Binging with Babish: Chicago-Style Pizza from The Daily Show


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish4 개월 전

    Someone get Trevor Noah to go on a rant about low-carb protein bowls, I'm trying to lose some weight over here.

  2. Jej Flexington

    Jej Flexington일 전


  3. Forex Trader

    Forex Trader6 일 전

    Please No

  4. Cole Woodard

    Cole Woodard9 일 전

    I got you

  5. Timothy Llamo

    Timothy Llamo11 일 전

    @jtasgl88 this is cooking channel

  6. jtasgl88

    jtasgl8811 일 전

    Trevor Noah is a communist and an enemy of the Western world. He deserves nothing less than life in prison along with all communists.

  7. Phillipsbl

    Phillipsbl5 시간 전

    Chicago style pizza is amazing but not deep dish

  8. Seren Regalado

    Seren Regalado5 시간 전

    As a Texan I love the New York vs Chicago style pizza war, it reminds me of the barbecue wars we have in the south

  9. i kill shit

    i kill shit6 시간 전

    7:41 “Laying down the sausage and yeah this is raw sausage”

  10. Spriggs_FM

    Spriggs_FM8 시간 전

    Chicago Style makes the Pizza into an actual pie and I'm okay with that.

  11. Rumbly Biscuit

    Rumbly Biscuit8 시간 전

    You ever had egg on pizza? Don't For the please love of God don't it's disgusting

  12. Brian Vaughan

    Brian Vaughan10 시간 전

    Babish: If you ever get a chance, check out Pequod's style Pizza... It's famous here in Chicago

  13. General Charge's Sense

    General Charge's Sense12 시간 전

    I too am lactose intolerant. Damn that looks good

  14. ehreminus3

    ehreminus313 시간 전

    babish you dont have to mention the fictional "persons in the other room" just so we believe you that you dont throw away all the food

  15. Mateo casillas

    Mateo casillas15 시간 전

    Babish: It’s very rare that I have a before and after at the ready like that kinda proud of myself He is so precious Protect babish kun at all costs

  16. Christina Marie

    Christina Marie일 전

    I love the watch omg !!!!!

  17. Mama Papa

    Mama Papa일 전

    Stinky sundae From spongebob SquarePants

  18. Amanda Koeppel

    Amanda Koeppel일 전

    I live in an area called the Quad Cities (its basically just 6 cities (yes I know quad means five, one city split) in two states deciding we are all the same place) and we have our own style of pizza that is the best if you are a local, but just a hot greasy mess if you are from outside the QC. It’s delicious. Edit, soooo I’m going to blame it on new meds but there are only 5 cities and quad means four.

  19. Amanda Koeppel

    Amanda Koeppel6 시간 전

    TheDeadOfNight37 thank you, I may be slightly brain dead 💀 lol

  20. TheDeadOfNight37

    TheDeadOfNight3711 시간 전

    Quad means four

  21. Sacky Jeweiny

    Sacky Jeweiny일 전

    Best kind of pizza

  22. Luis aleman

    Luis aleman2 일 전

    nice bread bowl

  23. Callum Z

    Callum Z2 일 전

    When I was a baby me and my dad would watch this show and I never thought I would agree with him so much

  24. aalliso3

    aalliso32 일 전

    Just made this recipe and my god. The crust is the most beautiful think on earth! 😍

  25. AbsurdReality

    AbsurdReality2 일 전

    *Heh!* , ''get a pizza this guy!''


    STARPIZZA2 일 전

    we have made it in Italy @

  27. Leo O'Donnell

    Leo O'Donnell2 일 전

    why do i watch this when im hungry

  28. Nick .S

    Nick .S2 일 전

    Detroit style deep dish is a obviously the superior pizza

  29. NicDoesDumbThings

    NicDoesDumbThings2 일 전

    i kinda got a boner when he pulled the pizza out of the pan

  30. SilentRock396

    SilentRock3963 일 전

    I’m a Chicagoan and I like New York style more and St. Louis style

  31. Corinne Luster

    Corinne Luster3 일 전

    So, I’ve made this recipe 4 times. It’s perfect! Crust like Giordano’s but not as salty, and sauce like Lou’s. Born in Chicago, living in the mid Atlantic, tired of eating bad pizza. This does the trick. Total time ~2hrs once you get the hang of it. Thank you for posting!

  32. Alen Lastimosa

    Alen Lastimosa3 일 전

    I live in California how dare you

  33. Polar Pomeranian

    Polar Pomeranian3 일 전

    Fake new yorker

  34. Christel Ring

    Christel Ring3 일 전

    Babish and I have the same garlic crusher and that makes me feel very happy

  35. Tyler Guerin

    Tyler Guerin4 일 전

    Every pizza has a right? Even... banana pudding pizza?

  36. Andrew Manahan

    Andrew Manahan4 일 전

    im mad because of that beginning

  37. Seamus Chase

    Seamus Chase4 일 전

    I wouldn’t eat it. Not because I’m a New Yorker, but because I hate chunks of tomato.

  38. tpeluso

    tpeluso4 일 전

    As a deviant New Yorker who prefers Chicago deep dish, I'm very interested in where the restaurant comparison was surreptitiously obtained. I recently came across Emmett's in SoHo and they know what they're doing there...

  39. Whocrsabtrls A

    Whocrsabtrls A4 일 전

    I put on 3d glasses and was unfortunately splattered in tomato juice. Made a great mess but was very accurate 3/5

  40. America Is my city

    America Is my city4 일 전

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. cardiac arrest its pizza

  41. Zeke Rand

    Zeke Rand4 일 전

    Im from chicago and i can offically say..... He did okay

  42. daclichemane

    daclichemane4 일 전

    Can you make it without a stand mixer though

  43. Marcus Kiner

    Marcus Kiner4 일 전

    My go-to recipe! Thanks!

  44. Nigel

    Nigel4 일 전

    It reminds me of a calzone. And calzones are fucking useless

  45. twenty one cries for help

    twenty one cries for help4 일 전

    25f Wow we freeze this one.

  46. Killerbee McTitties

    Killerbee McTitties4 일 전

    I am very disappointed with your excessive use of plastic wrap. you can just use a kitchen towel to get basically the same effect and you don't have to throw that away afterwards.

  47. BOXXY what

    BOXXY what5 일 전

    Define pizza

  48. BOXXY what

    BOXXY what10 시간 전

    @TheDeadOfNight37 Proof that deep dish pizza is in fact pizza

  49. TheDeadOfNight37

    TheDeadOfNight3711 시간 전

    A dish made by topping a dough with sauce, cheese, and potentially meats, vegetables, mushrooms, and or fruits

  50. levi levis

    levi levis5 일 전

    You need to make Lobster Thermidor Aux Crevettes with Mornay Sauce garnished with Truffle Pate, Brandy, A fried egg on top, and SPAM!

  51. Seth Wright

    Seth Wright5 일 전

    when he said"til sweating" (talking about onions) i was thinking until i was sweating lol

  52. Tristan Tague

    Tristan Tague5 일 전

    Giordano's deep dish is easily the best pizza in the world.

  53. Xiii Zay

    Xiii Zay5 일 전

    Caps on INSANE

  54. Mute Pepe

    Mute Pepe5 일 전

    I'm from Chicago and I've *NEVER* seen uncooked marinara sauce on deep dish pizza!

  55. Truelove

    Truelove5 일 전

    feeds 6 people

  56. vasa di

    vasa di5 일 전

    why do annoying new yorkers not consider deep dish a pizza it absolutely is only differences - cheese goes below tomato and that it has a bigger crust

  57. Carsen W

    Carsen W5 일 전

    I live in New York and eat pizza everyday but I will admit deep dish is really good

  58. the one

    the one5 일 전

    I’m from Chicago and I was going crazy every time he said NY pizza was better than deep dish but I decided to forgive him after he said that both are better than California pizza

  59. Outlaw7263

    Outlaw72635 일 전

    I thought the most controversial pizza was swedish banana pizza

  60. Yinhang Lingden

    Yinhang Lingden6 일 전


  61. le Barredo

    le Barredo6 일 전

    I can hear Italians crying

  62. Ubre Blanka

    Ubre Blanka6 일 전

    Sauce on top!? Disgusting

  63. TheDeadOfNight37

    TheDeadOfNight3711 시간 전

    It really makes no difference

  64. Alex Kloskowski

    Alex Kloskowski6 일 전

    Chicagoan here. We dont put marinara sauce on deep dish. That's disgraceful. I've worked in plenty of pizza places and the sauce is literally just crushed tomatoes. Also Chicago style > New York style

  65. Martín Kropf

    Martín Kropf6 일 전

    Italy has the best pizza, makes New York and Chicago look like a joke. California pizza can be good if you go to the right place, we have a chain called pizza my heart and it’s closer to New York pizza just with more flavor and it’s decent

  66. Dan

    Dan6 일 전

    Im not even from america but i know that’s not a pizza

  67. JTheInsane

    JTheInsane6 일 전

    I used to work at Lou Malnatis Pizzeria (best deep dish, actually was featured on the daily show in response to that clip) one time I made a 20 inch deep dish from a giant sauce pan we had. It weighed about 10 lbs.

  68. Alesandros356

    Alesandros3566 일 전

    2:01 "1/3 of a cup plus 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil" *Imperial units intensified*

  69. Ellis Schwarz

    Ellis Schwarz7 일 전

    To me, pizza without anchovies and onion isn't worth eating.

  70. The_Cravenator

    The_Cravenator7 일 전

    That’s not a pizza, it’s a strange pie