1. Gaming Genesis

    Gaming Genesis16 시간 전

    Well, technically Simon has been JJ's Sideman for ages

  2. Vlogger 36

    Vlogger 3622 시간 전

    Anyone who thinks it’d be cool to work for ksi watch this video

  3. merkYT_RBLX

    merkYT_RBLX2 일 전

    5:42 LMAO IM DYING

  4. Samuel Hewlett

    Samuel Hewlett2 일 전

    The whole comment section is about ksi ending slavery

  5. Zinq HD

    Zinq HD2 일 전

    9:27 OOF!

  6. Peopleson911

    Peopleson9112 일 전

    This is why he won

  7. V

    V3 일 전

    what shorts has miniminter got on?? i want to buy them can anyone tell me please!

  8. SSmpGaming

    SSmpGaming3 일 전

    Oh have the tables turned...

  9. ZEdRo 123

    ZEdRo 1233 일 전

    No one gonna talk about when JJ punches he says OOF

  10. Banlvar

    Banlvar3 일 전


  11. Banlvar

    Banlvar3 일 전

    I love Maltesers

  12. ChickenCheese567 ‘

    ChickenCheese567 ‘4 일 전

    Goddamn your desperate

  13. Halvenester Durieningham

    Halvenester Durieningham4 일 전

    KSI should of said “then get on the bed of you’re going to be my assistant”

  14. STDNT

    STDNT4 일 전

    Not you No one Elders: RACISM

  15. Bilel Harki

    Bilel Harki4 일 전

    Part 2

  16. Twt Ans

    Twt Ans4 일 전

    Nice to see that even though JJ was training for a fight, he still made effort for Simon's video

  17. Muskaan Arooj

    Muskaan Arooj4 일 전

    Imeen Kai

  18. Muskaan Arooj

    Muskaan Arooj4 일 전

    I’m a fan of Kai

  19. Lee Brennan

    Lee Brennan5 일 전

    What the hell

  20. Angiewise

    Angiewise5 일 전


  21. Trix Exotic

    Trix Exotic5 일 전

    Being Randolph for 24 hours challenge

  22. Lusix Boss gamer

    Lusix Boss gamer5 일 전

    When u need a video call ksi

  23. Social-_-Data

    Social-_-Data5 일 전

    “get me A water”

  24. Revan Fernando

    Revan Fernando5 일 전

    I wanna see jj do this

  25. Adam Buck

    Adam Buck6 일 전

    Jj should had said to miniminter to say the n word

  26. Pacifist cowboy

    Pacifist cowboy6 일 전

    Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok

  27. Lil Slayer

    Lil Slayer6 일 전

    The time changed

  28. Theo Lake

    Theo Lake8 일 전

    Are you this desperate?

  29. Rammel4Life

    Rammel4Life9 일 전

    Stop eating with your mouth open

  30. Peter Adou

    Peter Adou9 일 전

    This is a great example of the sidemen of camera

  31. Kai The God

    Kai The God9 일 전

    Ooooooof oooooof oooooooooffff oooofff 5 yrs later ooooooooooof ooooooooof oooof

  32. Xyqueen faye Alumbro

    Xyqueen faye Alumbro9 일 전

    This is what hes ganna do when your hes assistant xD btw poor simon =)

  33. Hawcun

    Hawcun9 일 전

    wtf, the only thing i wanted was for him to tuck him inn

  34. Enrique Ramurez

    Enrique Ramurez8 일 전

    When he said he would allow him, but still had to do one more thing I thought he would say he had to read him a bed time story!

  35. Gabriel Vaske

    Gabriel Vaske9 일 전

    He is making Roblox

  36. cooper boof

    cooper boof9 일 전

    Young chip let’s go

  37. LupaDupaFupa 101

    LupaDupaFupa 10110 일 전

    16:32 had me laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Just subscribe to this channel for no reason

    Just subscribe to this channel for no reason10 일 전

    Jj saying that oof I felt that

  39. Yeboivolk

    Yeboivolk10 일 전

    The roles have been reversed lmao (no racism intended)

  40. Jay Johnson

    Jay Johnson10 일 전


  41. Tino Pfumojena

    Tino Pfumojena10 일 전

    4:00 bruh ur so mean my guy wanted to meet KSI

  42. BleepYT

    BleepYT10 일 전

    This should be titled 'Being KSI's slave for 24 hours'


    SWAGGER11 일 전

    JJ was being a baby in the video

  44. TYZ

    TYZ11 일 전

    Slavery just got slapped by an Uno Reverse Card 😂

  45. Gabek

    Gabek11 일 전

    bro but those red scitles are fire

  46. PiggyYumYum

    PiggyYumYum11 일 전


  47. Slakzy

    Slakzy12 일 전

    ngl id be ksi's assistant

  48. TheReal-WilliamAfton

    TheReal-WilliamAfton13 일 전

    14:13 I love cleaning it's not dumb

  49. Rohith Devaraja

    Rohith Devaraja13 일 전

    who is still watching this after Ksi won


    SUPER TUBER13 일 전

    If you hate this why would you want to do it


    SUPER TUBER12 일 전

    @Theme Park Thrills all I did is feel sorry for little miniminter

  52. Theme Park Thrills

    Theme Park Thrills12 일 전

    SUPER TUBER yeah good content


    SUPER TUBER12 일 전

    @Theme Park Thrills I get that but of all things being ksi's assistant

  54. Theme Park Thrills

    Theme Park Thrills12 일 전

    SUPER TUBER content...

  55. Javan herbert

    Javan herbert13 일 전

    9:30 oof oof

  56. vRxwie

    vRxwie13 일 전


  57. Dilløw

    Dilløw14 일 전

    I’m still mad JJ wasted good skittles

  58. Scαz 恐

    Scαz 恐14 일 전

    9:30 Oof

  59. xxkiaraxxooxo hi

    xxkiaraxxooxo hi15 일 전


  60. Paul Mitrokli

    Paul Mitrokli15 일 전

    This is how many pushups Simon did 👇🏼

  61. Daubeny shaubeny

    Daubeny shaubeny12 일 전

    Paul Mitrokli stfu

  62. che che

    che che15 일 전

    Young chip

  63. V14_ Salehamdek

    V14_ Salehamdek15 일 전

    Poor Simon going through all of that

  64. Jamie the King

    Jamie the King15 일 전

    Who is here after the fight 👇🏾

  65. Slakzy

    Slakzy12 일 전

    haha no-one liked or cares 🖕

  66. Florence Whelan

    Florence Whelan15 일 전

    The slave trade has turned tables it seems

  67. Jane Alam

    Jane Alam15 일 전

    10:00 he showed his car nameplate