BEST UNDER $10 | NEW FALL MAKEUP ... xo's Tati


  1. jillf24

    jillf243 일 전

    This lipgloss-which looks totally amazing on you seems so much darker in the stores. I have tried 2 stores and on line and they all are darker than what is shown, I wonder if the name is something else. I just love this color in the video.

  2. Riggins Riggins

    Riggins Riggins8 일 전

    Beautiful as always.

  3. Shrutika Srivastava

    Shrutika Srivastava14 일 전

    Hi Tati, love your drugstore and product empties videos!

  4. Kaylee Abbott

    Kaylee Abbott17 일 전

    Your eyes look really nice bare! I mean, if you want your lashes to stand out, this is a great way to show them off.

  5. Oprea Aida

    Oprea Aida19 일 전

    “The ghost took it 👻”😂😂😂😂 I just love u, Tati ❤️

  6. Sharon Hayes

    Sharon Hayes23 일 전

    I love it

  7. KaterinaTalantliva

    KaterinaTalantliva24 일 전

    it's so inspiring to me how you balance your affectionateness to makeup with hard work. love

  8. Virginia Flores

    Virginia Flores24 일 전

    Need a tutorial on this next level Fall Goddess hair Tati! So Pretty!!

  9. Alba Martínez

    Alba Martínez28 일 전

    Does someone know where is her jumper from???

  10. Miss Crystal

    Miss Crystal개월 전

    Tati please do a video of this hair style your rocking! I like it a lot!

  11. Miss Crystal

    Miss Crystal개월 전

    Yassssss huntyyyyyy 🙌 loving these videos 🙌

  12. amanda johnson

    amanda johnson개월 전

    You look so beautiful in this video! You look great with that kind of fresh natural, minimal look.:D

  13. Maria Laracuente

    Maria Laracuente개월 전


  14. Tanja

    Tanja개월 전

    That look really works on you. Shocking it's all under ten!!! Yay😊

  15. Kaya De Angelis

    Kaya De Angelis개월 전

    I love her

  16. bodybalancer

    bodybalancer개월 전

    Can you please start includings deets on your style/fashion bits? You always have a beautiful top, nail polish color, and jewelry...I always want to know this is no exception. Can you PLEASE share the deets? Oh.....maybe I’m supposed to go to IG for that huh? Hmmmmmm I can only take like one social media addiction at a time rn it’s YT :P 😝✌️😘💋

  17. klad 8125

    klad 8125개월 전

    looking so fresh here Tati! love the eye look!

  18. amanda rodriguez

    amanda rodriguez개월 전

    love how u called the different scents of the hand cream “flavors”

  19. Tara VanAelstyn

    Tara VanAelstyn개월 전

    This fall look with the spice color on your eyes is gorgeous !!

  20. Kennedy Carter

    Kennedy Carter개월 전

    Tati, you are so stunning and well put together! 💕

  21. Alex Young

    Alex Young개월 전

    I have a crush on makeup too girl 😍😘😗

  22. Hatter WE'RE ALL MAD HERE

    Hatter WE'RE ALL MAD HERE개월 전

    You look gorgeous dahling.

  23. Fairy Tail Nati

    Fairy Tail Nati개월 전


  24. Namrata J

    Namrata J개월 전

    Most wanted video Tati! Thank god, thank you for showing all good under $10 makeup! Since I cannot afford but very very very passionate about makeup, wow these will really help me to start with my makeup love story... :) Love you !! Love from NY ❤️

  25. Ariel Perez

    Ariel Perez개월 전

    Love you tati😍😍

  26. Lisa Mai

    Lisa Mai개월 전

    Hi tati! i was wondering, where you got the lip scrub from ?! i cant find it anywhere!

  27. The Cutts Family

    The Cutts Family개월 전

    Where did you get your shirt from? I LOVE thumb hole shirts sooo much!!!! I am constantly in ❤ with your style/clothes/tops. So pretty, Tati. Xo

  28. The Cutts Family

    The Cutts Family개월 전

    Gotta try the peach hand cream also as I am all about peach anything. 🍑❤

  29. The Cutts Family

    The Cutts Family개월 전

    Yes! Please do an under 5 bucks video. Love your vlogs/channel soooo much Tati xo

  30. Autumn DeLorme

    Autumn DeLorme개월 전

    Anyone else here rewatching because its sunday and you missed her?

  31. Sophia Huang

    Sophia Huang2 개월 전

    Can I just say that ever since I watched this video, EVERY TIME I am putting on my highlighter, I hear 'Can a highlight make your day better? I think it can.' I. LOVE. IT.

  32. Lisa C

    Lisa C2 개월 전

    Tati, You nailed this one over the fence and out the park!!! Many thanks for the "recipe" of affordable make up. This coppery, peachy,gold look is gorgeous! Looks like you were kissed by the sun and a million shimmering stars.

  33. J Lynn

    J Lynn2 개월 전

    I tried the Ardell faux mink and hated them! Give me my $1 lashes from Miss A any day of the week! 😆

  34. Lexi Clement

    Lexi Clement2 개월 전

    I wonder if she had to choose between James or makeup, which one she would pick? 🤔

  35. Kelli Hollon

    Kelli Hollon2 개월 전

    Ok I've been watching you for almost a year... Love you!!! But I was wondering if maybe you would make a brush or tool video?! Idk if u have in the past but that's what I'm struggling with atm. Good brush/tools. So it would be awesome!! 💜🙌🤗

  36. Miss GingerWhooves

    Miss GingerWhooves2 개월 전

    Look good right now? Girl you are always beautiful!!

  37. Jay

    Jay2 개월 전

    ummm joah isnt kbeauty lol. being inspired versus actually being is a whole different thing.

  38. Grace Jung

    Grace Jung2 개월 전

    I was trying NOT to buy the peach highlighter from Maybelline and now I want it!!!! Love you, Tati! You’re so beautiful inside and out. Love that you do you through and through!!

  39. Courtney Parr

    Courtney Parr2 개월 전

    Find you someone who talks about you like Tati talks about makeup

  40. Abbie Klein

    Abbie Klein2 개월 전

    I’m obsessed with eyeshadow 😍😍

  41. Maddy Van Denk

    Maddy Van Denk2 개월 전

    Where is this mirror from ?

  42. Marnie Kilbourne

    Marnie Kilbourne2 개월 전

    So the Colour Pop products that are cream dry out quickly?

  43. Holly Morgan

    Holly Morgan2 개월 전

    Hi Tati! Just wanted to let you know that because of your review, I purchased the Almay smartshade foundation. You turned this former foundation hater into a foundation LOVER. It’s an amazing product and I am so glad I trusted your review. Thanks for all that you do.

  44. Glam Life

    Glam Life2 개월 전

    In love with that glitter eye.

  45. shino pang

    shino pang2 개월 전

    U r so beautiful 😍

  46. Diane Gbur

    Diane Gbur2 개월 전

    love your eye look tati

  47. Kayla White

    Kayla White2 개월 전

    Omg honer roll is absolutely gorgeous!

  48. Tonya Kilgore

    Tonya Kilgore2 개월 전

    I know it’s like super hard to answer comments but I went through the video and the description below and couldn’t find the info... if anyone else knows...

  49. Tonya Kilgore

    Tonya Kilgore2 개월 전

    Please please tell me what shade you are using in the Joah dark circle concealer??? I looked online and can’t tell what shade I should get and we look close in skin color... please help

  50. Ash Kat

    Ash Kat2 개월 전

    Anyone know which bh collection she’s talking about???

  51. toiletfuzz

    toiletfuzz2 개월 전

    God Tati you look so gorgeous in this video.

  52. Chelsea M.

    Chelsea M.2 개월 전

    There’s a Maybelline Molten PEACH!? Whhaaatt!? I need to find this ASAP

  53. Brittany Michael

    Brittany Michael2 개월 전

    Where is this shirt from?! 😍😍😍

  54. Aarika V

    Aarika V2 개월 전

    You are such a stunning woman! Absolutely in love with this look. 🧡

  55. Tijana Stojiljkovic

    Tijana Stojiljkovic2 개월 전

    When you're so poor that even these things are too expensive 😅

  56. Nouk

    Nouk2 개월 전

    I think you mean Golden Gal for the BH cosmetics bronzer

  57. Emily Fipps

    Emily Fipps2 개월 전

    Honestly this is my favorite look of Tatis!!!!

  58. baekkksss

    baekkksss2 개월 전

    wow just ordered everything. That's how much we trust Tati here lmao

  59. DJ Jones

    DJ Jones2 개월 전

    Anybody else notice her eyelashes looking a little wonky in this video compared to her other videos...? I noticed and am just wanting Tati to know her "normal" other day to day "natural" lashes are SOOO much better than whatever she's got going on here. love you Tati!!😂😘😍🖤💋

  60. bïtch

    bïtch2 개월 전

    CVS is starting to carry Peripera? *starts sprinting*

  61. Kathy Dowdle

    Kathy Dowdle2 개월 전

    It has gotten to the point that I can put on a pair of false lashes in a fraction of the time it takes to apply the amount of mascara to make me happy. If I lay down a gel liner and glue the lashes to the liner, I don't have any issues with losing my natural lashes when taking the falsies off, etc.

  62. Natalie Love

    Natalie Love2 개월 전

    That lip color tho! Am I right?!?

  63. andrea wessel

    andrea wessel2 개월 전

    Hi Tati, I apologize if I've missed it or it's coming up but what were your thoughts on the Flower Beauty Warrior Glitter shadow? As always love your content ❤️

  64. Alexandra Casey

    Alexandra Casey2 개월 전

    Ugh I trust Tati so much & appreciate these videos !! ❤️

  65. Julie Piggott

    Julie Piggott2 개월 전

    Hi Tatiana,do you ever do any videos for mature skin?

  66. skorpia g

    skorpia g2 개월 전

    Please review the new master chrome with nikki tutorials its at ulta.

  67. Raji Thomas

    Raji Thomas2 개월 전

    Can you do a video of your go-to travel makeup? Like what's in your travel make-up bag? Thanks Tati! You da best!!

  68. catherine towns

    catherine towns2 개월 전

    I love your top! Where is it from!?

  69. Beatričė B.

    Beatričė B.2 개월 전

    you look so pretty!

  70. 52lovelight

    52lovelight2 개월 전

    very pretty!

  71. Nahda E

    Nahda E2 개월 전


  72. Heather Hernandez

    Heather Hernandez2 개월 전

    Your ghost is taking your makeup...

  73. RJ4Y

    RJ4Y2 개월 전

    i jusT realized how good short wavy hair would look on Tati

  74. ahoke13

    ahoke132 개월 전

    Please do the $5 video!

  75. Nitzan Amichai

    Nitzan Amichai2 개월 전

    You're so beautiful Tati

  76. smooches777

    smooches7772 개월 전

    Tati. You look absolutely stunning in this look. One of my fav

  77. Therése Enblom

    Therése Enblom2 개월 전

    This look is EVERYTHING! So so sooo beautiful 😍🔥 It's the PERFECT fall look! I want to recreate this look soooo bad. You look absolutely stunning Tati!! 😍❤

  78. Abbie Bradley

    Abbie Bradley2 개월 전

    Test Shiro Cosmetics!!! Please!!

  79. Kayla J

    Kayla J2 개월 전

    I love this look!!!! But omg where is your shirt from?! I need it!!!

  80. Selsboring

    Selsboring2 개월 전

    Her eyebrows look so good 😩 and I'm still waiting for my eyebrow glowup🤧

  81. J D

    J D2 개월 전

    Ok you look so good

  82. Patricia Chlystek

    Patricia Chlystek2 개월 전

    Love you so much and love your drugstore vids!!!❤️❤️❤️

  83. Barbara Wilson

    Barbara Wilson2 개월 전

    I LOVE bh cosmetics

  84. Tea Robinson

    Tea Robinson2 개월 전

    I subscribed because of your video with Thomas. I appreciated the honesty while still keeping it professional

  85. Therese Allen

    Therese Allen2 개월 전

    Love this💕

  86. Lia Eisenberg

    Lia Eisenberg2 개월 전

    Plz do a hair tutorial😘💕

  87. D' Ryals

    D' Ryals2 개월 전

    It’s crazy I only watch few of your videos but I’m already so in love with ya 😁❤️

  88. Michou Beauty

    Michou Beauty2 개월 전

    love those shadow colors

  89. Kara Corey Fit Life

    Kara Corey Fit Life2 개월 전

    Do you have a tutorial on how you style your hair like this?

  90. C Carbon

    C Carbon2 개월 전

    You look like a Kim, Tati doesn’t fit you

  91. Alexis Holloway

    Alexis Holloway2 개월 전

    I love how the majority of the make up you used wasn’t under $10 😒

  92. Katie Einsohn

    Katie Einsohn2 개월 전

    So excited about your lip scrub recommendation! I will need to try it! I just tried the revlon sugar scrub lip stick. It’s like a balm. Also a great drugstore find!

  93. Bangtan_Boys

    Bangtan_Boys2 개월 전

    5:12 "inspired by leaves and pumpkins, and not the ghost in this room" LOL

  94. Bangtan_Boys

    Bangtan_Boys2 개월 전

    u look so pretty!

  95. Melody Madsen

    Melody Madsen2 개월 전

    Nail polish? Please list!

  96. Cori Ottak

    Cori Ottak2 개월 전

    You are seriously sooo freakin stunning every time I watch your videos I just cant get over how beautiful you are. I dont think anyone will ever beat you for my favorite beauty youtuber!

  97. Ona aa

    Ona aa2 개월 전

    I wish COLOURPOP was avaiable in Poland in stores at normal pricing. We pay 11 dollars for 1 eye shadow online 😔😔😔

  98. karasmith7

    karasmith72 개월 전

    I don't know if it's the lip color or foundation or what, but Tati's base at the beginning of the video looks flawlesss and so pulled together

  99. Shelby Lynn

    Shelby Lynn2 개월 전

    I was looking for a new drug store highlighter and im try out that highlighter❤

  100. Janelle Gonzalez

    Janelle Gonzalez2 개월 전

    This look is so beautiful!! Love that highlight and shadow!!!