BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)


  1. Banana Bunch Kids

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    Nooooooooooooooo Zeus 🤯🥺😤😭😢😩😩😔😕

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    TEAM HADES LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jazzed

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    # team hades

  5. Crystal Writter

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    I was loosing hope in hades but he didnt move an inch and Zeus went flying! #TeamHades

  6. Dan_Bloxham

    Dan_Bloxham17 시간 전

    I believe in you #TeamHephaestus Edit: WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!

  7. Nesar

    Nesar19 시간 전

    I shouldn’t be having this much fun watching this

  8. a wild Toaster has appeared

    a wild Toaster has appeared22 시간 전

    i genuinely got emotional over the tug of war challenge! #TeamHades my number 1 beetle ftw

  9. Banana Bunch Kids

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  11. Wierd Mule

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    Still gooo!! #TeamHades

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    Let’s do this #TeamAres!!

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    @ yeaaah

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    #TeamHephaestus GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Nikki

    Nikki일 전

    When #TeamHephaestus toppled that tower so quick it surprised me-been a #TeamHephaestus supporter since the beginning! I laughed so hard whenever Hades and Zeus disappeared off the log 😂

  18. Eliezer Wineberg

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    #TEAMPOSEIDON ( because of percy jackson best book ever)

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    We can do this POSIDON gooooooo

  21. GusTheCreator

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    Go #teamposidon

  22. Tyshay Lewis

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    Ruined it when you gave them immunity that literally defeats the purpose unsubscribes

  23. Bren Scott

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    #teamposeidon for the win, gotta cheer on the winning boy from round one

  24. Talal bin hussain

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    #TeamHades all the way!

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  26. Kieryn Kelly

    Kieryn Kelly2 일 전

    Fitting that zuse and haydes would face off for supremacy

  27. joey kestel-watkins

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    #TeamHades all the way what a champ

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    oh I forgot I only chose zous becase Iliked the name my reel gladeader was hades!!!

  34. Emma Wirig

    Emma Wirig2 일 전

    noooo zuos.

  35. Asp the Brawlhalla guy

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    No Zeus now I'm on #teamPoseidon

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    haphestus was cheating

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    Go posiden

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    I mean posiden

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    GOGO! #TeamHephaestus

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    We got this! #TeamDionysus

  45. The Dracologist

    The Dracologist3 일 전

    Late arrival #TeamHades member. My heart skipped a beat last video as he started climbing up towards that bird. He was lucky that Apollo is a faster climber than him

  46. The Dracologist

    The Dracologist3 일 전

    It's funny that it's Zeus vs Hades in the elimination round, considering that they're brothers in the original mythology. Poseidon is also their brother

  47. The Dracologist

    The Dracologist3 일 전

    Oh no... (I made this comment when Hades fell)

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    #TeamAres lets go 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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    #zeus goooo

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    YEEES #TeamHades

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    Go #TeamHephaestus you can do it :)

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    Yay 2place go dyanises

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    This is a month late but I don't care GO! #TeamHades

  57. Maddie Tennison

    Maddie Tennison3 일 전

    When they got flung back into the moss from the branch, I freaking died laughing, I didn't know what ai was expecting but it was not that 😂😂😂😂

  58. Beauty by Reba Vera

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    #teamzeus win that gram!

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    ENDER TNT4 일 전


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    I don't remember my team that I left in the video presenting this games so I'm just going to cheer on #teamHephaestus... I just hope everyone is having a good day!

  62. Jessica Gillett

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    Hephestause for the win baby like if you agree

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    Nooooooo Zeus

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    #teamdionysus love forever

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    ZUES WILL PREVAIL Edit: oh...

  69. anime lover

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    Yes!!! #teamhades is staying strong!!! You got this hades!!!!

  70. KeepCalmNdab

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    Zeus suffered some serious whiplash

  71. SLEEPING Pandazz

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    what is the coincidence hades vs Zeus

  72. Jessica Luciano

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    #TeamDionysus One Gladiator to rule them all!

  74. Cello Buen

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    13:21 He's Standing there MENACINGLY

  75. Jay Oller

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    #TeamHades Woooo hoooo to all the other beetles as well!

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    #Ares Bronze ain’t bad

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    and go #team HADES!

  82. Max Newman

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    He should have a show

  83. rickey smith

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    #Hades Also strength is definitely a great trait in the wild... it'll help them dig as well as move obstacles to gain cover... or take down a potential competitor!

  84. Ashleigh Cartwright

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  85. Vuk Terminato

    Vuk Terminato5 일 전

    Maybe it helps him if he is beaing chaste by a preditor and he ,becose of his strength ,can dig faster and get away from the preditor

  86. Mr. Animation

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    I've only just discovered this channel and am hooked. Go #teamAres!

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    #teamhades if he doesn’t win then #teamthewinedude

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    Who’s on #teamares

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    Yes my one that I said arises

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    Lets go #teamzuessss

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    #TeamHades owo Yep Hades

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    May have been "last" in Strength. But still First in our hearts. Lets go #TeamPosiedon !

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    15:52 no! Now I'm going for #TeamHepastes

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    #Zues everybody

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    Das ma boi! #TeamDionysus

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    Let's go #TeamHades