BEST FUNNY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Family Funny Pranks by 123 GO!


  1. Alicja Rak

    Alicja Rak11 시간 전

    Iooooove it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shane Elise Lacson

    Shane Elise Lacson11 시간 전


  3. Conrado Macusi

    Conrado Macusi15 시간 전

    My favorite Vicki and Heidi 👍😀

  4. Conrado Macusi

    Conrado Macusi15 시간 전

    Oh Vicki and Heidi

  5. K J

    K J19 시간 전

    omg that is so funny 123go

  6. daisyplayz2012

    daisyplayz201222 시간 전

    Love u guys

  7. Oayx

    Oayx일 전

    so funny xddddd


    DIY STUFF일 전

    These are all the 5 minute craft girls!

  9. Dorela Cufaj

    Dorela Cufaj일 전

    I like vi I like Vicky

  10. Md Masood

    Md Masood일 전

    That teddy bear one was amazing

  11. tasnim ahmad

    tasnim ahmad일 전

    I love 123 go

  12. Afro Kid

    Afro Kid일 전

    10:49 is bloopers

  13. Victoria Yee

    Victoria Yee일 전

    0:09 how the hell would i try it on for size what does that even mean??? You always say that

  14. Emu Gad

    Emu Gad일 전

    Um...shaving cream can kill you.....

  15. selina Taye

    selina Taye일 전

    Vicky is hair is green ha ha !!! 😂😃😄😅😁

  16. iwan ismail mohamed hisa

    iwan ismail mohamed hisa일 전

  17. selina Taye

    selina Taye일 전

    It is weard vicky so weard 😂😄😅

  18. Mary Banda

    Mary Banda일 전

    My name is Sophia

  19. Mona Jaswal

    Mona Jaswal일 전

    I love last



    Somebody falls and shows a censored bruise.....**BuY aN SuV** Me: really!!!

  21. Junnil Coros

    Junnil Coros일 전

    Hi 123 go

  22. Nasser- 964

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  23. Sam Bunting

    Sam Bunting일 전


  24. Freya The Gymnast

    Freya The Gymnast일 전

    Only One Month And Already One Of The Most Popular

  25. Lesley Kane

    Lesley Kane일 전

    Ohhh so u gonna kill your friends?

  26. Barnard Balquiedra

    Barnard Balquiedra일 전

    So anyone reading this don't mind this... If you understand hit the like | | | V

  27. Nerissa Wilson

    Nerissa Wilson22 시간 전

    Do not have the best way

  28. LilSheaX

    LilSheaX일 전


  29. Dasha Rico

    Dasha Rico일 전


  30. Monica Mims

    Monica Mims일 전

    Y’all come troom troom But y’all are not cringy

  31. Mikayla Morgan

    Mikayla Morgan일 전


  32. francisco gonzalez

    francisco gonzalez일 전


  33. 강미현

    강미현일 전


  34. Geraldo Resto

    Geraldo Resto2 일 전


  35. this channel is done for

    this channel is done for2 일 전

    The stupidest version of troom troom

  36. hurain hurain

    hurain hurain2 일 전

    Bear wala so danger

  37. Suresh S

    Suresh S2 일 전

    I like it

  38. latha subramani

    latha subramani2 일 전


  39. Rosalinda Reeves

    Rosalinda Reeves2 일 전


  40. Angeline sabando

    Angeline sabando2 일 전

    i prank my sister why you sade

  41. Tom De groot

    Tom De groot2 일 전

    Onkunde Waar kom je laatst Hoi schatje koud bui ten Hoi

  42. Querubin Olea

    Querubin Olea2 일 전

    She's not funny

  43. Tv Nehanada

    Tv Nehanada2 일 전

    10:50 : me

  44. Mimi Mama

    Mimi Mama2 일 전

    The most funny and useful hacks

  45. Ruby Vallance

    Ruby Vallance2 일 전

    2:53. How does she have time to do all that when she is on the floor for 1 second

  46. 1.Shuichi_Roll.1

    1.Shuichi_Roll.12 일 전

    I'll pass on poisoning my friend-

  47. Nimmi DVlog

    Nimmi DVlog2 일 전

    They have disgusting yellow teeth 🤮

  48. Nimmi DVlog

    Nimmi DVlog22 시간 전

    Jazlyn Mendiola 😂

  49. Jazlyn Mendiola

    Jazlyn Mendiola일 전

    I bet you do

  50. harlow easter

    harlow easter3 일 전

    That was funny how you guys were pranking roommates

  51. Hdeel A

    Hdeel A3 일 전


  52. Apple Gren

    Apple Gren3 일 전


  53. Mohamad Tohir

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  54. Rosenda Aunzo

    Rosenda Aunzo3 일 전

    That so funny 😆😆😆

  55. Vidya pitale

    Vidya pitale3 일 전


  56. Nick and Lini Show

    Nick and Lini Show3 일 전

    I doubt anybody will take the time to even read this but me and my boyfriend started KOreporter. And we are on our way to 1k!!! Just by simply liking this post will be.a major help. ❤️

  57. Arthur Garcia

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  58. Vandana Tiwari

    Vandana Tiwari3 일 전

    I love vicky

  59. kariman Ahmad

    kariman Ahmad3 일 전

    I love youuuuuuuuuu so much guys I am watch every day and every time and every night I love youuuuuuuuuu so much 123 Goooooo 😘😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  60. Chenchen Arco

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  61. Ashlyn P

    Ashlyn P3 일 전

    Why would you eat shaving cream lana????

  62. Unicorn 101

    Unicorn 1014 일 전

    If Sofia couldn’t see how did she open the lock first time

  63. Rashmi Dwivedi

    Rashmi Dwivedi4 일 전

    1 one is a way to kill your friend