Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)


  1. Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamilton시간 전

    She deserves her no.1 spot. What a song, and what a gorgeous voice.

  2. Black Beauty

    Black Beauty시간 전

    Does anyone else think that this song sounds like if Lana had written it?

  3. Emiliano Gonzales

    Emiliano Gonzales시간 전

    Awful! Sounds like a bad version of Adele’s song...

  4. Jerry Tubb

    Jerry Tubb시간 전

    so thrilled for Bille & Finneas!

  5. Prici Cast

    Prici Cast시간 전

    Hola billie soy de México bueno mexico México no pero quisiera conocerte pero no puedo y alguien habla español? Te amo bili goobye y buscabas este comentario en español? Like si Comentario no Hay ya tengo que dejar de escribir bye=adiós

  6. Jorge Puentes

    Jorge Puentes시간 전

    U have saved my life with this song. I wish I could tell u how much comfort u have given me. I pray u read this and know u saved someone’s life. 🥺😔❤️I’m going thru so much right now and this song is just helping so much. Thank u billie 🥺😔❤️🙏

  7. Josie !

    Josie !2 시간 전

    Ily Billie your my favorite and I love this song!!! 👍

  8. Marana Blake

    Marana Blake2 시간 전

    I made a cover of this lovely song, its on my channel

  9. ;;kira

    ;;kira2 시간 전

    bro she made this song at just the right time for me😔🥺. ty billie i will always love ur music💞.

  10. channel omar

    channel omar2 시간 전

    i really love this song i have to listen it multiple i the only one who listen this over and over again

  11. Nathaly N

    Nathaly N2 시간 전

    Es la 2da canción de Billie que más me ha gustado. Tremenda pieza... Excelente.

  12. ranii gacha

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  13. Robert McCabe

    Robert McCabe2 시간 전

  14. Grecia Ross

    Grecia Ross2 시간 전

    I want to think that I'm not the only one who cries when she shouts "NO TIME TO DIEEEEEEEEEEEE" 😭

  15. steven van soom

    steven van soom2 시간 전

    LOL Skyfall a good bond song, it is one of the worst bond songs ever, when I see different top 25 bond songs, almost never in top 10. And Adele without p.a. is like a false cat .music and singing is not yelling and that is all what Adele, Byonce and others can, it is more difficult to sing like Billie,Aliyaah,Amy Whinehouse, Norah Jones etc Goldfinger, live and let die , license to kill and no time to die are the best sons, and I like Garbage 'the world is not enough' also also, not the movie, was a dissaster.

  16. Salma Ananda

    Salma Ananda2 시간 전

    views 32M? like just 1.5M?

  17. Khairul Mikhael Ilman

    Khairul Mikhael Ilman2 시간 전

    If we follow past trends, Billie is gonna get nominated for an Oscar for best original song

  18. Jackie Marquez

    Jackie Marquez2 시간 전


  19. Airrion  Galloway

    Airrion Galloway2 시간 전

    I have no idea who she is. 🤣😱

  20. Helena

    Helena2 시간 전

    Billie eilish yo voté por ti en los Kids Choice Awards porque te amo mucho bebé Eres la mejor

  21. 0 00

    0 002 시간 전

    Newsflash, you are trans.



    Nothing close to skyfall theme always the best

  23. Zack North

    Zack North2 시간 전

    I like it.

  24. The Rotten Asset

    The Rotten Asset2 시간 전

    "No Time to die" Is that title intended for the audience given that the film is 3 hours long?

  25. sadiemcauslin

    sadiemcauslin2 시간 전

    Love it Billie keep doing what you do.And keep being you.💯❤🔥

  26. امير بغداد

    امير بغداد2 시간 전

    عشاق بيلي من العرب وينكم 😕🤔

  27. Rexlovesbabeyiida

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  28. Alan the cookie

    Alan the cookie2 시간 전

    What's the song from 00:00 to 4:03

  29. Usagi kun

    Usagi kun2 시간 전

    1:47 Wowww!!!!!!! This is my fav part of this song!!!!!

  30. Alan the cookie

    Alan the cookie2 시간 전

    This is my favourite part

  31. Alicia Saucedo

    Alicia Saucedo2 시간 전


  32. evelyne Roy

    evelyne Roy2 시간 전

    I dont like billie ellish

  33. evelyne Roy

    evelyne Roy2 시간 전

    frsnch ? speak in french you speaker Do y ou Do

  34. Alan the cookie

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  35. Grill Adrian

    Grill Adrian2 시간 전

    i love the song is beatiful

  36. Joseph Jones

    Joseph Jones2 시간 전

    Billie: *no time to die* me: *no time to fix my grades*

  37. Candies Corner

    Candies Corner2 시간 전

    Billie: Comes out with a four minute song No one: Me: *Choreographs a colorguard routine to this song for fun*

  38. Hardy Williams

    Hardy Williams2 시간 전

    Boring and monotonous to me, but good for her.

  39. Atticus

    Atticus2 시간 전

    Ok now I feel like bond is gonna die.

  40. Alan the cookie

    Alan the cookie2 시간 전

    Judging by this comment your 11 and you've never watched a 007 movie

  41. Alvina Cummings

    Alvina Cummings2 시간 전

    *At this point, idek what to comment anymore*

  42. Vortex JV

    Vortex JV3 시간 전

    Only one word WOW

  43. Alan the cookie

    Alan the cookie2 시간 전

    Nah it sucks

  44. Béla Mongyi

    Béla Mongyi3 시간 전

    #1 on UK singles

  45. akira83842

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  46. J W

    J W3 시간 전

    This song is good in it's own right, and Eilish is a very talented artist (no hate), but for too long Bond tunes have been so underwhelming and this is no exception.

  47. Mary Ramírez

    Mary Ramírez3 시간 전

    I identify a lot: "(

  48. Official Filmilen

    Official Filmilen3 시간 전

    Billie Eillish is going to win the Grammys for No time to Die

  49. Ximena Ponce

    Ximena Ponce3 시간 전

    Lo ameeeeee❤️

  50. Ximena Ponce

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  51. Edjekouane Draw

    Edjekouane Draw3 시간 전

    I sure i did hear this song before in anime

  52. Alan the cookie

    Alan the cookie2 시간 전

    No u didnt

  53. Franzi Wall

    Franzi Wall3 시간 전

    As much as I love Billies music I have to say that this song is a bit of a let down. It feels like a lyrical mash up of her previous songs and it can’t compare to other bond songs such as Skyfall or Goldeneye. It’s not terrible though but I had expected a bit more when I heard that one of the best artists of our time was going to make the theme song for one of the most popular movie franchises. I absolutely love Hans Zimmers melody and sound though.

  54. Secon Dary

    Secon Dary3 시간 전

    Hahaha! Devil worshipper wasting your life. Enjoy the sea of fire fool

  55. Alan the cookie

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  56. Aw6ken

    Aw6ken3 시간 전

    Billie always surprises me with how diverse she is with the way she uses her voice. I'm a rapper and I really hope to collab with her one day. Give me a listen I won't disappoint.

  57. Alan the cookie

    Alan the cookie2 시간 전

    U probably will dissapoint

  58. J L

    J L3 시간 전


  59. Kaily Alvaradomatamoros

    Kaily Alvaradomatamoros3 시간 전

    Ayudemos a billie eilish 😙 a ganar los premios spotify

  60. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel Gutierrez3 시간 전

    i wanna see a bille joji collab

  61. Hall Of The Vardy

    Hall Of The Vardy3 시간 전

    Everyone dick riding Billie but no one is praising Hans Zimmer. Living legend. Billie Eillish is lucky to have worked with him

  62. Kaily Alvaradomatamoros

    Kaily Alvaradomatamoros3 시간 전

    Me encato😍😘😚😙🤗 No TIME To DIE

  63. monica carranco

    monica carranco3 시간 전

    I'm no billie fan, but i think i actually enjoy it. I like the Hans zimmer score and the melody and her singing fits well with the buildup and the violin.

  64. Dustin Palmer

    Dustin Palmer3 시간 전

    This is awful

  65. GACHA WORLD tv

    GACHA WORLD tv3 시간 전


  66. No oN

    No oN3 시간 전

    Getting a lot of Batman vibes from this song

  67. Irving's News

    Irving's News3 시간 전

    Love it!!! Can't wait to see the movie

  68. Galon nrSekta

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