Billie Eilish Surprises Alicia Keys w/ a Home Video 'Fallin' Cover


  1. Thalia Tran

    Thalia Tran40 분 전

    Lol Now she just won all the awards that she was nominated in the grammys

  2. Taco Bell

    Taco Bell일 전

    I thought I might get better at singing as I got older but after seeing 12 year old billie sing I hardly think so

  3. meme M.J

    meme M.J일 전


  4. prosperoo

    prosperoo일 전

    This is hilarious. Who say women can't bond should watch this for curing their phobia. I just love them all! Some true character revealings here - all amazing!

  5. Pee Body

    Pee Body2 일 전

    C+ At best. The cult following is exaggerating her vocal ability. Just like Lady Gaga .... average C+ singer ... the LGBTQTGTD .... scream their hearts out to place her on Celine Dion's level. Give me a break. I know 20 high school girls from one village who can sing like this in their sleep. Where TF is the talent? WOW ... It's laughable

  6. Aeternus

    Aeternus3 일 전

    Alicia is so cringy still can't stand her.

  7. TheJukeboxhero15

    TheJukeboxhero154 일 전


  8. Lisa Spink

    Lisa Spink4 일 전

    "Like you wouldn't know" Hahahaha!

  9. Lei Arnaz

    Lei Arnaz5 일 전


  10. Kathy D

    Kathy D5 일 전

    Alicia Keys is always the kindest, positive, and optimistic. She radiates light and spirituality. Beautiful❤☮

  11. Romance novels Hawaii

    Romance novels Hawaii5 일 전

    So special

  12. Mariah Grimes

    Mariah Grimes6 일 전

    Poor Ali. She didn't get the memo on the color scheme. 😕

  13. Tøné [Un wey cualquiera xd]

    Tøné [Un wey cualquiera xd]6 일 전


  14. Shiloh Thurston

    Shiloh Thurston6 일 전

    use this as a "We love Billie" button

  15. Lizbeth Garnica

    Lizbeth Garnica6 일 전

    How she Grabed billies hand 😋🤨

  16. Dr. Jose P. Rizal

    Dr. Jose P. Rizal6 일 전

    Alicia Keys being a fan of Billie Eilish Ps: edited so you can't what I changed lol

  17. Chloe T

    Chloe T8 일 전

    All three of these women... 🙌🏻 please.

  18. Izzy and Sadie

    Izzy and Sadie8 일 전

    Today's Artists are trash

  19. Sali No

    Sali No8 일 전


  20. Avatar Fangirl

    Avatar Fangirl9 일 전

    No hate here but wasn't Alicia keys stopped to wear make up for good or it was just occasionally?

  21. Iqra Shabir

    Iqra Shabir9 일 전

    They definitely NEED to make a song together

  22. Teresa

    Teresa9 일 전

    yass omg she is sooooo good. even in alicias song

  23. Ginger Claybrools

    Ginger Claybrools9 일 전

    Billie's smile just cheers me up

  24. Alessandra Bountzouklis

    Alessandra Bountzouklis10 일 전


  25. Anna

    Anna11 일 전

    The love you see between them is UNREAL

  26. Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -

    Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -12 일 전

    The video ellieshkebabish ‘singing’ keys was absolutely EMBARRASSING

  27. Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -

    Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -12 일 전

    Alicia cannot present hence OTT covering cordon who also cannot present or do anything

  28. Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -

    Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -12 일 전

    Alicia Keys (thank god) missed the casting call for dentist wear todayb

  29. e7vinegar1

    e7vinegar112 일 전

  30. a vl

    a vl13 일 전

    💗 Both of these women make me 😁

  31. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama14 일 전

    Wow! Billie Eilish whole voice change being around someone black. Fake af

  32. Charlie Puth Fan

    Charlie Puth Fan14 일 전

    I find some of these comments disgusting lol she’s a regular person, and i’m pretty sure idk but she’s probably disgusted to 😂 Y’all peeps just weird....

  33. D. D. S.

    D. D. S.14 일 전

    Why is Alicia wearing make-up?

  34. 1985cactus

    1985cactus13 일 전


  35. Kassy Hip hop ldn

    Kassy Hip hop ldn14 일 전

    This audience though wtf chill out

  36. David Beaulieu

    David Beaulieu15 일 전

    I'll take billie over alicia any day.

  37. Kris Frederick

    Kris Frederick15 일 전

    Alicia looks like she just left a Star Wars bar

  38. Ollie Hall

    Ollie Hall15 일 전

    All three ladies are so lovely but I especially love Alicia Keys’s demeanor and support for Billie. Love it. 💕💕💕

  39. sinecast

    sinecast17 일 전

    Alicia Keys rewires my brain cells.

  40. Ghost

    Ghost17 일 전


  41. Grayson Fox

    Grayson Fox17 일 전

    How is Alicia keys 38, she looks 20

  42. Miranda Morehart

    Miranda Morehart17 일 전


  43. олеся тв

    олеся тв17 일 전

    Русские .......где вы

  44. Livia Tolini

    Livia Tolini18 일 전

    i loved hangin out with you, guys.

  45. Amber Leigh Music

    Amber Leigh Music18 일 전

    Less screaming more video of Billie singing “Fallin” please - anyone know if there is a way to see the rest of the video minus the audience screaming over it??

  46. Zaarau

    Zaarau19 일 전

    At least she didn't whisper fallin.

  47. Cesar Delgado

    Cesar Delgado19 일 전

    ¿Por qué se viste tan feo Billie?

  48. HDpiano

    HDpiano19 일 전

    You guys know where Billie learned how to play that one, right? ;)

  49. ceemonty58

    ceemonty5820 일 전

    Well done Alicia Keys on Complimenting Billie Elish!!!!! She(Billie Elish) is awesome!!!! Billie!!!! Don't forget Finneas Yeah!!!!!

  50. dave johnson

    dave johnson20 일 전

    "Look at me, I'm pretending to be a pansexual who can dress funny and I have green hair! Now buy my album!" Another total corporate creation, whose entire life is controlled by others: agents, publicists, managers, producers, consultants who tell her exactly what to do, what to sing, what to record, how to dress, what to say and 16 year olds think she's the cat's meow and eat up this crap.

  51. Kelli L

    Kelli L6 일 전

    Relax homie.

  52. Shawmila Es Pr

    Shawmila Es Pr20 일 전

    Alguien aqui habla español y ama a Billie??💪❤❤❤

  53. Eva Sêco Lima

    Eva Sêco Lima20 일 전

    Everything's beautiful here, great artists... But I can't keep wondering... why is Wong dressed as Dr. Pimple Popper?

  54. Bryan Maldonado

    Bryan Maldonado21 일 전

    I’ve been secretly obsessed with Billie lol

  55. Murphy

    Murphy21 일 전

    All three of them absolutely beautiful.

  56. Illyria86

    Illyria8621 일 전

    Billie gonna sweep the Grammy and walk away with all the awards.

  57. Jaedi_ Rising

    Jaedi_ Rising21 일 전

    I wish more women looked up to Alicia keys instead of angry superstars! I really do think the music stating more positive facts would help, what ever happened to having class I mean you can be sexy but some females just go way to far... keep it in the strip club, ladies Thank you, I ain’t judging but dang! Stay in your lane please! You want other females to:( practice what y’all preach)

  58. Marlene Venuti

    Marlene Venuti22 일 전

    The moment would’ve been better if the audience wasn’t there. Crazy to think Billie had yet to be born when "Fallin'" first came out.


    RUSS ZAMRI22 일 전

    They are fans of each other thats cuteee 😂😭

  60. Trisha King

    Trisha King22 일 전

    2:16 Billie's thinking 'I'm not ever gonna wash this hand.'

  61. Emmalinda Blundell

    Emmalinda Blundell22 일 전

    What is going on with their outfits?!

  62. Jonathan Young

    Jonathan Young22 일 전

    So SINCE this word I'm about to use is BRAND NEW to the english language figured I might as well us it, soooooo here it goes. This whole thing/interview was extremely "CRINGE"..........REAL SHIT THOUGH....... why the fuck does everybody seem to over use that word in like that past year and a half or so FOR REAL PLEASE SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. Cringe cringe cringe cringe lol I'm willing to. Et in the year 2021 it will be comolelty foreign