BEST MAGICIANS Around The World | Magician's Got Talent


  1. valeria rodriguez

    valeria rodriguez2 일 전

    Were is Collins



    Bkt ang dyan si vice hahahaah

  3. Joel Frei

    Joel Frei5 일 전


  4. Maddox Bouldin

    Maddox Bouldin5 일 전

    What are they freaking saying

  5. Nikki Lunar Soliza

    Nikki Lunar Soliza5 일 전

    Lol su vice yung thumbnail😂

  6. Dime Macapobre

    Dime Macapobre6 일 전

    6:21 the TIMESTAMP, like if u are a filipino, and also, subscribe to pewdiepie, AND ME!!!

  7. 顏小花貓

    顏小花貓6 일 전


  8. Resty Derupe

    Resty Derupe8 일 전

    Tapos makalipad ko amg tao sa 300 days

  9. Resty Derupe

    Resty Derupe8 일 전

    Kasi yung pusa ginawa kong dalawa

  10. Resty Derupe

    Resty Derupe8 일 전

    Im great at magic

  11. Miles Roudette

    Miles Roudette8 일 전


  12. The Bests

    The Bests9 일 전

    Philippines Got Talent,I saw Vice Ganda

  13. iamusingoogle

    iamusingoogle9 일 전

    very cheap tricks

  14. Fyneia Cairiel

    Fyneia Cairiel11 일 전

    #mattireagiert 2:40 I think that's kinda awesome *-*

  15. Larrnie Fernandez

    Larrnie Fernandez12 일 전

    WTF look at the girl at #2:30 soo creepy hahahaha!

  16. Akhil Kumar

    Akhil Kumar14 일 전

    Sir how to learning in magic plz give me ur institute number sir plz my location at hyderabad

  17. Rizky Setiawan

    Rizky Setiawan14 일 전

    Ada orang Indonesia yg nyasar disini kah? 😂😂😂

  18. tulsidasi bernardo

    tulsidasi bernardo15 일 전

    at 5:05 I saw that he put the egg in hes sleeves

  19. Spk Prakash

    Spk Prakash15 일 전

    Very good

  20. Annalena

    Annalena16 일 전

    14.30. Sooo bad😕😐

  21. Bobbi Assoun

    Bobbi Assoun16 일 전

    Who is magician number good

  22. xSasuke_Uchiha_x

    xSasuke_Uchiha_x16 일 전

    The first guy was bad, i dont know much about magic but still i know how all of his tricks works. First you could see a tiny line by his first trick second the upper part of that woman was just in the table third was also a line in the glass

  23. muqri mrzk

    muqri mrzk18 일 전


  24. pupoy pogi123

    pupoy pogi12319 일 전비디오-ULKqkTy9S2c.html pashare at pasubscibe po salamat

  25. Krishika Bhagat

    Krishika Bhagat20 일 전


  26. Alya Cute

    Alya Cute20 일 전


  27. BD Whole TV

    BD Whole TV23 일 전


  28. Dindo Bulactial

    Dindo Bulactial23 일 전

    So amazing talaga

  29. Promota Bin Ug

    Promota Bin Ug23 일 전

    Good work


    SRITHIN KR25 일 전

    2.46 play slowly in you tube can see the dove from where is it coming lol🍷

  31. Audio Novels All Languages

    Audio Novels All Languages25 일 전

    Shin lim is the best

  32. Jack The Filmmaker

    Jack The Filmmaker26 일 전

    My favorite magician is my dad. When I was 7 he vanished and to this day I still havent figured out where he went

  33. Arslan Chaudhry

    Arslan Chaudhry26 일 전

    "And when there came to them a Messenger from Allah confirming what was with them, a party of those who were given the scripture threw away the book of Allah behind their backs as if they did not know. And they followed what the devils gave out falsely of magic of the reign of Solomon; for Solomon did not disbelieve but the devils disbelieved, teaching men magic and such things that came down at Babylon to the two angels Harut and Marut, but neither of these two (angles) taught anyone (such things) until they had said: we are only for trial, so don't disbelieve. And from them (magicians) people learn that through which they would cause separation between a person and his spouse, but they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah's leave; and they learn that which harms them rather than profits them. And indeed they knew that its practitioner would have no share in the Hereafter. And how bad indeed was that for which they sold their own selves if they but knew" (2:101-2).

  34. Jay

    Jay26 일 전

    Lol you guys have an 666k subscribers.

  35. firezonecrush999

    firezonecrush99927 일 전

    Does any body knows who is the first one? he is really amazing!!!!!!

  36. Carl Loazada

    Carl Loazada28 일 전

    vice ganda is the reason why i click this😂

  37. Lara Lata

    Lara Lata29 일 전

    Fantastica ka vice👏👏👏👏

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    Murat Magic 05345822629개월 전

    Murat magic :

  39. Manuel ELay

    Manuel ELay개월 전

    D aq bilib ung sa pinoy magician haha, halata kitang kita ung mga moves

  40. Vishaka Singh

    Vishaka Singh개월 전

    Second Magician is best

  41. GaCha MiLk

    GaCha MiLk개월 전

    I totally agree with you😁

  42. Gabby Gernale

    Gabby Gernale개월 전

    Putik ang lupet petmalu gaping ni lola

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    كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض 0555717947개월 전

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  44. Unknown

    Unknown개월 전

    This is not magic. This is unexplained science.

  45. louie jaylo escaran

    louie jaylo escaran개월 전

  46. its me Marianyl

    its me Marianyl개월 전

    Go Philippines i Love you Philippines

  47. Christian Jake Indic

    Christian Jake Indic개월 전

    in thumbnail is Vice Ganda😍goo idol

  48. afsal khan

    afsal khan개월 전비디오-vn6pA7j1a7k.html?t=1070 THE MIDDLE PERSON FILL A NEW BALL IN TO THE SHOE

  49. kirran gee

    kirran gee개월 전

    clicked q agad kala q lahat pinoy in fairness sumabay din talaga ang pinoy ..

  50. Ãñīkå Playz

    Ãñīkå Playz개월 전

    Vice Ganda 💓

  51. Alvin Lukban

    Alvin Lukban개월 전

    Wow Thats Amazing

  52. Queennie Mapula

    Queennie Mapula개월 전

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  53. Zoen Aldueza

    Zoen Aldueza개월 전

    3:17 i see something

  54. The 0n3 Gaming

    The 0n3 Gaming개월 전

    Anyone saw the Girl @2:31 ?

  55. Sue Nesbit

    Sue Nesbit개월 전

    Collins not in here 🤬

  56. andrew lin

    andrew lin개월 전

    If dynamo can perform magic why doesn't he performs on stage.

  57. Rehan khan

    Rehan khan개월 전


  58. mischia omg girl

    mischia omg girl개월 전


  59. Fortnite Fan

    Fortnite Fan개월 전

    I get the table at the start the rest of the girls body is in the table

  60. Tia Theodore Dore

    Tia Theodore Dore개월 전

    tres beau

  61. FireladBroz123

    FireladBroz123개월 전


  62. cisco Changcoco

    cisco Changcoco개월 전

    Vice ganda

  63. #bike hacker# of the year#

    #bike hacker# of the year#개월 전

    Pgt is best

  64. maRia avril

    maRia avril개월 전

    Why magicians always wear a jacket?? I want to see a magician, a naked one😁😁,,

  65. Grac Selnga

    Grac Selnga개월 전

    its no magic jesus only


    LO IN3SP3RADO개월 전

    este si es magia real비디오-wCdzOiN5bEg.html

  67. said Yilmaz

    said Yilmaz개월 전

    look between 17:50 and 17:51 the man in the middle is putting something in to the shoe.

  68. DecendantsLover109: Fan channel

    DecendantsLover109: Fan channel개월 전

    That tumbnail...... FILIPINO PRIDE #PHILLIPPINES #FilippinoPRIDE

  69. noob noob

    noob noob16 일 전

    DecendantsLover109: Fan channel tangina kaumay na yang pride na yan kayabangan lang

  70. MR. Dave'Z Tv

    MR. Dave'Z Tv개월 전

    Philippines is the Best Country i incounter

  71. The chromoplayer sins

    The chromoplayer sins2 개월 전

    the first 1

  72. Daoud Maouchi

    Daoud Maouchi2 개월 전

    Wat is the Name of music please. .???!

  73. Romalsawma Zathang

    Romalsawma Zathang2 개월 전

    i love nusic

  74. FreeScoopTV

    FreeScoopTV2 개월 전

    Vice ganda lupet mag judge

  75. justin

    justin2 개월 전

    I want a table with legs too

  76. Manoel J

    Manoel J2 개월 전

    os judeus tem os maiore magicos do mundo criaram ate deus moises o mago inventor do deus uunico.

  77. Rhey Dizon

    Rhey Dizon2 개월 전

    I see vice ganda i click as fast as i can😂😂😂

  78. Bob Mat

    Bob Mat2 개월 전

    this is amazing

  79. Venkatesh Venkatesh

    Venkatesh Venkatesh2 개월 전


  80. Jabereal Trinidad

    Jabereal Trinidad2 개월 전

    Bakit dalawa sila nag bohat Nong takep ibig sabihin nasa ibabaw Yong dog

  81. Sajid Thawerani

    Sajid Thawerani2 개월 전

    very shocking and fantastic magi

  82. micha2750

    micha27502 개월 전

    OMG that last act was so crippy! 😨

  83. larry concha

    larry concha2 개월 전

    truco viejo, mira como en el minuto 2:08 jala el zapato para atrás y se desengancha de la cabeza del anclaje que debe estar en la base redonda que de be tener mayor peso que la de su cuerpo y por eso la base tiene ruedas, quisiera saber si puede hacer lo mismo sin esa base redonda,ja,ja,ja,ja

  84. وسيم لبد

    وسيم لبد2 개월 전

    فلسطين الافضل #غزة العزة فلسطين الافضل #غزة العزة


    THE O.G BONGO CAT2 개월 전

    Who els is from the phillipines

  86. Frans Xaverius

    Frans Xaverius2 개월 전

    Mbak Riana Terbaik...

  87. David Fernandez

    David Fernandez2 개월 전

    Noa kirl?

  88. David Fernandez

    David Fernandez2 개월 전

    0:34 who is she?

  89. Padma Desikan

    Padma Desikan2 개월 전

    2.47 at 0.25 speed and pausing rapidly u can see the bird coming out of his sleeve...


    XXX MAZWAAN2 개월 전

    OMG the dog is so cute 😄😍😘

  91. Kurt Visperas

    Kurt Visperas2 개월 전

    Wheres Colins Key?

  92. Darryl Musa

    Darryl Musa2 개월 전

    there's no such thing as Magic there's only science

  93. Emma Overlade

    Emma Overlade2 개월 전

    Oh my god the third one is Danish! I didn't think he'd be there.

  94. Manobishgfdjdfh yiixvnSaikia

    Manobishgfdjdfh yiixvnSaikia2 개월 전

    I want to do this

  95. Elisha Sammea

    Elisha Sammea2 개월 전


  96. Sanjay Patel

    Sanjay Patel2 개월 전

    Name of the magician at around 15:13?

  97. Tanzeel Butt

    Tanzeel Butt2 개월 전

    oooooooooooooo nice

  98. Meena Jana

    Meena Jana2 개월 전

    Last one was not goof

  99. RiverVixenGal Valderrama

    RiverVixenGal Valderrama2 개월 전

    Kamusta mga Pinoy? Alam kong na andito kayo para kay Vice 😂

  100. Gian Yin

    Gian Yin2 개월 전

    9:42 tingnan mabuti ang bakal dahil parang nag magnet sa leeg ni mommy

  101. Saima Khan

    Saima Khan2 개월 전

    Camra ka kmal hay