Bias In Medicine: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Tammy Malik

    Tammy Malik시간 전

    Tragically black woman died last week in MKE of heart attack because of this. White people are getting a taste of this if they have chronic pain, esp women. Pain is the new buzzword for "drug seeking" or "mental illness". I can only imagine how black ladies with chronic pain are being treated

  2. Flame that Sings to the Wind

    Flame that Sings to the Wind2 시간 전

    HE IS A MAN?????!!!!!!????!!!!!!!????

  3. Barbora Darmová

    Barbora Darmová20 시간 전

    Same in Europe. I am a female and an immigrant. Most often they either think I am imagining my symptoms or I just fake it to get a prescription for something. Most recently I was thought to be an insurance fraud because my card had expired and I didn't notice.

  4. Klinkenstecker22

    Klinkenstecker2222 시간 전

    Well, here in germany the doctors are not that mean. They have to do their job, no matter if woman or man or whatever colour

  5. Castiel Ware

    Castiel Ware일 전

    I've been on birth control for two years, my doctor asked me about my period and one of the side effects I have is having a very long time between periods or none at all and I told her that I haven't had my period in two months and the first thing she asked was if I took a pregnancy test.... She didn't even bother to look at my chart to see that I had put on there that 1) I'm on birth control and 2) I'm fucking lesbian!

  6. Monika

    Monika2 일 전

    It's not only US issue... I gained 20kg in 6 months despite not changing anything in my life and when I told him that and the fact that I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, he just smirked and said "what's the point of lying to a doctor?" Basically just saying that the only reason that's possible for my weigth gain is laziness :) I just walked out and for next few years I just didn't go to any other doctor so I don't have to hear some bs like that again. Turned out I have Hashimoto, I have proper meds now (that I will have to take forever) and my weight went almost back to my regular one.

  7. darkstar2874

    darkstar28742 일 전

    I’m aware how much work goes into these episodes but could we get a part two on medical bias against the LGBT community? Between the trans community and the MSM blood ban you’d have plenty of material

  8. DemonLord518

    DemonLord5183 일 전

    I had an experience about 4 or 5 years ago where my mom and I went to the doctors to see why I was lethargic, drossy, and why I gained 80 pounds during the previous year. The “doctor” didn’t bother looking at my bloodwork and instead blamed my obese mother for not watching what I eat. Several months to a year later I learned I had a thyroid condition and I was given a pill to take once a day for the rest of my life and lost over half of that weight and regained my energy. It’s been 6 or 7 years since then and although it started around the same time as the lethargy, I have daily, nonstop dizzy spells that have gotten worse over time. It’s kept me from working, learning how to drive, and being successful in school. I’ve had hundreds of tests done from dozens of doctors and have gotten no answer other than the tests coming back as “normal”.

  9. Austin Cirillo

    Austin Cirillo4 일 전

    Dam women & they're wandering wombs😁

  10. Asexual Individual

    Asexual Individual4 일 전

    It's also an issue for permanent birth control. If a woman chooses to get sterilised, for no medical reason, they have just decided that they don't want children and want to make sure they can't. They have to go through possibly years worth of hoops, dealing with constant referrals and being told to "wait for a bit to make sure that you're sure", being judged as "too young and immature to make that decision", told "You'll change your mind later", and so on.

  11. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf4 일 전

    14k thumbs down...that's the problem right there

  12. Kaylor Jacobs

    Kaylor Jacobs5 일 전

    When I was 8 years old I was having severe abdominal pain, a fever, and I had vomitted (only once) for about a day. My mom worked in a hospital for many years at the front desk, so she had no medical degree but she picked up a lot of information over the years. She took me in at 2 am because I was just getting worse (she had to carry me in because I was in too much pain to walk). She told the male doctor my symptoms and what she thought was happening..... Appendicitis. He refused to take any blood tests on me or whatever they do to test my appendix, and told her she was just an over protective mother and all I had was the flu so she was to just take me home. My was furious and stood up for me. He finally agreed to do some tests. When they came back he was really concerned because they didn't look good. Yep, I had appendicitis. Surgeon said that it had been leaking and I was only a few hours away from it rupturing. I can only imagine what would have happened if my mom had just listened to the doctor

  13. ocean shaw

    ocean shaw6 일 전

    hang on doctors should study women bodys because all boys are girl until they get there y cromazon

  14. Redacted

    Redacted7 일 전

    The same thing happens with age. Doctors assume that old people complain about every little thing and assume that people with dementia don't know what they are saying.

  15. Robert Texidor

    Robert Texidor8 일 전

    I bring my husband with me to the hospital or any doctor visit just because I’m sick of being treated like a lesser human.

  16. BeachGnome

    BeachGnome9 일 전

    Having mental illness often means having all of your physical symptoms brushed off as being nothing.

  17. Ondřej Zástěra

    Ondřej Zástěra10 일 전

    Last daS Tonight with Spectacles McDorky

  18. GregTom2

    GregTom210 일 전

    Most new medical practitioners are women, most of the money spent on pharmaceuticals is for women, and women really do have a higher rate of pain conditions like fibromyalgia for which prescribing opiates is indeed a terrible idea. And women have a life expectancy advantage of 3 years. But do feel free to claim that you're being oppressed because of pharmacokinetics studies in the 90ies and because your heart attacks are twice as rare, less obvious and less deadly then men's.

  19. Frank Parra

    Frank Parra11 일 전

    That atnt gag gets me everytime

  20. Happiercat 477

    Happiercat 47712 일 전

    Blacks and whites do have differences,my guy. I.E. sickle cell, heart medications, etc.

  21. Sarah Seriah

    Sarah Seriah12 일 전

    When I broke my foot (the break went completely through the bone and was accompanied by a severe sprain) I was in immense pain 24/7. I was never offered pain medicine by my doctor, who was a white man. When I had to have an "emergency" appointment to have my cast removed and a new one made because it was constricting bloodflow, the doctor who was seeing me (a woman of color) asked me what pain medicine I had been given, and when I told her I hadn't been prescribed any, she asked if I needed it and proceeded to write me two different prescriptions when I said yes. Up until then, I was only sleeping about thirty minutes at a time, waking up again from the pain, and eventually falling asleep again out of exhaustion to then repeat the cycle thirty minutes later. After being given pain medicine I was able to sleep through the night for the first time since I had broken my foot. I can't even imagine what it's like for people with illnesses or injuries that cause chronic pain. I hope we fix our healthcare system so that people aren't forced to suffer because their doctor doesn't believe then.

  22. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer13 일 전

    Wait why the fuck does it say Hispanics believe such and such as if it's a religion? I mean I know I'm expecting too much from racists, but come one.

  23. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer13 일 전

    Fun fact: race has literally no basis in biological reality, and there are no genes found in members of one group we might call race that cannot be found in a different one

  24. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer9 일 전

    @GregTom2 I mean even using "race" as a medical term is not really productive unless you are talking about the social ramifications of perceived race in specific societies. It's much better to use things like area of origin because certain populations have certain issues because of the area they developed in. For example people around the Mediterranean have issues with sicle cell anemia because of a specific gene that protects from malaria but causes said anemia, and that's regardless of skin colour.

  25. GregTom2

    GregTom29 일 전

    @Shadow Gamer Damnit. I looked it up and you're right. I misremembered something. While you do give hydralazine+nitrates to patients who cannot receive ACE inhibitors, in african american patients you would give all three (four, including the BB). Ref: 2013 ACCF/AHA Guideline for the Management of Heart Failure I'll take down my earlier comment.

  26. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer10 일 전

    @GregTom2 What exactly are you reffering to? There isnt really a different heart medication for African Americans on the market. While a specific drug was marketed in 2005 explicitly towards African Americans, it's not like generic heart failure medication isn't effective, and it's absolutely not harmful. Not to mention that the way that said drug was tested and whether it's actually necessary or effective is hotly debated, with most scientists agreeing it was a marketing scam Any disparities between African Americans and white people in deaths by heart disease are due to social disparities, differences in diet, disparities of wealth, access to health care, and as this video covers, bias in medicine And again, race is not a biological reality. There is more variability between two members of the same "race" than between two members of different "races". This has been clearly established since the 70s. There is no gene that can be found in one specific "race" that can't be found in another. Don't spread misinformation please

  27. JaySilverhood

    JaySilverhood14 일 전

    Idk why I keep watching this episode because of how he said The Babadook

  28. Niel van Steenderen

    Niel van Steenderen14 일 전

    I disagree with the reframing of the number of planes falling out of the sky was silly. 2 planes fell out of the sky and there is an international outcry, the air is investagted, fines handed out, etc. 83000 is a hard number to visualise but it also points to the disproportionate news coverage and subsequent action in comparison to the 2 ways to die.

  29. Matouš Pikous

    Matouš Pikous14 일 전

    Test: Do black people have more colagen in their skin? Mr. Oliver: Holly shit, you don’t expexct to hear that in medical school.

  30. BladesWillxBleed

    BladesWillxBleed15 일 전

    There are biological differences in the races such as bone density. That's actually taken into account in Marine Corps boot camp during the swimming part and helps a lot of black people pass basic training. Before that was considered there was an abnormally High dropout rate during that part of training. Also let's not forget drug tests, which can affect people of color worse do to the different structure of the hair. We see this in Athletics with different muscle structures. Biologically we are animals and animals that develop and evolve in different Geographic environments evolve different biological Anatomy. I'm sure John's about to say it himself cuz I only made it halfway through the video (10:15-10:25) before stopping to add this but I know I'm about to see some cherry picking, already am.

  31. Bianca Ilie

    Bianca Ilie16 일 전

    "You're too white to talk about that" you know thats racism too. Who cares about that? Its great that you speak up against all this injustice, you educate people, who cares if your black or white

  32. Picking With Dick

    Picking With Dick16 일 전

    Yes Mister programmer. Let us all know our white quilt. Thank you funny man. My program is 1.09 now! ORANGE MAN BAD!

  33. luvmibratt

    luvmibratt16 일 전

    So true ..2 wisdom teeth removed at once got sent home with I B FUCKIN PROPHIN smmfh 😠😠😠

  34. John Walker

    John Walker19 일 전

    That's bullshit,I couldn't get any GD pain pills!

  35. Isaiah Clayton

    Isaiah Clayton19 일 전

    NOOOOO, not an MJ joke.Cmon lol

  36. Tiesa Ortega

    Tiesa Ortega24 일 전

    I had a black woman doctor call a drug specialist on me because the Morphine they gave me wasn’t working after giving birth back to back thinking that I was a drug attic come to find out I was allergic to morphine and The Specialists Who she sent into interview me to see if I liked drugs I guess I had to cuss him out and the hole Situation turned me off and I never went back to that OB/GYN after giving birth.

  37. Lizard

    Lizard24 일 전

    Actually I'm ok with bringing back calling periods "the curse" seems more accurate since unlike an actual period which is small and signals the end of a complete sentence or thought while periods never seem to end unless you're pregnant or hit menopause, I literally had someone ask me why I had ANOTHER period a month later as if I only get it once a year.

  38. Jessie Hudgens

    Jessie Hudgens25 일 전

    I'm mixed and I bring my white mom in with me bcuz I know it will take her 3 seconds to go full Karen if I need her to lmao

  39. elina halla

    elina halla25 일 전

    Thank god I live in Finland. When I'm sick (or my Family) I don't need to fear about the costs or get additional insurences (actually we don't even need them) to get taken cared of. It must be horrible to know that if something happens the result can be homelessnes or bankruptcy or even death because you can't afford the treatments or medication. Our system is not perfect but if you compare it to US system, it is hands down better than america has.

  40. Ainchase Ishmael

    Ainchase Ishmael26 일 전

    I need a 10 minute loop of john oliver saying the babadook

  41. l1xx3r

    l1xx3r26 일 전

    I don't like trump, but I don't like dems either... but this guys bias makes me slightly less likely to watch him. All politicians are morons... Not just one of them.

  42. WolfGirl938

    WolfGirl93826 일 전

    I'm using evidence from this video to right a research paper on biases in medical care. I'm so happy I found a subject to write about where I can use a John Oliver episode as evidence

  43. Robert Thompson

    Robert Thompson29 일 전

    Good news. Trump is going to win again. Four more years! Trump 2020

  44. Matouš Kolátor

    Matouš Kolátor29 일 전

    Being from Europe I thought this is to ridiculous to be true when I watched this. And then I read the comments...

  45. AceFailure

    AceFailure개월 전

    I have a brother and a sister, guess which one is more a bitch about pain and being sick?? My brother, he's 6 years older than her. When it comes to abdominal pains, afab are like a tank. If a lady is asking for pain meds, you know it most fucking hurt.

  46. Zhor'i Ambassador

    Zhor'i Ambassador개월 전

    Yet more men die from Heart Attacks than women do even with such faults in medicine. Not really hammering in the urgency when there are no numbers to stress it. Yes if more women are inflicted or impacted than men, it does STRESS urgency. When it is the opposite, you still have more men impacted than women. Sorry, but it ain't much of a urgency when most women are not impacted. You would be dealing with a minority of women and this may actually be a concern if it was a majority of say women with color, but if it isn't then not even women with color will care about it, because it doesn't concern them when the majority of their own population isn't impacted by it. Oh I agree it is an issue, but bringing it up is going to draw attention except from people who can profit off it in some form or manner.

  47. Zhor'i Ambassador

    Zhor'i Ambassador12 일 전

    @GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States, killing 347,879 men in 2017-that's about 1 in every 4 male deaths. Meanwhile, only 299,578 women in 2017-or about 1 in every 5 female deaths. Sorry, misandrous individual, but men do die more frequently from heart disease. I suppose you also think more women die from coal mining accidents as well, hmm?

  48. GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

    GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER12 일 전

    false. women die more from heart attacks.

  49. Ken Fiscus

    Ken Fiscus개월 전


  50. Cecilia Arvidsson

    Cecilia Arvidsson개월 전

    I’ve worked as a nurse for 9 years now and can honestly say that the only difference between a white person and a person of colour is that their veins are trickier to see. Which is something that WE need to get better at, because bloodtests are so basic one should be able to get them done basically blindfolded.

  51. 5%LowBattery

    5%LowBattery개월 전

    White Physician Assistant’s text messages about how they feel about Black Women/Black people leaks | A lot of people actually believe they aren’t racist because they believe racism is going out and causing harm or something on that level. They don’t know that there are different types of racism, and their racism manifests itself in the workplace through many forms of discrimination. They believe they actually to do something physical to be racist. Black people, especially black women die at a very high rate of untreated and misdiagnosed illnesses, and pregnancies. Racism and negligence play a huge part. After the release of this video, a lot of black women revealed this is one of the reasons they prefer going to Black doctors, are scared of white doctors. This doctor’s entire friend group, who are also doctors, behave the same way he does, and it would’ve been kept in the dark if the anonymous source hadn’t come forward.

  52. aLERNO

    aLERNO개월 전

    LARRY DAVID ISN'T WHITE, or Indo-European if you will (races don't exist, there are only relative and diffuse genetic mutation concentrations), he is Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Jewish.

  53. cmilla111

    cmilla111개월 전

    Lol I bet if you asked some white doctors they'd tell you black people have super powers. They can do everything but be smarter than us, run the country or apparently, dodge bullets.

  54. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez개월 전

    It's pretty fucked how people watched this and still say this doesn't happen.

  55. Javier Ivona

    Javier Ivona개월 전

    he's taking a couple things out of context in a way that suggests errors in medical care are due to gender bias, when in reality that explanation is untenable. He mentions the fact that women can experience a heart attack in a way that's different from what's generally expected by the general population as some shocking revelation (which it may well be for a number of viewers), but the truth is we doctors know this. Diabetics, both male and female and elderly people can all experience a heart attack without actually feeling any chest pain. The reason women who have heart attacks are misdiagnosed seven times as often as men in some locations is probably related to the fact that heart attacks just happen less often with women (up until menopause) than with men. Given the fact that most doctors take epidemiology into account when thinking of differential diagnosis (which is a good thing to do), a woman of reproductive age who presents with a particular set of symptoms could have a different chance of having certain conditions than a man who's the same age. That's just my personal opinion, my point being it'd be unfair to explain medical errors as the result of gender bias in most cases.

  56. Doombringer

    Doombringer개월 전

    Why do they let morons like these even become doctors, what’s next, letting someone who believes in blood letting practice medicine

  57. kloklo 03

    kloklo 03개월 전

    I'm a woman living in the UK and thankfully my experience with doctors has been pretty good (though I am white). I've been getting regular treatment for my congenital heart disease, I had a accident where my hand got pretty messed up, and I've recently started to receive therapy, and I can't think of any major issues (except for some uncalled for comments). However, I still get mad when I remember that my friend (also a white girl) who has been suffering from severe mental health issues for years and has gone to her GP several times still hasn't got any help. In fact, on one visit the male doctor said that her depression symptoms were probably just because of her period, which doesn't make any sense because it's not like she's been having her period for literal years? If she was I'm sure she'd bring that up. It's just so frustrating to know she's continuing to suffer for no reason

  58. X YZ-T

    X YZ-T개월 전

    Or the fact that women goes to the doctor far more often than men... but lets not mention that.

  59. Spegnag Maglorious

    Spegnag Maglorious개월 전

    He said "lupus" and because I'm learning latin, I heard "wolf disease"

  60. The Architect FX

    The Architect FX개월 전

    Given the treatment black ppl have endured globally over the past half a millennia it’s pretty reasonable that we‘ve arrived at the sentiment that suffering and pain are inevitable. It’s a survival mechanism that a lot of our cultures have developed to coup with and even overcome grief and depression. I can’t speak for all black ppl but I think 11:20 is pretty accurate for my family.

  61. Justin Moore

    Justin Moore개월 전

    They know everything is ok because they have professional quack doctors ensuring them it is just my self fulfilling prophecy on standby in their designated safe places.

  62. Mandy B

    Mandy B개월 전

    For once, USA, you're definitely not on your own when it comes to healthcare. Women everywhere have to put up with this. Even from female doctors! Not often do I cry watching John Oliver, but that poor guy who lost his wife... I had already teared up and hearing John's voice catch (believe me, that was the sound of an Englishman about to lose it. I know, I'm married to one), set me off. I just felt so sorry, so angry and so disappointed in the medical staff at the same time. I wish I could give him a hug. Wouldn't change anything, but maybe he'd know that other people give a fuck.

  63. Ghassen Rguigui

    Ghassen Rguigui개월 전

    I can't find any traces on internet of the 90s study were all the subjects were males (5m27s) . Can anyone please help me ?

  64. Callum McDougall

    Callum McDougall개월 전

    Ghassen Rguigui np 🙂

  65. Ghassen Rguigui

    Ghassen Rguigui개월 전

    @Callum McDougall thank you so much !

  66. Callum McDougall

    Callum McDougall개월 전

  67. Norville Rogers

    Norville Rogers개월 전

    I as a white male apologize for all the dip-shit withe doctors in the world

  68. DaveyTheDJ

    DaveyTheDJ개월 전

    I'm a white guy with degenerative disc disease and they won't give me pain medicine I've been on pain medicine since 1997 diagnosed with this problem in 2006 & I waz on pain meds till I had to move back to the east coast! I had 1 pain Dr tell me that unless I have cancer he ain't givin me pain medicine! I had one doctor telling me that everybody gets degenerative disc disease I waz diagnosed with this in 2006 I waz only 31yrs old!