Best of Star Wars Battlefront | PlayStation Experience


  1. Joody Ahmed

    Joody Ahmed년 전

    How we unlock new heroes and villans؟؟

  2. Julie Geiger

    Julie Geiger2 년 전

    that was awesome!!!!!!

  3. Harold Watson

    Harold Watson2 년 전

    Everyone who disliked has Xbox

  4. Asri Ahmn

    Asri Ahmn2 년 전

    is the games still have skirmish mode update?

  5. Luke Rupprecht

    Luke Rupprecht2 년 전

    Really cool plays!!!

  6. Comrade TruBluTurtle

    Comrade TruBluTurtle2 년 전

    I played Jack Frags

  7. 阿葉

    阿葉3 년 전

    This game is great! But there is a problem ..... I can not use "PrtSc SysRq" to shoot my results to share with friends Especially after the use of heroic fighting This really needs improvement!

  8. lee putt

    lee putt3 년 전

    sort out the flipping servers

  9. jacob

    jacob3 년 전

    *Shows trailer of jumping over logs in endor, jetpacking to the terminal, flying the falcon* THE REAL GAME: *Gets killed by level 80 with a DLC weapon, crash into logs, get shot by a homing missle when flying, getting chased by 5 people in the falcon before dying*

  10. jacob

    jacob3 년 전

    oh, thought i saw lvl 80 items in the store

  11. AbstraktLoL

    AbstraktLoL3 년 전

    only lvl 70 right now check level 80 comes out in deathstar patch plus i kill many lvlv 70 people with no explosive shot just pure skill

  12. jacob

    jacob3 년 전

    yes there is, check it out

  13. AbstraktLoL

    AbstraktLoL3 년 전

    lol there is no lvl 80 yet

  14. Banestudent21

    Banestudent213 년 전

    for real

  15. Georgeporge porge

    Georgeporge porge3 년 전

    You mean really awesome

  16. Alex Aguilar

    Alex Aguilar3 년 전

    great game!!! finally hit lvl 60! keep on the good work

  17. laura newton

    laura newton3 년 전

    Make survival on master easier plllllleeeeeaaAsssssseeeeeeee

  18. Aaron Crawford

    Aaron Crawford3 년 전

    PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE GOING TO ADD THE CLONE WARS INTO THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not Star Wars Battlefront without the Clone wars...

  19. Taurino Lopez

    Taurino Lopez3 년 전

    can u plz add a walker assault but with star destroyers I supported by buying the game

  20. Flyin Maxeyy

    Flyin Maxeyy3 년 전

    Shitty EA... your game sucks! !!

  21. Salmaan Shah

    Salmaan Shah3 년 전

    to be honest, if the devs keep on adding a good amount of free content every month like they are, i can see this game getting more praise. i mean, we've already 5 free maps(including battle of jakku), new hero suits, a new mode (turning point) and 2 free weapons at release of the outer rim. plus the paid dlc looks pretty promising.

  22. The SkyWarg

    The SkyWarg3 년 전

    Great game I agree I enjoy it but I think you need some more content in the game. More free heroes, maps and definitely offline game modes. More content and more people will buy!

  23. Vigilant Slacker

    Vigilant Slacker3 년 전

    I can guarantee anybody who says that this game is actually good is a faggot millennial that doesn't know what it is like growing up with a much better inspired Star Wars game.

  24. gabagel

    gabagel3 년 전

    The trailers make them look SO COOL

  25. Alex Playz

    Alex Playz3 년 전

    I love this Game i enjoy the hell out of it

  26. socom coyote

    socom coyote3 년 전

    any else saw the best battlefront in the video cause im like not even

  27. Reztuvion

    Reztuvion3 년 전

    EA didn't have enough content because they rushed the game to put it out before the movie to gain hype. It kinda failed, because all of the kids buy the game and they just focus on the game, plus the game was before the The Force Awakens. I know they put out the Battle of Jakku in December before the movie, but it was cool that they released a free Jakku map, but that wasn't exciting because it felt too much like Tatooine and only thing was the giant ship in the background that you can't access nor get near it. EA and Dice you've got to step your game up here.

  28. Xtalies

    Xtalies3 년 전

    video froze at 0:39 beauty sight to see

  29. Ian Arellano

    Ian Arellano3 년 전

    please release a mission where you blow up the death star

  30. zachary mueller

    zachary mueller3 년 전

    Please tell us the release dat for the outer rim

  31. CT Prods

    CT Prods3 년 전

    This game should be called "Ground Wars" You know why....!

  32. Logan Green

    Logan Green3 년 전

    stupid game isn't anything like the first 10 seconds of this video. they make me so mad, video game developers are the dumbest people in earth.

  33. Griffin Grifter G

    Griffin Grifter G3 년 전

    Add royal guards!!!

  34. Rjfjdjfj Rjdjdjrj

    Rjfjdjfj Rjdjdjrj3 년 전

    when will the dlc come out

  35. Benj i

    Benj i3 년 전

    Its all the same

  36. The master

    The master3 년 전

    Cool moves

  37. Zingel Shuher

    Zingel Shuher3 년 전

    и чо?)

  38. Ian Kelly

    Ian Kelly3 년 전

    you need to fucking buff the weapons, I fell like I am throwing pebbles at my enemy's

  39. TheBuffalo22

    TheBuffalo223 년 전

    Hey guys please check out my 113-1 game in SWBF or my highlight video! Also I just uploaded the glitch I found on the new twilight map!

  40. Alexandre Drouin

    Alexandre Drouin3 년 전

    I am for a map of the battle of Geonosis (the clones against the droids) nothing more iconic than this battle except the Falcon. Who for?

  41. Armando Rivera

    Armando Rivera3 년 전


  42. Elias Lind

    Elias Lind3 년 전

    i have uploaded a star wars battlefront minitage on my channel, so if you guys want you could check it out

  43. You !

    You !3 년 전

    PLEASE +EAstarwars make Star Wars battlefront on Xbox 360!!!! PLEASE.

  44. Big 'Venom' Boss

    Big 'Venom' Boss3 년 전

    Maybe if you put 200 360's together, you can run this game on 10FPS.

  45. Wille

    Wille3 년 전

    EA why did you do that uprage for SWB i hate that uprage all my favourite guns is broged

  46. Jake Hartzell

    Jake Hartzell3 년 전

    Don't mean to say anything but at the end of the trailer it shows endor but before the Death Star was destroyed. It's not even in the game :(

  47. Ajay Langhorne

    Ajay Langhorne3 년 전

    #soloplayersmatter EA, go to joeybmx7 on the battlefront forums

  48. Jacob Deem

    Jacob Deem3 년 전

    EAStarWars do you think you can get Clone Trooper Commando Gregor from The Clone Wars series for my friend Jonathan. Gregor is his favorite Star Wars character



    please add multiplayer online split screen

  50. Tr4il

    Tr4il3 년 전

    EA if your hearing this, Add instent action and modding tools, People will love you for this THEY WILL I PROMISE

  51. Stefan

    Stefan3 년 전

    Nice Video, go on!

  52. Jinsoku

    Jinsoku3 년 전

    Plz add prequel content! Heroes: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, Mace Windu, Yoda Villains: Darth Sidious with lightsaber, Count Dooku, General Grevious, Jango Fett, Darth Maul

  53. Jez

    Jez3 년 전

    can we add to the start of walker assault for imperials the entrance animation like at the start of the force awakens, where the stormtroopers are looking straight and then the door of the ship opens and you run out, please make this happen Dice and EA, thanks

  54. Ethan Walli

    Ethan Walli3 년 전

    Some of us are wanting instant action for many offline players

  55. Wyatt Putnam

    Wyatt Putnam3 년 전

    This game is really fun. There's just not a whole lot to do in it. :( I wish the season pass wasn't 50 bucks

  56. Nikobis

    Nikobis3 년 전

    Looks good

  57. Alberto Gonzalez

    Alberto Gonzalez3 년 전

    EA,You guys should mack campain and party member can be aloud to join

  58. pork Moviesr

    pork Moviesr3 년 전

    KYLO REN !!!!!!

  59. Jose Aguilera

    Jose Aguilera3 년 전

    please actualitation kylo ren

  60. Doom guy

    Doom guy3 년 전

    You really need to add death troopers to Star Wars battlefront 3 dlc

  61. nabilah hamdy

    nabilah hamdy3 년 전

    Dat 1st 1 do

  62. Aiglos

    Aiglos3 년 전

    I can sum up the experience with one word. Frustrating. It's one of the most irritating games I've ever played. Which is a shame. I love the look of the game and I love some Star Wars. The problem? If I shoot some high ranked asshole I expect him to take damage not come out unharmed and be able to kill me with a few hits. That's BS. It's irritating. Also, your season pass from what I've seen, should have been included as part of the main content. At this point Eve Dust is a better option and that is very sad.

  63. King Greifer

    King Greifer3 년 전

    I want to request to add Greedo to my list of requests

  64. Andrea Purba

    Andrea Purba3 년 전

    add a hero free for all minigame where all the hero's right to the death

  65. King Greifer

    King Greifer3 년 전

    I want to request a new mini-game where Luke has to defend his farm from incoming Stormtroopers.

  66. Rick grimes

    Rick grimes3 년 전

    i'am with the imperial i'am a storm trooper