gove this one"🤣🤣🤣

  15. Person Draws

    Person Draws10 시간 전

    When one started praying I swear to god I started wheezing

  16. Daniel Márquez

    Daniel Márquez10 시간 전

    Buzzfeed Racist

  17. Florida. Celebrity

    Florida. Celebrity11 시간 전

    The lady with curly wig was fair loved that

  18. Purple Dragon4Life

    Purple Dragon4Life11 시간 전

    "tHis jUsT hAs tOo mUcH gOiNG oN fOr mE" *Slowly eats another spoon* 7:29

  19. Galactic Puppy J.R.

    Galactic Puppy J.R.12 시간 전

    Legit all of them except Donna just didn’t wanna admit that people other than them have good cooking. That sounds just like my mom’s best friend 😂

  20. Catrinia Smith

    Catrinia Smith13 시간 전


  21. Jai Singz

    Jai Singz13 시간 전

    In conclusion potato salad is nasty

  22. Adan Gallardo

    Adan Gallardo14 시간 전

    This potato salad has no sugar no cinnamon no nutmeg, nuthin.

  23. Nishtha Sagar

    Nishtha Sagar15 시간 전

    Why is potato in salad? Isn't it supposed to be healthy????

  24. Hannah4evar

    Hannah4evar15 시간 전


  25. Pro Yeeter

    Pro Yeeter15 시간 전

    Donna was so nice for them, if she was as petty as them she wouldve won🥺

  26. Beyou2Ful

    Beyou2Ful15 시간 전

    Donna is that old school Auntie, the one who has all the cook outs at her house and Kashuna is that Auntie you have to tell off at thanksgiving. The other two are the cool aunties who sneak a little liquor every now and then.

  27. Heller Ferr

    Heller Ferr16 시간 전

    *a normal plate of potato salad in front of them* Them, except Donna: *OH NOO WTF EVENIS THAT EWWW, I CANT DO THIS*

  28. Holdalain Forever

    Holdalain Forever16 시간 전

    ASMR from 1:00-1:03

  29. Heller Ferr

    Heller Ferr16 시간 전

    Why they so damn dramatic?! They're so annoying. Except for Donna, God bless Donna

  30. tiffany love

    tiffany love16 시간 전

    Look loke the donna that said janet jackson was her mother for that fake ass dna test on growing up hiphop with the debarges

  31. Peggy Rose

    Peggy Rose17 시간 전

    Everyone except Donna was just nasty. They were mean beyond reason. In my opinion Donna is the real winner!!

  32. Alexandria Baker

    Alexandria Baker17 시간 전

    I couldn't be in this because I like ketchup and mustard in my potato salad and SOME ppl think that's strange 😳

  33. athirah sufyan

    athirah sufyan17 시간 전

    7:20 lord i can hear cassandra’s voice at the back *_i DoNt tAsTe ThE sUgAH ThE nUtmEg AnD ThE ciNnAmOnN_*

  34. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson17 시간 전

    the only thing i got from this video is that all 4 of those people are bad at making potato salad

  35. Edward Lee Jokumsen

    Edward Lee Jokumsen19 시간 전

    Am I the only one who found Donna’a crunching at 1:00 somewhat satisfying? 😂

  36. this is ur mom speaking

    this is ur mom speaking19 시간 전

    Donna gave people a 6 for effort. Others gave a 2 or a 1.

  37. Vonnie Daniels

    Vonnie Daniels21 시간 전

    All their potato salads look nasty and based on how it’s described

  38. Deaven Snyder

    Deaven Snyder21 시간 전

    Lmao that lady had to pray

  39. J D

    J D21 시간 전

    Honestly they all looked nasty, who tf slices eggs for potatoe salad or uses pickles 🤦🏾‍♀️

  40. Aybüke Beyza

    Aybüke Beyza23 시간 전

    Is this how American people make potato salad?

  41. Kenth Mx

    Kenth Mx23 시간 전

    I liked Kashuna, she was fair

  42. Olivia Eason

    Olivia Eason23 시간 전

    I want kashana to be my aunt😂

  43. QPatience

    QPatience일 전

    Wow a lot of these women had very disgusting attitudes!! Like really?? You’re downvoting a meal because a pickle was too big??? Christ!!

  44. jisoo turtle rabbit kim

    jisoo turtle rabbit kim일 전

    The girl : *spit the food out* Me : " you allergy to them?" , I mean it's still consider as potato salad wth

  45. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet일 전

    I mean how bad can a potato salad be lol? They overreact sm

  46. Leki Jolo

    Leki Jolo일 전

    This was a potato salad competition, not miss congeniality. For all we know her potato salad really might've been trash. Someone being nice doesn't mean they can cook. They should change the format, do a taste test without telling them they are in competition. I think people would be more unbiased. I seriously do think some of these ladies rate others low to give themselves a change at winning.

  47. Dilara Hossain

    Dilara Hossain일 전

    Donna is the fair one here

  48. Angry Fish

    Angry Fish일 전

    Donna wins easy, may lord have mercy on their nephews and nieces for their awful cooking

  49. Bum Trash

    Bum Trash일 전

    Ayo why is it just black people trying other black people's food? Where's the diversity

  50. Not Me

    Not Me일 전

    Yellow t shirt pisses me off really.. Everyone got marks only coz Donna gave it to em

  51. Not Me

    Not Me일 전

    Except Donna.. They all tryna be a judge at Masterchef.. Boi.. Learn something on yo own

  52. kibur Tewodros

    kibur Tewodros일 전

    NO wonder r Jo nez, the only one without a ring on her finger

  53. Lizzy Charysler

    Lizzy Charysler일 전

    I was really hoping they'd like Donna's salad😔

  54. Kevin Choi

    Kevin Choi일 전

    But did they add the sugar? The cinnamon?! THE nUtMeG?!?!?

  55. m3lm m9ry

    m3lm m9ry일 전

    Donna is the type of aunties that would say you look good even though you don't!

  56. Kimora Encalade

    Kimora Encalade일 전

    Tbh olivette potato salad scared tf outta me

  57. keem

    keem일 전

    *Um.....different* 😂😂😂😂

  58. keem

    keem일 전

    Black people through shade like its Sunday 😂😂😂dont give that damn woman baby food !!!

  59. Bryce Jackson

    Bryce Jackson일 전

    So they just all sucked?...

  60. Nichard Rixon

    Nichard Rixon일 전

    Straight up thought Kashuna was Retta in the thumbnail.