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  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish개월 전

    Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

  2. Becki Hamblin

    Becki Hamblin28 일 전

    Ben Weiner has

  3. Becki Hamblin

    Becki Hamblin28 일 전

    Ben Weiner has

  4. Becki Hamblin

    Becki Hamblin28 일 전


  5. Reynaldo jr Luna

    Reynaldo jr Luna11 분 전

    You have activated the Pino Floodgates!

  6. ur daddy

    ur daddy시간 전

    Tbh i'd eat the peep chili.

  7. AerisR2g

    AerisR2g2 시간 전

    Yes! I love Champorado! My Grandmother would always make me it for breakfast and it was the best!

  8. MaterClaritas

    MaterClaritas4 시간 전

    where's the metaphysical fro yo, babish?

  9. Karsyn orin

    Karsyn orin5 시간 전

    6:19 listen to the man he is telling the truth trust me

  10. brandommario2

    brandommario214 시간 전

    Ok, I’m a weirdo, but honestly the peep chilli sounds interesting in a good way...

  11. Gia Bonilla

    Gia Bonilla16 시간 전

    I wanted to see the fresh laundry froyo from season one ):

  12. Cheeseloaf776

    Cheeseloaf77623 시간 전

    peanut m&ms are a sin

  13. ItzPhyshStyx

    ItzPhyshStyx일 전

    Jason is actually a fan of Stupid Nick's Wing Dump

  14. Joe De Rue

    Joe De Rue일 전

    Lol that torch gets me every time I see one, "brulé torch" lolol

  15. N C

    N C일 전

    Ooh!! Champorado!!🤤 my mom loves to make those

  16. dcallen123

    dcallen1232 일 전


  17. Artsy Girl

    Artsy Girl2 일 전

    Why is the shrimp cool grey

  18. roguedbliss

    roguedbliss3 일 전

    *damn I got chills when he said Filipino champorado*

  19. Ian White

    Ian White4 일 전

    How many seasons are there cause I just binged the show and didn’t see the chili

  20. kelvin Mentos

    kelvin Mentos4 일 전


  21. Day Topher

    Day Topher5 일 전

    Champurrado is originally a Mexican drink (Cocoa Native to the Amazon but cultivated by the Mayans and Aztecs) not Filipino the Philippines received their cocoa from Mexico they later adapted the drink by adding their own variations based on the natural resources they had their.

  22. Caro Barbie

    Caro Barbie6 일 전

    Habichuelas con dulce would of been a better chilly🤷🏽‍♀️ I guess it's too latino 🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. Marianna Garzam

    Marianna Garzam8 일 전

    I lovethat you actually made the recipes work

  24. Reaperkiss ffs

    Reaperkiss ffs9 일 전

    That jalapeño poppers is similar to the Dynamite, a street food in the Philippines.

  25. josh sobel bmc

    josh sobel bmc9 일 전

    Make the exploding dinner from degrassi next generation

  26. earla manny

    earla manny9 일 전

    I miss champorado omg

  27. Tiolas Melati

    Tiolas Melati9 일 전

    Make Mackerel Hamburger Set from Food Wars! please

  28. booty gang disciple

    booty gang disciple10 일 전

    the reference to nosedive was 👌

  29. Th4tguybro ______

    Th4tguybro ______10 일 전

    That’s not the “white sauce” the show was referring to..

  30. mo_ad_ba_a

    mo_ad_ba_a11 일 전

    What the going on ! That was so confusing I just going to skip this show dude 😄

  31. OptimusPhillip

    OptimusPhillip12 일 전

    Why... are the shrimps gray?

  32. Leaf The Forest Fox

    Leaf The Forest Fox12 일 전

    What episodes of the good place is I don't think I've seen it

  33. Løvely Lady

    Løvely Lady12 일 전

    😂 you can do this

  34. john Gavin

    john Gavin13 일 전

    Babish, for the dessert "chilli" would milk chocolate be used instead of dark chocolate? Please let me know, because I am getting into cooking thanks to you. Also for a request try Russian Pelmeni, a meat dumpling recipe. You dont have to make a video but just try it yourself. Best served with butter, sour cream, caviar, or mayo. Really good meal. Thanks once again

  35. Ella Zzz

    Ella Zzz13 일 전

    Is the peeps from season 3??

  36. ThewBloxy

    ThewBloxy13 일 전

    Oh goodness the chilli Reminds me that I the day I commented this I vomited twice

  37. InvasionOfFries

    InvasionOfFries14 일 전

    Shoulda wrapped those poppers in bacon instead of breading them. Then bake em. But then again I'm not the professional chef here.

  38. Stryyde

    Stryyde14 일 전

    Between this and your new fried chicken i'm learning a bit how to do the whole frying as apparently that is my bane. The batter always either burns or is not quite done.

  39. Rotheme Vaknin

    Rotheme Vaknin15 일 전

    Me: Babish is the new Gordon Ramsey Gordon Ramsey: no. Not happening. SORRY!

  40. Joshua Dela Cruz

    Joshua Dela Cruz15 일 전

    Champorado ❣❣

  41. Mishumydog

    Mishumydog16 일 전

    Now we just wait for him to make the frozen yogurt!

  42. InsaneTacoz

    InsaneTacoz16 일 전

    That was some top quality voice over

  43. Советская Россия

    Советская Россия17 일 전

    Can someone explain what peeps are? Sorry im russian.

  44. Titekse

    Titekse14 일 전

    Советская Россия never had them either, but I’m pretty sure they’re just marshmallows shaped as birds with a candy coating

  45. saltino davito

    saltino davito17 일 전

    "so im going to finely mince some peeps" i love this channel

  46. Asian BeLuGa

    Asian BeLuGa17 일 전

    1:45 Yayyyyy!!!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  47. Kaide Fabro

    Kaide Fabro17 일 전

    Me: *hears champorado* also Me: Time for a fucking choco crusade to the US

  48. Bmdj

    Bmdj18 일 전

    Ooo you should do sushi from isle of dogs

  49. Ivana Tinkle

    Ivana Tinkle18 일 전

    Love this show.

  50. Ok first of all

    Ok first of all19 일 전

    You put the peeps in the chilli pot and make is taste bAd

  51. Marissa

    Marissa19 일 전

    when my family makes jalapeño poppers, we wrap them in bacon rather than bread them. amazingness.

  52. amadeus484

    amadeus48412 일 전

    I actually tried doing it both ways once. The bacon made the breading fall off, unfortunately, so I decided to just fry the bacon, crumble it up, and mix it with the cheese once cooled. Best of both worlds.

  53. kelnhide

    kelnhide19 일 전

    huh, champorado with M&M's. Never thought of that. thanks for the idea.

  54. Princess Caty

    Princess Caty19 일 전

    What episode is peeps chili from? I don’t remember it.

  55. Julia McAlister

    Julia McAlister19 일 전

    The peeps in the chilli always confused the hell out of me - not because it's gross but because they don't sell peeps in Australian supermarkets.