Beyond Scared Straight: Get Your Life (Season 6 Flashback) | A&E


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    Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!

  2. PlayShahidul

    PlayShahidul11 일 전

    What Channel is this un TV?

  3. matt winnekens

    matt winnekens23 일 전

    They ruined the show when they did narco land



    A&E when y’all going to have new shows for beyond scared straight

  5. destany thompson

    destany thompson개월 전

    A&E y’all do to much stop taking people to jail for no reason 👿👿🤡🤡🤡

  6. Benjamin Lewis

    Benjamin Lewis2 개월 전

    Sugar need to be worried. That's all your momma just care about u. U better be glad someone do care . I have noone. You have someone

  7. Pele Christoffersson

    Pele Christoffersson2 시간 전

    he is tatted at 15 wtf

  8. Carter Branham

    Carter Branham21 시간 전

    Lmao what’s with the caterpillar on that girls forehead


    LOLZOGAMER 022일 전

    Why you're here? Dude: steal a car Sub: Grand theft auto

  10. Proto-Guest

    Proto-Guest일 전

    I'm a kid who is not a gang banger, am I right?

  11. 1,000 subs with one vid challenge

    1,000 subs with one vid challenge일 전

    I promise to like this comment Do it u promised 👇

  12. Anonymous !!!

    Anonymous !!!일 전

    Those guards were ctfu in the back😂😂

  13. Johnny691 Cupcakes

    Johnny691 Cupcakes일 전

    Lmfao he said you gotta be smart boii u Ain't smart u brought a damm knife to the police station this guy 😂 edit as the cop said he is very lucky he didnt get thrown into jail just imagine if they gave him no mercy and throw him into bars shi ... kid is definitely not smart 😅

  14. speedstacker60

    speedstacker60일 전

    grand theft auto is a crime? my God. I didn't know that

  15. chasity adams

    chasity adams2 일 전

    Rodney Pooh punk

  16. Cheesy Stick

    Cheesy Stick2 일 전

    He’s the type that always thinks he’s right. But then he gets caught slippin

  17. Kimani Dawson

    Kimani Dawson2 일 전

    Mom: your son threatened to stab my son Him: It’s not hard to get caught Me: OH REALLY 😬🤔😑😑😑

  18. Official F.B.I

    Official F.B.I2 일 전

    Tf is with her eyebrow

  19. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin3 일 전

    Quintessia. WTF. The blacks.

  20. Shania Hampton

    Shania Hampton3 일 전


  21. Shania Hampton

    Shania Hampton3 일 전

    2:46 the way he said thank you 🙏🏽

  22. XMYblueguy Gamer

    XMYblueguy Gamer3 일 전

    My parents never really whooped me. Probably like twice. Anyway, I get pep talks from my parents and I know things are different for each child. Now, I had bad grades, missing days and stuff like that but for me, the pep talks always opened me up. Now the lowest grade I have is a 98 and I miss no days and I’m doing better and I’m In online school now. I used to be in public school but that online changed me and now I’m doing better. And sometimes your child’s behavior can happen because of other kids in the school. That’s what happened to me. My parents never really yelled at me. Me and my mom like to joke around with each other and me and dad like to joke around and talk about technology because he’s the engineer and my brother looks up to me so I’m doing better now. I know this is going to get buried but why not talk about it here ya know :)

  23. XMYblueguy Gamer

    XMYblueguy Gamer7 시간 전

    Nkuli Ngqola thank you for your positive comment, I wish the best for you too :)

  24. Nkuli Ngqola

    Nkuli Ngqola일 전

    This is beautiful. I believe in positive reinforcement. Your parents did great All the best to you.

  25. Charlotte Nicholls

    Charlotte Nicholls3 일 전

    15 and has tattoos

  26. Mighty 5

    Mighty 54 일 전

    Did anyone see that girls eyebrow?

  27. chuck bearint

    chuck bearint4 일 전

    The one girls eyebrow moved me when it said "🐜"

  28. Benjamin Lovicu

    Benjamin Lovicu4 일 전

    at 3:19 look at her not bushy but foresty Eyebrow;)

  29. hero mask388

    hero mask3884 일 전

    I can't look at the girls in there

  30. hungry pete goes yeet

    hungry pete goes yeet4 일 전

    When u join a gang u can't leave without a problem so the jail program does help but can't help with that

  31. Takoda Bowden

    Takoda Bowden4 일 전

    Did any catch the guards @4:15 laughing I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Garrett Hoinacki

    Garrett Hoinacki4 일 전

    “ not me girl” everyone started laughing in the back.

  33. 0netyr

    0netyr5 일 전

    aint no way he joining a gang wit a earring on his lip..lmaoO..

  34. Steph Curry The G.O.A.T

    Steph Curry The G.O.A.T3 일 전

    0netyr Pac had one in his nose

  35. Michael Esquea

    Michael Esquea5 일 전

    What's up with this chicks eyebrow 4:30

  36. 850 Jayy

    850 Jayy5 일 전

    3:56 he remind me of Emanuel Hudson😂

  37. Dominic Wills

    Dominic Wills5 일 전

    Stop it at 3:53

  38. mochi

    mochi5 일 전

    "I didn't say you" bruh I wheezed 😂😂

  39. Donovan Lewis

    Donovan Lewis5 일 전

    0:21 My name tho

  40. Ryan Coughlin

    Ryan Coughlin5 일 전

    The white girl LMAOOOO💀💀

  41. Cali Smith

    Cali Smith5 일 전

    I don’t know the guy that says “this pod full crackheads” but he is a queen even if he’s in prison.

  42. DJ. A. J.

    DJ. A. J.6 일 전

    They officer died in the background died when he said "I didn't say you" 😭😭

  43. Delusion Engine

    Delusion Engine6 일 전

    He thinks he's smart (programmed so as to be capable of some independent action) by being part of a collective?

  44. Queen. Tre periodt

    Queen. Tre periodt6 일 전

    Tony talk about him stealing cars but she got in jail for burglary

  45. [bofp]Yato The fox

    [bofp]Yato The fox6 일 전

    Her eye brow tho

  46. Pra5150

    Pra51506 일 전

    He looks like he lives in a nice neighborhood for being a blood and his mama looks like a educated beautiful lady..

  47. Trippy Immortal

    Trippy Immortal6 일 전

    "it's about being smart" Dumbass brings a knife to jail

  48. ya boii

    ya boii7 일 전

    0:17 someone please edit this video and throw some shades on this young man 😎

  49. Flawless

    Flawless7 일 전

    Why were all the prisoners there black

  50. Joey Stearns

    Joey Stearns7 일 전

    Hey at least they know when they go to jail Legend air ride home right after the s*** tire wear what are other people still have to stay in the prison that's what I be telling m************

  51. mike moose

    mike moose7 일 전

    Learn to fold a banny you wannabe gangster I would kill to be where you are with a loving parent

  52. Inkling Boy

    Inkling Boy7 일 전

    I have a person at my school name Donavan not Donaven

  53. Do what you must, I have already won

    Do what you must, I have already won7 일 전

    This is not doing young, black men's public image any good whatsoever.

  54. Gracie Jordan

    Gracie Jordan4 일 전

    The point of the show isn't to tackle stereotypes it's to set kids straight. Also. I disagree. Whether the inmates did this to get a shorter sentence or did it because they wanted to it shows that they're acknowledging their crimes and trying to help the youth. The image of a race should not be more important than helping these kids survive.

  55. Emilee De Marco

    Emilee De Marco7 일 전

    What’s wrong with that girls eyebrow

  56. Intr0vrted_ hi

    Intr0vrted_ hi7 일 전

    4:09 the officers in the back couldn’t hold their laughs🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. 5KYFALL

    5KYFALL7 일 전

    Don Oven

  58. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan Gonzalez7 일 전

    Everybody be thinking they ain’t gonna change and that they ain’t gonna be scared

  59. Leroy Jankins

    Leroy Jankins7 일 전

    “I think it’s pretty easy to not get caught. You just got to be smart.” Immediately gets caught

  60. gimbiyarus

    gimbiyarus7 일 전

    If homegirl ever catch a felony, dem brows need to be charged separately 👩🏾‍⚖️

  61. Vanessa Mae

    Vanessa Mae7 일 전

    the cops when that person said “not me girl” 😂😂💀💀

  62. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel Perez7 일 전

    Kid: I’m not getting caught just got to be smart Also kids:(brings knife into jail)

  63. Pike Family

    Pike Family7 일 전

    3:30 sos James charles

  64. gimbiyarus

    gimbiyarus7 일 전

    3:23 You can tell homeboy right next to the white girl is scared shitless and just wants nothing more than to go home to his mama’s loving embrace 😩

  65. eVeRybOdY DiEs In ThEiR nIgHtMaReS

    eVeRybOdY DiEs In ThEiR nIgHtMaReS7 일 전

    They kinda nice this time

  66. Paul Lee

    Paul Lee7 일 전

    these prisoners are wholesome in the weirdest way possible

  67. sexy Peach

    sexy Peach7 일 전


  68. Alex Arellano

    Alex Arellano7 일 전

    Pebbles wanted all the smoke

  69. Remington Bradley

    Remington Bradley8 일 전

    This show really highlights the relationship between race and crime