BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)


  1. Zippy Jet

    Zippy Jet40 분 전

    #teamposiden needs the lööps

  2. Night Fall

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  3. Raiden

    Raiden6 시간 전


  4. Terry Greenman

    Terry Greenman9 시간 전

    Go #hades

  5. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker10 시간 전

    This is way more entertaining than it should be. I've been watching this for hours. lol

  6. mon poke

    mon poke12 시간 전


  7. the unknown creature

    the unknown creature13 시간 전


  8. Happy Golucky

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  9. Nippler

    Nippler16 시간 전

    Anyone watching this a time traveler from 5729?

  10. Daniel Alfonso Del Olmo Rodríguez

    Daniel Alfonso Del Olmo Rodríguez22 시간 전


  11. The PMG

    The PMG일 전

    I'm a bit late but go POSEIDON #Poseidon

  12. DOOMED Real

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  13. SpinosaurusStudios

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  14. Crystal Nine tails Fugiii

    Crystal Nine tails Fugiii일 전

    Let’s go #teamHephaestus!!! Let’s go!!!

  15. Lps Hopes and Dreams

    Lps Hopes and Dreams일 전

    “It’s THE ULTIMATE BATTLE!!!!” Zeus pulls hard and walks to the end of the log, determined to succeed! Hades just sits there, sipping tea.

  16. Meghan Firlotte

    Meghan Firlotte일 전

    Go #TeamHephaestus :)

  17. BeansMeansMemes Boop

    BeansMeansMemes Boop일 전

    #TeamHades for teh win! I may be extremely late but whatever

  18. sdt2001

    sdt2001일 전


  19. Kay Boogie

    Kay Boogie일 전

    Gooooo team ares !!!!!!!! Take us homeee

  20. Daniel Wadas

    Daniel Wadas일 전

    subtitles spoilerd me everything :(

  21. RadioJH L2

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  22. Isaac Villarreal

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  23. Snoopy1alpha

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  24. TheLastPurple

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  25. Penenlope Armagost

    Penenlope Armagost2 일 전

    Still, #teamdionysus, my boi Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how well these arenas were made? So cool

  26. The GoldenIronCannon

    The GoldenIronCannon2 일 전


  27. Gaddiel ‘Skye’

    Gaddiel ‘Skye’2 일 전


  28. Valor 07

    Valor 072 일 전

    #TeamHades let’s go bois!

  29. Fahim Bin Reaz

    Fahim Bin Reaz2 일 전

    Now I support Ares

  30. Fahim Bin Reaz

    Fahim Bin Reaz2 일 전

    Wow Zeus really did lose

  31. Sky Oettle

    Sky Oettle2 일 전

    AC question answer : if a rhino beetle has great strength then they can win in jousts for food, territory, and breeding rights

  32. Sky Oettle

    Sky Oettle2 일 전

    Sorry I forget the #

  33. Sky Oettle

    Sky Oettle2 일 전

    Team posidon

  34. Warot Nipattakitti

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  35. reallife is hard

    reallife is hard3 일 전

    #team hades

  36. UvularBaton 64

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  37. Logan Anderson

    Logan Anderson3 일 전


  38. Frédéric Lauzon-Schnittka

    Frédéric Lauzon-Schnittka3 일 전

    2:52 Daaaaamn you speak beetle language too?!

  39. Maria C

    Maria C3 일 전

    #TeamHades!!!!!!!!! 🙌

  40. joyce reis

    joyce reis3 일 전

    #teamhades go all the way

  41. LoneWolf7878 gmail

    LoneWolf7878 gmail4 일 전

    Still #teamDionysus

  42. Terrence Houck

    Terrence Houck4 일 전

    #Team poseidon

  43. noel silagan

    noel silagan4 일 전

    And zeuz

  44. noel silagan

    noel silagan4 일 전

    Bye apollo

  45. Elijah Davis

    Elijah Davis4 일 전


  46. Vivian GDias

    Vivian GDias5 일 전

    Let’s go #TeamHephaestus !

  47. Vivian GDias

    Vivian GDias5 일 전

    The beetle can protect it self more and have a better change to survive the wild.

  48. dareme bros

    dareme bros5 일 전


  49. The Unpredictable

    The Unpredictable5 일 전

    I don’t want to be rude but The name is pronounced Ha-fus-tus

  50. Jacob Bau

    Jacob Bau5 일 전

    #TeamHades coming in clutch😅

  51. FliptheGrid

    FliptheGrid6 일 전

    Rip #TeamZeus now its #teamPosiden

  52. Brayton Pollock

    Brayton Pollock6 일 전

    # hades

  53. a guy from nz

    a guy from nz6 일 전

    the angle of the rubber band that was attached to the blue things was different every round. that surely impacted the results. #rigged

  54. moopee1

    moopee16 일 전

    Go zeus And as soon as I say that Zeus falls off

  55. Jon Pete Catan

    Jon Pete Catan6 일 전

    oh come on it aint fair zeus is clearly touching the ground. #TEAMZEUSRCHEATING

  56. Zachary Isaac

    Zachary Isaac3 일 전

    At least he was trying non like hades

  57. Finn Jury

    Finn Jury6 일 전

    Yes bring the fire and burn the ring out

  58. CaptainCat 55

    CaptainCat 556 일 전


  59. Umaru Chan

    Umaru Chan6 일 전

    Im for the water god and for the hell god Did anybody else yell when the god of hell won hehe ( sorry idk how to spell their names)

  60. mgk2020

    mgk20206 일 전

    I love how the best strategy in both of the elimination rounds was to freeze in place. Lol

  61. Jack Hudson

    Jack Hudson6 일 전

    team Hades forever! #teamhades

  62. Mia Birmingham

    Mia Birmingham6 일 전

    #teamhades for the win! Let’s see how he does :)

  63. Ramses Whitt

    Ramses Whitt6 일 전

    #team Ares

  64. Jonnell Elodie

    Jonnell Elodie7 일 전

    #TeamDionysus gotta go for the underdog

  65. Alexander Dejesus

    Alexander Dejesus7 일 전

    #team hades

  66. Power 101

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  67. SammyC22

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  68. Alan Vergara

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  69. Michael-Mathew Badea

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  70. Angie

    Angie7 일 전

    Yessssssss #teamhades poor #zeus

  71. Mr Pixelcraft

    Mr Pixelcraft7 일 전


  72. Arctic Fox

    Arctic Fox7 일 전

    This is really late but go #TeamHades !

  73. The Richest Dragon

    The Richest Dragon8 일 전


  74. Le gaming

    Le gaming8 일 전


  75. Sitori78

    Sitori788 일 전

    # team Poseidon

  76. M0B

    M0B8 일 전

    Whoooo im happy that hades win in the match because i literally dislike zeus in the greek mythology but beatle zeus tried his best so good job trying 😊

  77. Skuller Videos

    Skuller Videos8 일 전

    it should be who pulls the most not timed

  78. Khoda Konya

    Khoda Konya8 일 전

    Where you have got a rhino beetle

  79. Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera8 일 전

    We are still in the game! Lets go #hades

  80. jan steyaert

    jan steyaert9 일 전

    these games are rigged!

  81. Hunter Conway

    Hunter Conway9 일 전

    #Team Poseidon

  82. Snow Blind

    Snow Blind9 일 전

    why am I so into this???

  83. Snow Blind

    Snow Blind9 일 전

    I about died

  84. Gmm Chick

    Gmm Chick9 일 전


  85. Julio Pillado

    Julio Pillado9 일 전

    TeamHades is cheating!!!!!!!

  86. Budz your Buddy

    Budz your Buddy10 일 전

    Hi mikey(im just ur fan)

  87. Aiden Hortillosa

    Aiden Hortillosa10 일 전

    #Teamhades NUMBER ONE!!!

  88. Bread Stick

    Bread Stick10 일 전


  89. Roman Jr. Reynoso

    Roman Jr. Reynoso10 일 전

    Antscanada Is the best

  90. V

    V10 일 전

    #TeamAres Woo!!!

  91. William MacLeod

    William MacLeod10 일 전


  92. gacha master

    gacha master11 일 전

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo zeas

  93. ethan pavelic

    ethan pavelic11 일 전


  94. Kaleb Crimmins

    Kaleb Crimmins11 일 전


  95. Zachary Beh

    Zachary Beh11 일 전

    Do they go back to the wild like the forest

  96. Yunhong Zhu

    Yunhong Zhu11 일 전

    Hades all the way down to the Underworld!

  97. Dylan Beks | LLN

    Dylan Beks | LLN11 일 전


  98. Kate D.

    Kate D.12 일 전


  99. Fire Ball

    Fire Ball12 일 전


  100. Gaming Fishron

    Gaming Fishron12 일 전

    I was on team hades from the start because I thought he would do good. He was probably the fastest digger but the obstacle got in the way. And at round 2 the moment he fell I didn’t wanted to switch but thought he was out of the game. But I was wrong and counter jinxed myself and yeah hades is mad strong sent Zeus flying. Note:don’t count me I am here just to watch #teamhades

  101. Aaron Castillo

    Aaron Castillo13 일 전