Beyond Scared Straight: Get Your Life (Season 6 Flashback) | A&E


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    A&E7 개월 전

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  2. JV_ Retro

    JV_ Retro개월 전

    A&E Love watching your alls videos. Really makes a guy think and be blessed that were not in a situation like that!!! God bless you all

  3. Ariya Vazquez

    Ariya Vazquez개월 전

    A&E they lead there lesson

  4. Damon Gibson

    Damon Gibson2 개월 전

    This show is pointless. It’s all bad parenting it’s not the kids

  5. Sabahat Ali

    Sabahat Ali2 개월 전

    A&E start putting background music names tho on every video

  6. PlayShahidul

    PlayShahidul4 개월 전

    What Channel is this un TV?

  7. Sonny Padilla

    Sonny Padilla22 시간 전

    4:15 guards are tryna hold their laughter in

  8. wavyy__a

    wavyy__a23 시간 전

    That one kid eyebrow got me dead asffff

  9. Eddie Rain

    Eddie Rain일 전

    His mama slick cute

  10. Little LuLu

    Little LuLu일 전

    So some of these vids are 20 years old or more. 2020 nothing has changed the negative behavior of juveniles.

  11. JayCo or Young Duece

    JayCo or Young Duece일 전

    Rudy Pop Punk Smh

  12. WOLF. E

    WOLF. E일 전

    Thought MONSTER was in prison at age 7 ever since then he say he was living on the streets at age 14??

  13. RadRich

    RadRich일 전

    Thumbnail looks like it's Edward Scissorhands threatening that kid!

  14. Elijah Hill

    Elijah Hill2 일 전

    Since when a beyond scared straight video has over 100k likes😱

  15. nigga you good nigga

    nigga you good nigga2 일 전

    yooo lil nas in here

  16. Justin Friebele

    Justin Friebele2 일 전

    I would have put him in jail just for bringing the knife wtf.



    4:10. 😂😂 officers int he back

  18. Young King TV

    Young King TV3 일 전

    Why too many black pp in there ..why ?

  19. Ronn Robert Patrick Leysa

    Ronn Robert Patrick Leysa3 일 전

    I'm in a gang A gaming gang

  20. Jose Castillo

    Jose Castillo3 일 전

    4:30 what happened to her eyebrows😂

  21. Esc

    Esc3 일 전

    Wtf are that girls eyebrows

  22. Heather H

    Heather H4 일 전

    Looking like a tackle box...

  23. Tony Gunk

    Tony Gunk4 일 전

    "Just gotta be smart" Lmfao

  24. Tia Barningham

    Tia Barningham5 일 전

    right i get these lads are like bad but the first lad is fiiiinnneeee

  25. Flix

    Flix5 일 전

    Pause at 4:30 you’ll know

  26. Flix

    Flix5 일 전

    Pause at 3:20 you’ll know

  27. Codie Fitzsimmons-marsters

    Codie Fitzsimmons-marsters5 일 전

    That girl man scary then the whole guys pod 😂😱

  28. Lalis_Dagod 567

    Lalis_Dagod 5676 일 전

    What's good with that girl eyebrow

  29. Lucifer II

    Lucifer II7 일 전

    99% of inmates though they were smart, until they get caught

  30. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson7 일 전

    I need to go to prison👮😷👮🚓 because I lied on my age on PSN ( PlayStation network)

  31. Queen NAY

    Queen NAY8 일 전

    How can I get there?😂

  32. Diana Pena

    Diana Pena9 일 전

    Blood gang mhmm why blood doe I’m crip

  33. Italian Empire Mapping

    Italian Empire Mapping9 일 전

    0:36 man thinks he hard repping a Walmart bandanna

  34. TTV_endlessdubz1

    TTV_endlessdubz19 일 전

    He’s clearly not smart cause he brought a knife

  35. Tittles 3334

    Tittles 33349 일 전

    3:30 why the girl by officer hab big eyebrows

  36. Sena Wolde

    Sena Wolde10 일 전

    I am ten and this is very sad to see them in pain I wish they can just be good all the time so they don’t be there

  37. Keni Lord

    Keni Lord10 일 전

    this show is just about a bunch of kids who were badly discliplined by their parents lol

  38. komujimaru

    komujimaru10 일 전

    a lip ring

  39. Monoo_215

    Monoo_21512 일 전

    My manz a whole dirtball

  40. Dennis Greany

    Dennis Greany13 일 전

    Yea y'all like that crack head line but did anyone else laugh at that girls eyebrows at the end ? Hahaha

  41. BTS and Stray Kids own my heart

    BTS and Stray Kids own my heart14 일 전

    3:52 He must have played GTA way too many times that he started to think he can do it irl lol

  42. Mawuli Qwadjo

    Mawuli Qwadjo14 일 전

    Children need their fathers 😥😥

  43. Chad Levell

    Chad Levell15 일 전

    😂🤣😂🤣@4:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Caitlin Hibberson

    Caitlin Hibberson15 일 전

    With hair like that he might as well put the knife in he’s hair XD

  45. Donovan Mejia

    Donovan Mejia15 일 전

    Guys in jail for burglary then yells at the kid for stealing a car.

  46. jonathan dow

    jonathan dow15 일 전

    Misery loves company in prison 🐀 especially for some rutty poot punk!

  47. Spectre Davido

    Spectre Davido17 일 전

    Just say Aint no way i'm taking advice from a convict

  48. Kermit Da Frog Oof

    Kermit Da Frog Oof17 일 전

    4:29 she needs to fix her eyebrows

  49. CheezBall

    CheezBall17 일 전


  50. Muna Farrell

    Muna Farrell18 일 전

    I want to be his level of unbothered.

  51. RG

    RG18 일 전

    3:20 is that meant to be an eyebrow

  52. Florida Man

    Florida Man19 일 전

    Donoven lookin like a broke version of lil nas

  53. Shayla Chattams

    Shayla Chattams19 일 전


  54. Robert Last name

    Robert Last name19 일 전

    Rooty poot punk 😂😂

  55. aesthetic heartattack

    aesthetic heartattack20 일 전

    Everyone talking about the cops laughing but what about the inmate behind him dying aswell and turning around

  56. Mira

    Mira20 일 전

    i feel like the people who talk to them calmly and not doing to much they get through to the kids more then people who just yell and try to scare them.

  57. Sun Wukung

    Sun Wukung20 일 전

    What's with the White girl's eyebrow?

  58. Matt Wakeman

    Matt Wakeman20 일 전

    Alternative unit. That's where little Mr. LipPiercings is gonna end up 😂😂

  59. Fugitive Predator

    Fugitive Predator20 일 전


  60. Hakai Shin

    Hakai Shin20 일 전

    3:20 Is she the seed of chucky?

  61. Cuevas Walker

    Cuevas Walker20 일 전

    The mom is trying hard not to look into the camera

  62. Mateo Erwin

    Mateo Erwin20 일 전

    These inmates actually care about these kids

  63. Jordan W

    Jordan W20 일 전

    Rooty poot punk

  64. Ima Head Out

    Ima Head Out20 일 전

    Lil rooty poot punk !

  65. Kosja3i Muje

    Kosja3i Muje21 일 전

    Jon Jones