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  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish9 개월 전

    Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

  2. FarrylGracious

    FarrylGracious6 일 전

    Binging with Babish and claire from the bon apetit test kitchen?? yes

  3. MidoriMushrooms

    MidoriMushrooms14 일 전

    tfw you discover broke for free before this show and recognize every track on Petal XD

  4. MooMachine90

    MooMachine90개월 전

    I would die for a crossover with Claire from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

  5. nope ropes ain’t real sorry

    nope ropes ain’t real sorry개월 전

    m o m

  6. theHydraRaxnbow

    theHydraRaxnbow2 개월 전

    oh, CFTBATK?

  7. rainingsunshine

    rainingsunshine9 시간 전

    thinkin bout tne gentrified champorado

  8. TonCatsu XIII

    TonCatsu XIII9 시간 전

    came for Champorado

  9. Riley Smooth

    Riley Smooth11 시간 전

    Babish: takes a bite and spits because of a diet Me, a person with an eating disorder: same

  10. Riley Smooth

    Riley Smooth11 시간 전

    No hate on Andrew and (this joke of mine is probably tasteless) but if anyone gets any ideas just don't, eating disorders aren't pretty. Diets aren't evil but let yourself indulge every so often. Having one bite of a jalapeno pepper won't ruin your entire diet. Classifying food as good/safe/clean and bad/evil/unhealthy might lead you down a long path of restrictive eating. I'm aware of the fact that Babish works with a PT (?) So well if anything do consult a dietician first

  11. Jayson Burgerson

    Jayson Burgerson일 전

    Made some White Castle sliders and watch these vids again. They are wonderful

  12. Noodles The squishy

    Noodles The squishy일 전


  13. V.V

    V.V일 전

    I have so much respect for you for actually trying the Peeps Chili twice

  14. Loren Napier

    Loren Napier2 일 전

    Ewww he double dipped! Then again if he’s the only person eating it, who cares. 🤷🏽‍♀️ but still, yuck

  15. Dummy Fire

    Dummy Fire2 일 전

    Yess champoradooo

  16. Lawrence Lafuente

    Lawrence Lafuente3 일 전

    1:48 Filipinos say yay

  17. Yamete Kudasai

    Yamete Kudasai3 일 전

    Babish: c h a m p o r a d o Filipinos: allow us to introduce ourselves

  18. RandomThing

    RandomThing3 일 전

    A bit more context on "Champorado", Champorado is rice in chocolate, basically chocolate pudding but with rice, sometimes it is served with milk and considered an afternoon snack in the Philippines.

  19. baileysmithful

    baileysmithful4 일 전

    Side bar, when Chidi says "eat this chili and/or die trying" it's a paradox. You can't eat the chili and die trying: you either successfully eat the chili or you die before you can finish it.

  20. Michelle Godwin

    Michelle Godwin4 일 전

    Now here's the thing my little chilli babies

  21. Ninjapilot10

    Ninjapilot104 일 전

    We wouldn't have help it against you if you haddent taken a bite of the peeps chilli in fact it would've been better if you haddent why did you do that

  22. Lara Elkady

    Lara Elkady5 일 전

    you know,,,some people serve chili with cinnamon rolls. Its not that odd to eat chili with something with sweet.

  23. Canada

    Canada6 일 전

    I’m very disappointed you didn’t make a dozen frozen yogurt’s

  24. Katia

    Katia7 일 전

    Not gonna lie, I gagged watching you eat the peeps chili

  25. annonnie

    annonnie7 일 전

    This is hilarious, oh my goodness hahaha

  26. Chef Cody Hill

    Chef Cody Hill7 일 전

    I got tummy ache so please like this comment

  27. Dallas Johnson

    Dallas Johnson7 일 전

    I probably eat everything in this video because I'm a weirdo

  28. Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez7 일 전

    I mean Chile con mole, with carmalized chicken thighs. Bonus if you can make the chicken thighs pastel colors.

  29. Jana Doležalová

    Jana Doležalová8 일 전

    Hi from Czechia...Babish is actually the name of our prime minister in Czech written like Babiš :-) Rather funny...

  30. shameless plug

    shameless plug9 일 전

    how did you not do the "Arizona delicacy," churro dog? that at least might have been edible.

  31. brie likethecheese

    brie likethecheese9 일 전


  32. Ross Brian

    Ross Brian10 일 전

    A diet? You weigh like 140 pounds soaking wet

  33. Indigo Fremont

    Indigo Fremont11 일 전

    just sitting here looking at this peep nonsense saying "oh god babish please don't eat that"

  34. miss Violet

    miss Violet12 일 전

    Why in the fuck would ANYONE put shrimp in white chocolate!?!?!

  35. sophia isabell arabit

    sophia isabell arabit13 일 전


  36. Valarie Snow Frost

    Valarie Snow Frost13 일 전

    Out of all the things you make champorado is only thing I could eat

  37. G O D

    G O D13 일 전

    Why do y’all do this to yourself? W.T.F.

  38. Ty Vasquez

    Ty Vasquez13 일 전

    All I can think is Ross from friends tasting Rachel’s trifold 😂 IT TASTE LIKE FEET 😂

  39. Aryana Shanai

    Aryana Shanai14 일 전

    peeps in the chili pot is an underground banger😂

  40. ExileOnDaytonStreet

    ExileOnDaytonStreet14 일 전

    I want to call you out for retching at the chili (and white chocolate shrimp) instead of simply hating it, but I do not have the courage to put myself through the same experience. For I am an asshole on the internet.

  41. David Corona

    David Corona15 일 전

    Isn’t champurado Mexican?

  42. RedDenzTNT

    RedDenzTNT4 일 전

    Nope, its 100% a Pilipino food

  43. Kirishima_the_bean

    Kirishima_the_bean16 일 전

    What the fuk r peeps

  44. D.L. Hedge

    D.L. Hedge17 일 전


  45. leouua

    leouua18 일 전

    I was mistaken my whole life... i was allways told rice would not cook when cooked with water! Like I will allways add the sugar in the end on my rice pudding

  46. timbushi

    timbushi18 일 전

    Ahhh where my Filipinos at!! Champorado ftw!

  47. clisenchxntecl

    clisenchxntecl19 일 전

    champorado ❤️❤️

  48. Marga Sayo

    Marga Sayo19 일 전

    I’m actually eating champorado now. Gotta love that.

  49. only mobile

    only mobile19 일 전

    Hiii I'm pilipino

  50. diesel boi

    diesel boi20 일 전

    *pocari roo has entered the chat*

  51. dontcheckmychannel

    dontcheckmychannel21 일 전

    Babish, I can see that you're going through something, but I'm supposed to host dinner next week. So could you maybe cook something?

  52. Juliet odd

    Juliet odd21 일 전

    Rest In Peace good place enjoy the nothingness

  53. Irregular Psychic

    Irregular Psychic21 일 전

    Y'all, I've been living in the Philippines my entire life and I've never known that champorado was a type of pudding.

  54. Breach35Playz Official

    Breach35Playz Official22 일 전

    My grandmother make "champorado" and i sometimes put marshmallow in it 😂

  55. Whale_VodkaKlan

    Whale_VodkaKlan23 일 전

    Wait chidis chili came out in season 3 and season 3 came out in 2020 nani

  56. Maya Gatzemeyer

    Maya Gatzemeyer23 일 전

    Actually it is "Stupid Nick's Wing Dump" Not "Buffalo Wild Wings"

  57. Passive Agressive

    Passive Agressive23 일 전

    Xxv for 0.79 cents on iTunes!!!

  58. Kaniner Flagg

    Kaniner Flagg27 일 전

    I don't think I've ever watched a tutorial that cautioned against "catching your dick on fire" before.

  59. ukiyo -

    ukiyo -28 일 전

    the jalapeno poppers is called "dynamite" here in phil, but its deep fried and on the inside its cheese or meat.

  60. ukiyo -

    ukiyo -28 일 전

    wow filipino champorado got mentioned 😃

  61. Wayne's Hammer

    Wayne's Hammer28 일 전

    Imma eat all this chilli!

  62. TheGmodMagician

    TheGmodMagician28 일 전


  63. Dank Turt

    Dank Turt29 일 전

    The rice pudding looks like poop and cum

  64. RedDenzTNT

    RedDenzTNT4 일 전

    How old are you?

  65. Tevita Falefoou

    Tevita Falefoou개월 전


  66. 다슬

    다슬개월 전

    manny jacinto and champorado the filipino representation amen!!!

  67. SH SH

    SH SH개월 전

    Who thought he was gonna make chili with cacao in it

  68. tusheer datt

    tusheer datt개월 전

    Chidi died in Sweden, during the harga festival....OH BABISH DO THE FOOD FROM MIDSOMMAR