BEST HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE + Next Tati Beauty Launch Date


  1. Cat McCloud

    Cat McCloud7 시간 전

    My husband and I give each other books on Christmas Eve, to curl up in front of the fire with. 😊

  2. Gabby Finley

    Gabby Finley9 시간 전

    Oh my gosh im so glad you brought up the highlighters and the powder I would LOVE to know how you think it compairs to the hourglass powders you love

  3. Tina Ganguly

    Tina Ganguly9 시간 전

    Please please may I suggest Lisa Eldridge coffe table book - Face Paint the History of Makeup. That’s my present for myself. I am a Lisa Eldridge fan girl so glad I was finally able to buy it

  4. Megan Hailey Gonzalez

    Megan Hailey Gonzalez9 시간 전

    But what’s on your nails!? Is that Rainbow Snow!?

  5. TripletStudio

    TripletStudio9 시간 전

    Is Tati still trying to get pregnant?

  6. Kelley Woolridge

    Kelley Woolridge11 시간 전

    The dad jokes are EVERYTHING! Don’t change anything. ❤️💋

  7. brittany sheahan

    brittany sheahan12 시간 전

    Ok but like when are we getting a hair tutorial

  8. Kathleen Fulton

    Kathleen Fulton13 시간 전

    Came here with hopes of getting some gift inspiration.. Left with useless information about Tati Beauty and Halo..

  9. Sydney Baugh

    Sydney Baugh13 시간 전

    I'd watch your channel even if you only uploaded once a week. Stay blessed!

  10. Tiffany Dí Marco

    Tiffany Dí Marco13 시간 전

    Going into 2020 like 26:29 Btw- Thank you for making your products permanent items. My anxiety was instantly assuaged.

  11. Louise Bystrup

    Louise Bystrup14 시간 전

    Love tutorials 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  12. antoniac1234

    antoniac123414 시간 전

    Y'all silly out here. I didn't get that coupon for that comfy and I'm pissed 😡

  13. Cecilie Skeby

    Cecilie Skeby14 시간 전

    You should do mini palettes of your palette with each column of shadows - that would be so cool

  14. cizka sada

    cizka sada14 시간 전

    I have been sooo curious of the Halo 😇 products !! And literally going there now to buy some and support you ! I adore you so much because you have been so honest and such a hard worker! Xoxo

  15. Danielle

    Danielle15 시간 전

    I was gifted Making Faces years and years and years ago when I first got into makeup and it's an absolutely beautiful book. I learned a lot, it's so good for makeup lovers of all levels

  16. Karen Miranda

    Karen Miranda16 시간 전

    Tati (BTW) my mom’s name is Tatiana and my stepdad calls her Tati. Also my first cousin is named Tatiana but goes by Tati and lives in LA (we’re from the Colombian Caribbean city of Barranquilla) (Shakira and Sofia Vergara’s city as well.) Your voice is really calming and you come off as genuine and I really appreciate how you can transmit your positive and sweet energy through a video and thank you for mentioning God and being down to earth with the gift suggestions 💕 👩🏻 💄💐🎁 I just subscribed 😀

  17. James Patrick

    James Patrick16 시간 전

    she is so funny in this

  18. Brigitte Soler

    Brigitte Soler17 시간 전

    would love to see tutorials and rewiews on weirds products or doing again your monday madness drugstore. That would be nice. Thanks Tati

  19. Secret Soto At Creativebirdie

    Secret Soto At Creativebirdie18 시간 전


  20. appledesire

    appledesire18 시간 전

    I would love if you made a video about hair. I really like those video😅

  21. Kerri Ann

    Kerri Ann19 시간 전

    I love how dark your hair is. If I went that dark, I'd look like Morticia... 😔

  22. Sheila North

    Sheila North19 시간 전

    Don’t worry about not making Black Friday!! I’ll be there in January waiting SUPER EXCITED for your next launch ♥️

  23. GKJ

    GKJ20 시간 전

    When are more of the palettes gonna be available for preorder? I missed the preorder :( I really want to get one for my friend's birthday.

  24. aphrodisiac2008

    aphrodisiac200820 시간 전

    I want a tutorial on how you do your hair. Also, would you ever do a small palette of just the glitter eye shadows?

  25. Lauren Garza

    Lauren Garza22 시간 전

    So rare to find people on social media who I would like to be like, but does anyone else want to be more like Tati? 🙋‍♀️

  26. Vicki Bock-Ledbetter

    Vicki Bock-Ledbetter22 시간 전

    I went to website for halo beauty is the sale over ? For bundles

  27. XEllie_BellX X

    XEllie_BellX X일 전

    So glad she’s only uploading twice a week I love her content but trying to run two business and a KOreporter Chanel along with her family I can’t imagine the stress she goes through :(

  28. RocknRollRat

    RocknRollRat일 전

    Can you do a budget version of the holiday gift guide? 😂

  29. Anna M Goldberg

    Anna M Goldberg일 전

    Tati you are so beautiful and so real ❤️

  30. Alyssa Castillo

    Alyssa Castillo일 전

    Nobody: Makeup gurus: I've been focusing on my mental health

  31. Allison Gonzalez

    Allison Gonzalez일 전

    Holy moly your hair 😍😍😍

  32. dreamflite7

    dreamflite7일 전

    Yeah, Pavana is a beautiful human being. Good choice! 👍

  33. OGBurrito

    OGBurrito일 전

    Im gunna miss the 3 videos a week :(

  34. Nora J

    Nora J일 전

    No two times a week is not enough. We need more. At least 3 times a week.

  35. Jessica Bay

    Jessica Bay일 전

    I’m so glad to hear the palette isn’t going anywhere. I can’t wait to try it.

  36. yescandles

    yescandles일 전

    Yea for handwritten notes!!! OMG Tati, when you pulled up "Making Faces" it made me cry.....seriously. I really miss him.

  37. Ginger Christmas

    Ginger Christmas일 전

    I love your videos on here even if it's just a couple a week please continue if you can! :) So excited for your upcoming launches!

  38. Maria Pour

    Maria Pour일 전

    Thank you for the suggestion on the personal note. I know if I received one I would cherish it. Great idea.

  39. Adriana Molina P.A.

    Adriana Molina P.A.일 전

    I love your sense of humor! ❤️❤️

  40. Annie Brammeier

    Annie Brammeier일 전

    Hi! Huge fan of your vids! I wear contacts for my eyesight, but some days i really just dont want to bother, and would rather wear glasses. Any makeup tips for glasses wearers?