Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show


  1. Joe Mullins

    Joe Mullins5 시간 전

    I love how immigrants sneak into our country and actually demand their rights are you serious

  2. Allen Hamilton

    Allen Hamilton6 시간 전

    The left eats itself. I'm thanking Trump for this.

  3. Paul Frain

    Paul Frain8 시간 전

    She doesn't want to talk about the illegal imagrants to come across unvetted. Dirty do nothing Democrat destroyers of everything righteous Trump 20/20

  4. Kelly Conroy

    Kelly Conroy12 시간 전

    The left turning on their own. They always do that and I'm okay with it. They both suck.

  5. Bobbie Kayne

    Bobbie Kayne14 시간 전

    Jessica Tarlov is a domineering, rude, irrational woman. I can't stand her.

  6. Ghost 74

    Ghost 7415 시간 전

    The squad more like the squab

  7. Nick Sander

    Nick Sander15 시간 전

    These people have never seen real racism. Try living in the hood. Then tell me about racism. The white, brunette is full of lies and biast views.

  8. Monica Turk

    Monica Turk17 시간 전

    Left eats it’s own , good

  9. America is great again!

    America is great again!18 시간 전

    I would have NEVER dreamed I'd agree with Bill Maher on anything!

  10. lukesterification

    lukesterification22 시간 전

    Who is this whiny-voiced woman in the white dress that desperately needs a benzo?



    Hmm... I’m surprised she is still alive!

  12. Patriot Troll

    Patriot Troll일 전

    It's like the left thinks "people of color" are immune to any criticism.

  13. average joe

    average joe7 시간 전

    Its the opposite, the left think that people of color are so weak and pathetic that they cant handle criticicism and need them to come to their rescue. The democrats treat people of color as if they were born disabled

  14. MsPardal123

    MsPardal123일 전

    They ARE all semites, I don’t know why they are fighting and talking about anti semitism “ a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.”. ( dictionary).

  15. smiley

    smiley일 전

    Why is it always women who cry foul all the time .I don't think a women will ever make a good president.

  16. Ted Fritz

    Ted Fritz일 전

    Being from Michigan, Tlaib needs to go back to Dearborn.

  17. ali grotts

    ali grotts일 전

    Jessica, I'm going to invite all new immigrants to your house to live on your lawn, swim in your pool and eat from your fridge.

  18. The Griffin

    The Griffin일 전

    Pretty soon no one will listen to her .... Oh wait

  19. Miguel McGill

    Miguel McGill일 전

    you know youve gone too far left when you want to boycott maher

  20. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent일 전

    If it Demo rat NBC didn’t have the race card they would have no card at all

  21. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent일 전

    Talib Is a woman with no class

  22. Sonny Arsenault

    Sonny Arsenault일 전

    Jessica Tarlov is a bootlicker for the "squad"😂

  23. Jeff Dorsey

    Jeff Dorsey일 전

    “Licensed medical professional” lol the same ones people can get to gives hormones to children. Those people will do a lot that’s wrong and just “they’re licensed” isn’t an argument.

  24. Mark P Stengel

    Mark P Stengel일 전

    Demonrats are on wrong side of history

  25. Charles Rast

    Charles Rast2 일 전

    Jessica Tarlov sucks

  26. Rudy Enciso

    Rudy Enciso2 일 전


  27. Katie Mynette

    Katie Mynette2 일 전

    Heart of Kentucky. I can't stand to hear her talk. She's way off base. She is not smart.

  28. buddyduddyful

    buddyduddyful2 일 전

    The BDS movement in time, has potential to wreak havoc upon Israel's economy.

  29. son up

    son up3 일 전

    Is there anyone except God's chosen who can not be criticized for their actions? Does dual loyalty exist in any other humans? Who else is "white" when hiding or attacking, but claims religious, political, and secular preference and privelege when caught Red handed? Even Hypocrites is blushing with new found self awareness. Not in His name, you Synagogue of Satan.

  30. White Stunna

    White Stunna3 일 전

    tlaib omar aoc presley schumer schiff newsome cuomo de blasio watters swallowell piglosi nadler orr and all those who support these scum = STOP BREATHING

  31. his royal tuna

    his royal tuna3 일 전

    How can you argue with Jessica? Mute!

  32. Lucy Belle

    Lucy Belle3 일 전

    That whole squad of screaming banshees are racist

  33. wayne lutterman

    wayne lutterman3 일 전

    Jessica is triggered and racist.

  34. Dee Dish

    Dee Dish3 일 전

    Fox is as scum as Bill Maher, the squad, the left and right. All scum.

  35. Andrea Ouellette

    Andrea Ouellette3 일 전

    Well I'm a person of color and I agree with the President Ms. Omar should go back to where she came from. She's seems to be a very hateful individual who wants to spread her toxic thoughts sound. And she seems to have an agenda which is to cause division in our nation.

  36. Mark Foti

    Mark Foti3 일 전

    Get these scumbags out of our government.

  37. Tony Richardson

    Tony Richardson3 일 전

    Jessica what a peace of work dumb as a rock

  38. K S

    K S4 일 전

    When will she boycott America and move back to Palestine.

  39. Marshall Boyd

    Marshall Boyd4 일 전

    If Tlaib don't like middle America and conservative America....She has the right to pack her bags and leave!

  40. Southern Belle

    Southern Belle4 일 전

    Someone @FoxNews For the love of GOD or whatever/who,ever Jessica Tarlov worships (Pelosi,God perhaps?) explain to her what the laws on abortion mean by way of drawing her pictures and describe the medical procedure for “abortion up to 40weeks gestation” & “if infant born alive by ACCIDENT allow to die of resp failure from live birth without assistance/cold/dehydration” whichever comes first ! That is one D**b B***h !

  41. Dawn Has Broken

    Dawn Has Broken4 일 전

    We ARE passed it you vapid moron!

  42. john lopan

    john lopan5 일 전

    Tlaib the face of white supremacy

  43. Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson5 일 전

    7:11 sweetheart, when you have 15k people walking towards your country with their flag is an invasion.

  44. iiiDartsiii

    iiiDartsiii5 일 전

    the only thing that should be boycotted is the WORD racism itself. the word has become way too weaponized and misused.

  45. Focus on Nature

    Focus on Nature5 일 전

    Slowly but surely the "A Team?" here at Fox has become Dem Advocates. First Donna Brazile, and trickle down Demons are taking over Fox News since Disney bought it. So EXPECT the brain washing to start if it hasn't already joined the Mainstream Paid to say Anchors. Moving on to OAN. I hate sneaky people.

  46. Johnny Gee

    Johnny Gee6 일 전

    Token tarlov. like turd williams ! annoying maggot !

  47. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow6 일 전

    You could slap her upside the head and it would sound like a bell gonging... She is beyond redemption

  48. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow6 일 전

    Trump 2020!!!!!

  49. Esma Waldron

    Esma Waldron6 일 전

    It's always racist or coverup with the Dems

  50. MR Nice Shoes

    MR Nice Shoes7 일 전

    Well this puts me in a pickle ...see I stop watching Real time with Bill Maher because he started to annoy the hell out of me but this woman saying not to watch the show seems like a great way to do my part and under mine every nonsensical progressive request

  51. Elsa Guerra

    Elsa Guerra7 일 전

    This lady is clueless!! President Trump is not racist, but these women of color as they call themselves, AOC, Omar, Talib, Pressley are very racist. President Trump knows they are racist and he knows they hate America. Therefore, he is telling them to go back to where their loyalties rest. Also, Abortions is the killing of our children. It is the killing of our future. These Babies sre being born alive, body parts are being taken to be sold and than the bsby is choped up to feel the pain of his or her denise. But you want to pretend that having an Abortion is not killing a newborn.

  52. Karlyn Pinson

    Karlyn Pinson7 일 전


  53. Mariana DeSilva

    Mariana DeSilva7 일 전

    I defining the detention is unconstitutional. You don’t have to be an American citizen to know that is wrong.

  54. lastboyscout

    lastboyscout7 일 전

    Bds is a good idea

  55. sliptwig1

    sliptwig17 일 전

    So she's Downing white people all the while trying to protect brown people

  56. Aaron Goldman

    Aaron Goldman7 일 전

    Have these Democrats take a half a dozen illegal aliens and let them live at their house until everything gets figured out

  57. chepitacossey

    chepitacossey7 일 전

    Jessica turns me off I don’t even want to watch Fox because of her. I am a Latina I know exactly what is going on at the border. She is clueless.

  58. chepitacossey

    chepitacossey7 일 전

    I think Jessica needs to be Deported to another country that she loves. She is a CRIMINAL and she hates my country. I am a LEGAL LATINA for Donald Trump 100%

  59. dirty del

    dirty del8 일 전

    The Who’s are wrong because they’re Whos.

  60. keepnitreel 4me

    keepnitreel 4me8 일 전

    5:00. This broad, like most democrats, is totally nuts. Outa here.

  61. gordon hawkins

    gordon hawkins8 일 전

    Tlaib is a. Total but case step down, why do we put up with this?